Top 5 Emulators to use in 2017!

Top 5 Emulators to use in 2017!

You asked an asked and here it is. The Best Emulators of 2017 Awards and what has been making me tick in Emulation for the past 12 months. This isnt just a quick “Watch Mojo” style top 10, this is in depth analysis of which are massive right now and more importantly WHY!


I have had to split this into 2 parts due to the amount of detail I am going into. But it means that you will end up with over an hour of in depth News and Information about which emus you should be rocking this year and maybe give you some new ideas on how to use them at their best!

REMEMBER – THIS IS MY TOP 10! So the systems I play more, Emulators I use more and games I like will likely effect my choices 😀


If you would like a new video covering anything you have in mind or have any issues let me know in the comments bellow 😀


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This video in regards to Emulation is made to encourage you to play your BACKUPS. In other words, THE GAMES WHICH YOU ALREADY OWN!. Please do not emulate any games which you do not already have on any systems which you do not own. Unless of course they are abandon/free-ware due to license or age.

Emulation for me is not about playing games I do not own. It is about playing games on another platform. In fact on my PC at 4k internal resolution 60fps with one controller… not having 200+ consoles set up with 600+ controllers tangled up!

ESPECIALLY, do not sell anything to do with this scene or be stupid enough to buy anything from this scene. Support Developers (especially SEGA) and pay for what you play!


Many thanks to all the Emulators used in this video. Also many thanks to the various people whos footage I used to show what they can do in some special cases:


SNES Drunk

ArtofZen Digital

OC ReMix – Final Fantasy XI Online ‘Paradis’ [Heavens Tower] by mv (Xavier Dang)
OC ReMix – Sonic Cd Temporal Duality -Starway Stardust Speedway US djpretzel
OC ReMix – Obscuresounds – Arkanoid [nostalgique remake] (C64 Remix)
Robocop 3 Dutch Remix

All the devs of all the emulators EVER. You do a great job!

Please, if I missed anyone who would like to be part of the credits, please let me know and I will add. I do not take credit for much of the gameplay used in this video and would not like to miss anyones credit due to the 3rd party usage here on YT!

Top 5 Emulators to use in 2017!

good day guys Oster de hell in this one today it's part two of my top 10 emulators of 2017 now if you've missed out on the previous part links to the description down below that will take you there trust me guys you need to get the full top 10 because this one is epic thora full of goodies and everything that you would ever need to know about emulation in the e 2017 that's right it's at the end of the day so I'm not gonna waffle all let's get stuck straight into it so without further ado let's get stuck in so first up that we've got number 5 and what a controversial little me2 this is I'm sure that my comment section is going to be set alight with people's opinions views sides of fences elephants in rooms all kinds of stuff but what I'm going to talk about on this one for number 5 is sem you this one is the Nintendo Wii U emulator I'm sure that not only have you got you viewpoint on the emulator itself but also where I've placed it within this top 10 and I'll try and address some of those issues in just a second but first off let's concentrate on the emulator itself this was released in the 13th of October 2015 as far as I'm aware I covered this a couple of days later and I made a video of how far it had gone basically at that stage we were booted into I think it was Zelda Wind Waker HD when we get up to the title screen it was crashing it was written like two frames per second since then in the last couple of years not only are we playing games from that console but we are far surpassing that in terms of visuals than how it was played on the original console itself we are playing games at 4k we are playing games on whatever controller you think you can throw at it I can play this on my 42 inch touchscreen TV as if it was a Wii U controller itself it is unbelievable to the kind of level of detail progression development and to where this has got to to today's standard now the reason why I have made this number five and not push this any further isn't just for the fact that well let's look at the caliber in just a second of the emulators that's in front of this but because of its compatibility now yes it can play many games i'm talking about mario kart 8 splatoon Super Mario 3d World Smash Brothers Mario maker Bayonetta 1 and 2 pick'em in 3 and of course the biggest one of them all Zelda breath of the world are all playable on this emulator alter different kinds of standards and there is many more out there that I just cannot ream off on this list which again not just playable but playable to a higher standard than that of the original console but the size and the scope of this console and what was released on there there's just too many games that aren't compatible there's still a long way to go but let's not take that away from the developers themself and how far they have come it's unprecedented to me the kind of development which has come from 2 years and where it's got to I've never seen this kind of progress before especially not on a professional kind of scale of what we're looking at here normal guys working on normal development and they've managed to get a emulator from a current gen console at the time of its release playing for the kind of standard that I'm seeing today now this is where the controversy started to creep in and we've got a few elephants in the room first off it's closed source which means that only X appellees team can work on this emanate err on the example his team knows where this emulator came from which direction it's going to take and where it's going to end up in the future they are the makers they are the creators and that means that they get to decide its fate at the end of who are we to decide what people do with their creations they made it if you look after you but it make something yourself there is an open-source emulator which means that anybody can work on this however they want they can choose their own forms they can choose their own development they can choose how it progresses I'll put links in the description down below that emulator is called decaf and it is getting up to a very playable state where you probably could get along and play some games to the full potential but let's not draw away this from the actual SEM you and the word that they've done but this then brings on another caveat and another elephant in the room the reason why it's probably developed so well and so professionally and is heading in some good direction maybe down to the fact that it is patreon supported in other words people can donate towards this emulator now let's get rid of a lot of the myths and some of the arguments that people put forward this is not a paid emulator you do not have to pay anything to get anything out of this emulator if there is a fine line and I hope and I pray that it isn't cross but I cannot see that happening however the incentive and at this moment in time that this is now raking in for them thirty three thousand dollars per month for the team that's a good incentive to have at the end of the day a very good instance to have which means that I can see this going on for some time which brings me on to another and probably the biggest elephant in the room at this moment in time current gen game emulation I'm talking about zelda breath of the wild and probably mario kart 8 deluxe as it's called and switch now now of course these are released on the switch however they are also released on the Wii U now of course this emulator be in this kind of progression the state that it's in right now lay these games and civilians that can play them pretty damn well however as with emulation and any kind of standpoint as a quick refresh I love emulation I love original consoles I love my we you in fact out of my we you my playstation for my xbox one it's the last one still standing not gathering dust underneath my living room TV I've still got all my retro consoles that I love and Belov upstairs in my retro room but in downstairs I'm still giving it love and so is my family that's a testament to the in Tendo and the way they are I fully support I fully endorse I am a firm believer that you pay for what you play but I'm also a firm believer that you get your best experiences however you want to play them but for now thank you SEM you team and congratulations in your first new year in my top 10 on to them before then and for this one I'm choosing P P SS PP and for those of you haven't guessed it yet this is the PSP emulator a handheld release back in the day which is absolutely beautiful as a console itself however being emulated on to the ppsspp which apparently stands for the PlayStation Portable suitable for playing portably we'll just call this the PSP emulator from now on to save my tongue but this was released back in 2012 it's got some huge pedigree this was released by Henrik bride Gard excuse my pronunciation mate excuse my terrible pronunciation he was one of the cofounders of Dolphin so it proved to you the kind of development wouldn't a degree this comes from it is absolutely beautiful and it shows it in every way that it emulates not just in the actual emulation of the game but the GUI that is brought to you everything about it just smells of class it's so polished it's so refined there is so many options there is every film that today we take for granted however the kind of development that's got into there to get it up to this kind of level is only testament to everybody that's worked on it it's now open source which means that anybody can develop on it the reason why I've put it up to number four and it's PIP to the post many of the other great emulators that we've already covered so far isn't because it's just plays the games that I want to play that of course does give it a lot of bias but also the amount of love which has been shown over the years the amount of added extras that is thrown into this emulator that you don't really get on many of the others of course at the end of the day we just want to focus on the game that it can run and the added features that it brings but this one it just seems the class above the others everything just seems so simple it's just a tick of a box and it's done now this emulator can run on virtually anything again due to the people who have made it that way it runs an Android iOS Mac Linux Blackberry god knows what else it can go on and of course Windows the great thing about this one is also it doesn't really take much specifications to run if you just want to run things native laid then it can run up virtually anything of course when you start adding the extra effects the texture filtering post-processing all the added features that this does bring to the pie then yeah you are gonna kind of impact your systems but having those options available and have been able to run it and all those kind of different systems kind of speaks for itself it gives you options and that's what emulation is all about giving you options to play however you want on whatever you want that's what it's all about at the end of the day and having a what's supposed to be a handheld console which originally ran at 240p blown up a 4k resolution onto a 4k screen as sixty inches in my living room and still look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous almost of a standard word it almost looks like it's current gen that's emulation my friends that is emulation and that is why this one gets too before so thank you very much PPS pppp whatever it is guys if there's an awesome job as always and this one just keeps on getting better and better thank you so this doubt brings us on to number three and this is probably the hardest decision I have made in this entire list to put this at number three for me personally in terms of the emulator itself it should be number one all day of the week should be number one if it was just on the emulator itself but for this one I've got to do it on my personal preferences in terms of how often I use it what games are like to play and what I can draw from the emulator and especially the development that's gone on over the past year now MAME that's number three it should be number one and please do not judge it in terms of the emulator be number three and in fact been in the top ten of all these emulators shows the kind of pedigree that this has got to get into number three by god it's a Gooden and MAME has got heritage it is probably one of the original emulators that you could ever think about it's very much a purist emulation it's well it's different and we'll talk about that in just a second but this one it was released on the 5th of February 1997 by an Italian named nikolas Almora again my apologies for my pronunciation however it was developed by him and then it was passed down to various different people literally over those 20 years at the time we were recording this people have been working on it passing it down working on it there's been hundreds and hundreds of developers that have either headed up this or have worked on it it has been a tireless effort and that's due to the kind of ethos that revolves around the emulation of meme it's not about playing the games in fact they even quote back in the day I'm sure are all relevant this is now but the ability to actually play the games is more of a side effect rather than the emulation of the games that's unbelievable but that's the kind of mentality that name has gotten still push used to today it runs on what they call lle low-level emulation so in other words what it's doing is it's actually emulating the hardware of course every emulator kind of technically does this but it's a lot lesser done lot lesser its lesser done on more modern emulators there's no corners cut there is no workarounds there is no hacks there's no slashes they tried to get it so each bit of the actual hardware that was originally in the arcade machines every CPU every transistor everything that literally does anything on those old-fashioned boards is emulated individually to get the game to work exactly exactly how it was back in the day and if it doesn't work then they just keep on knocking on the door until it does and that's why it's still being developed so heavily 20 years later and by god is it being developed every month there is a new release every month there is new machines added to the list we are now into the tens of thousands of games machines roms and in just 2015 they added its sister emulator mess into the amalgamation that means that now mess which is a emulator for consoles and computers and everything that you can remember from the more home side of it all can now be played in mess also so now not only can you play every arcade cabinet from back in the day you can play every computer from back in the day and every console I mean weird wacky consoles and computers that even I have got no idea what is going up with there is such a catalog in this that he's now bringing the amount of games that can be played on this into the hundreds of thousands and that's all due to the dedication hard work in everything that I've just talked about it's unbelievable I haven't got a hat big enough to take off for these guys the emulation and what they've done for this scene is unprecedented and the fact that it can now not only just play on ms-dos but Windows Linux Mac virtually everything that the of Revelator's could play I could probably play this on my kettle if I had a screen of my kettle and now I'm thinking about it I want a screen up my kettle that's how well this has been worked on it is so it's so perfect it is so perfect but the work still continues is a tireless slug and one that they develop on every day all's I can say is thank you and give my ultimate gratitude for not just what you're doing but everything that you've done in the past so thank you very much man this brings us on to number two and for this one I'm choosing dolphin now for an emulator to beat me it has to be big it has to have a caliber and by God does dolphin do that last year this was number three and main pizza that was due to the amount of as we just talked about with name what MAME can do this year dolphin they've blown the doors off my expectations it went that big that I didn't even realize what could be done with this emulator or in fact the system in general it not only exceeded my expectations it gave me what I didn't know I wanted until they gave it to me that's hard for me to explain but that's how well it has been in these last 12 months let's back pillow and talk about the emulator itself back on the 22nd of September 2003 that's 13 years ago at the time it were recording this video it was released on to the public and it was kind of more a roof of concept it was developed by Henrik Rygaard as we talked about earlier on before and Lee's made f res or fires not sure you pronounce that again my apologies for my pronunciations help me out in the comments down below for that guys this was closed source as it is released that meant that only developers that were working on it in other words them two guys and probably in the background they were the ones who could get the job done and which gives me a lot of expectation with some of the closest emulators of today and hope of where they could go in the future this wasn't released into open-source until 2008 and until that kind of period it was more proof of concept like we said we were getting commercial games to run albeit from the very start but not very well and those games that did run kinda well you needed that absolute beast to get up to the progress of where you would actually enjoy the games nowadays since they went open-source the doors got blown off new developers came in new ideas were brought along and new enhancements were put into this you can now use your wiimotes you can now go into VR you can now virtually do anything not only does it do for Kay you can probably push this even further I think it's up to lights of the city like 8k or something I got no idea the emulator and the journey though it's been on has been terrific it can now be played on Windows Linux Mac OS and Android in fact only a couple of months ago there was a video uploaded by guru tech support who managed to get his Galaxy S a a mobile phone running dolphin at top speed albeit depending on what game you're playing and all that kind of good stuff but that just proves the kind of performance and compatibility that's been made in this emulator over this 12-month period even before when I made the last video you still needed kind of a more strong CPU to get this to work to be able to get this to work on a mobile phone to be able to get this working nowadays and what you would class as a more sensible computer that's a testament to the amount of hard work in terms of performance and compatibility that these developers are putting into this emulator today I'm not even scratching the surface of what some of the enhancements and some of the things that they have brought to the scene it's deserving of a video within itself which is something that I have promised and I will be doing over the next couple of weeks as I catch up with my videos we're talking about dolphin VR we're talking about getting Dolphin Triforce working and we're talking about getting the most out of this emulator and as always on my channel pushing it to the limit so I think I've blown this emulator trumpet enough but I truly believe that the risen enough trumpets in this will to blow anymore for this one so thank you very much for the belphin team everybody's been involved with it and everything that you've done for us so far thank you and this brings us to number one the most highly anticipated controversial and I'm sure this will get the blood racing with many of you I am choosing for number one this year live retro stroke retro watch why because I like to fight with you that's why because I know a lot of you that kickoff there's gonna be pitchforks everywhere torches blazing babies and dummies and Teddy's being thrown everywhere as people get into an angry rages to not just what I've mentioned so far but as the why this has got to number one technically I know it's not an emulator however what retro watch enables us to do is play whatever games I want to play from any of those systems our previously we just about mentioned but play them on whatever system I want to play them on this is the most versatile open-source multi-platform front-end that I have ever seen that allows me to play whatever system I could have a dream of in most cases on whatever I want to play I kind of just said the same thing twice this allows me to play on Windows OS X Linux Android blackberries raspberry pies ps3 xbox Xbox 360 GameCube we 3d SPSP vita to name but a few platforms of how i can an experience my games utilizing this front end stroke emulator stroke core launcher whatever it is you want to call this what those cores can play or what this emulator can't play is to name but a few MSX dos panasonic 3do atari lynx atari jaguar bandai wonderswan nintendo DS game boy game Boy Color Game Boy Advance Nintendo 64 Nath's nez pc FX ps1 32x Sega CD Sega Saturn arcade games galore and just this month they're at in the dolphin core which means that it can now play Wii and GameCube oh my god that is why that in its alone entirety is why it's got to number one then we can add the added extra features which means that we can add filters we can add extra overlays we can add a generic control system to play all games utilizing the same setup across all the boards there is no configuring to hell' a thousand different emulators to play a thousand different systems you can do it all generically within one set up yes I'm not saying that it's caviar does mean that the initial setup can take you probably an hour but once that is done and complete you are good to go with virtually any system that you would like to retro play from that day forth it is awesome now I know that there are as many of you naysayers that will say that you can also just utilize the standalone emulator and that's how you like to experience yours nothing wrong with that whatsoever however retroarch does also bring to the party the fact that it makes its own course so yes it can take many snippets from different variations of emulators and put them and build its own core as a standalone what it can also do is port an entire emulator over and play it from within there meaning that again it's got that generic set of generic control system all the resolutions and the setter that you've made for your kind of gameplay but then it can also add added features which we talked about say for example PlayStation one covered that the other week where we enhance PlayStation so much that it was almost unrecognizable not just from the benef end core or the emulator that it ported over but also to the PlayStation itself it made it so high fidelity brought so many enhancements that it almost brought it to modern day Gaming and that kind of stuff is what brings this to number one it's just got so many pluses so many ticks in the boxes it's so polished and so finalized and being developed so well that I cannot take it off its mantle it's still sat there on its throne at number one because of what it brings to the pie it's got so many options and that is just what emulation is all about to me for my personal preference I've got two sides of the coin when it comes to emulation I've got the fact that number one I want to experience and play these games especially the more modern ones to win heightened experience in other words I want to push the resolution I want to get the enhancements that are available today due to the advancements in hardware what's available – as we've called in manipulation of the original games and way it's brought to us and represented but also I like to experience my old games with the nostalgia side of it also I don't want to experience them before any added extras well that brings to me is added experience in terms of making it so I can play them anywhere I want to I no longer have to have 50 systems set up in every room around the house to be able to play the games when I want to play them I could take most of them on my mobile phone and play them wherever I want that is the kind of enhancements that I want to bring out not just visually but in terms have been able to use them then you incorporate the fact that it's also got net play and you can experience many of these games across the network with most of your friends that is what emulation is about it's not a competition of original hardware V's me emulating nine times out of ten I'll choose you my original hardware any day but what I can't do is take my original hardware anywhere I want to play it what I can't do is emulate it anywhere I want to emulate it just as I cannot play my 12-inch records anywhere but what I can't do is copy those 12-inch records play them on my iPod and played them in and the experience wherever I want to my pleasure because that's my right and that is emulation that is my number one that is my rad and that is the end of this year's top ten emulators of 2017 Jesus so we're on a tangent there at the end today anyway guys it's absolutely a pleasure to bring this kind of stuff to you but please tell me your top ten where I've got wrong I'm sure there are so many controversial emulators that I've mentioned in this also controversial places where I've placed these emulators that I'm sure you've got your own opinion tell me your top 10 tell me what you and the reasons why I'd love to hear this kind of stuff because it's my passion at the end of the day that is what I am all about and that's what I bring to you so look at the description down below there's links to all kinds of tutorials links to all kinds of places which may aid you but most of all make sure you subscribe to the channel because I'll keep you updated with all the progression of all this kind of stuff plus I'll show you how to squeeze every last ounce of gamy goodness of every emulator and gaming in general because that's what it's all about pushing it to the limit over here so anyway guys is for the pleasure as always please like please subscribe please do all the things that people do in this world of YouTube where we push it to the limit but most of all most of all you have a good day laters