WE HACK THE GAME TO SEE MOMS FACE! | Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek (SECRETS)

WE HACK THE GAME TO SEE MOMS FACE! | Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek (SECRETS)

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WE HACK THE GAME TO SEE MOMS FACE! | Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek (SECRETS)

alright alright what it look like what it should look like I'm like so dear God what's up guys meet you Mike here welcome back to another episode of hell a neighbor hide-and-seek but where's the logo gun wasn't there a logo there but other it is a great way to start off the video today we are going to hack into the game with expert skills that comes from green house in 13 if you guys you know have watched my hell in a brassieres worries hack through stuff it's usually always thanks to greenhouse in 13 that makes it possible to go through walls to fly in the air to just just make the neighbor disappear altogether the goal today is to see the mother's face I want to see if it's possible to see her face because for some reason they want to hide it and I don't know why I don't know if we're gonna be able to see a lot of things I just I just basically want to see her face that's really that's really all I want to see and every now and then they like to hide little secrets outside of the map so you know surely they've had one or two secrets because you know they know that green house in 13th coming for that build oh god no not you again I hate that I hate this kid he's our brother but this man I like him alright so I do have an assault all they have to do is press 0 is 0 you are that's you yeah so it's actually been a while since we've done this with Helen Abram we did it with Vindi and the ink machine but they made it to where it was just like alpha 2 I believe where you can put in the commands so all we need to really do now is to do something like ghost if I remember you press ghost and you can yep hey it actually works you can ghost into the room so one of the things I wanted to do when we first played this was to go over here and see the neighbors beautiful beautiful face and this is where he's actually good and I don't think there's any changes at all as far as this character model goes I still find it interesting the fact that they added the light lines behind him I don't know if that's just something that they wanted to do like I thought maybe he was a robot something happened to his head but now I think that's just the new look of the neighbor he didn't always used to have those those lines in the back of his head let's see what that with the brother our brother looks like from the friends oh god cuz he his eyeballs so yeah guys make sure to check out green house if you haven't already to check out these awesome mods he's I've talked to them before and they're just really awesome so we can do camera third person we should try doing that what we're actually playing this is lucky so what the heck we're supposed to be playing as the sister but for some reason were playing oh my god that's scary do not suppose to bend your back like that broadsky so we're actually playing you can't see the front of his face Berg play is the original character now okay guys I know you're probably going into hell the deeper territory or hello neighbor theory territory but I wouldn't do that I think this is just literally just laziness of the developers they probably didn't want to have the character model here for whatever reason I don't think that that you know having the character here has anything to do with actual game unless secretly it does and I don't know why you would but I I'm not gonna dig too deep into that I feel like the big reveal would to be to go in there and look at the mom right assuming that she is in there but what I wanted to do is look outside first now you guys told me the this secrets and this is something that I missed and I kicked my I kick myself in the butt for missing it that our character is out here just playing with his cars that there's no there's no cars there but there is so you know that was one of the you know the things I talked about last episode I did bunk the theory that the son over here this person this is actually the neighbor's son obviously and the reason why I was able to you know to debunk that is because of the swirl on his chin that swirl matches the swirl that is on the neighbors chin see it goes the same direction and everything now you guys probably already know this I don't know why I'm saying it again but it's just kind of you know further proof signifying that that's just not the case he's got more of a buzz light your thing going on I take the skin there look at his pores so confirmed that we are absolutely freakin crazy oh god we don't got no car does the kid also have swirls on his knees – I need to check I like how we're looking at things a little bit do not matter hey they do are they the same direction this is kind of interesting not really but it is oh you even have the magnet gun out here why oh we can grab it Rui think I wouldn't find this on you think I would find this on tiny fields our dynamic pixels I always say tiny bill but died in dynamic pixels are literally the people that make the game they're so mad and because I never give him any love I understand so I find it I find it really interesting that he was just chilling out here you know before and he's wearing the same clothes so this kind of proves the fact that the neighbor I only started going crazy a little bit after our a little bit before the actual story of hello neighbor the the full game of hell the neighbor that we know a love which would be act 1 because he's not in his he's the same age he looks exactly the same so we can only believe that you know he's just it's probably months or weeks or even days before things go crazy oh my god what the crow okay we're not gonna get into that okay I I want to talk about that we haven't we have lots to talk about okay bullets before we get into the really thick juicy stuff let's actually go look around ah I want to go see our so well we have this you know this world with but this there's nothing here really just these random houses but that's sort of normal you know when it comes to hell a neighbor of one whenever we glitch out of the map they just have these random empty houses I don't think there's gonna be any kind of secret to probably just wasting my time what are you hiding is she really pretty or she really ugly I need to know this is like if you watch Norwich so then you understand this is like the time you want to see a Kakashi's face you don't know if he has like big buck teeth or if he's got bigger lips what if she has big old buck teeth what if she has big lips and buck teeth what if she has no face at all what if it's just a crow what if it's just a mannequin holy crap guys I swear I'm not taking any drugs before making this video okay so I actually want to come back here because I feel like the big reveal really would to be what the mom looks like and I just want I don't want to be spoiled right off the bat and I want to talk about that as well before we check the rest of this house this actually goes to the next segment where we can play you know Lord the brother changes us and I want to look around at that environment the only thing that I wish we could do that we can't do is move during cutscenes now I know that is possible I've seen other people do it but they know how to hack the game and I don't so I just rely on a great house center she need to help me how buts thank you that's why I always a give sure that's a great house kids that are really really Austin to allow me to make these videos be honest like that's really what's what they're doing if anything I'm just really excited to be able to fly away from the brother that way you can't catch us so we're gonna enter the command ghosts again oh there it is I feel like this was so unfair because how could you possibly know that this muggies in here like you can hear it but I just assumed I always assumed that the monkey was was the thing that the hole in the ground I thought the monkey was the thing that was you know hiding things from you actually speaking of that can we see what that character looks like oh it's literally just a stick I thought the monkey was underground but that doesn't make any sense monkeys don't go underground why why like you think about it yeah that doesn't make any sense at all some hey I know what you're probably wondering just like what does the character mod look like now let's actually check it out whoa well avoiding our stupid little brother let's go to camera third person white so we never actually play as her character model even though like it shows her even when you need help if you if you go to like yeah well it's not here now like I'm stuck if you go to I'm stuck it shows her show like here I don't know I I'm just assuming to this like something with a game and it makes it more simple to make the game instead of having dude use probably use her character model to this is there anything inside this rocks and actually no not a whole line just uh she's just a lot of rocks is what you would expect inside of a rock is their command to make him stop breathing all right so let's take a look and see what the house looks like from outside Oh what you can actually go to this well the town is over there you actually travel all the way down well it is interesting to see it from the outside it's a pretty massive level okay let's see what this place looks like on top I want to see you like where those birds are it looks really interesting cuz it's like it's like we're in this like toy box or this cardboard box that has turned into some kind of play theme so here we are just a just a bunch of birds I'm telling you guys like there's a reason why this game has so many crows and stuff I mean I really do believe that there's a big thing behind that my bird both oh I'm inside the bird Oh what what is that noise what is going on I wanted to see if you could walk on top of them and now you can just go right through it it's almost like we're walking on wood huh is that weird but if anything this gives us like a nice aerial view of everything I actually want to try something everything is giant right can we change our player size to make everything she normal is that possible cuz let's see okay now we're a big boy we're supposed to be a girl but hey can we pick anything up I don't think we can okay I can I know we're definitely not supposed to be a big as a tree unless those are some small trees I think we're actually just really giant then again the doors should probably reach the top of her head I just realized the sizing of this is not really accurate at all is it so we have a bike that's gigantic that yeah the proportions do not match up whatsoever gets to be now brother give it that doll over here I'm scoring up with this bird are you kidding me are you still gonna catch us get out of here well cat I still gotta catch this visiting are you scared now huh I bet I'm gonna stop on you come here make that weird noise again you can make that noise as you die sorry that got a little violent he clawed us if we just went along with it we literally just kicked him lastly I want to see if we can actually just travel to the the neighborhood it will it be exactly the same because so it's the do we just get teleported or is it just totally a different place and if it is connected or all the player models still there that's that's a good question Michael I'm talking to myself officially crazy Wow okay ah there's no sound that's that's fine nope oh no if we're hearing some sound now whoa that is so weird hey I'm a giant you this is weird he doesn't care that there's a giant at his right in front of his face actually the neighbor is still there what if the chop the child's still counting they never stopped mind blown oh so this is what see this is what the back of the house looks like it's the same thing as alpha twos house but you should be whoa whoa whoa this is this is very interesting indeed he has a normal normally functioning family but yet they sell this weird lighter back here and he's got a hole in his room sounds like a it sounds like he's thick like the his and his duties to fix the roof maybe and maybe that's who he's on the phone with right now hey hey a meteor a meteor actually crashed through our house did you please please sit over there you think they're renting or owning I would hope that they're owning because he does make a lot of renovations to his house let me tell you a landlord would not be okay with a gigantic hole through the roof of the house okay what the heck so the character the kids up here – there's two kids oh my god guys so many theories yes multiples twin kids obviously they did this because it's easier just have them all here at once probably because as you know when we beat the gate we appear here and we never really see our character model in the game which is really odd so I guess we should take this opportunity to take a good look at the house if we miss anything so the poor kids look at them they have a hole in the roof please neighbor neighbor daddy neighbor please do something about this they're gonna catch a cold what if it rains so many bad things wrong with is so now we're inside their attic which is a little weird huh and this is what the master bedroom looks like this is weird so last time we came into this room with the actual game this bed was not that big this is a big ol pain it's kind of weird it has three pillows though hey so now that we know what the kids look like do you think this makes a little more sense guys the fact that the two that you know there's two like shadow things and then there's one kid but why why is this picture exist if there's there's two kids shouldn't there be two kids on here and that's silhouette the gray silhouette looks like a girl or a boy sorry excuse me because obviously this one has a dress so I'm so confused maybe this picture is representing this you know the character model are the character main character representing him and is there anything in his house no there's just the basic layout of the house that we've seen before so is this safe to assume he's homeless cuz he ain't got no doors on his house okay it's not normal you guys told me and I didn't know this but from the the kids rooms or from here you can look outside and see the kid playing that's that's what I totally missed I'm like man how did I miss that but at least we get to look at it now these are some very random drawings actually no guys I kind of take it back a little bit think about it if the neighbor if there's a hole in the roof there's probably like he probably can't fix it I mean look at this the thing that he built this is it's very weird it's very weird maybe he shouldn't be touching things after her HOF you really think about it you should probably stay away from repairing things like who decides that it was a good idea to have this big door looking things supported by a broom and a shovel now that's just not safe all right I hope the neighbor has some good insurance because he's gonna have some major accidents maybe actually think about it guys maybe the neighbors actually really cheap and he doesn't want to hire anyone so that's why he uses half sold items to build his ramps in order to try to fix his house it's all bad all right so the moment that we've all been waiting for can we actually see the mug we can hear us if you go in here listen listen listen listen shut up shut up guys listen you can hear her humming as a mother would and you know during the normal game you can't see over here so please Linda let's find out I'm gonna go find your wife okay if she a mannequin is she a crow we need to know that rhymes I'm a rapper Oh what the heck so this is what the basement is we go in here there's uh there's a whole lot of nothing there oh what's that oh there's a staircase is that a teleporter or is it just that's really odd isn't it if there's grass but the stairs go down for a while so I think it's safe to assume that the basement has always been there okay so according to the custody she should be in here either cooking or washing dishes well they the stoves on it's a really no mother no you can't do this to me I need to know what she looks like what has she been doing look at the crow I feel like that's a good moment to add an ally a intro reason but I'm genuinely like so confused about all this ah that's so hot okay I'm stupid I know why couldn't they add the mom they added him like if they add the mom so her eggs are just like kind of chilling here here maybe the players hungry here you don't have any parents or anything you're gonna get kidnapped anyway so you might as well have some levels [Applause] what the heck oh my god guys she's humming for Mario song listen listen she was humming the Mario song that's so awesome Nintendo's like can we copy strikes hello neighbor that is so cool how did I not notice that you actually don't have to go to the games you set to play come over here Wow why I'm like overly amazed by that I don't know why I'm just like wait a bit I know that tune so there there you go that's something new that we kind of figured out that's awesome yeah I honestly thought that we would be able to find the mom because I seen this I can't murder their name there's another youtuber i I don't know its name by heart but we'll probably check him out I want to say I need to see it for myself because I soon as I see that I was like oh I need to make an episode of doing this well I think they're using a different program or they made their own program to hack the game Attorney cutscenes unfortunately we're not able to do that but it's still really interesting to see these like like this is the crow this is the crow that's spying on us and like that's so cool that we could just see it and it's interesting that they would keep it here he's like it was give me some of those eggs he's just so shocked cuz he's seen the mom dear God so the kids come over here and they kind of chill out right and they they trade their spoons I don't want your brand I'll see the moms face I want to see the she's a crow also another thing to note is that the road literally leads straight to this home I mean the cars just crash right through there so drive through haha okay oh another cool thing to kind of look at is this is the mom's purse so obviously that shows signs of the mom well-being here except except she's just not here though it just sucks like like who actually makes this art of themselves who takes a picture of their mouth like this I just I really would like to know so unfortunately guys I couldn't figure out how to see the mom but the youtuber and this is the one I was actually talking about earlier knows how to actually move during the cutscenes I really wish I I knew but I I'm not skilled with that kind of stuff so perhaps he actually is we actually can go to the YouTube channel it's yes it could be total clickbait for all I actually know but I'm gonna watch it and see if that's a thing okay because I just have to know I'm not gonna show it because I understand that that would be wrong if especially if there are the ones that went to the trouble to figure out how to do this I I will I will let you know that I'm gonna watch right now but I'm gonna let you guys know if it's real or not okay as a viewer alright as a viewer but I need to know what this face looks like I was really hoping that we could do it during this episode okay are you guys ready to solve the biggest mystery in the game let's see what the neighbor heinously look like what does she look like I'm like so there you have it Wow hold on let me get any better of you do yeah I'll just like the channel down below and you can you tell by my expression just just go down below check out their video okay alright they okay I figured that like this would be the best way to do it instead actually show you guys their video I'd like that be messed up so yeah go check out their video I'll just say it's not what you think okay today scrub of the day goes to right quintanilla let me sleep go to sleep what do you do it stayed up watching my videos okay there's nothing more important than getting your health good there's nothing more important than getting some good sleep eating the vegetables and the salads and yeah think of me next time you go to the grocery store and yeah I'll see you in the next one bye guys