Warface? FORTNITE & CALL OF DUTY KILLER! | Warface Gameplay | Warface Free Xbox One | Free to Play

Warface? FORTNITE & CALL OF DUTY KILLER! | Warface Gameplay | Warface Free Xbox One | Free to Play

🔫 Warface? FORTNITE & CALL OF DUTY KILLER! | Warface Gameplay | Warface Free Xbox One | Free to Play

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Warface? FORTNITE & CALL OF DUTY KILLER! | Warface Gameplay | Warface Free Xbox One | Free to Play

oh my god what the hell just happened bro what the fuck was that what was that what was that man what was that what's up Golding eyes this eye candy crush once again and welcome back to war face um just a moment ago our streaming that's game and I don't know my fucking power went off everywhere like shit crash I don't know what the hell happened but it happens but we're here again before everything went fucking cum bluey I was playing on my niggas TV on this game that he suggested it war face something he said that he said that this game is like one of the best free games on the store and like it's it's better than he picks all of this blase blase blase is so your boy shining out seeing what it is for himself he said we gotta get to level seven and ordered for us to do team deathmatch but right now we're trying to get to that if any of y'all have an Xbox one I think you can cross play I'm not sure add me at a gurney crush on both ps4 and Xbox one and maybe we can get into it right now I'm trying to play with that boy Stevie thank you guys for coming through make sure you hit that thumbs up and if you do definitely subscribe my G's right now I am still setting up everything cuz my stream did crash so I gotta kind of like start over and what I was doing it's annoying but you know it's a necessary thing place you know be striker I actually don't have seen nobody I could I had the demo when it first came out I never really got inspecting that game was actually alright but let's fucking get a man alright let me go ahead and invite that boy back to the discord let me go ahead and do that right now I just love it up again these niggas ain't ready this is niggas TVs all one bro alright so I'm gonna go ahead and go into the chat let me go ahead and I should have probably messaged him first before doing that uh what a fuck how do you message this negative oh I'm stupid now you use it one on one Monica let's get it all right that's right there put this right here I still got that shit up thank you guys for the thumbs ups I appreciate it we go ahead and I just love it up again do you think isn't it ready I'm fucking dead I mean I'm gonna give my nigga to get into this thang good will you have brother we yeah brother let me tell them on IG maybe you ain't get on this Court one on one there you go all right my boy should be here soon go ahead play my nigga playing the Battle Royale right now okay could I like report abuser Undead let me follow my nigga first of all you cannot follow up the song damn noobs can't do shit at the beginning the game bro I can't even play versus movie yeah I got a love of my kind of shit is this dude what kind of shit is this I just want to go ahead and pull that up my nigga should be joining us soon let me go ahead and it looks like it looks like I don't know it seemed like when you join like you can't play you can't play it by yourself you have to join like a team either search for a team or I guess that's how it is apex you right like it's like you get three to a team you can't like go in solo dolo which I'm used to doing but I can't do it here so buggy D let me go ahead and yes I already know the volume and stuff is good I literally touch nothing since they're fucking string crashed so we should be Gucci on that part there we go all right let's get it I got that sniper I got that Schneider shot okay you didn't see that one chill out boom boom the drag scopes boom I connecting the server just trying to get into a game I should actually turn this up a little bit on my TV just a little bit just see what the fuck's going on oh we found a game let's get it alright I think Stevie is actually in that game I think assails playing battle royale so we're just gonna see what this is about right here hopefully we can level up and do some team deathmatch so I'm trying to kill some niggas dog don't take that out of context but I'm trying to kill some niggas you dig can you dig it my boy Anton is in this bitch what's up welcome to the strain yard you know I appreciate you stay golden always I see was goodie oh my bad even I'm dumb I'm slow my bad I didn't even connect to that shat city stream like I said to shrimp crash so everything isn't set up the way it was there we go get that chat right there boom there we go my niggaz chat away chatter way can I shoot these niggas not kill these niggas cuz off camera I mean alone not off I mean I guess it is now but on the other stream niggas are shooting already and I didn't even get off this bitch yet I will come a bullshit is over okay what do you think of that what do you think of that hello do you hear me do I bet I'm in this day no I saw your plan – you said you almost won let me go ahead and mute the desktop so I'm not gonna be I could leave this right I'll just show ya we'll go ahead and leave imma leave yeah I'm ready dude go ahead send me that invitation I returned to the lobby hello my bad that might be cutting in and out my wife I may be fuckin up yeah go ahead and invite me one of her whenever you ready yeah baby I can't wait till you complete some team deathmatch how are you bro I'm ready let's get it the harm always age mm-hmm bots bu Walla Walla niggas shooting us inside two goddamn helicopters I didn't get a chance to leave I think I heard about that before yeah I think so is it free on xbox I might have to hit that thing go I was thinking about finishing EE Cross soon shit my bestie we might kind of cut in and out fuck you d except prima already many oh yeah who said every man and the words in the game yeah that sounds doable sound huh Samia no they have ice machine Suika I tried to accept it and it likes glitched out and send me 10 18 eyebrows I bet now you got sent another one let me see something cuz the one did you sent me I tried to accept it but it glitched out and it mean let me try to invite you here I guess bye well you carry so yeah so basically click on basically click on subtly on my bad my bad you said click on alright so now I hit play right that's Gucci that I asked I wish you could be in my gun range of me that's why you said you can hear me I just looked at the stream I can't I don't know like maybe you've refresh the stream or something cuz I just looked at it and like my voice I can't hear myself I'm about to play it all out yeah there we go yeah there's any problems in the stream and fresh that Jamar dude alright but yeah we're playing out Warface dog with the boy Stevie you feel me jinchuriki the boy dove and the flesh can you dig this is ok this is normal they're not gonna they're not gonna fucking wile out this I am NOT a square what are you talking about I am in a rhombus thank you very much let's get you man this room doesn't support VoIP chat the fuck is VoIP chat voice chat or voice chat my nigga what do you mean what are you talking about my nigga my D let me out of here give me out of this place Oh niggas is already on it don't let me see a nigga kill the black wood forces Oh doc gotta adjust my sensitivity again oh no you gotta hear me check out check out 200 shit niggas at me why can't you hear me bitch I know we just doing this to get the whole custody name right now we just doing this to get to level seven so you can play that see these niggas out here son get him out of here what I say came yo yo yo you still carry me I'm aware by NSA somebody died I don't know why you can't hear me no one I really don't know true for Gavin I fuck it do you Burgie dude I'll just make on the ground ok-hee back up while you run SuperDuper slow in this game let me make sure I'm checking my corners and shit look at this nigga trying to shield bash in together but for running you don't fuck this nigga is eating bollocks what the fuck okay buddy Disney this nigga literally teleported dog the hell going on here what the fuck is going on here are we through the door we through the door shit my bad oh it's not good knocking into the fire I'll shiny to here Arnie to you oh my god I'll McDonnell some nut shit almost Otto some nut shit come on heel heel heel is it going up am I good please a nigga still right here got gotcha bitch ass let's go all know what's going on with Stevie or my light but we in this Monday girl yeah yo you hear me look I hope you can take damage hub you is a checkpoint over here can we go through doors no we can't go through doors shit hello you you still can hear me hold up we messaged you real quick much shot Xbox after this one nigga smacking the fuck out me okay I don't know why you can't hear me bomb each other icebox app after this so um connect with alright let's just finish this mission let's get this shit out of here do niggas really do the hard more than this shit cuz that shit was an AIDS bro people to see if you would have seen earlier and uh fucked up stream I think I got shotgun not thinking about all of the action fuck you okay I'll listen to girl year six girls fuck them up let's get it actually I'll shit oh don't kill me don't kill me don't you hell yeah yeah yeah wait does a heavy gunner let me give up so much he not like this lord this nigga tried to end my whole career anybody balmy okay we good we good it's a heavy gun over you let me help my niggas let me all my niggas yo how's it image Oh oh there's a blue hole in this boot bag I gotcha oh so you got to get aggro I should shove up the DA but the DA fuck niggas gotta get aggro I think I gotta go I think it's a whore hole honey goes off oh how about the Pointer fuck off these niggas I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm fuckin dead okay you got you got runs ten minutes here but but I nigga fucking his ass up all the sniper also snipe I got sniped I got sniped I can use a resurrection coin I use that bitch fuck out here so my car where's the sniper at fuck down niggas niggas night my eyes oh you miss bitch you know got his ass fuck out of here folk around here partner shit niggas niggas really gotta work as a team well yeah we get a second I see him I don't know if y'all can still hear see me back here nigga you can't hear my eyes oh it hurts it hurts Oh another ammo – a lot of ammo oh I like I was pissing on the dream bow alright guys look this is on a dream I think I still shot my designees dice cuz gone yeah Steve Dawg huh nigga Steve jumping dick off good how do you get em oh oh yeah are we done we're done anywhere are we done yeah I think we're done let's go I'm gonna go ahead and leave the school I'm gonna steal your oh I'm gonna go ahead try to use the tax box alright so disconnect from there and go back to this right to that let me try to open up the Xbox app from this Jane and going to a party Xbox console ok that's not that a PI warrant that's not wrong boy wait there's another level are you did booty oh this is Apple one yeah I need some ammo son I need some ammo I don't Lee let me hear you man invite my nigga to a party start a party okay Oh Abdul Gani mo shit um I saw I think I'm in this so I'm gonna head make this invite-only and by 10 nigger way yeah way yet let me type let me tell you how to just do this party here right there we go y'all should be able to hear him I think I think y'all should be able to hear my nigga I think hello well you probably gotta hook up his mic and shit is so weak we good on that let's go let's get back to it y'all keep y'all keep hitting that thumbs up dog oh shit right now playing war face free to play game Xbox one all that all that my boy Stevie recommended it he suggested it right now we're trying to love up so we can get to the team deathmatch but right now that's actually cool I'm playing my nigga Stevie you know doing some teamwork shit we just stepped down a heavy gun I got fucking snipe it's all good bro so I can go big money you got a where is he anyway he's right here my nigga is the shit working muddy is the shit's working are you with this shit I see I see you're moving out uh down let me let me try this hello oh I hear you no oh shit okay okay do you hear me right radish it is so confusing uh yeah I see you okay hold on let me check that thing out there oh oh oh my god I I got you girl I didn't know is the second part to this level holy shit okay cool oh yeah this is a checkpoint Oh what the fuck I'm just teleported I'll just make another story yeah you got a sword see right okay Oh oh this is hard mode I probably would have been dead boy kill that nigga get almighty there coach fuck from around here brother kill that nigga fuck from around here y'all can't hear my niggas TV unfortunately I don't know why it doesn't work on the Xbox out right know what Stevie you're right oh shit niggas got dropped niggas got got oh I'm throwing a grenade fuck this shit oh niggas behind oh my god I'll – look this I need to recover my health but I need a medical decision oh they up there to perform earlier bro fuck around here is he dead is he dead wanna call middle in this bitch low Queen xoxo welcome to the stream appreciate everybody that's in here right now hit that thumbs up sup sup sup I'm Izzy dog and a new a new watcher as well volcano xoxo thanks for coming through welcome to your new golden life you know what's good I don't we got you over here all right bro I have no health Oh how much help you got my nigga I wasn't a nigga behind you yo yo fuck that nigga yo how are you alive row brah I'm shook I shot on my shadow from fucking sugar where's auntie me hey I got that I got the aggro to Java shooters back then I see nice coming in I'm running I am alone oh he walking out I'm dead I'm fucked I'm fucked shoot the backpack she did backpack oh my god what the fuck is going on Wow nigga Stevie if you touch me one time a fucking rainbow it's a GG I'm sure oh he reloaded we've done the gas beat that nigga's ass Lord beat that ass let's go whoo he reloaded and get that nigger launching foot I wish they could hear me I wish a true this nigga shot me through their car I don't see me at all you know I need a medic dog mad dick I'm gonna get back you know what you ask is he reloaded oh I'm about to go in fuck it I got some coins fuck my coins I'm still getting shot hey this is wildlife I'll team a not even trying to help it's so fucking i remember this game actually done that's did i like how do you tell if you love up I'm under go to the lobby I'm missing you trying to join yeah he said he downloaded this game you trying to join Xbox tugging any crush yeah how about that I'm about to tell you in the chat anybody can join how many what's the max players on here say for I everybody can join us I worry I spy a gurney crush is this game cross-platform cosplay is this game cross plea fight let me see let me see but to do some researches hey they get gained a so dog any new niggas in here definitely subscribe trying to get to 2.5 k thank you I um he said he got ps4 so it is Warface cross-platform bar cosplay he said what Carles platform he said you never play there either I want the game to be more PC more excited is this cross plate hold on hold on as well I'm doing some research ah damn damn it's not cross play my nigga damn bro that's how I'm trying to tell you bro oh you're what you say Stevie I'm not your son yeah this should it's not cross play Stevie it's not cross play all missile damned oh that's all right my boy darkness is in his bitch darkness welcome to the stream I saw you were in the corrupt stream a moment ago yeah that's how you need courage darkness yeah I saw that you were in a corrupt stream like literally my shit wasn't even streaming no more and I had to cancel my it was still streaming but I I wasn't streaming I didn't get it like I would go to it now I will still see the chat moving Negus a plutonium I'm dead yeah let's go ahead and run it doc didn't say he trying to play to you yeah yeah yeah he said he got an Xbox yeah and it's all its online are you online darkness if so I had to me at agony crush and uh you know we can run it dog picking up we recruiting people dog house get it I were it said that anybody had canceled so we waited for my boy darkness I were now let's get those away from my boy darkness how do you like how do you change your Oh inventory okay there we go I word I want okay I can't get that um I'm trying to change my swag doctor said not yet so let's let's run one more and then if you're ready by then let's go ahead and fight one boy VIP buddies fans I think it's on tickets on extended I don't know what the fuck y'all got a hoodie oh that's the sniper class I want that shit no more I skidded if you guys joining playing war face my boy Stevie free-to-play game on xbox we added niggas on here as well y'all yeah that's right mind you our missile says is this game actually good so far like this shit has been intense like nigga like what we just did against uh have you got a nigga that's you I'm like y'all a what the fuck but all right now he said what honestly dude oh but but yeah right now I'm all the team deathmatch like tight player I am and join it so far so light but once we get to the team deathmatch we can really fuck some shit up how do you tell will love will you I probably should have looked when I was in inventory right hi Babette nice goodies man yeah I'm did I bet that bet I darkness says so you don't play no PC game because this is knockoff csgo but is it still fine yeah I'm so – fine I'll never play csgo Kent Qingyun Qingyun somebody new joined the stream thanks for coming through he says housing and knock-offs he has go it's nothing like csgo like I said I never play that shit I probably seen it like a couple of times but I've never experienced it umpire guy let's welcome to the stream anybody new that comes in becomes golden so I appreciate you definitely hit the thumbs up and sub for more content man trying to get the 2.5 k subscribers can you dig it welcome to your new life as a golden boy that boy Zen is in this bitch – yo that's my deed it's the golden God king himself you feel me I'm playing with that boy studio right now if you got an Xbox my nigga we've recruited niggas all Clinton gold is in this bitch world who denies ads in it know how the fucking Xbox know do you have a xbox oh you can now about to see some gameplay right now but Alfie this is doing like right up and that's a couple he said he'd see you see you back drop in dick off job and eco it kind of miles me World War two tap fire dog so right now we're playing online right like like we're actually playing the phone other Xbox users right but we're not going against Xbox and use yeah yeah well on our team I got his ass on our team is Xbox niggas right Oh Nick I said don't teabag my teammate stop it Stevie your your teeth your teeth bag my best friend I'm dead Hiskey going because I need to download should I wish I love mom I left to him oh geez please damn it's always any well shit we're playing it for you money good just sit back relax and enjoy the rock hey dick it was telling niggers in here good bitch yo got to go nice stream keep up with the good work thank you locally appreciate you coming through hopefully it was nice enough for you to subscribe because we're trying to give the 2.5 k subscribers like I said lower goal is anybody that comes into the stream subscriber or not you become golden so whether you're here for the long haul you're just here for the stream you are now going in that's good my bad oh what's afoot the only nigga shot of rocky that you wrote oh hell naw I'm out of ammo I don't have any ever turn eight I don't think is D on CK I don't got to get I was a stop I got your arm and you press you press your what all I did good looks good looks hollers shit y'all ready so thanks Luke we appreciate you stay go ah they shot me in the face bro they shot me in the face our teammates I have no life I'd seen razor really buns oh my nigga swamp oh shit Monica get down are the coins you got 25 coins oh you got money oh you both hell no I got hella agro my nigga si I'm coming but this is fucking Wow okay I need to reload II good shit okay go check your shit ah ah shit I just summed up a little 7 shit dog I got PTSD t-dog I'll have the war flashback something you know not and some dog Brad I should that shit killed you – you kill me I'm moving up I'm moving up about to throw another grenade I don't got I got one let's go let's go somebody ID me as a friend who is this who's this I'm gonna check that out in a second I got Charlotte bro awesome they go the shield in their holes nigga beside you Oh Oh Danica goes Helen niggas done yes Helen niggas stevia's Helen niggas it's devious helot niggas room oh that's my boy darkness I bet I'm gonna get gold and gold candy fuck this I'm out fuck that I don't know what that is I'm gone I'm gone bro I tighten he crush I haven't heard that name in years I'm out of you well we have died he's dead damn happy Oh somebody behind you hold up hold up Queen call me oh snap oh snap you good okay um I'm almost done yeah how would you go the almost hell of niggas dog Oh oh my god my ass let's go talk do you see season 2 episode 18 you attack on siding I've seen this for now I've got I've been actually watched attack on Titan at all I'm only only seen a little bit absolute what the fuck I gots night that's fucked up yeah I don't have any more coins I'm hit that's all up to you my boys my boy Stevie got it bro backpack Stevie can I get some backpacks TVs in the chat I got some backpacks TVs Monica get him puss up well it's all good though dawg okay you can't make that noise then say my eyes I was gay they say I'm backpacks TV for your dog backpacks TV let's get it backpack backpack backpack backpack let's go yo all your niggas in this bitch backpacks TV let's go swag on his back like a backpack let's get it oh I'm dead damn I think I got like 20 some tell anyone anyone rocking a seat through the fog are you in there my niggas in there oh shit my niggas in there I kind of want to move up but uh I think I can't no I think I can't I got y'all go oh shit let's go fuck Oh y'all pumped is ass all the kills restart off heat huh hey ain't this some shit hey we can climb up your dog well I think not moving what's up with the boy fuck you I'm gonna climb up again he can't get up yeah hey I'm not going back down there cuz there's no way to give back up here oh you could go around oh but almost does anyone chat watch the technics are you look at that some shit ain't got no car Oh somebody behind a suit I took all of them out I took all of them all I took out the team oh shit oh well you so long oh no no I got you got you oh shit my ass my ass activate nigga else was my dick oh I'm not gonna go suck a dick y'all about to get fuckin pop I gotta open the door though shit bro shit no holy fuck I need some more mo that's another nigga that's too late for me dawg it's too late I'm in this bitch I'm in this bitch bro oh my god oh honey already I'm trying to open this bridge but the jungle I was another sniper also Oh help me up nigga help me up yeah let's go Oh hit marker oh yeah hit marker hey they open the bridge they open the bridge I'm moving up I'm moving up but that's hella enemies out here yeah brah – damn oh oh oh oh he's beating his ass get off my nigga I got your back bro nigga dot again I don't know we could take the legs or something yeah like it lag he fell and got back up I'm trying my best my dear shit oh you got a turn oh hell no you can't call my bladders okay button well then nigga got drawers off now my nigga what all what does a grenade Oh look teamwork I was another have you gonna fuck not this nigga Java grenade oh yeah I'm blowing that bitch-ass nigga up fuck that nigga I didn't even work GG I think this I think it's a sniper T right you desire Stevie oh fuck where's our teammates look at this all right bet how did you flanking I got some shots where do you go where to go oh he reloaded I'm linens ass I'm in the guys about the head on with the Jukes Chris Brizzy with the dance moves we're gonna blow them are you promoting that she doesn't even work for me at least oh I'm dead I'm dead he's reloading I wish you could slide in this game oh he's done let's go cocky Kroenke crunky another have you gonna shit Hey they probably helped my g2 dude to the right got you hi I was a sniper oh yeah I'm gonna pull out my pistol in his ass y'all get in Foxboro I'm dead let's go let's go you feel me there's a dude over here thanks bro facts I gotta hit him on it it's at a helicopter oh we oh we back what we study right listen we started I probably knew someone long ago ahead right now I became a sniper freak uh listen nother isn't it another sniper oh shit missile says he's loading out war fees I bet pad that we went have we tasted victory we're not done I'm Izu and darkness says darling I say why my oh just a long guys leveled off it's a y-coordinate yo how are we supposed to voice wasn't do this your fuck died it's over I dined the game ID are in real life you can just join me on playing war face my deuce TV dog also recruited him I do on this land darkness be about the habla yeah that game sounds lizard oh yeah yeah I might be yeah I'm moving out see you oh well that's that okay yeah yeah Midland darkness says that they're on yeah I'm about to return to the lobby I'm go ahead at home at darkness back and then our Meisel yet I'll miss on darkness on boy yeah yeah yeah word let me um down Oh 400 word my niggas catch these hands yeah hold up I'm about to Adam back my name your name is catch these hands huh I'll hold on let me check about that Adam was her friend stuff our middle add me at Tiger knee crush we just added our missile he said he said darkness is your friend Lewis or here saying it's his name is Elijah Anderson O'Shea I guess y'all give me friends now I guess we were all right let me go back to play let me go ahead let me tell them is what I mean it's friend are our missile let me Adam are Mills on disk or right add me add me on xbox tiger knee crash I'll be waiting for y'all now come on now blaze come on now oh I'm miserable say he's on ps4 dang it yeah yeah damn yeah it's it's not cross play bro it's not cross play brother damn fuck all right well we just got have to we just gonna have to invite my man darkness there you said can I do spec ops it's not letting me move how do you check your level again Steve Steve it says unlock that I would rank five I like that ring too it says versus is unlock that rank to you what wait what's going on down that's all good how do you how do you check your level yep I got a listening staff leader Jaffee Fe I'm a suit no way hey ru I said on nah I'm still I still have in love with up I don't they I think I gotta actually like finish something to love what I think that's what's going on yeah I have literally no type of experience I believe we got a start I think we got a star wolfy zero and then just finish that because you say we gotta finish it right you said we got finished levels to get experience right it's a level up yeah so let's let's just do it uneasy and then just finish that it says I kind of lock verses that rank to you yeah all right let me let me actually do it so um socked in variable feel it says none of my friends are currently on we had that is cap that is very cat what the fuck are y'all niggas like like it says y'all on I'm looking at your thing right now and it also says that dark darkness was catching his hands alright catch what's his name it's you know where the messages go like this is a hold on bro you should just really for no reason friends okay this nigga might might be awful up here and awful on or something catch these hands its I'm gonna text it to you on you got you you got your algae up let's catch these catch these hands 40t my name is Cassie his hands Road stop playing with the boy y'all better stop playing with a larger dog catch these hands brother catch these hands man yes sir go ahead bite my boy right what am I there you go um dude oh maybe maybe if I change it like this my nigga and darkness darkness darkness is darkness rule let's go I need darkness hey I got you I can furnish a microphone speaker should be okay okay hello hello okay that's my father Messimer shit hello no that doesn't work hello hello hello hello yeah he all my bad let's get it Monday get darkness dog darkness darkness darkness oh boy oh boy I'm dead brother I tried to change the mic settings so distinctly hear y'all but this shit is just mad tweaking I don't understand he broke she was much we can a missile say you suck at this game it takes a little bit to get used to you I suggest starting wolf like the easy moles and shit because doing that hard move from rip that's just wow that shit nigga killed me inside the helicopter we playin with that boy darkness and that boy Stevie you feel me hit the thumbs up recommend to your friends hit the subscribe but if you knew 2.5 k boys place if you want to the easy line I bet we need to finish this song so we can live long y'all more easy among trash today it's alright I'm busy it's I you just gotta get used I was getting all listening right this goodbye to yank I don't run out of em already what Dale well you see Miss now you can't oh we I thought I got seen kill earlier but the harm Oh was really just that easy go ahead good ass sorry we bought this wherever are you you love this or got his ass fuck it you I make a Stevie gone I'm holding grenade all kamikaze attack I don't even take nobody y'all working I didn't even take anybody out with me dawg that's fucked up hey darkness let's go ahead and dip out let's go ahead and do pop so you can't get Stevie damn Bo this stuff is stuff we got we gonna have to arm what time is it we got to make this the last one no I know my darkness I know you got a one I know it just installed and all that but we don't have it we gonna have to make this the last one that's let's get it we could play again we could play again arm no to town whatever just hit me yo dog you know darkness are you in a discord where was it what's your name when there oh yeah it sure oh yeah you pull something links royal yeah counting in darkness man I bet just hit just hit me up you know we could do this again bro well right now let's run this and have some fun you did that's crazy bro I'm trying to tell you man it's crazy out here like rusty I'm trying to tell you I don't be doing nothing but things always come to me like it's like I'd be chilling and it's like oh I'm doing this now oh I'm over here oh I'm fucking over here how they'll end up over here it's crazy but but it's it's life I guess yeah brah holla furro you played it see darkness Isis where you said that there's Raymond and the warren- brah brah I'm dead that my nigga got their hands on dick every man is literally hands and feet I look like he's literally darkness catch these hands it's ray man no not oh wait you talking about somebody I got horns hey-oh daredevil daredevil is he blind ah damn horns yeah damn bro that's crazy Lord man yeah I'm kind of hype for this game like no lie our missile says we tiger when you're doing into the Dauntless oh my god on Donald's when I'm sorry think it's races every time I'm the only black guy I get focused that's tough oh you can't slide in this game what that I'm tight yeah let's dip out besides I doubt that you know Tiger keyer acted on video you gonna have to save video for a reaction shame my dude actually assembling suddenly I'm Shauna cuz like some of it like the reason I stay away from some videos during like gameplay strangers is that one video of copyrighted constant can fuck up the whole stream send a link Iselle i'll see what it is um I'll see what it is hell yeah but like that's how it like that's really how it is like one video can like mess up the whole thing about the run one last game with that boy darkness and now boy Stevie I've seen that in chat and now let's not cover it okay let's see what it is let me see what you got my boy I'm in reacting I've done then I got you it says darkness isn't online it says you're all on huh what no I heard you I'm just confused okay okay it says I I got your invite um okay cancel it I'm Cynthia chat no sorry it's give you no it's good okay darkness are you in here damn cuz imma watch the video of after this after this match yeah let's beat it restart restart I mean yeah you can but this is this about to be the arm the last the last game oh hell yeah yeah this song this thing is what is it I think it's literally just constant it yes Quan space sensei watching to the end cuz I asked it let's go let's go let's go gazelle says okay I'm watching to the end because why not you started early today yeah boy let's get it yeah it's all cap I bet Batman I do I it might not be installed but I should have it I should have it you really fuck with sensei I hey you're gonna be happy to hear that dog backpack Stevie dog let's go my God my God I were I we have to complete this in order for this dream to be complete we have to take a W come no come on I was killing it dog come on bro I started like I started getting the hang of it yeah we got it we got to get different yeah Stevie to say um I said you got to get the rent to to go to versus yeah thanks awesome I'll set level 7 right – okay word Wow yeah we got a catchy W right here to rank up apparently let's get let's go let it loose there Blair we're landing that iron man on do it have y'all seen Avengers in game I I'm not gonna say anything then it was really cool down for real damned Oh God darkness I would have cried if I heard that let's go alright what enemies what is this I we should be going over here I guess yeah we gotta go to that checkpoint we're here in a party we're going off right now oh okay cool let's go hoping he's good at this game I'm doing some Wars dog respect my man his name is darkness more reason it's a mini no man I got all shitting dog I got old your instinct oh you shut my shit yup and shit good I did but like it comes and goes I got the omen I got the black hair agent I'll just do right here I bet we're doing good it was he no words yeah still got it's just not installed I think oh yeah I'll push that yeah I'm thinking about reinstalling here because some DLC oh snap Oh somebody help me up here or I'll help somebody how about you I'm help you up Vega did they ask it there oh I will go up here let's go what's this red shit that's perfect I fell down okay oh he's reloading y'all smacking smacking good we took his cheeks yeah we literally took his shoes okay we definitely move up after this bro Oh let's go wait are we done on our we get carried I think you got a whole katana are we wasting ammo I don't see it as Miami reload that did you click the right mouse wanted to catch these hands okay Oh somebody pucker up something oh my god fuck okay okay okay give them the hands my Jeep oh yeah let's go I squeeze through that almost got popped I'm with you I'm with you whoo Chris breezy with dance moves oh I'm on fire oh my ass Oh okay talk that song say what you chose look I gots night work the game I'll flank out later Oh son Oh is the gonna do oh that's right these niggas bleed trailer oh here we go we in there shit let's go Chris wish Christian wisher okay crystal wish you how do you say your names do you just wish it let's get it oh oh oh then they go with the shield then nigga with the shield thanks my geez they call me like and it caught me like you're right you're right all right making some good progress I think is that really good need uh hey we bring in the dude in the corner a key hit somebody with the ammo box so what they ain't sure let's go we did let's go boy Stevie boy let's get it finally let's go backpack Stevie and backpack catch these hands you dig let's go oh snap all right so I would assume yeah I definitely love what up I mean I didn't love I mean I got experienced I know that I'm all over 4 miles floor please I got I got some experience I think yes I'm a cadet senior now let's go ah okay that's it that took some time I took some time okay bet rank our bonus for rookie players okay but hey we got to do it we don't have to definitely do this again y'all most of death who are darkness Madison yeah we does last game our boys but we definitely got to do this again man and we definitely got played a versus mode next song we stream this game you feel me you love up when you play a team deathmatch to you right yeah yeah that's wrong that's what I'm ready for it that's what I'm ready for but um bra Hollow I'm gonna keep that definitely I need that that sounds dope as hell three like Xbox that all right well y'all do you have any last last things to say that I can relate to due to the stream here y'all want to shout anybody out or yourselves up we're we're I so Stevie says shout out to everybody in the stream shoutouts is inna cuz he be groaning and shout out to me and my boy Cash's hands young darkness you did what about you darkness what you gotta say darkness says that 6:9 is a snitch we're gonna Gigi on that one my dudes yeah I appreciate y'all man it's been a pleasure for real stay golden my dues I'll definitely see you on the next one man I'm about to react to this video that gizelle got alright gang getting peace out hi boss so now that we done with the good ol when we pulled his backup brought your goddamn brother holla our Mizzell bear bet gizelle says he also likes bralla now missile says James Charles such as PP okay well that we're gonna go ahead and react to this video that my boy gizelle just pulled up so let's get it this game is actually y'all actually actually don't but I actually enjoy myself with this like we ain't we didn't get to the part of team deathmatch which is like you know I'm about I'm about team anytime i play call of duty is team deathmatch i don't fuck with zombies don't fuck with the campaign at least not anymore i used to you team deathmatch is the bread and butter but I enjoyed it I enjoyed the scene weird aspect and he knows fun lightning niggas is banking the hell out of the boss character smack in the fight like it's just good old old-fashioned fun you feel me but next year in we play this it's gonna get real pro I'm fucking killing niggas I'm gonna be on the mic the voice chat talking shit I don't know about all that but it should definitely be interesting way cuz seem that much like I said I I enjoyed I enjoyed team deathmatch I'm sure you guys to do – gizelle says nice enjoyable Shane thank you my dude let's go ahead and react to the video that my boy sent let me go ahead and minimize that and let me make sure I have everything up here that's appropriate so I don't get fuck banned again all right let's go um let me go ahead and unmute that and let me mute my TV all right so this video is called the slap to be let's in recent history comes the follow up series the slap – you know what they'd already started repairs so we couldn't even take it anywhere else yes shit the web that do that tell me about it two and a half grand hey what's going on what happened to this one no one give it back oh no what give it back I said give it back now no one give it back Noah everybody can talk about catch these trends everybody's catching these hands bro everybody catching these hands gazelle sounds better than a hand job Kevin so you just love the kids you see almost secured you I work with law enforcement I'm thinking I'm not getting a slap like that I don't know about good movies coming soon to Fox I'm fucking dead okay move that my boys I'm gonna go ahead and the stream off thank you guys for coming through I really do appreciate it you know I play a bunch of different games on here you know lately I've been playing the Kingdom Hearts and doesn't make crop switching the melp here and there no reaction streams I did a video my reaction to Avengers in game look my my wife I clean my girlfriend check it out link is in the description hit the channel if you're new hit the subscribe button hit the thumbs up if you're in here right now and yeah appreciate you guys man I'll see you guys on next stream it's been dope it's been a pleasure can't wait to continue screaming can't wait to continue to – can't like I'm just having fun out here bro Larry is the only person I can slap me who's Larry but um I'm gonna see you on the flip side thank you again thank you so much stay golden you