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you know I was thinking what if there was cheat codes for real life existed hey never mind cheat codes have been around since the dawn of video games I mean they used to be a lot more prevalent back in the day though I mean you got stuff like cheat code books and magazines all over the place that's how you got your information does he wanna remember keep playing it I remember she playing it so I thought hey it might be fun to make a list of cheat codes was I was I wrong was I wrong no since she kills in video games look it's contra dun dun dun dun dun dun dun me I don't even know how I even died okay so I figure I might as well get this out of the way right away the Contra code or the Konami code because the comedy name is Khoa also known as up up down down left right left right B a select start you've probably heard of it before in fact a lot of you probably would have expected this to be number one on the lists or even number two but there's a reason that I didn't do that it's because obvious is obvious and I want to explore some of the more interesting and fun codes that maybe you haven't heard of yet it's like going to your parents party you gotta pay your dues guys shake the hands of all the people that are there this is not a good analogy but the Konami code is such an important and fun code that I was still torn about not including it on the list I mean it's an awesome cook put it in country you get more lives which doesn't help me even a little bit put it in Gradius you get yeah you get good yeah what is it that it does again out remember the code is so famous at this point that it's like a parody in almost everything put it in metal gear this happens what do you think you're doing cool you can even put the code in on websites let's go to dig them all right let's go up up down down left right left right BAC I know let's go ahead and do it on the UK version of the wired site usually there's something weird that happens oh well that's a – alright the nyan cat really one of my favorite new uses of this code has to be from a newer adventure time game simply put in the code ami code at the title screen and this is the secret secret screen no no no no no no the secret screen maybe it's read scream Rogue Squadron has to be one of my favorite flight action games that I've played on the n64 well I also like it because it's Star Wars and I really like Star Wars and I really like Star Wars but it also has a surprising really good amount of cheat codes you can pilot the Millennium Falcon by typing in farm boy at the passcode screen oh yeah Millennium Falcon baby whoops and you capala the Naboo Starfighter which is actually insane because that was put in the game before episode 1 was even out and it wasn't even known as a way after that it was part of the game well I thought was pretty cool why typing in the code chicken you can even play an 80s um I'm coming for you no but my favorite code has to be the Cadillac code by simply typing in Koelsch at the password screen you can make your v wing into a car I like this code so much because it just seems so out of place it's like what if this actually showed up to a real battle it'd be like Red five standing by red three standing by hey guys it's me Billy sorry I'm late I got my dad's Cadillac from his garage oh man he's gonna be so mad when he finds out anyway through a finish it it's just so out of place and out of character for the Star Wars universe and that's why it's so great it's not every day you can fly around in a Cadillac shooting down TIE fighters and whatnot and in a galaxy far far away this is what I imagine is probably happening metroid is not a game I've played from start to finish I'm not even gonna try to lie about that maybe 2d maze-like games just aren't my thing where do I go oh regardless load Metroid may have one of the most important cheat codes ever created and all you have to do is go to the password screen type in Justin Bailey and fill in the rest with dashes and you'll be presented with a powered-up same as with almost nearly every power in the game and a crap ton of missiles and well no su and that's really what caused so much hype back in the day nobody actually knew back then that when they were playing through the game you were actually playing as a girl well unless you completed the game 100% I mean you were running around the whole time in an orange suit who was gonna know people's minds I'm frickin blown made strides everywhere because that was one of the first female playable characters spread through the game hue like wildfires is like you know like the two people that were in any games then it does however look like she's in a bikini and there are a few rumors and theories floating around as to why that is it's said that the origins of Bailey maybe a English or Australian slang term and in short meaning bathing suit which is why she's maybe in a bikini hello crap I made this joke goldeneye is a somewhat interesting case because you don't really input cheat codes you earn them you want Rockets earn it you want God Mode earn it you want the mythical Golden Gun earn it and some of the challenges were actually pretty ridiculous I mean most of them are just time trial completion bonuses or a completion bonus for beating a level of the game the one that definitely stuck out to me the most was beating facility in two minutes and five seconds or less on the harder difficulties when I was doing this out just stupid kid I'm Way smarter now I bet I could do it just crawl through the little hole in the wall and oh man so close ironically enough I feel like I might need cheese just to unlock the cheats now some of the more fun cheats in this game ended up being just the weapon code so you can just go around and use your weapon of choice on anything you want and for Jeff's pro tip of the day don't forget to turn on paintball mode that's essential I mean you need that turned on to be able to write hidden messages to your YouTube audience a little more fun things you can do is just turn on invincibility and do well whatever you want and I throw this guy just hold on and go okay and go and okay and go okay seriously go there we but I think my favorite code from Goldeneye has to be the simplicity and the hilarity of the DK mode code all rhyming aside it basically just makes people's heads very large and that's funny bonds gotta get off the train but good luck with that with your big stupid head you dingus one of my favorite things to do is to mix the DK code with the slo-mo code just look how long it takes for this one guy to die hey there buddy you all right you doing all right okay well I'm just gonna keep lasering you you just tell me when you want me to stop I'll stop just tell me when tell me when no no okay oh there go your head I'll go get that for you hold on but as I learned cheaters never prosper at least when they don't have god mode on sports games usually have a lot of codes sometimes their displays straight on the screen like in NFL Blitz all right I'm gonna put in a cheat code what no code Oh some of my favorite codes have to be from the NBA Jam series though going all the way back to the Super Nintendo you have fun codes that let you dunk from anywhere on the screen yeah but for my money some of the more hilarious codes come from the newer versions of NBA Jam have you ever wanted to play as our nation's Democrats and Republicans wait no oh crap well now you can I slept 13 times the plus and minus and you'll unlock the Democrats Barack Obama Joe Biden Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton by pressing right 13 times then Plus in my eyes you'll unlock the Republicans John McCain Sarah Palin George Bush and Dick Cheney then you can settle the score how it was meant to be settled with a slam Jam this is just how all politics should be settled from now on this is infinitely more entertaining in my mind nothing beats an L you completed bio block shovel knight is almost like a collaboration of all those great NES classics like Megaman Castlevania ducktales it clearly takes a small bit of inspiration from all over the place but in doing so it creates its own unique thing in its a plaster play if you haven't played it and as traditional old-school games go it has a lot of cheese in fact there's a compiled list online that has over 300 cheat codes already whoa hey that's a lot of cheats that's dance a lot of cheats so naturally I tried every single one of them except for maybe about 300 so you're some of my favorites just go to create a file and it's time to start putting in codes how about this one TR g sv p pw joins i'll save you for it says or wait I mean shield knight about those ceilings prankster what's place spot though shovel knight wherever could he be oh man that was close just pay for round 2 it's a doozy how about st q QT xvx this girl just makes you super fast and jump really high and basically become indestructible and you attack really fast so it's a lot of fun whee my battle with the Black Knight was fierce yeah I'm gonna get you imma get you oh yeah bye what's oh oh did I break it in a similar vein you have this code T vs v u e io it pretty much does the same thing except for this time you have everything unlocked already you're slightly bigger you're invincible and every time you jump you change sprites and what's great is stuff like this as possible well my favorite code from the game actually has to be the but code it's as juvenile and hilarious as you would expect it essentially just replaces words and names with but which makes for some great gameplay of all heroes none shown brighter than but but and shield but but their travels together ended at the Tower of fate when a cursed amulet brought a terrible but well no turn back but but there's nothing here for you anymore stand aside black but I have no quarrel with you this entire valley has been conquered by the Enchantress and her invincible butts of the order of no quarter let's fight Jen Jen Jen Jen Jen Jen Jen Jen Jen Jen Jen Jen Jen Jen Jen well combat has had an interesting history of cheat codes there's the now-famous blood code for the original Mortal Kombat on the Sega Genesis allowing you to see the game in all its gory glory there's different she codes for different versions of the game but let's go ahead and go to my favorite version of the game Mortal Kombat trilogy it is the definitive version of the old-school Mortal Kombat's now there's a few different versions of the game and each version has a few distinct things about them but I'm gonna stick with the n64 version because that's the one I'm most familiar with the n64 version contains nearly every character and a lot of fun cheats I've talked about this one before but did you know you can actually just play pong if you wanted to at the battle menu just press left C twice up see four times in right C six times on both controllers and you have reached the outer limits of the tournament now you both must face a challenge from your past oh man that sounds intense oh if you put in this code here you'll unlock some fancy menus some of which will let you unlock new characters have infinite continues and even eliminate fatality time so you can practice all your favourite moves all right here we go I'm gonna do a fatality just got a get position for it and almost got it one later uh yeah here we go three hours later nailed it my favorite code to pull out on people though is the mataró code mataró being an endgame boss is usually not a character you'd be able to play as unless you have those other versions but if you're on the wasteland level which is incidentally the first level in the rotation if you hold low kick high kick and back at the same time before the game starts your character will burst into flames and turn into mataró you can do this for Shao Kahn as well but mataró is way more fun for stuff like this yay there's a lot of cheat codes where the sole purpose is to just give you money a lot of resource systems and games are based off money so contents locked out to you as long as you don't have enough so you have a lot of money cheat codes like in Warcraft – you have glittering prizes or Starcraft you have show me the money which will get you a lot of resources so you can go kill people yay another one people seem to love is the 30,000 Bell code from Animal Crossing take that Tom Nook estupid this time around I actually went to my Facebook to pull people on what cheat codes they liked growing up and unsurprisingly a lot of those were money codes but there was one that stood out more than the rest and it goes by the name of so back in the original Sims making a character called Derby Diglett he looks like this he's got a futuristic Hellmuth e and a toga looking fly and he's all moved into his new home boring let's be honest this was how almost every session went with the Sims when you were growing up isn't it what starts out as the truthful and earnest life of a brand-new sim quickly devolves into cheating don't worry Mortimer I'll be there just just give me a sec whoo after all that cheating I think I deserved a proper home this'll do just need some new decorations and done and I don't know why but I gave him all this fancy stuff to play with but he just picks up the newspaper and starts to read him in front of his six thousand dollar computer so I think it's pretty obvious as to what a self-made cheating millionaire needs to do throw a party and I'll tell you it was a rager I didn't feel like there was enough people there so I hired a butler to come by all he did was eat my pizza though and then at one point everyone got stuck in the bathroom so I decided to make it a little bit more party centric balloons Mortimer still wasn't impressed though you son-of-a up next we have some my favorite games the age games all these old RTS games always have so much charm to them they just never understood how the computer could be so fast but what I really enjoy is the fact that the developers were always keen on having a little bit of fun also that noise it makes every time you do anything dodo dodo dodo dodo dodo dodo my tribesmen have bonded together in their greatest time of need once I got this sick a sports car with a rocket launcher on it boom boom man old technology is great why bring up the chat prompt in typing in Big Daddy in all caps letters you'll get a pretty overpowered car that kills pretty much anything in one hit at which point you could pretty much just casually drive around and destroy everything well except for the deer for some reason you still can't kill those but no matter how great this cheat code is there is another one that I think trumps this one and for that we're gonna have to go over to Age of Mythology Age of Mythology is more of my ally anyway because Greek mythology is awesome oh man it's the crack in the same vein as the big daddy cheat code you can type in another phrase and get a really powerful unit except for this time it's a bear wearing a Canada cape that shoots lasers from his eyes oh I forgot to mention that he also punches things with monkeys by typing in the phrase Oh Canada all of this power could be yours I definitely wish more games did stuff like this and this isn't even the only thing you can do in this game you could spawn a huge guy that has a pitchfork in it kind of resembles the big boy mascot and you can even spawn the majestic pink flying hippo who has plenty of rainbow coming from his butt and showers things with love we e OE Grand Theft Auto as a series has some of the best cheat codes and video games Grantham's auto v seems to have a lot of really great stuff in it but I'm kind of waiting for the PC version to come out so I can play with all my friends so I haven't played it why but what I have played and a good amount is Grand Theft Auto 3 let me paint a picture of 2001 Grand Theft Auto 3 coming out it doesn't have multiplayer and it's not the type of game that you would think of playing with friends I mean it's not gonna make any top multiplayer games of all time list none of that doesn't have it but what it did do is bring people together and there's a reason for that the cheat codes constantly we would sit around and input the cheat codes and just play until you die that he pass it along to the next person tried outlast them love how did you bed net and then and then you die on like your own rocket or something they just laugh at you Grand Theft Auto 3 in particular set this entire thing off everyone knew two codes for grand theft auto 3 weapon code and tank code pass the controller input the weapon code input the tank code last as long as you can last that's just what we did get in the tank and caused as much havoc as you possibly caused tank tank to pull no seriously I can't get past this pull what weapon code in particular is the one I think most people use not only that but it's Universal there's a weapon code in every single Grand Theft Auto game when it comes down to the sheer amount of fun I've had playing with a code I don't think I can think of anything better than just sitting around with my friends and putting the weapon code and having a blast hey guys thanks for watching my new video I hope you guys enjoyed it a lot or at least a little bit if you like videos like these I want to show your support why not click the like button and subscribe and if you want to keep up to date on following anything that I do you can follow me on Twitter Facebook Tumblr I also got a patreon page after being asked you so if you want to help out that way that's cool but don't feel a little bit mediated at all so quick special thanks to Harry Gator for your support over there what someone said if you type the Konami code at the end of your YouTube video something happens well I guess it's worth a shot up up down down left right left right B a start secret screen this is the secret secret screen but a secret screen screen screen screen screen screen screen click on my videos on the left or right secret screen I guess this isn't really a secret screen