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check out our brand-new pink lip bag it's limited edition which means it won't be available for much longer it's a $50 value only at $30 on Preston styles calm okay guys so hear me out my little brother has no idea what's about to happen to him in this video he thinks we're just gonna have a diamond finding challenge we're the first person to find 10 diamonds wins and while that may be true I have something up my sleeve x-ray resource pack hack ladies and gentlemen if I walk over here to this stone I'm able to see down below me and actually see through the map finding diamonds this is going to be the best video ever I'm so excited if you guys already see more trolling videos like this let me know who I should trolled next down below in the comments and of course leave a like and oh okay he's on discord guys I gotta go hop in the call of him and get him on the server let's do this ladies and gentlemen welcome into the challenge versus my little brother who's staring at a tree okay so oh my gosh I even made these beautiful chess for us we have hash tag team Joshua comment down below if your team Joshua and then hash tag team Preston handsome man I don't know who made these signs but wow that's so flattering oh okay that's Dawg think you broke my side okay so Josh here's how this game is going to work so as you can see in your chest you have got the same items as I do we've got wooden sword shovel pick axe and axe as well as steak so this is what we have to start with and whoever can find ten diamonds first wins the challenge yeah yeah so go ahead and grab your items I know it's a mining challenge so Josh just to give you a little bit the heads up do you remember diamonds usually spawn at like why thirteen why 16 oh okay press f3 on your computer do you see like this crazy thing pop up with all this data yeah okay look at your top left-hand corner do you see where it says XYZ yep okay so obviously Y is the height that we're at right now so we're at like 64 Y which means we need to mind down and find a cave system okay you ready to start this challenge yep I three two one let's say it's all right little feisty little brother to go with each other no no so we're supposed to see who could find the fat so I'm gonna go kind of far away cuz like I don't want you to find my diamonds you know I'm saying like don't touch my what was the last time you played vanilla minecraft for me it's been like forever 2013-14 oh my gosh okay so it's been it's been a little bit of time for you is what you're trying to tell me right now low breath oh goodness gracious okay well I think you remember but cave systems are pretty important because they can like lead you to diamonds and do you remember there's like dungeons with like mob spawners and usually if you find like the monsters yeah there's like mob spawners and you can find chess oh you're not gonna get diamonds from that but it could lead you you know to like some yeah it's like some possible yeah you fight the ender dragon so don't forget what you need to do is you're gonna need to obviously get yourself a stone pickaxe first which is maimie stone system yeah I'm gonna cave sister Dell or vuelven cave systems it's cheap it's three these zombies are coughing this do not get grabbed by the zombies and then do you member how to make a furnace you need eight stone or a couple stone okay yeah so you got a smelt you got to get coal are you some of your wood are you got the die already judge don't die hit me already dude you just run away from then do my beretta make torches yeah it's a small zombie don't you make churches with wouldn't wouldn't Cole wouldn't Cole yeah so I've actually found some iron already so I'm going to make all they died Josh they die brother I love you so much so if you okay yeah don't forget oh yeah I should probably check that too no mines actually set too bright but don't forget Josh if you end up finding or not end up finding but if you end up making some torches that's kind of nice because obviously you know skeletons and stuff like that don't spawn whether it's light so monsters won't spawn where it's bright outside so if you can find some coal mend it come in I freaking cave led to nothing yeah my cave is kind of poopy – I found a couple pieces of iron which is nice cuz obviously we're gonna need some iron so that way we can you know you know you know do the you know you know I mean if you want to you can also make like iron gear like if you want to but I don't think you really should okay I'm making right now time but I think I might have found a cave system oh oh I found a mob spawner oh I've got a skeleton oh no I'm finding a lot of scary things that I don't necessarily want to find right now oh dude I am in a very bad area there are like zombies there's creepers there are skeletons oh this is terrifying gorgeous you got a member it's a stick and then a piece of coal okay do you have to cook no no no no you don't cook the coal hey talk about Mike awesome well he's not like me okay you got to put them on top of each other I think it's cold goes on top and then stick on the bottom on top yeah yeah you gotta do it the right order remember dude I am a feeling one of us is gonna get blown up by a creeper and it's gonna make us rage I have a creeper I need oh don't do it oh I got a really good case this and my friend iron hey oh did you really oh I'm jealous I should probably actually get some more coal Oh so I found a mob spawner by the way it's gonna go and throw that out there oh yeah – mom or no creeper do not blow up those chests oh you took so much damage – what no I feel so far I'm fighting this creeper got a man take it creeper oh dude okay so I found chess and guess what no diamonds yeah yeah I found a little mini dungeon I got a I got some bones and some beetroot seed I found a CD a music disc I found some strings I got some bread and rotten flesh so nothing really useful to be honest nothing that really helps no way no way are you serious I'm blocking myself in right now no way how many diamonds how many diamonds I can't tell you are you lying to me no I promise how did you find diamonds did you just mind straight down or did you do just a minute you gotta be a lot you got to be lying me right now tell me you're lying a little brother okay this is kind of embarrassing so I think we should have to find 10 or do you want to find more I was gonna say like 10 to 15 right over here okay let's okay for now let's do 10 let's do 10 for now and if we find that we find them too fast obviously we can like increase it how the heck did you already find diamonds dude I was so mad right now I can't believe you found bad I swear you're hacking dude I swear you're hacking guys real quick and Josh are you hacking be honest I can't believe it you're not lying to me I see in the chat that you found diamond bro what have you done so I got two diamonds so I need eight more yep yep oh you only got two diamonds oh yeah I'm a I'm like I'm like heavily looking for those Damone's where's the Damone's what what I'm Audi bragging and or dragon other so no dragons I'm not even your dragon endure endure endure friend I fear it isn't Oh in German in German and your friend these are ender friend ladies and gentlemen I was kind of funny oh I hear creeper am I here to creeper oh no way you found more divers bro yes oh please die die die pickaxe of all for it Oh No dude how did you find that diamonds are you kidding me that's how many you okay how is it that I have yet to find diamonds and you have found all the diamonds I'm actually pretty triggered right now I'm gonna struggle but I'll be honest I want a bus that struggles right now I'm so mad that you found da I have it yes I feel like has the older brother right now I am letting not only myself down and letting the viewers down Josh you might as well just start a new minecraft channel okay toxic but not toxic but not talk not actually they're not actually it's not toxic under-saddle be honest I'm a little bit triggered though you don't have to be honest – Josh oh dude no joke they have not paid off at all I'm literally killed why am i killing this guy with a shovel I'm so Jones okay Jesus I'm literally killing a skeleton with a shovel what is my life right now Karan Jesus dude oh my gosh I'm out the diet new new new new new oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh goodness okay I barely survived I can't believe I haven't found any dot dude your luck is just unreal I hope you know that by the way like you just have really good luck yes sir I'm about to up the ante just be like y'all let's find 20 diamonds i'ma keep it real that's a lot chief I know and six I brought I got nothing I'm not even Daryl I do get pain you know I'm just lucky you know I know you're low I trust me I know you're lucky dude tell me I'm gonna find some diamonds in this cave sister bro goodness gracious great gravy boats of fire goodness gracious great gravy boats of fire like I'm feeling it right now dude what the heck is in front of me keeping me from moving oh it's cuz I mine the floor out okay I just fell in lava and I'm about the dive oh my gosh i'm so triggered right now so how many diamonds have you found again six six diamonds that means if you find one more vein of Damone's i think you may or may not win the game that has me feeling some kind of way and not a good kind of way there's so many mobs covering no there's not stop lying to me it's probably thing to me maybe it's just that I don't want to believe you I'm gonna be honest like I maybe I just don't want to believe you please please PLEASE game no no no no come on yes yes come on come on josh is just accept her fate just die dad gonna I just got baited by laughs it's like the whole you know what it is I think I'm not going down far enough why are there no diamonds this is so scary oh my gosh I just found 700 skeletons no no I'm in it Nana nanana no no I found seven I found seven under skeleton beanie shot me no way dude skeletons and ask Josh skeletons of hacks what skeletons are actually hackers I'm not even kidding right now oh dude I need to use his diamond vein mmm I can't believe you found another diamond vein like can you can you just share the luck a little bit bro no don't touch the diamond vein [Applause] no there were four diamonds in the vein and I only got two of all I know is that you're having way too good of luck and I used to be banned you should be banned you need to be banned no I understand you do how mad I am the minecraft youtuber who can't find any diamonds versus his little brother a lot forty flipping mad I don't know I got stuck on the idea that this was like the best cave at a cave and then I've been here for like seven years and not found one diamond like I think I should just left this cave ages ago like I just don't see any diamonds anywhere I hate this game you know what I'm going a new cave I'm killing myself I can't find any diamonds food you know Josh why don't you uh why don't you share this game's listen with me how about that let's let's share yeah you know we're all we're we're brothers right no what do you mean nope yeah we are we're not sharing though yeah we are yeah we are I'm quick teepee person no no no no no get out of here potato boy I just want diamonds did it is it don't we all Josh don't we all want diamonds all redstone okay add that lights everything on some show mmm-hmm I can't believe I found a mob spawner and I was like so hoping they were gonna be diamonds in the chest so hoping oh and instead of hope what was a hit with sadness I'm digging straight down right now and I feel like I'm going nowhere I'm feeling I'm going nowhere with my life guys it's gonna be a no for me dog yeah are you feel like you're going somewhere with your life Josh cuz if Sam jealous nope I can't find anything huh ever since I lost those two diamonds all I needed was their su diner I think you losing all the diamond look like you literally just sucked it up it sucked up all the diamond luck Josh pocket why'd you do this to make why why why you do this what Oh Joshua Joshua just be prepared to check out the chat here momentarily okay I don't know I I just see them and I'm still trying to mind a ton okay come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on bitter bitter but good yes yes Preston just a little bit closer no pressing note Oh Oh Josh all I'm saying is be prepared to look at the chat here in just a second okay it's all I'm saying it's not fine that many diamonds you probably found like to earth Savannah a 10-man oh oh so far I think five no you get oh yeah oh six six diamond vein boy six diamond vein that's right you saw your first ladies and gentlemen Preston with that sick sick sick vein of diamonds oh yeah boy that means if you and I pretty much at this point fine like one more vein of diamonds each I think we're in the neighborhood well I don't know of one but one of those ones one of us oh whoa okay I just found a lot of mobs no no no no no no no no yeah no stay away demons dude I only need to divert to where oh no oh no oh no okay oh dude the feeling when you have creepers chasing you and they're like a foot away and then you're just like no stop in the name of Jesus come on she said diamond is that diamond diamonds oh my gosh okay I need to I need to stay to these diamonds though I had such a curvy Josh I found some diamonds in it yeah I did I'm running towards them as we speak but they're like in the lava though this is gonna be hard diamonds to grab come on I'm gonna get him I'm gonna get him chief chief I'm gonna keep it real with you about the snaggletooth these diamonds dude it's so hard cuz like in the caves it's so dark it's hard to know exactly what you're looking for sometimes I don't know how many diamonds are out there to be fair and they're really close to bedrock so let me just tell you something it's not the not look not the greatest thing you know what I mean holy flippin I don't think this is gonna be enough to beat you though I think this is gonna be like a pretty good amount but not enough to beat you see I just need to you need to brother stay away from those two diamond the men I don't know is that good or bad I feel like that's kind of bad you're bad Wow oh god oh god dude I don't know if I can even get these diamonds they're so down there bro I don't know this is the one yeah my this might no littler this might just not be the one come on can I please get to my diamonds game let me get to my put band VIP and diamonds dude I feel like I'm this I'm on like a goose chase like I'm about to go back up I'm at this it's a flip it's like I have to spend so much time I could have found a different diamond vein by now like Josh I've used half of my pickaxe durability is that crazy just trying to get down there yeah yeah mining stuff over and over and over and over and over and over again dude I literally see the diamonds I was mining for but like now you know yeah go and explode on me creeper yeah did you get big dummy he exploded Oh what Park City Todd says he's a spider Josh spiders are not friend spiders are food fighters are food not friends oh gosh I've gone into the nope territory oh gosh oh no oh no oh gosh oh gosh oh my gosh I was one foot away from getting launched into lava was this a spawner hmm found another spawner no don't worry about it just be true why is it one of these skeletons every checks oh my gosh this is ridiculous you made this world so small it's gonna be so hard so like I made the world the default size due to i literally salt oh I found him I found my vein oh my gosh oh my gosh – I just would no way no way okay okay how about this slash kill yourself and I'll show you the proof okay check out the twelve kids you press f you can do it doo doo doo doo doo check it out – check it out look at the diamonds but tonight look at the diamonds are the chest nope pretty mean how long okay took my diamond so Josh can't let you know what a little bit of secret as well in this video I was using x-ray hack I just said you know it's like look check it out check it out look at this screenshot is then – you want to know you want to know the x-ray heck does not work as well as I thought it did I thought it was gonna be way better but it was kind of pleb status and you wanna know something else is kind of funny as you almost beat me like I didn't find the diamonds until like 10 minutes ago so you're older yeah you almost beat me while I was cheating that was amazing okay guys thank you for watching this video and you guys enjoy it don't forget to hit that like my down below and subscribe to the channel and let us know if any challenges I should do again with my little brother Josh for maybe maybe next time I shouldn't cheat you know anybody think about that maybe next time I should be able to get know again we're never doing the challenge again don't say that cheater okay guys big it so much for this video have a great day take care and we'll see you all next time I just got a smelt mission with this bad boy Oh smelt it it's melting who smells that he dealt it huh oh this is cringy yeah yeah but what else is new yeah yeah yeah just shoot me in the bag