Total wars battles kingdom – Tips Tricks and Cheats

Total wars battles kingdom – Tips Tricks and Cheats

Total wars battles kingdom -tips tricks and cheats

Total War Battles™: KINGDOM is a new cross-platform online strategy game for PC, Mac and tablets from the makers of Total War. Combining intense battles with army management, kingdom building and devious social plotting, we’re aiming to make the ultimate in portable, bite-sized Total War experiences.


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Total wars battles kingdom – Tips Tricks and Cheats

hey what's up guys so this is actually only my last video here in the total war Kingdom battle series to go over tips tricks and cheats that I possible have learned I am by no means an expert in this game I've played it for about 15 days roughly every day for a few hours here and there so these are just the things I've learned and this is also in like open beta so things are subject to change one of the big things is you have farms and you have materials here when you go ahead and you gather and you harvest things you can either harvest one or you can harvest all after you hardest one you can harvest all if you harvest all you can't harvest anything else because they're all being harvest the harvest one takes 20 minutes so it's a fairly short duration when you harvest all it takes like eight hours it's a huge huge time to harvest everything and when you harvest all the things they regenerate a lot slower so you typically if you're going to be playing this and it is going to be a cross-platform multi uh multi device game so like here I'll play on your your iPhone or your Android device and then jump on your computer at home you are going to want to be constantly checking it and constantly grabbing and harvesting everything because when you harvest just one this will regenerate in like two hours whereas when you harvest all it will take a day to regenerate that goes to the next thing is that when you have farms like this you want to have them surrounded by water or at least touching the water so they gain some regeneration bonuses that is HUGE you'll notice that we have a farm over here and this I haven't played the game for like three days and it's still trying to grow crops so it's taking forever to grow crops because there's no water to the crops so it logically makes sense in the beginning of the game you're really really limited on food you want to get to the ocean as soon as possible so you can set up a fishing harbour this right here you'll have to have fish in the in the ocean or in the pond in the lake when you do you want to fish fish gives you 40 food it's a decent amount of food it's a higher yielding food source than the farms so fishing is really really good you can see fishing is these little sparkles right here and to fish we have a harbour way over here and it just sends out our fisherman's boats to collect those fish the harbours are connected to as long as it's connected by water you can send out the boat you see we send out a boat from down there and we set on a boat from up there and they're going to go ahead and do their thing and collect the fish as you get further in the game you start to run out of this material silver in the beginning of the game you're going to have a surplus of silver silver comes from blacksmiths as you can see here they mine it takes several hours depending on how many workers that you put in there you get workers and builders and craftsmen from these houses and homes and the begin the game they start you off with a lot of workers that are free and you have no idea what the heck to do with them soon as I go okay I'll put these guys in here as time goes on they end up retiring from work so this guy has 24 hours left to finish his life cycle of working in the blacksmith and in eight minutes we're going to get some silver out of that these guys right here they have 15 hours left so once they retire they're dead pretty much you know they're tired you're not getting any more work out of them you have to generate more people so you're going to be having a constant struggle of having houses six hours to wait to get a person do you have your peasants which are very very basic and then you have your more advanced craftsmen that are more efficient and faster at doing things so of course you want to try and have these in here these craftsmen because again they speed up the process what peasants work just as fine just a little bit slower you can convert the peasants ten to one at your capital castle trained peasants so it's a very very steep ratio you can also find random generated things like this so this is boulders this is stone you can click on it and you gather and it'll take a few seconds or a few minutes and you can gather and you'll gain a nice amount of material so there's a whole total quantity of 120 stone right there you'll be able to gather like say 20 or 40 every ten minutes and that will add to your stone collection you can get gems in-game via daily quest daily capital reward quest as you saw in the beginning of this video we got 5 gold there you can also find gems when you actually egg back you Kate in vacui I have no idea to say that apologize so you do that and this could potentially become a gold mine unfortunately since it's closed it's all terrain based this is actually going to dig and when they dig they're going to pull the dirt out and this is enough flood so that's going to be a bad demonstration you're not going to find gold there because it's going to flood you'll have people that will be invading you Raiders typically will come in like this they have different difficulties and they're going to try and destroy your villages and you see this is on fire under siege so if they're successful in seven hours in two minutes if you don't defeat them they'll destroy your village your mansion and they'll keep moving forward until they get to your castle they're attempting to steal from your castle and still a ton of resources so you do have to try and attack them your troops they're called orders so actually you can have three specialty orders I believe the game starts you off with two so you're going to want to unlock the third Church and to set up a third order so these are specialty buffs for your units winning combats you can swap them in and out change them whenever you want and you can see more become unlockable as you have more churches your units will gain exp as well and you can upgrade them so they'll gain exp this one has 81 units right 81 exp you experience points right here we can either upgrade the rank to level 2 that requires 250 exp so we don't have enough we could upgrade the skill point here so make him just a little bit stronger and that will cost 20 as you upgrade it keeps increasing you can also give them specialty skills so these are very very important you're probably going to get to these right away so save up to 200 XP and get them their specialty skills so this one returns 8 soldiers to the unit this one protects all projects from all charged and melee attacks for 20 seconds so pretty impressive pretty much almost a mini invincibility for 20 seconds right there these are one-time use in battles you can also equip and buy with gold upgradable things better Spears better armor specialty purchases crafting that stuff costs a lot of silver as you can see there this is why towards the middle of the game you're going to need a ton of blacksmiths and ton of silver you're going to be running out of silver during the middle of the game they begin the game you're gonna have a surplus of the stuff you're going to be like at every single fight generates you silver you also need specialty crafting materials right here and that's very very important so if you're not a paying player you're going to have to go ahead and make these sheep farms and then shear the sheep when you should the Sheep you get the specialty crafting materials that are required to craft those armors weapons gear that you would normally have to purchase with real life money with the gems gems there's a cool thing in this game it is on Steam and if you have people on your friends list buy gems there's a chance that they actually will give you a nice little bonus gift so fill up your friends list with people that play this game because you might actually get a nice kind of like referral bonus for the attacks you're going to get x 3 exp after you've logged off for a couple days as you can see the attacks here they always give rewards you always want to in the battle so you can get the rewards obviously to fight easier fights and you can just farm you can also change the mission over here so if you don't like those rewards you can change it unfortunately it went to a brutal status so we definitely cannot fight that one we don't want to do it you can see ranking of the unit's right here you don't really want to fight three-star units that means their level 3 and they're extremely powerful so this right here level 1 units easy you're going to get 70 silver smallmouth but you can clear that out with little to no difficulty and so if you want a specific type of food or material just change the mission and potentially you'll get it you're always going to get silver you're also going to be able to purchase a market the market really serves little value and a beginning the game because you get exchange currencies but you exchange it at like a four to one ratio as you get a lot more markets the ratio gets a little bit better so you can see now we're at about a three to one ratio and you're probably going to be trading a logs in lumber for other materials and you see you click on this you go up you get a lot of logs in lumber and they always regenerate back as long as there's one tree left those are all the tips and tricks that I've learned so far for attacking tricks you have a couple different things the duel is the PvP which really wasn't enabled or many players doing it during the beta so I can't really tell you about that the battle quests or harder missions but they give out some better rewards and you want to set up your units this is critical you want to click on each of the units and click on upgrade and then read this little tidbit right here the information and find out what they're strong against they don't really give you a great guide on who's strong against two but this right here the sword when it says it's greatly effective against spearmen and lightly armored foes so if you're planning to attack a group that has a lot of spearmen you're going to want to put these guys up in front first row so they can charge and pretty much decimate that group with no issues at all calvary again you go over to upgrade take a look at what it says it says be wary of spearmen so you don't want to have them up front if you're fighting spearmen they're good against footmen so archers that's how you kind of figure out who is good against you so go ahead and do a random fight here to demonstrate you can swap units swap positions in battle and it's kind of important there's also battle skills here that these cost gems are gold so real life money currency if you're stuck on a mission again you will be able to gain a small amount of currency in-game and so if you click on unit and you want to swap it you click this foot icon and now you have to swap it with you and it's going to swap it with these guys and you'll see there's a cool-down on that and now we have unit in front the opponents will also swap and counter up your techniques you have your skills over here make sure that you utilize them we have mortars and ranged abilities this is also the charge this is extremely important get used to timing this stuff because if you can get perfect you can do a massive amount of damage and pretty much kill a unit just with a charge these cooldowns that come down fairly quickly as you can see our mortars and ballistics are already ready to go you have to actually click and they are sensitive to where you click you'll see that there's a flag symbol right there that means we got attacked by special we have a special on that unit right there so the opponents will use specials on you as well this guy threw a bunch of B's at us caused havoc again work on the charging that is probably the most important part of the battles and then also try and learn those strengths and weaknesses of the units so if you have any questions please post comments down below if you have any other feedback and want to help out again post comments post your tips tricks and cheats thanks for watching please like share subscribe and follow me with the other games unfortunately I have too many games to play and this one just didn't keep my interest enough to you know keep going with it but overall it is a fun game and I do recommend you give it a try if you like a style of game