Zelda Breath of the Wild HACKING! – PBG

Zelda Breath of the Wild HACKING! – PBG

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild HACKING!
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PeanutButterGamer finally gets around to hacking The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch/Wii U!

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Hacking codes courtesy of CosmoCourtney:

And some more codes by: Skoolzout1!

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Zelda Breath of the Wild HACKING! – PBG

this video is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club breath of the wild hacking let's go hey everybody peeves here I was thinking about doing another hacking video but I'm not sure anybody really likes those besides what I get from it nothing absolutely nothing I just don't think making these hacking videos is a very good career move for me this has been a joke from the peanut butter game guy please stick around there's plenty more where that came from burrito though I love making these hacking videos and this is another one I've been particularly excited to do breath of the wild and I'll certainly be doing more hacking videos in the future so if you want to make sure you don't miss those then subscribe oh yeah and like the video too because it helps me thank you so much alright I'm done with all that selling out stuff let's get it get up to the video here we go all right before we jump into anything too crazy let's start with some of the more basic but super useful stuff like infinite health and stamina you start to feel a little bit spoiled after using these for a while particularly with infinite stamina you can run or glide forever and climbing is an absolute breeze in fact going back to the regular game after using these for a while is actually a little bit jarring what are you doing late come on if I wanted to get tired after running for two seconds I'd go outside and do it myself infinite health is nice too but I've noticed that it occasionally doesn't work Guardian blasts for example are apparently too powerful for the Chi to work as our lightning strikes yes if you get struck by lightning regardless of whether infinite health is on you are still very much mega dead what a lovely noise up next what's always a classic the moon jump the moon jump is normally fun to play around with but in breath of the wild it's incredibly useful to combine it with an infinite stamina code which just like on the Skyward Sword video I used for the entire time I was recording and you can jump up and fly wherever you want for however long you want okay well and I guess you can't go past this point but you know I mean it's still pretty useful don't get caught up in the technicalities with me I don't want to hear it oh man a tower that's gonna take forever to climb oh wait done I can't say for sure just yet but I'm pretty sure that we're gonna be setting a new record on this guy's gliding minigame oh no we're gonna land JK we're totally fine I eventually ended up with only only three thousand two hundred and eighty point two meters I'm sure I could have gone much further but I got bored I guess what we should have done is combined to the moon jump in infinite stamina with super speed now we can move so quickly and easily through the air that unlocking the entire map takes like 20 minutes the only real inconvenience is having to wait for the cutscenes and every now and then the game needs a few seconds to catch up but by far the best part is those wiggly legs a lot of people complain about weapons breaking when breath of the wild first release well if you were one of those people then you'll be happy to know that with a simple cheat you can give your weapons infinite durability but not only can you have infinite weapon durability you can also give your weapons infinite elemental charge my personal favorite is using the ice wand which makes any freezable enemy virtually impossible to lose to and when combined with the speed hack you can become an unstoppable hunter okay well maybe not ever wanted to freeze an arrow in midair well now you can it doesn't seem like it would be that useful in combat but it can be a pretty effective trap for unwary enemies or if you're not into violence you can always make arrow art I'm not exactly sure what to call this piece but it looks pretty cool especially up high from a distance I'm like a regular Picasso over here don't worry I don't need any credit or praise I just do it for the love of the Arts you know or instead of freezing arrows you can make them go slow you think that this would make the bow pretty useless but uh nope a lot of enemies are in fact really really dumb now I've been making these videos for quite a while so I already know what some of you are thinking arrow art and how splendid yes how quaint when do you get to the part where you screw up links body well first of all you guys are sick and second of all so am I so let's do it get a horse they say go faster they said but nobody ever told me out of riding how do you work this frickin dang well it looks like I'm running backwards now but whatever I think we can make this work stupid blobs you think you can get me we'll take this all right I can do this I can do this just gonna climb up here let's climb up swing swing swing okay turn around I guess got to turn around and then swing okay swinging turns me around but if I turn around before I swing it doesn't I don't understand okay I can do I can do this come on just oh it's just a chain my strategy a bit here alright you know what you know it's screw it screw ah weird link go oh there is what ah what's wrong with his neck alright I think this needs to stop no I'm gonna use my executive authority to put an end to this not only can link go backwards he can also go upside down the head spinning is even more disturbing now and Link okay yeah are you okay wait wait link don't jump don't jump you have so much to live for [Applause] jokes about long necks are not funny they're offensive in fact I'm banning the word neck and giraffe in the comments so don't even try it as we unfortunately witnessed at the beginning of this video you can also do this to links neck well can't unsee this so guess it's just time to end it all you know what can I say link the protector of hearts and O village keeping watch both day and night with this big long weird fat neck sneaking through the streets surveying the rooftops and harassing all the little children until sue throwing some barrels around in our room and getting stuck in inside of a roof you know not really the hero anyone needs it all and definitely not want anyone would once he's just he's just here mostly we we haven't figured out how to get rid of him yet all right work the runway link work the runway I like that I like it I like it I like it a lot beautiful beautiful link oh do it for me yes that's the one that's the one at the sound back later all this hacking is fun but I'm starting to get a little bit tired I need to get some freaking exercise well either that or I could just do this instead one two one two link it's meeting you exercise exercise exercise spin those thighs come on you'll get through we're doing yoga to stretch it out get down now let's spin around we you did it we you did it again now sprint stop sprinting sprint faster this time now keep going keep doing your best if you keep it up you'll get an ice chisel chest now run stop running seriously stop running watch out like oh no what are you doing link stop eating so much what we just did all that exercise you're gonna ruin it oh great you've gone and done how are you supposed to save Zelda now huh whoa okay well I guess I have to take it back he can still sprint he can still swim he can still climb he's totally good in fact he's actually looking pretty spry just look at him go you do it you can do it you can do anything can you win put your mind to it you can't do anything [Applause] ah holy crap links gone mega buff all right am i paid by the line or do I get more furs for the screams oh it was just a question okay sheesh even the local towns folk are starting to take notice whoa pretty thanks I know with the extra long arms not only can we reach further they're like lighting these torches for example it's also a little bit disturbing and not only our Lynx arms big now he's also ginormous I'm so big buff like you take on anyone alright attempt number two jeez Lynx arms are so long that he can't even hit him I actually have this problem a lot with the arm and body resizing codes it makes fighting any enemy regardless of alpha thetic they might be practically impossible to even touch much less kill and how exactly am I supposed to hit anything with this dinky little knife oh wait it doesn't even matter they can't hit me either cower before me tiny ants I am your God now nice I'm into it let's see let's let's see some more is it just me or sleek looking pretty good right now well if you're into the whole deviantART expansion stuff anyways although I'm pretty sure no one in the entire world is into this I'd make a thick joke but I did one in the last video but you know what screw it dick now that we've got this sexy Gerudo outfit on I kind of want to revisit the stretched out torso thing and there it goes it can pretty much just keep going on like that forever and yes in bow directions in case you were wondering eventually it should pop through the bottom of the rock at some point ah there it is amazing just amazing wait hold on I think I just had a brilliant idea let's bring back the giant hips but also add the giant body on top of it holy freakin crap it's the best thing I've ever seen and apparently it was so good that the game can't even handle it such beauty is just too good to exist in this flawed imperfect world you may have thought a minute ago and I said link was looking good that it was being sarcastic but I'm sorry to say or rather I'm not sorry to say I wasn't like I want to be more than friends with you by the time this song is through you will know my love is true I don't care if you gained mass or shaped like an hourglass little children will harass flying through the air like first-class like I want to be more than friends with you by the time this song is through you will know our love is true when you hold me in your arms but no I can't be harmed your slender torso has me chomp though your sudden pregnancy has me a little alarmed I honestly don't know how this happened I guess how is this even how is it even physically possible I didn't even touch him almighty giant link in the horizon please look upon us with mercy we are unworthy of being in your presence Oh No pretty creep angered him this video is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club I'm willing to bet that most of you know about Dollar Shave Club but did you know that they don't just do razors they've got all your grooming meats covered and body spray wait right nobody wash body wash toothpaste styling products the kitchen sink I think I did that turn of phrase wrong they don't they don't do kitchen so you have your own sink just to be clear if you use my link in the description below dollarshaveclub.com slash PBG then not only will you help support this channel and myself you can also join the club for only $5 and if you do you'll get this daily essential starter pack that comes with some trial versions of some of the most popular items let's check them of course you get your razor and your refills newpsies body cleanser shave butter butt wipes for real though I love this shave butter once I tried this over the traditional kind of shaving creams I've never gone back this stuff is great one thing I haven't tried out though are these butt wipes let's give them a try I'm gonna use this on my butt so if you want to join Dollar Shave Club and why wouldn't you then make sure you use my link in description below tell us a club.com slash PVG to redeem your five-dollar offer thanks hey everybody thanks so much for watching make sure you subscribe if you want to see more and hit that like button really helps me out if you want to see more hacking videos then check out the Super Mario 3d World hacking video it's probably my favorites that I've done so far and you want to see more breath of wild stuff check out my 50 funny ways to die and bred for a while I'll see you guys next time how was that time great it's it's great great good