Using the Steam Controller for Emulators

Using the Steam Controller for Emulators

I hate sunshine.

Configuring Dolphin, PCSX2, Snes and Nes emulators all to work with the Steam Controller. Some work better than others, and some, well, they just work.

All of my binds so far (I’m lazy)

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Using the Steam Controller for Emulators

emulators a nearly infinite library filled with older games and older bird games they contain all the fun of gaming with none of its simplicity but look I finally get to play a 16 year old single-player game with my buddy halfway across the world I have no friends some work better than others and some will cause you a ton of frustration but how do all these emulators stack up with one another what settings did we change or modify depending on our games dolphin easy no problem project 64 easier yet but only after copying over an X input plug-in it's down in the description snaps was done in my sleep but how about ps2 stuff frustrating as it might be to use a steam controller to configure another steam controller that's configuring our emulator this was the most rewarding config to set up there's something magical about playing Metal Gear Solid 3 with the new input method and this new device performs wonderfully a touch based d-pad perfectly complements the right pad when used this joystick and the physical joystick plays well when it's correctly sending X input modifying the back paddles to hit F Keys when pressing face buttons means we can save scum to our scrublord heart's content it's kind of a happy accident that valve might have made the best controller for emulators just think about it got dual state triggers for the Gamecube customisable d-pad for this Nessun s a joystick and all the buttons for the ps2 stuff and we have these neat grips on the back if we ever need to alt tab when things get off I'm loving the emulated joystick for Metal Gear Solid 3 just bump up the outer dead zone so we use the whole pad as a joystick instead of this dumb restrictive circle on the pad the funny thing about older game design is the majority of these games we're still figuring out dual stick configurations and as such a lot of them relied on the left stick for the majority of the game's functions camera controls 11 years ago were wonky and they typically inverted both axes but strangely this works well for us when using the touchpad the new controller HUD works beautifully for training yourself to use the new d-pad or figure out what the hell all these bleeps and bloops mean for the joysticks Advanced Settings valve has changed how some of these work but the default settings are probably the best available linear stick response curve behaves the same way you think about a traditional stick for games that use the right stick to control the camera I like to set this to relaxed it just means the joystick takes a longer to reach 100% output adaptive centering is dogshit don't use it it means you can only activate the joystick in the center of the pad so if we ignore adaptive centering this is the same as this crank up the joysticks outer dead zone to about 85 percent to the right so here's a problem with pcsx2 or rather a problem with the steam controller not being a PlayStation controller pressure sensitive buttons MGS relied heavily on the dual shocks pressure sensitive buttons as far as I know the steam controller doesn't have these maybe there is a workaround on the ps2 emulator so if anyone has an idea put it down in the comments for now if you're playing mgs find the thermals and equip them whenever you want to take aim sunshine I hate sunshine I don't like this game either a dolphin to your Steam library is a non steam game configure the controller as an xbox pad find soft squeeze and big picture mode to the Xbox is left trigger then bind the click action to something on your keyboard I chose one for the left trigger and two for the right configure the gamepad this one's self explanatory except l analog will be trigger l and l will be keyboard one same thing on the right trigger analog to the Xbox is trigger and set the click – keyboard – and you're done go players Super Mario shit shine or Metroid Metroid is fun you can't fall down in much holy shit and playing Wii games with the steam controller swing up swing right wait that doesn't work oh well we can at least move the cursor around with the gyro that's cool I guess alright here's what you got to do start with the gamepad template ok click the gyro thing ok top left box – joystick move ok gyro activate button – always-on okay start dolphin you configure Wii mode yup right click on the up box in the IR column find right y+ under X input you keep filling these boxes in until you get to right ok stop a button goes to the a button B goes to the B button none the right trigger 1 & 2 can fuck off or bind them to whatever you want like the shoulder buttons on your controller plus and minus 2 whatever and start is the home button shake on the x-axis is bounded the X button shake on the Y is bound to the Y button there it's nice and easy to remember that should be enough to get you going for most games but first check this out go crank up the haptics and set them to high since the gyro is all set up and dolphin go ahead and test it just move the controller around do you feel that the closer you get to the edge of the screen the more intense the haptics are when you reach the border of your screen you'll feel the sudden pulse indicating that you've reached the edge that's it I'm done steam controller does with Nintendo do you want to use my configs for dolphin or pcsx2 check out the description for a pastebin link containing my configs don't know how to set them up that's alright just click here