We Try To Rob Every Store In Grand Theft Auto 5

We Try To Rob Every Store In Grand Theft Auto 5

How many stores can you rob in a row without killing anyone? We put Ify, Connie, and Caryn to the test!


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We Try To Rob Every Store In Grand Theft Auto 5

get me the money I've got to go I have a plan for today so we are in GTA for a very special challenge today we're supposed to hit as many stores as possible without getting caught and killed and also I'm doing it online so there's a element of random players probably trying to murder us as well we're also not allowed to kill anyone on top of it I think it's gonna be really hard this one I think is gonna be dicey for me but I may surprise myself because I am a criminal mastermind I think I'm gonna be able to do maybe two without dying this is a low balling I want to get to for sure if I can get to I'm gonna feel real good I'm gonna give myself a low bar of two and we're gonna hope to get better than that we've got business to take care of today all right so plan is I'm gonna take this guy down and then I'm gonna run to the next door and the next and I'm gonna retire a millionaire so right now we are at our very first store right outside of the supermarket let's see this is gonna be wild okay look at this one yeah it's not it's not good give me the money ah pretty good pretty good pretty good pretty good failing it already the police on me already wait United here this might be great for us oh yeah baby gotta dodge these bullets oh you've got to be kidding me okay okay listen Sam we gotta go nobody even know the technology it's ignore the place everything's fine okay clear the cops robbery one is done okay so it wasn't the way we wanted to come but here we are nonetheless so we're gonna hit this one I'm gonna go ahead and wisely mark my next one these donuts look good how many don't know she got woods and all the money a minute give me your money okay just like Beach Hillman no no all right quickly I've got to hit three more stores okay this is a red player oh that means they've been killing people and so they killed me okay I thought if I just like scared him that he would just like give it to me but he did not do that oh no wait is this gonna be super hard oh no I think my biggest failure there was trying to find the assistance of other players what what did I kill two people I don't remember killing a single person okay yeah but yeah but they might have just been sleeping okay this or and you we're gonna work on this and it's gonna be quick it's gonna be efficient it's gonna fast okay okay we're at we're back at this convenience store oh sorry bro sorry Bo I'm so sorry please don't call the cops here we go store number one let's see how this goes go ahead yes I can't I can't I can do it I could do whatever I want I've got a gun I'm here give me the money don't try and let me in hundred bucks that seems like stealing consider it done all right here we go buddy guys no ma'am this is mine leave it alone okay I don't care about this challenge I got a route and channel at you dude I gotta get up gotta get up gotta get out there yeah stay out of it yeah if I see your hands move you're dead gotta get out there's the car I saw all right one down this week a girl no we're fine we're fine we're fine nothing is wrong there's a chopper okay we just gotta get down the hill gotta get down the hill this is fine we just need to find more stores that uh for some reason their clerks are all gone amazing a friend oh my gosh we're gay friends we're like Bonnie and Clyde oh my gosh this random dude online is now helping me I'm gonna just go to the further one and then swing back around and the next one just give them a just try this one I think I lost him all right here we go buddy here we go bad time go time go time he seems like he has a place in mind I'm just going oh it is weight winners give me the money I can take the cash I could just take it I didn't I've never needed it give me your money I gotta go oh okay oh that was a choice he made okay okay okay it turns out our trend may be crazy it turns out our friends might be crazy thank you though for the ride oh oh stop stop I want here give me your car give me your car okay we just gotta grab a cart we gotta grab a car I'm not planning on robbing anyone I've never robbed anyone in my whole life I work here I work here what was that don't mind me don't mind me everything's fine all right give me your money oh shoot um yeah yeah we got to get a car to get the neck start oh god I hear them I hear big bucks fair enough fair enough fair enough fair enough fair enough fair enough okay that was a little too high if your friend did Grand Theft Auto jumps off a bridge would you jump with them yes yes I would guys are we gonna get my that was going so well oh my gosh you know I can't be mad at that that was really hard and really terrible not a fan really fun we actually did some pretty good Rob jobs whenever that store didn't have a clerk that was great I wish every store didn't have a clerk that would make robbing essentially perfect it was fun but it was stressful if you're trying to do another crime I'm basically escaping one I feel like I made my number and that is all that matters and I feel really good about that I hope that the tales of my robberies will spread throughout the city and I'll be known as a legend forever you