VENDING Machine *ONLY* RANKED CHALLENGE *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

VENDING Machine *ONLY* RANKED CHALLENGE *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

Today in Fortnite Battle Royale we do the VENDING machine ONLY challenge in the ranked arena mode!
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VENDING Machine *ONLY* RANKED CHALLENGE *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

so with the new ranked arena mode we have to do this again vending machine oh this is gonna suck dude it's for my struggle for my sandy hit the like button please every like is another psychiatrist visit for me let's freakin do this my first game of the day let's do the most I'm also on I'm not on my account I'm on my son's account Colton because my account has like 235 points that would be miserable so what's this like I'm gonna go paradise so there's one – hold on one two and four so there's six spawns that come up right in this area so if I don't get a single vending machine this game hates me let's do this get it get it that's an old nerd okay no vending machine betting machine there okay I got to remember that I got to remember that boys – vending machines give me a shoddy friggin dual pistols that's not bad I like gold piss okay let's grab some pillow materials and we're gonna rush over there grab the dough baller and then we're gonna head over to paradise grab those four vending machines so far we're two out of two for vetting machines i give me Ella vanilla tears give everything we out we out of here boys oh I can't you know it oh he has a boo oh if I even take that guy out I can't use this loot the big the early game is all about finding vending machines not so much taking out people is their vending machine here hold on check your 50 volunteers over here they are give me shaadi no you little foot licking turd all right we're good we're good we got an AR we have our close range we have our long range now we just need a shot ie what am I saying okay Oh SMG dudes this could be the game I'm so glad Colton plays this game glad I haven't have an extra account that I can go to okay so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna grab this rift of course we're gonna take the ball I'm gonna grab this riff and then go over here I should try to take out this guy now yeah we're okay since we're playing in an arena like if I did this challenge in the normal game I would say I could use people's heals but since I have siphon I'm not gonna use people's heels or heels that I find on the ground okay here we go here we go fighting machine over here please be gold please give me a gold pump purple give me a purple pump come on boy purple pump all right crap too fast okay give me something good Dooley's nobody cares rocket you know what I'll take a rocket rockets aren't bad I'll take it all right so I know there's a guy over there I need to go look for more vending machines well let's go check let's do my full route there's sometimes a vending machine there and then back there okay let's go check let's go check I need I need something I need heels somebody's over here I really want to get heels are you hiding we're playing that counter here I don't want to waste all the ruckus hello well there you are oh my gosh that was annoyed well that was fun I knew wasted all right let's do this new game new dead foot what all right no vending machine they're cautious music is so loud did it ever try me to change this out I don't hole like this glider so loud okay vending machine there give me shot e silent pistol silenced sniper come on you stupid you hey I should have taken a sniper but I don't have anything else why are you so look at that shotgun I need it so I would have won that last game most likely but I'm trash wait wait there's somebody here no ball or spa crap want a fight boy you want to fight we'll fight boy kill it get outta here we outta here okay I can't use these heels remember that I got some good words all right now dang it I don't have a baller though I'm gonna have to run my fat butt all the way over there and all I have is silent pistol now can I win this game with nothing but a silent pistol that is the question probably not but I've said it once I'll say it again who's people fighting but I got to say it I said I won't say again we out here I talk okay if any machine yep yup they get mad let's check the middle no vending machine okay let's check over here I have a lot of building which here so I'm good remember you guys remember if I if I get the full wood you know what you gotta do dad I got no fighting machine I'm a trash can I'm not bought I hold on I'm gonna go get both these I'm gonna go both these come on Betty machine in not in the middle crap I so I have two of six and is not looking good my high ground boy wait what why are you on the ground huh but where is my hot ground boy you need to learn to see act don't you TNT me yeah now you have three hell I will pick actually what are you doing Oh No who else is on need two girls building material add the bill material okay let's reload my rocket we love my rocket that's gonna hurt oh that hurts where you going goodbye okay we're working we're doing good I can't use any of these heels that's fine pump okay okay I have to rift let's grab all the materials I have to rift and get out of here oh no all I have is a pistol in a rocket ah this is gonna be a tough one if I win this with nothing but a rift or with nothing but a pistol and a rocket dudes you guys got to use my supporter credit card for like seven years even when fortnight dies and is it even a thing anymore you guys got to use my support let's do this so I know there's a vending machine here and then back there but people have been here this glider is so loud I can't hear myself think I feel like I'm in a nightclub how can I take this down really quick hello did you just try to snipe at me boy oh no no okay that hurt that hurt that hurt fine I'm fine okay we're good yep that hurt that hurt you more than it hurt me oh no cool girl okay okay can you not can you don't can you may be dealing with that good shot gun or yeah you're gonna drink something I have a rocket you don't and I'm prettier know what that means oh no it walled me all crap I'm stuck okay we got this I'm gonna build up build up my high ground y'all got it okay we're good oh okay can I can I use that treasure man my loud who's that is that illegal somebody else is on me oh I have a lot of rocket film okay hide here he's gonna drop down okay all right boys where am I at all right let's go back here let's check back here for a vending machine oh dude all I have the rocket okay if I can get a shotgun this is doable right it's gotta be dang it I would have gotten that other gun the other gun it is really good but I wanted something with more bullets in it right because that guy that girl only has eight bullets but it's such a good gun it's just fine oh my blood out this isn't that bad I could do this I could potentially do this it's just gonna take some finagling I got a finagle to finagle I don't know what I'm saying but I got to do it guys you know what I mean hit that like one if you know what I mean and max everything you know what that means you get mad I'm hoping this for ammo wait dad i if i get max ward you got a hit down like one if i get max brick you got a hit down like what but now if i hit max metal right you got to hear them yes i annoy myself why are you still here if you're annoyed huh think I can't use any of these traps either all right guy right there Gary they're going there okay enemy UAV online Sheena push this person I have seven rockets this this person has eight rockets I just I know it I have to I'm telepathetic oh you got the rancher boys what Mike oh this guy's a bot oh I feel bad we're yet oh I'm sorry see the reason why I don't like taking out people like that I just don't know I feel bad like yeah alright well another kill I give me give me ammo tech crap no way mother so I have six rockets I really need more rockets I guess I can go how much time I have a minute I could go check salty right hold on me drop all this cuz I can't use action I'm gonna hang on to it so nobody else can use it yeah it's smart I'm smarten 200 IQ 400 IQ I have IQs that are more than what am I saying stop talking so I go up here look for these two fending rejoice there's one vending machine by the gas station after I checked that I'll grab all a thingy and then thingy my way to the thingy right right jet somebody's got a thing hello what were you playing what were you playing chicken with an immovable object how did how did that go for you yeah I got no vending machine all right yeah happy Hamlet has three vending machines I'm heading there now yeah oh here we go let's go let's head there should I fly I don't know how to fly I haven't flown in so long crap we're doing it we're doing it all right hold on let me set up a ramp and set up a ramp I don't I don't really know how to fly but I'm gonna try it grab somebody's on me I hear things oh all right I'll use this ramp to fly how about that huh hi here we go hi two extra points lost no Hellboy we out here like I need to get all the way to happy Hamlet only 15 people left what do you mean I'm supposed to get all these points I need points you know I mean I need points wait is there if anyone around here I thought there was my deaf I can go check here too yeah let's go check here and then happy Hamlet if I get a shotgun this end game is doable I mean it's still doable because uh lit dab right you guys get what I mean dang it no vending machine crap should I go up there and look for a baller ballers are so much better yeah let's go get a baller can I make this though hi hi baller okay alright give me this let's go over here you can get so much speed with these balls if you like attach to the ground like check this out crap crap I'm trashed here we go look at this look at my speed I'm getting ok so there's three spawners in here wait right here Chester a vending machine quiet ball I forgot where all the spawners are isn't that one like back here somewhere yeah like right there dang if there's not one there okay now I know there's one on this side as well like on the backside back here give me a shot II shawtayee boys we can do this we can do this hit that like button for that shot ie what am I saying somebody's here so what is here okay I'm gonna check this other vendor we see the other vending machine spawns like right there so it's not there I am telepathetic I think somebody was up here I'm not in the zone either this ball is so loud I wish you could like turn sound down that you don't want to hear but turn either sound up like I would turn footsteps up to like a billion I'd probably be cheating though right alright eleven players left seven kills I have the dream loadout – this pistol this pistol is it's not that good though oh they're down here ooh they're fighting I'm gonna get a double kill keep it go got the high ground one down two down God of all right two points give me all that dang it I can't you okay this is good this is fine this is fine rockets how many we got ten rockets and a ball boys and Macs ah would you know what that means chat what does that mean I don't make the rules chat what does that mean yeah why are you why do you can you guys like let me know down in the comments why you guys watched my videos cuz I truly don't people down there hold on hold on let me get this kill and me get this kill I got to steal this got on my ball he's down there behind that tree right there I can hit my shots I'm a trash can of an actual bot that's gonna hit him so I push that guy probably should huh oh there's another guy there you stole my kill Navy milk that's wrong with you alright Navy milk you want to steal my kill boy I'm trying to get I'm trying to get a billion kills this game so I can impress my friends and make my son's account look good do you want steal my kills boy yeah makes you think I won't cut you you need to learn to see it what other catchphrases do I have foot what else do I got what other catchphrase do I got I know I got more ah what makes me think I want me I got even more I'll think of more I'm coming for you milk Navy milk is I mean you like blue milk you know it's not disgusting who the heck drinks blue milk six players left I'm having a small conversation with myself seems normal for a girl of mine that tickled Navy milks down here I hit him 454 after he got the kill so he said 146 health quick mass I'm just bouncing I like a little bunny rabbit look at me D we out here six players left I bounce around like a little bunny rabbit in a knit in an arena mode I'm thinking about doing tomorrow so tomorrow there's gonna be an update on this game the the respawn van right deuce up so excited for that respawn van if you guys are excited for that respawn bin I know but seriously that respawn van is gonna be sick it's it's from apex right if you guys want me to do like another duo like a duo arena maybe like vending machine only or some other challenge let me know hit that hit the like button I think I've asked for life like a billion times there's a guy here nope I know there's a guy up there Oh two more points Hey look man okay guy right there hold on where's your health goal boy you're lucky I'm a trash can you look at my bot look at my box okay I gotta a move for days boy five players left all right can we do this second game of the day there's no way I know where guys there I know what guys probably not there a guy's there there's a guy out there okay one two three four I'm four so there's one extra guy somewhere I just need to get the high ground Bilbo one by one and I need to play smart I don't want to lose this first game if I win this first game guys listen I am so sorry I'd like this okay okay I just got a bill to one by one look my ball can you not shoot my ball are you griefing did you just grief my ball that is unneeded that is not how you make friends okay I'm in the zone looking good looking good over here wait what wait what Weiss is happening I do not want to get sniped last guy or one guy their zones that way I should probably go to the zone yeah I'm gonna be smart I'm gonna go to the zone grab my ball get out Scout right behind me what are you doing back there huh I don't want to fight what's your one by one warriors look at that one by one worry dude no don't shoot me up mmm that could have been bad boys all right here's what I'm gonna do post up right here bit a little one by one here we go I'm looking good looking good guy right there guy right there here we go ready for this ready for this crap gotta reload ready for this that guy's gonna die oh you little foot face Oh whose can you can you don't can you don't can you don't listen I had a nice one by one over here and you just messed it up four players left okay I got the zone one got the zone nobody's behind me okay we're gonna do is we're gonna do it build up protect myself protect myself here we go okay okay somebody just died so buddy just got sniped sky there guy there I know where everybody's at oh they're fighting that's gonna hit him oh you little smart turn please okay I know where everybody's at oh oh my got the stove just make sure everything's reloaded all right we got to one by one warriors to one by one warriors I have the zone he's gonna keep building up boy I will shoot you out I will do it I'm not afraid Oh watch this I'm gonna hit this guy that's gonna hit him that's gonna hit him all right I got the zone I got the zone here we go yes this guy's got to come to me dude this could be it second game no way no way I went to the second game of the day no way goodbye Sagat game of the day dudes that's awesome 12 kill win vending machine only yes i smurfed don't be too mad hit the like button anyways if you guys want me to do this tomorrow hit the subscribe button hit that little bell that was fun dudes I actually a Joyce Murphy I'm a bad person see you Do's next time thanks again for hanging out watching this video and once again before you go hit the subscribe button for daily videos