Top 10 Emulators to use on PC!

You asked an asked and here it is. The Best Emulators of 2017 Awards and what has been making me tick in Emulation for the past 12 months. This isnt just a quick “Watch Mojo” style top 10, this is in depth analysis of which are massive right now and more importantly WHY!

I have had to split this into 2 parts due to the amount of detail I am going into. But it means that you will end up with over an hour of in depth News and Information about which emus you should be rocking this year and maybe give you some new ideas on how to use them at their best!

REMEMBER – THIS IS MY TOP 10! So the systems I play more, Emulators I use more and games I like will likely effect my choices 😀

TIMESTAMPS (Thanks to Tyler):
10. 0:00 Citra (Nintendo 3DS)
9. 06:32 Demul (Dreamcast)
8. 11:09 UAE (Amiga)
7. 16:07 MEDNAFEN ( Multiple Systems)
6. 19:30 PCSX2 (PS2)


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This video in regards to Emulation is made to encourage you to play your BACKUPS. In other words, THE GAMES WHICH YOU ALREADY OWN!. Please do not emulate any games which you do not already have on any systems which you do not own. Unless of course they are abandon/free-ware due to license or age.

Emulation for me is not about playing games I do not own. It is about playing games on another platform. In fact on my PC at 4k internal resolution 60fps with one controller… not having 200+ consoles set up with 600+ controllers tangled up!

ESPECIALLY, do not sell anything to do with this scene or be stupid enough to buy anything from this scene. Support Developers (especially SEGA) and pay for what you play!


Many thanks to all the Emulators used in this video. Also many thanks to the various people whos footage I used to show what they can do in some special cases:

DreamCasters Tube:


OC ReMix – Final Fantasy XI Online ‘Paradis’ [Heavens Tower] by mv (Xavier Dang)
OC ReMix – Sonic Cd Temporal Duality -Starway Stardust Speedway US djpretzel
OC ReMix – Obscuresounds – Arkanoid [nostalgique remake] (C64 Remix)
Robocop 3 Dutch Remix

Drunken Punk 800 (For being a great help!)

RocketLauncher Team
HyperSpin Team
LaunchBox Team
RetroFE Team
Plus all the devs of all the emulators EVER. You do a great job!

Please, if I missed anyone who would like to be part of the credits, please let me know and I will add. I do not take credit for much of the gameplay used in this video and would not like to miss anyones credit due to the 3rd party usage here on YT!

good day guys Austin E and in this one today we're going to be taking a close look at emulation now 2017 has probably been one of the biggest golden ages of emulations I have ever seen I mean things are hitting the block now but I've never seen before ever I mean obviously because we're now emulating current gen system systems which have never even even thought about emulating not only the emulating them but the far surpassing those systems which they emulate in the first place so in other words you get a more enhanced experience playing them on the emulator than what you give them in the original console now I'm not just talking about new gen stuff I'm talking about old gen stuff all the systems new systems but together so many emulators out there to choose from which ones do you use and why well I'm going to bring to you now my top 10 of what I use what I think are the best ones out there right now and how they are impacted and what exactly they can do so it'll form a waffle this one's gonna be a long one so without further ado let's get stuck in number 10 and this one's a new intro for this one last year it was only in the upcoming emulator scene and I was anticipating this to break through and boy oh boy did it we are now introducing Citra into this top 10 Citra is an awesome emulator lose and no 3d s it allow us to play those handheld classics on our pcs in fact it allows them to play on Macs Linux and windows now it is absolutely gobsmacked in the breakthroughs that the team have made over there it's completely open-source anybody can work on it and it's been around for a few years but in the last 12 months Jesus wept this emulator has exploded with growth things are now not just playable but they are now enhance they are a lot more I don't know better looking better experienced in on the actual handle itself don't get me wrong this is still very much working progress a lot of games that won't even boot but for the majority of the games I do boot this really huh it ramped it up to another level if it had more compatibility with a lot more of the games it would score a lot more higher but this is still very much work in progress the Citra team which of course is literally everyone around the world because it's open source have brought so many things into this during this short period of time of the 12 months which was brought it to the level that we see it today a lot of the Mario games are playing a lot of the classics pokemons you can enjoy these to a top-notch experience which has never been seen before you can play a lot of your Pokemon games which were previously unavailable on health held devices and now play them on Windows machines of course Mac and of course Linux it is outstanding how they've managed to transfer this through all different operating systems now of course this has been done I would say because of the big breakthroughs and the public attention it got from those Chinese builds whether it be for the better or the worse they're not no special thing that some guy magically developed one day because this is open source everybody develops on it everybody has it crunches everybody else new ideas everybody develops different things and it all gets amalgamated in to the official bills which we see today now during that period the official bills was taking a lot of time for it to come from people making the ideas in to actually bring them to fruition within the official bills sometimes up to about six months so it was always playing catch-up with what was available out there now what the Chinese build with and the unofficial ones and the ones that people were making and naming them all kinds of stuff was they would take him little snippets little groundbreaking ideas that people were working on and they were just throwing them into bills now this is amazing y'all get me wrong it's not a bad thing but you've got to take the consideration it may work amazing on one game it may work amazing on a handful of games but when when you're trying to emulate for a system which is into the thousands then you've got to think of the knock-on effect of bringing that into fruition onto it the official build and how its impact it could be I don't know two big steps forward but ten huge steps backwards in terms of the progression of the emulator in general so what they decided to do was they've now made it so you've got two bills that are available to everybody officially on the website you've got the nightly bills which is kind of like the official ones were back in the day were everything that's been in there has been tested it's been proven and it's probably 90% official in what they want and it's got the stamp of approval saying yeah we will stand by this build anything that happens in there tell us about it and we'll do our best to rectify it in the future what they've also got is the bleeding edge bills now these are what you would call I don't know the custom bills which people would bring it out basically it's taking the best of the bunch the brightest ideas what is available out there put them into a build and seeing how it flies now the great thing about this is making it kind of official is that you've got a lot more testers people can just grab these and are able to emulate all those games on this system and then they can give feedback but it gives them an idea of what's working what's not and it gives them you know a lot of feedback in general as to what's going on so it's a win-win situation for everybody you've got the official ones which is kind of the nightly builds and you've got the highly experimental ones which is the bleeding edge sometimes they're closer to each other in terms of performance and what you can get out of them but sometimes you will get a lot of more performance and features in some scenarios out of the bleeding edge and the introduction of the sound the speeds and another resolution being ramped up there's only a few things I'd like to be added to this one and this this had more compatibility with more games this would get a lot more higher in this list but as of yet it is only just broken into what I would say the working emulator where I would actually choose this to play games and enjoy them to the full potential but it is very much there so thank you to the citrus team for everything you've done you've made a gobsmacking number 10 so this style brings us on to the benign and this simulator I'm choosing not because it's the best emulator when in fact it was the best ever a bit number one but I'm choosing this because it's the best emulator for me playing one of my favorite systems of all time that is the Dreamcast the Sega Dreamcast and that is dem you'll now last year when I released the top 10 I chose no VC and it's still a very valid option it is less system intensive it doesn't have such an impact on your hardware so if you've got a lesser I don't know clock system or you've got an old system of some feather you probably get more joy still playing out on old BC but for those of you who I've got a even a half-decent one by today's standard then you should have no issues whatsoever playing this even at native they really did pick up the ball no BC hadn't been touched in some times the system kind of a stagnate in and you were just left with what we had the scraps of emulation but the note the dem you'll team they really did pick up the ball they've now made it the most highly compatible the most accurate it can play window-seat games something that many of the other eliminators cannot do this is the games that loaded up and they have a little logo at the beginning for some reason over emulators just don't play ball with this but not only that it also allowed us to play the arcade versions of the games so we are naomi board one and two atomiswave Vacarro super 8 however we are many of the arcade versions of the games or even the arcade games in general ones that weren't even ported over to the console and now playable using this emulator but not only that I've blown some trumpets now and I not only that it actually heightens the experience a hell of a lot more than what no BT can do the resolution changes can really impact the way these games have been brought to you especially the more 3d based ones you've also got post-processing effects so you can add extra filters and things like that on top then you've got the actual compatibility stuff that's going on the way that it compasses different API is there's so many different options that are available using dem you'll than what isn't available using no DC but the problem that the is caveat to Wallace is the compatibility although it is the most compatible out of all the emulators out there you still need all the different emulators to bring all the different games that's because it's like Nintendo 64 there is no one emulator to rule them all depending on what games you want to play depends on what emulator you want to be running now like I said the mule is the most compatible so nine times out of ten especially with the most popular games you should have no issues with that whatsoever but of course you will need one of the other emulators if you want to play the entire catalogue and there is quite a few some of them pretty bad some of them okay I mean no DC is the other valid option then you've got ray cast which is the new version of null DC but it's more of a port to Android and kind of broke more than actually fix so it's kind of two steps forward five steps backward and that one hasn't been picked up in a short while anyway so then you've got macro and Chang cast lx3 then you've got redream Washington DC the list goes on there is a hell of a lot of stuff but the most compatible the best one out there the one that I would choose to play my Dreamcast and of course as a bonus all the arcade variations of it dem use them you all day they've done an awesome job I just hope that they pick up that ball again the last official releases in late 2016 which is awesome any kind of release is awesome to me in the meantime there has been a few actually enhancements that has been brought up by the fan scene itself some games have had some in there are no enhancements especially in terms of hacking into them so now you can use dem you'll to use the wide screen hacks xem new looks absolutely beautiful when blown up to the widescreen I'm not just talking about stretching I'm talking about using native resolution to fill those black bars so it kind of renders the entire screen rather than just the square also the resolution i've talked about the extra philips on top of it it makes shem new one of my most beloved games look absolutely beautiful almost the current gen standard when using the kind of hacks and slashes that people have brought in to get the most out of its games and this emulator and gen so thank you very much the Demel team thank you for everything that you have done I hope that you do pick up the ball again but even if you don't hats off and thank you very much number eight and this one goes against everything that I want to say this emulator gets in there for how good the actual emulator is rather than the system itself well – whereas the system was awesome anyway I am choosing UAE now this is the unusable Amiga emulator now it is very much usable and we'll talk about that in just a second but this emulates obviously Amiga games and it doesn't just play them on our pcs it can literally play your Amiga catalog on anything and literally anything I'm talking about Linux Mac dos windows like we talked about risk Android X boxes PSP PSP Vita iOS we Dreamcast I can even play a MIG games on my watch with this emulator that is how advanced how many people have got stuck into this and how far they have taken the emulation for this and it is all thanks to the UAE emulator starting this all back off in 1995 that is decades ago that is how long this emulator has been in development and it really shows when it comes to actually playing the games of course that are much different I mean taking the version of it playing the game now and comparing it to even 10 years ago there is virtually no difference whatsoever you're going to get the exact same speed graphics you probably go a new few filters a few little tweaks that you can do here and there or in terms of gameplay experiences now on perfect what they do however is they really push it forward in terms of bringing this on to new platforms like we just talked about increasing the compatibility in terms of controls really nailing down what can be played how you can play it kind of enhancements that can be done to streamline you just enjoying the games in general that is what made this emulator so unique it is brought in so many things it's got such a fan base that people from all around the world in all walks of life and all kinds of loves for different systems and emulators still walk on this for today I mean that new games of relief daily I mean even though the game catalog is in its thousands and I mean thousands and thousands games would still being found that would never release from back in the day people were working on the mega games in the bedrooms and some of the games are pretty damn good and the games that were triple a budget are what you could class servers back it then they are still holding up to today's kind of gameplay it was mind-boggling I myself I'm painful saying this because back then I was a PC lover I had a pc 286 working on dos I had Windows 3.1 back then or something and I was playing games like Monkey Island and well you know the pointing clicks everybody remembers from at then and I looked it but with my maker an Amiga across the road and I went over there and I seen the catalogue that he had the games that were just playable straight off the disk no messing it was like oh my god this is my love why do I have a PC and I was so envious of him but looking back now being able to play these on absolutely anything it's beautiful absolutely beautiful and it's a testament to how the emulation scenes and how it works so well this is how emulation should be done for the love for the games and for the actual people who play them in general I love everything about it now this emulator is completely free it is ready downloaded on all the platforms like we've already covered however in order to get the full potential out of it and to be able to play every game what you're going to need to do is actually donate now this is one of the few occasions which of course you can go online you can get sneaky downloads from all kinds of places but this is one of the few occasions where I would encourage you guys to actually donate and purchase them officially now this team who enables us to do it all it's called amiga forever I'll put links in description down below where you can purchase these Kickstarter wrongs and purchasing these are once and you get them forever it's amiga forever this doesn't just salt them out and let them and I'll put the feet up and do nothing these guys are constantly developing the reasons why we're able to get this on so many different platforms with so many different operating systems emulating on so many different sets of hardware is because the amount of work that these guys do so about few books have contributing towards them this enables us to get to where we are today and why it's in my top ten of course in the neck spectrum and a PC fanboy of course I painted me to say that amiga emulator kind of wins me out on the computer emulation side of things but there you go that's number eight so this brings us on to number seven and this one is another newcomer this one's been around for some time though in fact this one is probably one of the oldest now but no it's not people see some of the oldest in just a short while but this one has been around since probably emulators came about now this one was called Nilsson in tensors and flows out from what I remember top of my head there but now it is called mid nasan which I'll look be the strange name is what they decided apparently funds for my emulator doesn't need a freaking excellent name which to be honest is kind of cool this emulator is an awesome choice for many of the systems which it does emulate and by God does it emanate many systems we're talking about links Neo Geo pocket wouldn't a swarm Game Boy Game Boy Advance Nez snez Virtual Boy PT engine turbo graphics 16 super graphics Game Gear genesis/mega Drive Master System Saturn Sony Playstation so on and so forth this is a hub of game II goodness and it plays a hell of a lot of games that it plays a hell a lot of them very well the main emphasis of this emulator has always been high quality high compatibility and high accuracy when playing the games it's maybe not have many of the bells and whistles what some of the other emulators have for what it does do it does it damn well if you want to play one of the games from one of those systems like those it will do it damn well especially to the kind of standards what was back in the day very few other systems have many glitches and it's just not all good em later but yeah med nothin I have chosen this because not because it plays all these systems and especially not because it played all these systems at this amount of time I chose it because it's currently playing Saturn like Saturn's never been played before Saturn is again as we talked about with all the previous emulators it's a problem system there isn't one emulator to rule them all you're not going to get every game run into its full potential with all the bells and whistles it's just the way it is it's the way emulation has always been now beforehand then times gone past we have always use either yet bouce or your mouse my Triton of that one or we've used SFF Sega Saturn emulator basically and yes it was good yes we played many of our games that we loved and is been the choice of mine for many years in fact I think I chose that one on my last top tenth but now as of this last 12 months med nasan pulling off the doors bringing as a core for the Sega Saturn and this one is the most compatible it's got the most options and for me is the one that I would choose to emulate the Sega Saturn me a big fanboy of Sega especially but especially the Sega Saturn the forgotten system that doesn't seem to I'd be much appreciation especially for some of the big games and the big titles that were released on there it seems to have been forgotten so having this emulator bring that kind of compatibility and bring these games back to life which hasn't been done before with more recent emulators well that's good things and that's why this has been brought in to where it is it's an awesome emulator in general for blowing the doors up the Sega Saturn emulation that's why it gets into this year's top 10 so thank you very much but nothing and everybody involved in it even an awesome job as always number six and this one has got no change to be honest and there's no need to change because it's still a gem of an emulator now the only reason why this doesn't get any further is because of the stiff competition it's going front of it trust me guys you'll realize why but this one is PlayStation 2 emulation at its best in fact it's pretty much masterpiece stuff in emulation altogether this is pcsx2 now what this emanates is obviously they talked about the PlayStation 2 there is other emanates out there so just play but they're still very much in their infancy hopefully they'll catch up with this but there's still a long way to go for that one and well hats off to it I hope it does competition is always good but for now we've got pcsx2 and it's been out for a while this was released back in 2002 which means at the time of me making this video is been out for over 15 years that's that's flew by it is good now the developers that were working on PlayStation 1 emulation they decided to have a double of the PlayStation to see how far they could get and in 2002 the managed to get the PlayStation 2 to boot and which kind of opened the can of worms it was then released back in 2006 was kind of like the official release albeit on the very slow emulation and I mean very slow games were very glitchy not much was working and what was working was working pretty damn badly but when you consider the hardware that was in the original PlayStation 2 it was groundbreaking it really was it was a multi-core console that kind of stuff hadn't been even brought out in pcs back then properly in least into the mainstream so having that kind of stuff going on then trying to emulate it at that early stage you ain't gonna get much joy but obviously they plugged away at it things progressed and well it's coming to fruition as it is today now it is a beast of an emulator I'm not talking about what it can do I'm talking about how much it impacts your system and we'll talk about that more in just a second but for now the reason why people go through the hoops that this emulator users in terms of setup it is a bit of a bitch to set up but in terms of how much resources it takes out our hardware is because of what it can do it plays PlayStation 2 games not just as well as it did in the console but if you've got the system that can run it it can completely blow the socks off it I mean games back then we're kind of getting to the stage where the very cinematic I don't know Metal Gear Solid franchise for example it looks absolutely beautiful when you can then add the edited extra effects that this M later brings here such as enhanced resolution 4k plus and Polizzi and post-processing shaders mipmapping by linear filtering anis tropic filtering texture filter in widescreen hacks so on and so forth games look like the current gen it blows the socks off how the original PlayStation 2 looks however to get that kind of stuff you go need a beast of a PC now to read it natively it sees that the on the official website you're looking at a Pentium 4 with half the gig around to speak you are not going to get much joy out of running that kind of setup you are going to get games to probably boot but you am gonna get the kind of playability that you would expect it says that it recommends and Intel G over at 3.2 gigahertz that is kind of more sensible and along the way that you would have been looking at to get the minimum requirements I would say to get it playable I would say you need a multi-core processor with as many gigahertz as possible this favours Intel Bert's finished when I was testing my 8350 AMD core back well couple years ago now I was getting good stats out with that the best because it's clocked quite high and that's what this emulator loves it can take advantage of three cores so it doesn't make any difference if you've got an i7 doesn't make any difference if you've got an i5 it would only take advantage of three cores and only two of them are actually doing the grunt work which you would expect using threading so even if you've got a seven core system or even further seven core even if you've got a multi-core system or even higher it makes no difference you're not going to get the kind of duction that you would get normally having those kind of setups what it can do is use two for processing the game one to use the mtvU speed hack which is on the utilizing certain setups and games but it does get the most out of your system so having per grunt per Giga Hertz per core really enhances this certain games of course but not very demanding it all depends on what games you want to run not just because of how demanding they were as an actual game especially the more 3d the base ones would be in motion engine which was in the PlayStation 2 but I'm talking about in terms of compatibility as well the emulator isn't 100% compatible there's only 95% of games that can run plus I think by now the emulator has been developed not just on a daily basis but almost by the hour so it is developing pretty quickly and with the introduction of github and the internet and people are working together and working on this in a plugin based system yes things are progressing a lot quicker than they were many years ago but still we're still hampered by some problematic games so you're not going to play the entire library and some of those games which are fully compatible still smash people systems I mean if you're playing Shadow Colossus you're playing Gran Turismo Metal Gear Solid 2 with the emotion engine with the rain on the first level it really smashes people's frames per second you can use hacks speed hacks and all that kind of stuff but to be honest if you've got a low-end system and you're struggling to play it in the first place and you can manage to do it with a speed hack so you can normally tell because you're using frame skipping things like that it looks very glitchy and blocky and yeah yeah let's just face it PSX 2 is an awesome emulator awesome which is groundbreaking daily and adding new effects new ideas and pushing boundaries by the day if not by the hour but it does need a pretty beefy PC in order to get the most out of it CPU to just run the game a beefy GPU to then heighten the experience graphically but let's not take that away from the emulator itself if you've got a rig that can run this kind of emulator then it's a masterpiece and you can quote me on that and absolute masterpiece of what can be done with emulation when people work together using a plug-in based system to emulate games which to be honest shouldn't run but they do and they run damn good and of course now you've got PlayStation 1 games booted on there I've told for another can of worms but that's for another video so thank you very much pcsx2 guys thank you very much so that just about wraps it up for part one guys now we've got in-depth we have gone so detailed on this one but that's how I want it to be this is a special I bring out annually and the one to not just give you my top 10 anybody can do that we can go google watch mojo and there's a thousand top tens there's probably about ten emulator versions of that however on this one will give it informed feedback I'm showing you not just what my top ten is but why I've chosen it why I've chosen it for that system and while I've chosen it as a name later altogether there's a lot of information that is both misinformation and kept under wraps in this scene and I'm trying my best to bring you all the information so you can make an informed decision of what you should be choosing not just as an emulator but for which emulator for which system also sorry guys enough of that look forward to the top 5 the links in the description down below that will guide you straight there and we can get amongst this and you can see which one really is the best emulator of 2017 I'll see you there