Today we play a game that lets you cheat to win… BUT it also cheats you out of wins causing BURNING FRUSTRATIONS OF A THOUSAND SUNS!



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oh no okay okay and where Ronnie dear no guess your long legs didn't work no oh no I fell two levels oh go on oh oh oh that's a good idea he died top-level died man I'm gone I'm out a bawd team spectate now that's you where are you is on the top level I don't think it's gonna last look man you're such a cheese I just such a cheat you're gonna die you're done I don't give it the green does the green is very bad it's freaks aptitudes its regenerative oh it comes back you gotta play the game to win dude if you win the first round I'm gonna be slightly impressed but also very angry [Laughter] [Laughter] my screen I don't want that on my screen Oh Oh like okay take and run on it twice what the heck man how did it blow up everything died oh geez are you ready dead are you just down oh don't go on the proud ones no you don't don't lose low on the brown ones those are the ones that make stuff explode I think no it's not this one go on the brown one no it's not the brown ones I know it's not the brown ones oh okay no no no second change it's so cheap you can buy second change I know man who would do that you would because I know you did win Otto Craig man you must be way to win P in the W they're so they're so close so close on the keyboard between the two of them there is about five five g's I'm gonna come and get you no thence a knife ugh no man go away nobody wants you here come in for you oh oh oh oh no okay okay what I went down to levels yeah you do that a lot in this game believe I fell down almost to the very bottom oh okay here we go oh my gosh man Austin's face this reminds me of the potato playing it geez man stay away don't oh my god oh oh it's so hard to see the thing what you need to do I don't even know which ones are like oh my love I know it's so hard to see I can't see it all no oh man oh man are you not dude I'm not dead man I got it this one no I swear if you pay okay I know you hate this one oh my goodness no there's there's so many people blowing up things gotta go fast gotta go fass you okay okay okay I'm just like jumping it down levels Oh oh my gosh ran up the vents don't talk to me right now no don't talk to me always I fell for your top to the bottom what the heck man oh god oh my god someone's look to the bottom again no even if he did and now you'll you win don't tell me that way oh my god different why oh oh wait wait what what the heck is this mean oh it's blowing up this what what is going on I found a vent it like blows up occasionally I know oh you are you did you what not for long why look underneath you no no I ate it you know often smell the roses now know our you have to smell the very few I'll just know he paid yeah here we go here we go here we go here we go here we go I should just stayed over in the world the world maybe six what is this there's too many blocks based on the top level good cuz there's no vents to get back up no that's I'm down down by the by no words no no okay now I'm down on the last level I'm gonna get rid of all the Box down here just for you not if I have anything to do with it you want a knife on I don't know is another one oh I think I got the hang of this now I just needed like 1580 practice to the bottom dance party man everybody's happy what they're all it's all green oh this is the music one oh no no I know take his blood okay wait why was mine blue what does that mean I think that's your block hey Weez now this but makes real men she made it barely nobody died man yes yes yes musical chairs musical chairs rematch rematch time I got one you got one hurry up hurry up oh you were so close man playing with death over there he was there all gonna mean oh come on come on come on this this is a little scary no he won't okay I won it last time can you win at this you