Top 5 Video Game Cheat Codes

Top 5 Video Game Cheat Codes

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What are your favorite or most memorable video game Cheat codes?

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Top 5 Video Game Cheat Codes

in the past you had to hear from somebody that heard from somebody who read in the magazine about a secret way to get infinite lives or to unlock a hidden character now all you have to do is watch a youtube video to get all your cheats at the click of a button no matter how you get your information you still get that sense of wonder when you see the invincibility code working today we take a look at the top 5 best videogame cheats of all time Super Mario Brothers for the original NES it's considered a rites of passage for anyone who played video games back in the day people are still applauding it as the cornerstone of the video game industry with that being said everything in the game was pretty straightforward you just run to the right eat mushrooms and kill some turtles well some may remember that if you kill a turtle and bounce his shell off of an unbreakable surface you can jump on him again and again racking up some serious points if you time it just right you can keep jumping on that turtle shell until you hear that infamous 1up sound some gamers thought that this was a glitch of some sort but the makers of the game confirmed that this was indeed a feature they hope people would discover I remember doing this by accident one day and my eyes lit up like Christmas morning this feature has made its way throughout the super mario universe with each incarnation of the game the infinite 1up sheet remains constant the Grand Theft Auto series became the go-to franchise for inputting cheat codes whether it be infinite mo or getting rid of those pesky cop stars in putting those cheats were fun and awesome but when your friend told you that there was a way to not only spawn a tank but to also make it fly you almost your pants and excitement all you had to do was enter the tank cheat to spawn a tank right next to you then enter the dodo flying car cheat by a nice long smooth stretch of road like a bridge or an airstrip then point the cannon behind you as you accelerate forward shoot the cannon continuously this will give you forward momentum and you will begin to lift off the ground flying through the air with the Rhino made you feel invincible I think seriously what's cooler than a tank grabbing some major air while busting some shots nothing pulling this trick off in front of your friends made you an instant legend but be sure to keep that tank level though otherwise you'll spin out of control one of the greatest fighting games ever made super street fighter 2 turbo released in 1994 there were whispers going around the schoolyard that there was a secret character that could be unlocked if you defeated all eight preliminary opponents as well as Balrog Vega and Sagat without using any continues and achieve a high score Akuma will reveal himself his portrait is completely black and his life gauge doesn't have his name under it at the time it was a total mystery if you wanted to play as Akuma you had to highlight different characters for three seconds each and then hit all three punches and start at the same time you are now the self-proclaimed master of the fist most people don't know that Akuma was created as a tongue-in-cheek response to an April Fool's joke published in electronic gaming magazine in 1992 the magazine jokingly said that you can unlock a hidden character Changlong through a series of almost impossible feats Shane long was based on Ryu's mistranslated quote after defeating a character capcom decided to run with the and created the secret character Akuma defeating your friends with the black belt a devil never felt so good if you remember playing NBA Jam then kudos to you you were a part of a culture of gamers that remember he's on fire and boom Shakalaka those basketball games were totally over the top and that's what made them fun and everybody and they mama knew about the various codes you could enter in order to get some hilarious cheats although infinite fire mode and dunk from anywhere cheats gave us some side-splitting giggles being able to unlock real-world secret characters was the best this was the game where you could play as Will Smith himself The Fresh Prince and his DJ Jazzy Jeff you can even play as Bill and Hillary Clinton now don't forget about the Chicago Bulls and Charlotte Hornets mascots many updated versions of the game have popped up over the years with even more unlockable celebrities on the last gen version of the game the roster included the Beastie Boys J Cole George Bush Sarah Palin and even President Obama this fast paced two-on-two bball game is entertaining to watch and listen to and with your favorite celebrities dunking flaming basketballs it makes it even better the cheat that will always be associated with being a gamer is definitely the Konami code the famous Konami code first appeared in the 1986 NES side-scrolling shooter Gradius while making the game the developers found that it was too difficult to play through during testing a programmer created a cheat code to give the player a full set of power-ups that you would normally get gradually in the game Konami forgot to remove the code before releasing the game and players found out about it and Exploited the cheat two years later Konami released contra a 1 or 2 player platforming shooter when you enter the Konami code at the title screen you start the game with 30 lives the code became so popular amongst gamers and developers alike that it has been included in a slew of titles including Castlevania dance dance revelution league of legends Bioshock assassin's creed and hundreds of other games the Konami code can also be performed at a number of websites that will unlock special Easter eggs for example the popular music site sound click comm will show you a piece of bacon getting eaten if you enter the code even BuzzFeed is getting in on the fun enter the code at their site and most of the pictures and words will be turned into sloths the Konami code is the go-to cheat for hundreds of games whenever you got a new game the Konami code will be the first cheat that you try and that's why it's deserving of the number one spot on this list thanks for watching we hope you enjoyed this video if you did please leave a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe to this channel for more top 5 you