Using a Keyboard and Mouse on Smash Ultimate

Using a Keyboard and Mouse on Smash Ultimate

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Today we’re playing Smash Bros Ultimate using a Keyboard and Mouse. Didn’t think it was possible? THINK AGAIN…



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Recorded With: Elgato HD60
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Using a Keyboard and Mouse on Smash Ultimate

this video is brought to you by Squarespace from websites and online stores to marketing tools and analytics Squarespace is the all-in-one platform to build a beautiful online presence and run your business listen I get it you're a PC gamer you play League of Legends you play counter-strike you play fortnight sometimes maybe you make it a little bit tired that you want something more casual sometimes you look at Smash Bros you like hey I want to try this fun kids party game that I don't understand why the community takes it so seriously sometimes I get passion but sometimes it can get toxic so can we please chill out but you're a PC master-race you will not dare touch a controller you are going to preserve that integrity PC gamers fear no more if you're stuck in this predicament I have the toy for you today introducing the game sir VX alright we can get the stupid acting out of the way I apologize so the game sir here claims it works for Xbox one PlayStation 4 PlayStation 3 Nintendo switch and PC that's a lot of consoles I have my own questions about it but I'm pretty confident it'll work so we're gonna go ahead and unbox the sing check it out and I mean like you know me I'm going to try this thing on smash so let's go ahead and bust the sing over it over here we're gonna risk it for a biscuit ok let's go ahead and get straight into this box here ok so right off the bat it looks packaged pretty neatly this mouse looks really nice right here we have the forsaken dongle I'm kind of worried about and then finally we have the important parts that keyboard part and going unwrap this baby here we go oh it's a mechanical keyboard ok I like that I hope you enjoyed that ASMR alright so yeah keyboard dongle and the mouse and then another USB cable that goes to the keyboard quite scared alright so without further ado let's go ahead and shoot over to the other room and see if this works on smash alright so here we are on the switch and guess what ladies and gentlemen I have got it working I honestly didn't expect it to I've had this thing in the box for like two months and I haven't really touched it at all so I assumed I would need to do like some updates and whatnot but no here we are oh goodness okay anybody that plays a keyboard with smash flash I like totally respect you because this is already the weirdest thing to me so the mouse in this situation is basically the smash sticks will fight swipe it says right it's important smash down down smash up up smash so that's kind of how it goes all right I think we're set to go I'm ready to hit the road all right remember your training remember the key binds up gosh we're fighting a meat gunner this is off to a bad start already all right so to space them out I can't move okay we're gonna stick with just some basic attacks I honestly am not sure what this guy is up to I don't I don't know what I'm doing either honestly it's a movement a bit rough won't lie oh gosh I'll recovering recovering oh that's hard okay he kind of saved me what I extended I extended my psych all right we recovered successfully somehow darn it all right that's okay zero percent but we're gonna get the hang of it oh there it is I'm not meaning in a smash attack so much it's the sensitivity of the mouse that's like Billy just making me do it ah that's gonna yep that sucks that really sucks mmm get out please I just want to stock that's all I want welcome all right that was rather quick and embarrassing yikes ice climbers alright I hope it's not I hope it's not the good kind of ice climbers the one that knows how to do all that fancy stuff like D sinking and all that Oh Lord oh yeah there do you thinking oh sweet mother let me up smash gay hey Mel bail bail uh it's not it's so hard to jump sometimes I I think I need an actual jump button I think that would make things a little easier all that's B that's right whoops that's air dodge sorry no I press grab and not man he's like making fun of his stuff it's stuck in shield it's stuck in shield it's stuck in shield help how much family smash stack I need help he's trying to get a Twitter clip on me trying to get Twitter clout help me this is it this is the end trying to desync I see it what what wait that's a thing you can move Nana or Popo that's a thing okay I'm Laura I'm learning things from this from those ice climbers here it's not letting me gentlemen man okay so another thing we just learned right there is that you can't hold left and jump at the same time so we need a dedicated jump button I know my commentary is all over the place but you know this whole thing is a bit messy so I'm trying to keep up no John oh dear Lord alright it's gonna be real fun can I talk I'll wait no you can't talk online that's right he's being friendly all right all right he's ready to fight you don't you don't wanna play games oh oh oh hold up trying to flex how fast I can do it he looks like a pretty good Mario to a little bit intimidated freaking smash attack please dear Lord I gotta stick with like super basic stuff I really have to remember what my special key is okay there we go ootek tit let's go darn it it's stuck it's stuck help my GI was atrocious Oh am i I mean what do you expect to be honest I'm off stage I don't like this go back to tap job darn it alright you know what for the one time we're gonna go gain in because why not why not lose elite with another character I like to play let's do it we need a freaking pray that we could get a stock before this video ends that's all I really want at this point maybe we could use some of that just simplistic play just get some strong kits in and we're dead all right I press a button I promise you oh I had to read to oh he's he's really going for it now B I did not mean to do that oh you read me oh no let me back let me back it's now let me up B he saved me no he didn't GG hey two stocks let's go let's go let's go totally did so much work to get that second stock like it took a lot out of me but uh you know I'm glad I kept it a you know last game last stock he was at high percent it was a really close by the way to three victory hey I mean we got our first kill with a warlock punch so I mean did we really lose you know oh it didn't air for me okay my shields getting a little bit oh my gosh that was kind of scary okay we're thank God oh he missed it get down oh let's go down be wrong way darn it yeah I kind of I kind of put myself into that darn it please dude I know I'm playing like a two-year-old but I have to I have no option this is like playing on simple mode I knew it I got the read I'm happy let's go this bull was gold this is what I'm talking about that's kind of stuff I like to see ooh I didn't mean to do that it's always the unintentional stuff that does the best for some reason I had the read on that too oh no oh hey no we tripped it away this was a defeat but the war goes on because I will come back and I will come back stronger than ever and I will show y'all I can win a game it's possible anyway until then thank you guys for watching I appreciate it if you enjoyed this video I would really appreciate leaving a like this was quite a difficult setup and quite a difficult challenge in general so if you guys want more let me know so once again this video was brought to you by Squarespace pretty much the one-stop shop for all your website making needs I ended up trying out Squarespace and making my own website with them and I gotta say it was a lot more simple than I thought it would be it's a really intuitive and really easy to use platform they have these templates that you can choose for references that all look very nice and professional I ended up like playing around with it just a little bit and I made a website within like 30 minutes granted it's not the best and clearly needs some work but it just gives you an idea of how nice you can make it look in just a short amount of time if you want to try it for yourself you can start your 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