Top 5 Emulators To Watch Out For In 2018 (Console Edition)

Top 5 Emulators To Watch Out For In 2018 (Console Edition)

In the episode I look at the top 5 Emulators that will blow your mind in 2018.
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Top 5 Emulators To Watch Out For In 2018 (Console Edition)

what is up everybody and welcome to this episode where we're going to be looking at the top 5 emulators to watch out for in 2018 console edition number five see xbx reloaded original Xbox emulator original Xbox emulation has surprisingly been very poor for earlier this year see xpx reloaded appeared showing promise and playing some games partially although still unable to run commercial games in the playable state see xpx reloaded has made steady progress over the last year the next 12 months are vital for this emulator but it's the best shot that we have to finally getting an original Xbox emulator playing all those fantastic games number four Citra 3d simulator this fantastic 3d s emulator has been around for a few years now Citra developed by the Citra team uses c++ programming language and renders its graphics using OpenGL API but since September 2016 when it added a JIT compiler the emulator has progressed at an astonishing rate at the time of this video November 2017 Citra is able to run many commercial games in a playable state including the recently released pokemon ultra Sun and Moon Citra has many features including increasing the internal resolution to up to 4k updated on a regular basis and with many different variations including the canary build Citra is one to look out for in 2018 number three zhenia xbox 360 emulator created by ban Vanek into early 2014 zhenya has progressed at a fantastic rate with over a hundred titles now playable many at full speed zhenia has shown what is possible with a well supported emulator using the Vulcan API to render its graphics and being open sourced this has allowed speedy development for zhenya while almost all of the playable titles are xbox live games the next 12 months are an exciting time for zhenya as it will make many more titles playable and bring a host of new features definitely want to watch out for in 2018 number two Seenu wiII you emulator the relatively new emulator that is seenu is one of the most supported emulators around today first released in October 2015 its progress has been stunning consider it Salem in two years with a massive patreon support allowing it to release a new build on a monthly basis each release bringing the steady stream of new features most popular.we you titles are playable often with enhanced graphics that exceed the original like zelda breath of the wild the next 12 months look promising with a push on making more games playable at full speed and enhancing features like network play the future's bright the future seen you number one or pcs 3 playstation 3 emulator this PlayStation 3 emulator has made amazing progress playing a number of commercial titles at nearfall speed it was first created by programmers D H and hi come in 2011 utilizing DirectX OpenGL and Vulcan api's its versatility as helpless emulators compatibility as of the date of this video our pcs three can play over five hundred and fifty titles and boot up another 944 that's an amazing compatibility rate when you think about that the ps3 library is just over 2000 games with the solid patreon support and a loyal development team or PCs three updates on a regular basis the latest releases bringing features such as internal resolutions of up to 4k while initial progress of the emulator was slow the last 12 months have been extraordinary and in the next year while the thought of playing The Last of Us and Red Dead Redemption in 4k just makes me tingle all over that is why this is my number 1 emulator to watch out for in 2018 so that's my top 5 emulators to watch out for in 2018 console Edition do you groove my list let me know in the comments below