Top 10 Fortnite Season 9 Secrets YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Top 10 Fortnite Season 9 Secrets YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Top 10 Fortnite Season 9 Secrets YOU NEED TO KNOW!
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Here is a list of the Top 10 Fortnite Season 9 Secrets YOU DIDN’T KNOW!, for more new fortnite season 9 videos,secrets,glitches,easter eggs,update videos & more subscribe.

Top 10 Fortnite Season 9 Secrets YOU NEED TO KNOW!

season nine is finally here and as we welcome you to the future we here at top by gaming have been hard at work uncovering all the little hidden fortnight's secrets and things that if you don't look closely enough while you're playing you might just miss or tonight has progressively become better and better at putting these little secrets in the game but you can't stop us from finding them and Gundam chicken Mecca dude guy man is on the case destroy destroy with season nine things are heating up like like literally the volcano erupted it doesn't get any hotter than this but or skirt if you're using that other time to uncover what secrets are in fortnight season nine also I just want to add that we will be coming out with videos covering all the latest and greatest things as part of season 9 all week so make sure you're subscribed push notifications on and if you guys purchased the battle past or any of the new skins be sure to use cote 5g or else one of the wind tunnels will drop you randomly you know I wouldn't risk that and now it's time for us real gamers to get into the number 10 spot number 10 John wicks house with the secret triple chest spawn w head on over to the east side of the map head a little down from the middle you used to be able to find this old little wooden house with a farm over it didn't really contain much except for a couple chests and didn't have much importance other than being known as calamities house to a loading screen showing her at the location although it's season nine revamping pretty much the entire map the little location didn't go unnoticed so now a giant modern style mini studio mansion like building that has a lot more loot what many people may not realize about this location is it's actually remade after John Wick's house from the film to top it all off you can head on down to the basement and reenact scene from the film in which he breaks open a part of the concrete floor to reveal his stashed weapons chair enough you do this too and you can find yourself with up to three chests waiting it's a brilliant add-on to the previous John wick inspiration we got all those seasons ago with the Reaper skin and its cosmetics I wouldn't be surprised to see this spot get a lot of attention for those heading into paradise pumps but in at number nine we've got the new weapon coming soon for tonight love to tease us with hidden little gems Easter eggs and possible spoilers throughout the entirety of the game every season we get a brand-new main loading screen and nine times out of ten you can be sure that they'll be hiding something that isn't released yet amongst the scenery with season 8 – loading screen we saw the Flint hook pistol the boom bow the treasure chest and even the ballers before they were actually introduced to the game so what does season 9s loading screen show us for starters it's a really clean looking loading screen with that modern and futuristic vibe to it and a whole bunch of vibrant outfits but one key thing that stands out is the weapon in the middle looks a bit like a thermal scope but not quite this is supposedly the new tactical assault rifle we have yet to see and you can have no doubt that we'll be seeing it soon enough number eight is season 9s victory umbrella if you've been playing for tonight for a couple seasons or more than you also probably gotten used to getting a new victory royale umbrella for each season for last season you could find many people using the Palm Leaf umbrella with its little musical jingle to match the tropical environment that came with volcano and season 7 brought us the snowfall victory umbrella to match the snow biome so in a season that introduces the futuristic revamp to the map with neon light to giant Holograms what do you think that we'll get this time around you probably guessed it already but it's a perfect representation combining both of them and bringing us the holographic victory umbrella all you gotta do is get your first win which of you guys would like to see videos on strategy and pro tips that kind of thing let us know in the comments because we want to see that you guys want to see that a lot of you guys don't realize how much we actually listen to our community and the suggestions that you give the feedback is super super crucial to us so I just want to stop we're only on number 8 we don't even get to number 1 but I just want to say a heartfelt thank you from us to you here at top 5 gaming number 7 slip streams so this is the new big transportation system for season 9 and I gotta say it's looking good and even though if you of you may be getting used to it already there's still a lot of things that you might want to be cautious of for starters once you get into the slipstream the only vehicle that can really change direction is the baller try with the other vehicles like a drift board and you'll just be left doing front flips going backwards you also can't build in the slipstream so be extra extra careful when you're bill battles aren't going something that could be really useful for you innovative players is that the slipstream will carry any abandoned vehicles explosives and even fire an RPG into the slipstream to create some crazy flight patterns I just can't wait to see a lobby where people have just filled up the slipstream vehicles flying around the map that dad will be a sight you'll have to let us know what you found this to be great for but one last little tip you come out of the top of a slipstream and face up get some decent height into take shortcuts on corners of the switch rims if you're trying to chase them number six is the vaulted pump shotgun and added combat Chuck we all knew that the vault would claim some more victims in the new season but damn did it take a lot away season h treasure map is gone along with the dart trap the suppressed a our thermal AR and scoped revolver have been vaulted as well as the cleaners and the balloon no honestly you can see a valid reason for any of them being vaulted as much as they could be fun but it was defaulting of all the pump shotguns that I think caught most people off god if you haven't been able to play yet you heard right they vaulted the pump it's gone no more double pump it's just over so what might you ask have they replaced it well that would be the new combat shotgun at the moment the community's very weary of this new shotgun it's almost like when wild animals have found something new in the wild and they're uncertain whether it's Friend or Foe yet you'll have to let us know what your thoughts on it I have been so far but in general this shotgun does a lot less damage but does have that larger clip size and the smallest reticle but all the shotguns so far it's a completely different shotgun for the style of play that we're used to so we'll just have to wait and see how we settle on this number five is the airlift ships around the map so we don't actually know the official names of these ship like things at the moment so airlift ships seem to work you have a better name then please let let us know basically these ships are smaller to your slipstream transport but on a vertical path that will launch you into the air is there seven of these airlift ships spread around the map in the exact same locations as the ruins were they each have a possible three chests that can spawn on them with some floor loot – mainly these airlift ships will be a favorite travel mechanic as it'll allow you to get away higher than you should be able to you push forward and face directly up as you go up the stream it'll send you flying way above the build of it allowing you to essentially travel anywhere these slipstream mechanics are going to be interesting to say the least and seeing how the first few weeks go with this mechanic it'll obviously be pretty insane I mean you're gonna have high kill gamers using them to hunt non-stop you also have me continuously running from everything I see and just hiding in slip streams but it does seem to be a mechanic that helps a wide range of play there's even a couple of air vents on top these ships that prevent fall damage if you feel like practicing your trick shots number four new windgap turbines over at the northwest side of the map it's finally got sort of a widespread update although it's not too much so adds another look to that corner of the map on most of the mountains you can find wind turbines they don't actually seem to move in any way but all of them have a baller and chest bone on top with zip lines taking you to other locations the zip lines over there have also got their own updated style that corner of the map hasn't had anything big happened to it at all really so at least this gives us something to visually be distracted by having those ballers on each one with the chest is also going to be super fun for a quick landing and causing chaos at the nearest hot zone number three is the Rocket fountain so as we've seen with most events till the towers always fell victim as the predicted place of destruction even though it didn't get a fair share of use until volcano blew it to smithereens people assume that the comet would hit tilted and that the rocket would – something we never figured out was where that rocket when it was supposed to hit tilt the towers but was rifted into another dimension if you happen to be flying in on tilted towers you may notice that the fountain area in the middle is shaped exactly like a rock even the center part where the statue is looks like a sort of port now this is just me throwing something out there but what if that statue of the woman who's holding the helmet that we saw in the unball ting actually appears in the rocket when it's somehow re-emerges further down the story the way this fountain statue set up could just be a nod towards still two towers past but she could never let your guard down without the games they might be up to something we're on to you or we might be so I guess we're not really on it but we're on day number two dual wielding ripe rippers a bit like a mr. beast video fortnight comes along and gives us something we never knew we wanted until we saw completely random and out of the blue type of stuff that leaves you wondering why you didn't see it Seward in this case it's the Wright brothers dual wielding harvesting tool I think it's Christopher Walken take it I think back in season one or two I may have thought about completely different styles of harvesting tools but once you saw they had a pretty set pattern you kind of forgot about alternatives but now over eight seasons later they've been moves along we will take goddess I honestly can't wait to see what other styles come out of this and the dual wielding animation is really satisfying as well is you could chop left to right swing it back before it'll be interesting to see what pro players switch over this in keep with the original especially with the current tournaments I mean what are your thoughts so far though do wield classic pickaxe the world may never know number one reduce drug gun it was the community's unbolting of choice and yes fortnight are aware that many didn't get to vote but let's be real you all saw how many people were hammering away on that Trump gun there's no way a revote would have made a difference since its released many have been complained I am one of those people now I was intending to vote for the drum gun although I didn't get to vote however I honestly thought that they would have balanced out any item those on vault after all the drum gun was vaulted mainly due to the people complaining about how old were powered it is why involved something without fixing the problem apparently that's exactly what they did now I don't know what for and I were thinking but it seems like they're trying to fix their mistake the drum guns spawn rate was reduced to seven point one percent from its original sixteen point seven years over half now I'm not sure what the difference this will honestly make in late-game but in early to mid-game it may make a difference that is slightly noticeable although I definitely don't see this being the last update to balance the drum gun out well this has been the top ten for nine season on secrets that you need to know and now that you're educated you can go home do you do your homework like yours what are you doing playing for tonight you got an essay due tomorrow click the like button subscribe the channel new push notifications so use code t5g when you pick up that battle past there are some crazy skins in that battle we love you we hope you have a wonderful day keep it here right on top 5 gaming