Top 5 Emulators To Watch Out For In 2018 (Arcade Edition)

Top 5 Emulators To Watch Out For In 2018 (Arcade Edition)

In the episode I look at the top 5 Emulators for Arcade Systems that will blow your mind in 2018.
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Top 5 Emulators To Watch Out For In 2018 (Arcade Edition)

top five emulators to watch out for in 2018 Arcade Edition number five techno parrots this controversial emulator has made huge developments this year bringing Seeger ring wide and edge games to the masses with a solid selection of games including initial viste six Seeger alley 3 and Virtua Tennis for this emulator despite his small database does what it does very well although generally disliked by the Harcourt emulation scene for being locked behind a paywall and some believing the work by techno gods is profiting from other people's work their words not mine there is no doubting that this emulator is going to keep growing with talk of supporting other systems including tato tiebacks it's going to be an interesting time to see how techno parrot progresses in the next year Siegen Lindbergh the Lindberg is an arcade platform developed by Seager as a successor to the Niomi two systems first released in the early noughties the lindbergh has a number of exclusives we all want to play including Rambo houseless dead series an initial D game at the time this video the emulator doesn't actually exist at the moment or at least publicly but roms were dumped earlier this year and are currently being worked on by members of the community and I fully expect we'll see the first incarnation of what will be a fantastic emulator by probably mid 2018 one to watch out for number three supermodel svm this seagull model three emulator has been stagnant until earlier this year by far the best model three arcade system emulator out there it has seen many developments over the past few months bringing new features and bug fixes on a near weekly basis while many games are playable most aren't perfect even with these regular updates however with a solid community talk of online play and even a port to Android it's exciting times for this excellent emulator definitely want to watch out for in 2018 number two name it's mean what else can you say it's a safe bet to say that Maine will continue to grow for anymore platforms and making more games playable in 2018 do I need to say any more I don't think so number one game loader RH game loader has been around for quite a while it may not be everybody's cup of tea due to its complex setup but it can emulate some of the newest and best arcade systems around it simply does what others don't these include the tato type X series the XM eboard Seger ring edge cornering wide systems it brings many features to the table including graphical enhancements screen resolution changes and controller support it is updated regularly and brings new features and playable games to the platform on a near weekly basis I have a strong tingly sensation that 2018 is going to be a cracking year the game loader or Age so that's my top five arcade emulators to watch out for in 2018 G agree let me know in the comments below thanks for watching til next time I'll see you soon