Ultimate Teamwork! (Carried by a Level 100) – PS4 Apex Legends!

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hey wassup guys to twitch welcome back to another video today we are playing some apex legends of course and the game that I've got for you today isn't my greatest gameplay of all time III was a bit rusty for some reason I wasn't playing incredibly but at some great teammates I had to get respawned another one of our teammates had to get really spawned but we basically got carried points every 100 essentially that's what I'm trying to say but it is a fun watch and it's an incredibly action-packed ending as always I would hope you enjoy if you do be sure to leave a like rating subscribe to join the art empire in around here and I'll see one in five milliseconds my friends if you have a respiratory system bit of a light one bit of a light one if you're going to drop down to school town at the very start of the game you better be whining quick otherwise you're putting yourself at a huge disadvantage sorry it's okay one of the reasons are lexical chains that you can just go to a different part of the pub drop if someone's stone in your Luke location here we go wingman central we men in a 999 inside the game I mean I don't have any you know I don't have any shield yet but at least I got two good weapons there we go some extent have you mag as well please tell me that was uh I wasn't what was he select for receiver okay still pretty good maybe I'll switch over to the the old prowl Larry the Prowler of Justice if we find on all right team I'm coming out of there I'm coming a far away are you pretty far the opposite side of a goat sorry Scott team I'm coming teammate don't give up on us they're a little too late there's some reason why you're the team I didn't fancy like looking that way because if you did you do seem to people looting so if we want ya there sooner yeah that's June are you alright nice job last one see you then I fuckin taken no I could say line make sure battery frag grenades you got his banner nice work I need to hear the turbo charger someone give me the devotion sorry select fire receiver you know I didn't katerini I tend carry me I'll try I'll try my best friend uh this should be something around here I mean I assume they're Terry's anything they got to leave – in fact I do see though you gotta lift even have a cry fall on on telling of wingman I'll leave them women behind I've got a turbocharger I've got a turbocharger of just E so how can I not use it and if I see a devotion I'm gonna skip over and use that instead – mate do you need a I've got three shield batteries do you want one here number one body shell we got that Zuka do you need this there you go scrap over that way I mean I'm not sure for a fully prepared – okay did you get it no worries I 45 bullies with the havoc that's not too great made by family on the way it's already been looted yeah kind of my kind of I mean yes he has think someone just killed some with the longbow fairly certain as one I didn't think he's gonna be in like I have cover for that long is it there for a long time tell me some white rose Oh in fact now that someone's gonna take that hold on so not take that they got friends so I don't really like it too much is that devotion oh my god here we go here we go friends devotion medkit do I need this yes all right I need I need energy roams life terribly drastically honest men eg rains I have four shots in a turbocharged up oh thank you how much how many 20 it's something I've got 800 my rides here we tried opening thank you friend thank you I'll tell that every day of the week 31 not bad oh do you have I forgot that we kill with the people all right shall we get the heck out of here what do you guys say it always sucks third party like that what it's good when you're the one third party but you can't help but feel sorry for people I mean they're already in a scrap but just run along and Shoom in the back but what can you do what's the alternative you've learned fights just watch it spectate it's not gonna happen the zone is most the right on the Left McCarthy's off the map that's interesting it's a shield batter up top a something I'll be taking off your hands that's mister oh you you might you guys might need that more than me I got three already I got a full inventory so someone checked out my hands before I snatch it up can't help myself whoa yes please always scratching my face thank you very much I should have looted the authority of the building and I would not have missed it amazing thank you thank you very much live the devotion thank you friend why don't we say thank you but I'm saying in real life you just can't hear it I heard that a bunch of people gonna have to come over this way here we go oh my gosh hello friend cos going crazy oh this Stila fighter air air what's it called airbase that's the one I was gonna call it's got a call it air shoot for some reason all right I'm coming teammate I'm on my way I'm Owen W this why I wish I was that Pathfinder I could get there real fast with his old grapple hook does he not sound down though I might go this way and go for a pinch moving this way team oh my god oh god I nearly mess that up entirely I got some energy rounds I reckon he was running away from that team I just can't believe oh good this weapon is there you go – des des des go steal battery touch me touch through space oh god I'm sorry team sorry guys sorry I really messed that one up I won't they were running away from the fight but there was still a fight going on so it's really confusing wait Zuka that could be a gold our throw Inari don't stop this name my teammates a trying to bring me back I guess they killed that team this sort of thing be that way oh it's it's not safe for the next one but it's near enough this might be the safest say safest one to go to because he's got nearly three minutes until the next one comes over he wants the level 4 body shield a rule Eames Martin's is drafted for purple he's got the same opinion as me I guess where it's like the only difference between the gold and the purple is that people will in staff in assha more often with the gold in my opinion I've done I don't know the last time I used a finishing move to regain shield re oh stop that not name Oh No Bruins get out at their friend I'm still annoyed at myself for dying like that I I was talking so I didn't hear the guy caught behind me I got there followed it nice all God is another one no I told anyone that gunfight cuz I'm spawning back he's still alive he may have won that gunfight I don't know listens in the Fiji thank you friend ty well he did go down well what have I got energy rains helmets frag grenade it's the it's the trio it's exactly what you want when you come back down from this guy I've come over I'll try and distract I've got smoke grenades I've got a natural grenade hold on friend I'm coming I was useless he's actually killed him all right get his banner real quick I need to loose I know this is your kill but I've got nothing all right the good part of a comeback at this stage the game is that if you kill one person you get everything you need them there we go it's these the stuff we need it give me all of these things thank you very much Arthur L won a triple take on the go as well there is one that's safe I do sort of want to get my good gun back because I've got an art I mean the trip will take is decent the are three I want is decent are you sure you don't want that suka I thought I misheard I had to turn around I heard level four and I thought I heard backpack oh my gosh you're the greatest thank you friend that kind of you all right triple take you're a affair I'm serving the Spitfire I'm gonna keep the energy range because I do want to switch back to the devotion they killed that team soon after I died so there's a very good chance my lutely still down here and there's also level four shield if the yeah he's second level four that means he's left level three behind there should be a load lieu of this way that wasn't mine I don't care about seat I reckon the my loot is untouched I don't think they would have had enough time to loo my things whether I die this wasn't it was it it was not I took my turbocharger too many throw balls given my devotion back only back right now why my own sovereignty I swear I died in those days I've got a decent manner stuff I can always return I feel bad because obviously these guys got me back I just wanted a decent load out before I go over this way there's three squads left so if we get this guy back you can balloon it back to the air base where all the loot sees and get a decent load out for himself as well oh god there's two of them on despite me I might have to return yeah I mean even if I it's stupid of me to stand there if I don't they probably both have purple at this stage in the game whilst my teammates back here and even if I managed to get to the beacon but know what I was I know what I was up to there's a team beneath me looking over to my team I have to fire it then there we go guys got like one shield I'm so scared about that team coming up in a balloon oh there we go one down captain McDonald yeah there you go they're coming in with the balloons I need to be careful they don't land up top on me Oh smart for me to get down I don't even show on the back last job team a guy had the backpack god knows where my devotion win none of these people have my devotion I'll tell you what I'm sure I'm absolutely leaving about it I am record a fair few people I think some from each team do you want company near it's worth the double check no we're good Oh oh my god you've run in there that's actually pretty smart this trough threat son let's talk I'll phone him and use the digital threat I've no idea what that explosion came from all right wait I don't even know where that guy came from how to take that because I don't have a purple this is the end of the game alright bold I'm not getting my devotion back so Mays I'll drop the stuff for it if you fancy that it's free tip for grabs oh my god the goon squads here Oh No Mas two down my teammates up there all right there's a chance with my ultimate he drops around down the back especially because his teammates down here by day to walk through a revived you teammate read you like a book my friends I feel bad I thought I couldn't get him back up I feel bad we did I tried to get back over to the respawn beacon but the team of three was there and then they used the respawn beacon anyway it was there was some team method right there the only guy that didn't go down with Zuka I went down I had to get respawned roominess had to get respawned but only because he was trying to get me a very spawned to be fair they all stemmed from me being terrible but still that is a hard teammate teamwork win right there was my best game of all time but the teamwork was inspirational thank you guys for watching I do really appreciate it and yeah I'll see you all the next one mmm