Why People are SO BAD at Apex Legends. Today I go through the most important reason why you encounter such terrible team mates and enemies in this beautiful Battle Royale game.

It’s not enough to know how to improve at games these days, because we want to understand why people are so useless….especially because we are all guilty of bad habits when we engage in fun battles that end up costing us dearly. Do any of today’s points apply to you?

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Are you a stingy bar steward who'd rather break their back on the dining chair instead of premium gaming comfort for your backside? Then enter my competition to win a free noblechair before you become an even bigger loser because it closes on the 19th April Aright there, my name's ragtagg and today we're going to talk about why people are so bad at Apex Legends. I feel fully qualified to explain why this is because I can just stand here afk and still pick up the victory What was I doing, you may ask? Taking a dump because of a nuclear turtle head, is my response. So if I can win Apex Legends while I'm on the bog, you should definitely be listening to me because it's feats like this that allowed me to climb to the top of the frickin' mountain to become There are a plethora of reasons why people appear to be playing the game with an inverted screen or it looks like your team mate has loaded his game up on a laptop and is aiming their spitfire with a finger trackpad, but let's go through some points none of which apply to me because I'm an unstoppable monster at this game and I'm totally…not..just, listing my own skill set for easy reference… It's a fairly simple concept, yet the amount of losers or big brass brazen idiots that disregard the simplistic nature of the universe which is – causality It never ceases to amaze me! Cause and Effect Cause – You're a frickin' idiot Effect – You get destroyed and then call the enemy a hacker to protect the testosterone leaking out your body Here's a good example for you with consequence. Ragtagg: Yeah well I got one too 🙂 *both laughing* Dutchy: Oh no..! Right fine. My mate went down, I picked him back up after popping that bangalore in the back of the head, There's a 2nd dude outside from the same squad They try and open the door. We close it. They're not coming in here, so what do they do? Ragtagg: Just let them kick the door down Ragtagg: *laughing* Dutchy: Well that was a mistake, wasn't it? I'm assuming that the idiot Wraith had already seen there are people inside because…well, you would know that from looking through the window! This player made several mistakes but his biggest one was not realizing that the time it takes to kick a door in is less than the time it takes for me to smash his stupid robot face to pieces before he can even point his weapon at me This leads me to follow on to my next reason people are bad at this game and that is Our Wraith from the previous example I mean, his team mate was in there. and yes, there were 3 people looking like they might be playing "hide the specter" with the person who is downed, but look – The risks of letting someone bleed out are more than just a lowering of your survival chances I get it, it's also because a lot of people leave the game in the early stages. So people might step it up and go big boss to win it all in Skull Town but the reward just sometimes isn't worth it when the risk completely ends the game for you 2v3 is winnable if you're willing to manage your risk and get it down Maybe by doing a little reality check When I'm solo queuing I like to talk to myself out loud and say "Hey, DUMBDUMB!" "you just picked up Light ammo and you've got a spitfire and a peacekeeper. You don't need it…!!" That is…unless you want to draw shapes in the sand. Anyway, it is handy to talk your moves through out loud to yourself to hold yourself accountable for the riskier plays you might embark upon! Should I kick in this door? NO YOU SHOULDN'T, IDIOT! Or maybe you've been in one firefight and you're about to get yourself into another one and you should say: hey. My shields are low right now so I'm engaging with 1 bar which is actually half of a level 1 body shield Even if your armor is purple – it doesn't matter! All of these little details brings your attention to the Dumb Dumb moments that you are very capable of and helps you keep them in check If you don't know the difference between these two, then this is why you're a terrible player. When I first started this game I queued with 2 mates of mine who are just naturally gifted at Battle Royales and anything FPS related Within a couple of hours, I was hating every minute of my experience because I was winning games and getting less than 2 kills every match. …I…sometimes…still get less than 2 kills but that's not the point! I remember making a joke that ended up in a video saying something about how good Apex Legends specator mode was while I was still running around. Eh yeah, I alive and in spectator mode because I always saw the ends of combat and never managed to do any damage. The simple reason is that I was reacting to what my team mates had instigated. They would act, seek out clueless nublets who had no audio positional awareness and rack up the kills. If you find yourself in a game where you feel hard carried don't worry, you're useless And that's alright! But to keep up with the pack You have to act fast Start more fights than you receive and the kills will come! Yeah. You know these A-holes. They're not ready to fight, because, They don't have a level 3 body shield They have a Spitfire but it doesn't have an extended mag So they run the heck away This category of player may end up surviving pretty well when it comes to real life scenarios that are incredibly likely such as a Zombie Apocalypse but not a battle Royale where the circumstances are almost never perfect. An experienced warrior makes the best of wherever they are, uses what they have, and what they know to get through combat. And playing 50 long games where you manage to run your way into the last 3 squads isn't going to make you a better player than someone who spent the same amount of time in the game but had 100 matches where they got constantly wrecked but they were also constantly tested and had to find their combat wits. via their plums Have you ever played a game where your team mate goes down He screams at you that the enemy is 1hp like: "DUDE KILL HIM, KILL HIM NOW, PUNCH HIM AND HE'LL DIE" And a lot of the time, they might be right. what they don't know is, you suck. Also, if you're not right next to your team mate who had his eyes on the opponent Maybe he lost sight of the enemy, who ran around the corner Enemy may have popped a shield battery, have a fast heal backpack… which recharges even faster But what a lot of losers fail to understand is – the more time that passes after that information the less accurate it becomes Yes, he was 1hp, but if it takes you more than 5 seconds to get to that enemy location, Make sure you've reloaded recharge and don't jump in like a donkey that just sat on a cactus and wants to buck the thing out again. You'd be amazed at the psychology of the rings closing in, where everyone poos themselves feeling a sharp pain squeezing from within Everyone wants to avoid the humiliating death of tick damage but so many people don't even know how much it actually does. 1 damage per tick isn't that big of a deal in the 1st round So if you smell weakness after winning a fight where your enemies are retreating Absolutely go there and chase that rascal down. Likewise, if you get downed early, (and you certainly will because you're terrible at this game) Maybe you had decent gear and a Level 2 body armor That's not bad early on. Don't give up so easily if your respawn point is in the middle of the desert. Eh yeah this should be a series. I'm so bad at this game I could write a book about it However, I'll just sell you a mug instead. Also if you want to catch me live on twitch then you can see how a real top 5million player destroys the competition Yeah that'll do. I'm bored now. Take it easy, SYFM, catch you on the next one – later!