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Best Video Game Cheat Codes *SPOILERS BELOW*
Earthworm Jim Cheats
Goldeneye 007 Cheats
Resident Evil 2 Cheats
Mortal Kombat Cheats
Primal Rage Cheats
Timesplitters Future Perfect Cheats
Konami Code Cheats
Wolfchild Cheats
Doom Cheats
GTA Cheats

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hello and welcome to the Easter Egg hunter a series covering the very best video game Easter Egg secrets and facts and for this episode yeah sheets are on the agenda those lovely lines of codes that can mess with our favorite titles to perhaps help us out when we are struggling or spruce them up to provide some awesome entertainment to start there are two separate sheets from two very different titles yeah you really couldn't get much different from this apart from having to beat the crud out of other people anyway bunk share something in common as they both walk others in the gaming and computer industry but both codes unlock everything fate wolf child on the master system as to enter Mario in the password options the game will claim it has never heard of him yet at the same time would unlock all the levels then in destruction derby 2 on the PlayStation into your name in the championship mode as Max ARPU to unlock the tracks and arenas timesplitters future perfect and currently the final title to grace this series had so many features pumped into it is no wonder it's called so highly with reviews from online capabilities to the mapmaker co-op mode arcade and wacky challenges after were a whole bunch of guns characters and rewards such as by playing the challenge of cat driving yeah cat driving which is long as you gain a bronze medal you will initiate the Cheetahs human gun sounds which makes for some very amusing gun battles in the multiplayer feature Earthworm Jim has many standout quality features compared to the many popular platforming titles and also many standout codes such as on a Super Nintendo where you could punch it on the pause screen left plus a BB a right plus a BB a which pulls up the debug mode allowing yourself to select from many options including a cheap clothes level selector feasibility and unlap view plus you could even check out the shiny entertainment crew but when the Sega CD version popped out the team decided to have a crack at Donkey Kong since it was stealing all the glory praise sails and thunder so this time on a full screen hit down + c/b a a a a b c – it's jim when I'll be sporting decays head albeit a rather crushed one with an arrow that has been shot for pin skull at number 7 is the extremely famous and popular code that normally build you some extra lights weapons or perhaps an extra menu basically something useful and has been attributed to many games like in Manx TT on the Sega Saturn we can ride your very own sheep so sometimes gamers will mock you've been using it such as in Super Monkey Ball jr. for the Game Boy Advance is that the title screen it would read super nice try and there are now a ton of websites that utilize the code including UK Oaks doors where you can buy a Jurassic Park door which will cost you an arm and a leg while vocoder UK velociraptors are dressed in designer labels and at dueling analogs Jesus and His disciples are performing the Konami code also enjoying a game of contra Resident Evil 2 have several rewards for completing the game in under certain times where you can receive extra weapons and there are also ways to collect costumes but if you complete the game three times with Leon and three times you've Claire letting and Haley banking each time you'll also be able to play as a piece of tofu Hut if time is of the essence and you have the n64 versions a hand then enter the load screen and clump in up down left right left left right right lr c up c left c down c right we all whisked off to the survival mode which is exactly the same as hunks except yet you're a piece of tofu wielding just a knife and a few perks while this next game is not in the top leaves compared to Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter with the rubber dinosaurs locking seven bells out of one another while worshipers device not only entertainment but nutrition also it definitely contains two of the most entertaining cheats ever the sana Mega Drive version enter left up right right up left right right left left up on the main menu to unlock the extras options were here you can play a game of bowling where two armored ins casually walk off the screen and ten worshippers represents the pin but if he thought that was fun then why not swap to the PlayStation poor grab a friend and punch two worshippers into the air knocking them back and forth to one another which unbelievably will cause an umpire and a net will rise out of the ground and allow you to play a game of volleyball when we think of codes normally the first one that comes to mind would be Konami but back in the 90s nothing more to me stands out than my chronic doom codes and these three in particular allows you to take apart the game in no time at all so during the game type in iddqd for god mode which combined with idk fa for all keys weapons and ammo made for the ultimate combination for blocking chain filling your enemies down when and however you like that is of course if you can find the secret areas that perhaps campaign from of those neat weapons before entering ID FBI FP o PB or ID clip you could explore the maps in no time passing each in every wall as if they never existed when the first Mortal Kombat arrives on the scene along with a variety of other games around that time containing blood violence and gore it will help to form the classification boards around the globe until it actually stop blood from appearing in the title we were left with this just while the same thing happened in the Mega Drive version but there was a code that changed all that as on the code of honor screen input a BAC a BB get over here which means you can enjoy the game the way it is supposed to be unlike the green blood in Mortal Kombat soo supplied in Japan one of my personal favorite cheats though is in Mortal Kombat trilogy – the Nintendo 64 so select two players and quickly enter these exact symbols during the thirty screens of entry soft and it also limits to play a good old game of Tom don't why double-oh-seven on the Nintendo 64 brought me and my friends some of the most entertaining Knights in gaming Golden Gun proximity mines the ton of missiles being held that one another it also had some memorable achievements and cheats for beating levels in certain times though you could always input codes if you couldn't be bothered there's DK mode is always fun making enemies an easy target for a gun and for amusement purposes but what me and my friends always wanted was to be able to play the cradle in multiplayer so choose the action replay and this very code which enables you to do just that there has never been a better way to get around the vast open world GTA SA is self you are free awesome flying cheeks like in GTA san andreas where instead of discovering the jetpack why not cheat it for yourself by hitting left right L trigger white R trigger black up down there right or how about taking off in a flying car with ex down white up yes we got BR a left and to finish why not explore GTA 5 in awesome Skyfall fashion with l1 l2 r1 r2 left-right left-right l1 l2 r1 r2 left-right so I really hoped you enjoyed the video and don't forget you can always follow the channel on Instagram Facebook and Twitter and if you haven't quite had enough of me for today then here are several videos to watch which are all available on mobile devices Oh