Unlocking Shao Kahn's Throw Damage Potential – MK11 Tech

Unlocking Shao Kahn's Throw Damage Potential – MK11 Tech

Shao Kahn may not be a popular character, but there is still some interesting tech to be found when it comes to his Krushing Blow Forward Throw.

It may seem wild to make a video about a throw by itself, but the layers of damage potential this gives Shao Kahn cannot be ignored, and must be added to your gameplan if you’re a shao kahn main in general.

This throw gives Shao Kahn arguably the strongest flawless block punishing in the game. Especially when you bag 50% of each one.

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Unlocking Shao Kahn's Throw Damage Potential – MK11 Tech

you Shao Kahn may not be a particularly popular character but that doesn't stop him from having some interesting tech indeed this episode of MK 11 tech shines a light on a certain area of his game plan that most may not have thought about but when learned to its fullest potential just made his defensive game a lot more scary the secret is entirely tied to his crushing blow forward through Shao Kahn's crushing blow forward through isn't like the others it launches on hit 4 huge damage like so the thing is it isn't as simple as the escape failed requirement that the other ones in the game have Shao Kahn's is a little bit harder to achieve if you're just picking him up Shao Kahn's crushing blow here will only work if the forward throw is used as either a get up punish or reversal throw punish the easiest and most consistent one of these two is definitely the reversal throw punish but this can be misleading if you're a new Shao Kahn player and here's why it must be done as a reversal throw punish specifically if it's a throw punished by itself it won't work it must be done as a reversal which if you watched my video on reversals is specifically when you buffer the throw much earlier after a move is blocked giving you the throw as soon as physically possible you can tell you've done it right because the game will tell you on the side of the screen now we know how this works mechanically I want to get into why I'm making an MK 11 tech video about this grab starting with the practical applications and why it's useful the most immediate use for this I'm sure many people know is just using this move as a punish this grab can be used as a max damage Punisher for almost entirely across the board [Applause] it is especially useful for this because Shao Kahn's shoulder charge the other Avenue for damage is a great move of forcing break away leaving you free to bag the biggest struggle that you can when the grab actually punishes something 50% if you have two bars of offense ready the next level of this and why I've made an entire video about it is a further use for this grab that arguably gives Shao Khan the highest damage in the game off this option flawless block flawless block obviously is specific to the attack in question but in situations where flawless block makes the opponent's move – enough that a forward throw is guaranteed via reversal well we just gave Shao Khan another Avenue to bag his gigantic damage this is a big deal for him because if you lab these options in training mode certain popular strings that are usually flawless blockable – a scaled-up – or something just became significantly riskier in other cases Shao Kahn's grounded combos do hit pretty hard but they still don't hold a candle to his reversal throw crushing blow it is the option to go for [Applause] another reason this is so dangerous is because reversal throw punishes cannot detect if the opponent is just – and you try and enforce a grab they still have a chance to take your throw however if the throw is done has either a throw punish or reversal throw punish it is completely guaranteed this usually isn't a big deal for most characters but for con it's a free 50% let me show you some examples of popular moves that Shao Kahn can punish for 50% damage thanks to flawless block and reversal throw punish combined Liu Kang's forward for 3 up 3 +4 on block but flawless blockable by flawless blocking this Shao Kahn gets a 1 for punish and this does about 36% but [Applause] if we flawless block reversal throw punish it we get 50% [Applause] if Centurion is pressuring you in the corner with natural barrier you can flawless block and reversal throat punish Jade's back three four three four flawless blockable and – enough to guarantee reversal throw punish Kotal Kahn's back – two three flawless blockable and – enough – reversal throw punish not every string or attack can be reversal throwing when you flawless block sometimes you genuinely do need to just up – because it's all you'll get the key here is to experiment in training and figure out what does and doesn't work the damage off the throw is so high that you'll benefit from the time taken to learn what allows for it it doesn't end it just strings though many wake up attacks fall victim to this strategy – the vast majority of wake up up 2s are punishable enough without flawless block – crushing blow forward throw this is the basic wakeup up 3 is usually a safe option it cannot be reversal forward thrown for the most part because they push too far back however if you make the read flawless block these 2 and some of them become vulnerable to reversal throw punish as well wake up up 3 is a popular option because of its safety but for Shao Kahn they are just another move that he can utterly destroy if you're brave enough to make the read beating wake up's is especially good for this as they use a bar of defensive mia to pull off in the first place if you get the read and the crushing blow them for their trouble it's completely unbreakable as they don't have the meter anymore so no breakaway as possible the thing you'll do here is take a character into training mode look for flawless block of strings and then test if reversal throw works – after that test both wakeup options if wakeup up 3 pushes too far back try flawless blocking it gather as much info as you can on which moves can be crushing below thrown when the real match comes this information will be incredibly important for reaching that next layer of damage that you'd otherwise be missing out on my final tip is how to actually do the correct combo after the grab launches I'm not going to pretend that the shoulder charge is easy to connect it's hard to find a visual cue when the move knocked so far back but believe it or not there is still a way to tell when to show to charge at the right time keep your eyes on the opponent after the crushing blow connects wait for them to just start descending from the knock-up then starting to fall after they hit max height is your visual indicator to input the back for three into a full combo keep it in mind as it's your key to making the opponent really regret their mistakes fundamentally with weaker characters it's important that you squeeze out as many options as you can in matchups Shao Khan getting so much damage from his crushing blow throw is unique to him in some ways learning what your best ways to set it up versus the cast is is so important at higher levels of play if you can shut down a popular string or one or both of their wakeup options is automatically more knowledge than you have in the matchup that they do and compare great rewards if you make the right read thank you for watching and I'll see you next time