Using the R99 on Lifeline! – Apex Legends

Using the R99 on Lifeline! – Apex Legends

Having a go at Lifeline who I rarely ever play. Her passive to use healing items faster is extremely useful in tense situations.

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Using the R99 on Lifeline! – Apex Legends

on my way he was trying to open the door and he went with a fit he got the finished animation more oh my dude that was a gorgeous hey hey okay posture excuse what is that sir alt account what the Frick he's max level to April Fool's is over what's happening that's wild report him for watch inappropriate nickname and in the comments too close to my name please ban any purple armadillo shame but if I do oh oh are 99 what's up anyone to have it's done here oh baby crowd Oh baby baby guy right here below down south have any ammo or armor you just need an iron will on them have a light died it's a reason outside can't see shit I couldn't see any good thanks dad you're welcome son any of armor oh my god I robbed somewhere where but that's about it all this fighting and nobody checked this thing Wow we were in the midst of combat we can't can't be check it out of them so our responsibility would kill him Luke wait this is the thing those army coming coming okay broke over go away neck power one right there quick power come on drone it's a bangle am honored to 0 I love this wait half toast half to roast that's the thing he says really which character yours no you don't you take it guys here I'm gonna take it and get rid of my Spitfire yeah two down all then another team though he was out that building yeah yeah I just don't want to have to get a multi won't win well I like that attitude let's go on me way professor dude duffel in the building up top yep hit him with it just dad this is so what there was more Weber shield Spitfire with ammo no I'll take it then you good verbal knock down shield here as well as the enemy running at you only sit one really broken white armor whole team's down last one you're you what I guess yeah hey didn't expect no come down he'll come down hills around the way I know I was like a 50-50 there had a feeling we're gonna get flanked no can you come down he'll mark you're getting a third party behind yeah we can't help you fall back fall back I'm so sorry so sorry right I'm actually like late all those guys were here oh my god I caught him with that you see that just the last little piece no armor he jumped off the back side we should push these guys right in front of me okay last ones should be farther white armor fun yeah that was like I just got to crazy i'ma carry accelerants what does it matter air strike inbound Mike laurels yeah that's probably same team is this before nice good down once closer the warmer come in the building oh my god last team men and I jumped around I got him just just low enough I think almost a break is feeling they just jumped down okay I have jump pad if we need it I think you're just right in aiding rebel army and one has a wingman headshot once no armor oh shoot I got a fall back down No oh man your while hey that really terribly feather pushing you one still by the care package once pushing up package guy still one over by me okay oh my god he hit the headshot oh wow what a beast you gotta respect it yeah he's flipping out right now you know he is solid game you can't even be mad at that yeah not even here I mean I was he's in the ER 99 and I was just laying into people with that can anybody you say digital for it I can't not yeah I'm for the result body armor in there right I'm gonna get one okay now people ear rape white armor nice what we're getting there you know we're working on I stole that one okay it's gonna be nearby what'd you call me up shit I will do no such thing Hey look at me about a hope for like two seconds yeah you don't man progress telling you change it's a scroll wheel down it's easier naturally it's easier cuz that's how your that's how your finger bends yeah that's right oh there's like a down he flew it is fine where he's dead we got I think there's more in here skull town you know that area got the side of that market alright nightingale dude just make it going surprised rent spamming your cue to get there faster oh you're on my servers man he's right there through the building top of it between the two big buildings I'm gonna get up on the roof but I do hear him I see him ones down below Pathfinder at the vehicle here down Pathfinder you know he kills you off yeah it's like a we're coming there done a haul there's so many more throwing people dip it down oh I don't even see that okay do you see that you down them gone alright I think we're almost I was echoey it was yeah you may have heard me man that bar right over there I know exactly what you're talking about you don't even I don't even have to look every time purple backpacks like firing all baby I'm not even carrying little meds I'm just carrying big meds those guys at the end cuz at the end I'm gonna freakin die if they post some more art stars do oh my gosh stop what the Frick is this video game oh my god there's mortar needs for having blade battle dude I don't know what – I'm going to one guys – what's up Rick dude what how is that possible if you want medkits there's three i'm just see much dude you should I have three six and nine I have eleven why don't I just look it right I have eleven first day it's yeah that's very where you guys going we're this way I'm gonna leave some beds back wait do you drop a peacekeeper yep no Katie yeah I'm tellin ya doesn't rain think the bolt does much to it my tracking is becoming pretty good with this r99 I love it when you can track people so well that just go hundred to zero why am i trying to pick up more god dammit I don't know I just did it – okay so they need from you look into the portal the only downside to the r99 that i found has been even if you track pretty much perfectly without a blue mag it's gonna take a whole clip yes you have to reload between people that's usually how you die but it's a pretty quick reload like the way I I play it works pretty well because I always empty mag and a moyes next to cover like by the time of empty tomb egg I try to get to cover anyways and you also move quicker with it then you do with the 301's you're a harder target yeah oh they're baiting us coming in towards us good boy purple armor purple armor on that guy's well I hit one for one close to me 360 oh shit almost just threw my phone across the room don't put it on your mousepad oh yeah dude I hit that phone so hard I'm surprised it didn't go play it stopped at my water bottle no it's not that my water well but it's smacked cuz the residence does didn't hear that