Wii Softmod ADDING RETRO EMULATORS – All you need, Simple to do!

Wii Softmod ADDING RETRO EMULATORS – All you need, Simple to do!

This Wii Softmod tutorial is part 2 in our guide to giving you the ultimate entertainment system and should have you up and running with emulators very quickly. No technical know how needed.

Essential: Please ensure you have softmodded your Wii first! See our guide here:

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We do not condone the use of torrents nor the obtaining of iso files and the like which relate to software you do not physically own or have purchased and can show proof of ownership for.
If you are thinking of partaking in this softmod, please be advised that we are only showing you what is possible. We do not suggest following any of the steps in this video yourself and cannot be held accountable for your own actions. We will not be held responsible for any of your actions relating to you following this video.
If, after reading the above you still decide you wish to partake in the steps outlined in the video (Which again, we do not advise), please be aware that you do so at your own risk.

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Wii Softmod ADDING RETRO EMULATORS – All you need, Simple to do!

hello everybody and welcome to the game shed this is part two of our wee sophomore tutorial so the first thing you want to do from part 1 if you haven't watched part 1 go on watch part 1 so we need to reinsert our SD card into our computer and if you've got it copied everything as you should have done you will notice that you've got quite a bit of free space left on your SD card I'm using a 2gig one for this demonstration so I've just seen I've got more than enough left over so the first thing we want to do is go into google and type in we brew now we brew is where you're going to find all your emulators for your Nintendo Wii and remember this will only work if you have soft modded so once were in we brew click on the emulators tab I'm just going to expand this for you so you can see everything so there's your list it's split into consoles handheld arcade and computer there's loads in here absolutely tons so Genesis or Sega Mega Drive if you like snares SNES neogeo and television the PlayStation all the way down to Neo Geo Pocket atari lynx there's some MAME arcade emulation Torrey St etc etc so I'm gonna install this here this is a gameboy gameboy advance emulator so there it is you can just read some of the description let's see if it's right for you but on the right hand side is your download button so click that and you'll see there's two links I want you to click I want you to click the middle one here that is your actual emulator and it's called visual boy advance GX so if we go back as well I'm gonna install the channel installer or the full now that's what they're called that's when you get a Nintendo channel a channel on your Wii that is called a forwarder so I've just downloaded that you can obtain those if you search on google or whatever search thing you like so first finger though you'll notice if you unzip those files you have two folders so grab the first one not the one that says apps and extract it to your SD card just onto the root of your SD so don't worry about putting in a folder then apps folder double click to go into it and whatever is in there extract that into the apps folder we've already set up in our SD card so you need to do those two things the first folder on to the root and the one that's in the apps folder into your apps folder now here is the channel so just you can read to see some of these have instructions on them already so if you just read this it will tell you where to put it and what to do with it etc it's nice and easy this one not all channel forwarders are quite that easy but I'll go through that in another video if you do like me to just leave a comment below they do get more and more complex so you can see it's in apps again so we just open the apps folder and just extract what's inside into can you guess where that's right into your SD card inside the apps folder here so anything that's in an apps folder goes into the apps folder on your SD card so there we go that's done now I the these are the folders that you should have so within apps you'll find your new folder there and that just shows you that we've got our visual Boy emulator installed and what we're going to need to do is just have a look in this folder here and you can see there's a roms folder now your roms folder is where you put your games the games are called roms so I've already got some installed if you don't know how to get roms you can Google search them just search for whatever system it is snares or Gameboy advanced in this case wrong okay so that in this case I just google search downloads Gameboy Advance ROM I've already got some here somewhere where would they be they might be in here hell as you can see I've got tons and tons so I'm just going to pick a game let's have Super Mario advance one think or four four okay so I'm just going to take the dot GBA file copy that now don't move the zip file move wafers in the zip file and go into your SD card into your emulator and into the roms folder I'm just going to paste that like so so in it goes the process should be pretty much the same for most of the emulators and the file structure and storage whatnot but if there is a particular emulator you'd like me to the video for for the Wii just let me know and I'll do a tutorial for that specific emulator so over to the we now we can remove our SD card from our PC and put it into our way so if you follow tutorial 1 your home channel should look like that ignore the Gamecube symbol in the top left hand corner because I've got a gamecube game in my way at the moment so that in goes my SD card you can see there is D card is registered so into the homebrew channel we've gone and start okay and we just wait for it to boot up now you can see there's two new options VB a gh channel installer and visual boy advance don't worry about the visual boy advance we just want to load up the channel installer so press load and this is going to open up VBA GX and just ask us if we want to install the channel so press install that's it done so press ok and we'll back out and that's it so press the home button to exit and then press exit to go back to your home screen on your Wii and we shall see there it is VBA GX a brand new channel for the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance bits and pieces so we just press Start doesn't that look nice in my go now I've only put one ROM in here or one game you can put as many as you like as much storage base as you have so there is Super Mario advance for you just click it to start it now you can see here this is actually quite blurred and that's because I've got the automatic filtering system on which smooths everything out otherwise it becomes very very pixelated and we've done I mean it's up to you it's your preferences if you've got a big TV at some times nice to have on the filtering otherwise it just looks too blocky if you've got a smaller telly take off the filter ring just you can mess around with the controls the the sort of visual effect by pressing the home button at any time there you go full-blown Super Mario Brothers 3 but playing through Super Mario advance for on a Nintendo Wii there it is AB lutely perfect now there really is no limit to what you can do with the week it's it does get more complex not all not all emulators have a channel installer built in and you have to do it manually if you do want to see a tutorial on how to install your own channels or something that doesn't have a channel installer as I said leave a comment below remember to give it a thumbs up this video the more thumbs up the better and the more likelihood of us actually doing more tutorials there is so if there's any other tutorials you'd like to see just let me know so until the next time thanks for watching and see you later