This Needs To Return To Call of Duty…

This Needs To Return To Call of Duty…

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This Needs To Come Back in Call of Duty…🔥🔥

We need VOTING/VETO back in Call of Duty. | Foxy Grandpa

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This Needs To Return To Call of Duty…

alright what's up guys foxy commence you guys did with a brand new video and in today's video we're gonna be talking about the vote system or veto if those of you who play Halo Noah beto is we're gonna be talking about the vote system and why it should be in every Cod game from now on because this choosing system between two maps and one random app is getting old and it's just super repetitive as far as maps and Call of Duty goes now so I think it's time to bring back voting so let me know what you guys think down in the comments today's the last day you'll be able to use code foxy for 30% off at G feel calm after today my code will be reduced to 10% instead of 30% so make sure you guys go get an awesome deal with your 30% code foxy follow me on twitter the link is in description below me she has people like subscribe to turn on notifications and without further ado let's go bro who's gonna kind of play mw2 as much as I can and we're gonna talk about why veto is such a big deal or why voting is such a big deal so as you guys know when you vote for Maps to skip or whatever in today's call of duty you have the choice between two maps and then you have an option to vote a random map that that's nice that's cool boy to me that's kind of one of the faults of the newer Call of Duty's I mean it was cool at first because it gave us more variety and you know that that's nice boy I guess you could say more so in the newer Call of Duty's it's been apparent that maps are not as good as they used to be you know you could say since aw or ghosts maps and Call of Duty have not been as good as they once were in mw2 black ops 1 black ops 2 and things of that sort it's pretty apparent to that like that that's a pretty much known fact and if you guys remember back in the day we used to have one map to choose from and we could either vote it for a random map or we could just play that map and I feel like that gave a lot of variety to the game itself and it didn't it just didn't what's the word I'm looking for it didn't over saturate the best maps in the game you know you didn't play terminal 5 times in a row or you didn't play terminal twice in a row which made you play terminal more than any other map in the game you didn't play rust 3 times in a row it was okay we're probably gonna end up playing a different map every single game and there's nothing wrong with that there's nothing wrong with that I wish that the maps veto or voting would come back and it's the same with call of duty in Halo that's one of the main things that I think needs to come back in future Call of Duty games and in future Halo games and I don't think that's ever gonna happen to be honest because I just don't see them making that little of a change but maps get repetitive when you play them so much I could list off the maps that we would play in world war ii or black ops 1 all the time it was always firing range summit nuketown jungle those were the maps basically and then there was other maps in those games but those were good maps so I guess black ops 1 isn't the best game to kind of use as an example so what used war 2 is an example and I can even use MWR as an example as well because in MWR there was certain maps that we just played all the time like crash vacant shipment overgrown backlot oh and crossfire so those those like 5 or 6 maps we played constantly in that game and that's annoying it's annoying to play those Maps so much and it just it wears you out it wears me out at least and I know that it just causes fatigue and that's like one of the things that I want to prove that we want to prevent with Call of Duty we don't want people to get fatigued on the franchiser on the games that we play because look at it like this say we had voting in black ops 4 which would be really nice because there's multiple maps that have different variations of them that voting would really come in handy for this so say we had if I don't a firing range Knight come up and we didn't want to play firing range okay well let's vote it and just get a random map it wouldn't be like we vote firing range Knight we're ending it we're gonna end up getting like firing range regular like that would be that wouldn't be a thing you can't have that that's why I think voting should come back because it gives more variety to the game it gives some more longevity to the game as well I'm telling you guys if it came back it would help with the fatigue of playing the same Maps all the time and on top of that they need to make better maps like that that's just that's just a fact like let's look at World War 2 for example what were the main map that people played in world war ii Shipman 1944 art in forest London Docks Gustav cannon and I'm trying to think oh and Pointe du Hoc so those four were implemented all the time those were the maps that got played the most pretty much maybe not so much Gustav cannon but I'm telling you guys if we got voting back or Vito ever you want to call it it would it would help out the lot of the fatigue on the game it just makes the games feel more repetitive and yes Cod is a pretty repetitive game but at the same time it shouldn't feel repetitive to the point where people will stop playing after like two months of the game being so I figured I would hop on world at war as well because this game also has voting I don't know I just felt like playing it honestly and here's where I talk about map design and things like that I'm not gonna drag this video out too much but I will say that map design is crucial in a game a man in a good game if we have good maps to play on the game doesn't get so repetitive because the map design will be different it doesn't it doesn't feel the same and all that stuff man it's not gonna feel just repetitive it's fucked like the past couple cod games have man I like Bo for I like the pace of it the maps in the game are pretty simple and it's just the same shit like I said before there are all three lanes I think that they're better Maps then world war two but that ain't saying much bro it's not saying much because those maps and what we're – besides Gustav cannon and London Docks you know London for it I mean oh fuck London Docks and Gustav cannon were the two best maps in that game there ain't no doubt about it and that game had no matte variety whatsoever and black ops for doesn't really have any map variety either double kill I think that with better map design and the vote system or the veto system instead of the choosing system I'm gonna call it the choosing system because you can choose which Maps you want to play on you have a you have a choice between three Maps one random and two paths that you see instead of the choosing / variety system we have the veto system it needs to come back to you I vouch for this so much cuz it's it's such a small thing and some people might think you know oh well you know there's nothing to do with it it's like come on you got to think outside the box think about this what are the things that old Cod games did that did things right they had really good Maps they had over powered guns and there's certain little things about each game that people don't remember one of them being the voting system dude this guy's brother Rosie with me what are you doing oh he's gonna die now he's gonna die oh he's yeah he's gonna die for sure oh man there's two oh no holy shit I just get the fuck out of me nice there we go I think map design is just more crucial than the actual voting system I mean yeah like if you have good maps and they all have tons of variety then we will never get bored of playing multiplayer because the maps are really good I mean you didn't use ward at war as an example for like really good fucking Maps man yes some of the maps are very big in this game that's that's one of the downfalls to it but at the same time there's more map variety in this game than there is in you any other Cod game right in my opinion besides mw2 or i okay so there's not more map variety in this game but the maps are a lot more grandiose in this game and that's one of the downfalls but at the same time there are certain maps in this game that are really small and they're really fucking good man double kill triple oh man is that triple nice fuck yeah dude let's go it's really nice map design and the vote system both of those need to come back in future comments better map design more grandiose map designing thinking outside of the box for map design there's like things like that man I hope you guys enjoy this video if you guys did makes you guys leave a like down below subscribe turn on notifications do appreciate all you guys watching and hanging out what you guys think about all of this as I said today let me know down the comments so you guys want the vote system back where as you guys can see here we would vote to skip this map and then we would get a brand new map yeah there we go and we get a new map and either people can either stay or leave what do you guys think of that let me know down in the comments and when you guys think of the map design in these new Call of Duty's like do they suck in your opinion or are they okay like let me know so you guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys next time come on