THIS GAME CHEATS — Comix Zone — Retrogues

THIS GAME CHEATS — Comix Zone — Retrogues

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The ‘rogues


Do you like video games? I hope you do. It’d be pretty ridiculous for you to click on this video AND check out the description if you didn’t (although, admit it, that thumbnail is pretty neat, right?). I mean, I guess you could be a cat or something. Like, you walked across the keyboard and mouse pad, and that just happened to take you here. You probably wanna scroll up anyway, since all the colors and lights are infinitely more interesting than a block of text.

But if you AREN’T a small, domesticated animal (not that there’s anything wrong with that), welcome to Retrogues! We are Tyler and Jake. We play video games. Poorly, for the most part. But we have fun. We like to yell and be unreasonable. You’ll pick up on that pretty quick. We’re also pretty sarcastic. And rage quit from time to time. But hey, who doesn’t? We’re only human. As far as you know.

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Tyler and Jake

THIS GAME CHEATS — Comix Zone — Retrogues

Sega or isn't this guy's case he's all like anyways welcome to retro bevery buddy it's comic zone they don't know that yet god they're mine fair fair now they know all right let's do it dude try to fix the the language again before we start sounds more deal oh yeah it was weird I'm Singlish cool yeah I was in Japanese and I was like I didn't think we owned the Japanese copy this game turns out we didn't New York City present-day so here's a little exposition for this Genesis game we've a little more into the Genesis side of things yeah this is another thing I didn't have growing up some I'm pretty excited be playing stuff we missed whoa wacky lightning strike look at me sketch I don't know he said probably first enough as soon as you're dead Wow says the bad guy this time I know of a perfect place to do it have a nice trip see is there like who hey do I know you pick this up I've got a knife nice sketch Turner that's such a nice wait a minute sketch wow this mission is can I come in I'm in my own comic book no that's how bowels work yeah bearing a burden Melissa I'm not your superhero the first thing was like immediately going the job were you talking about I think I can start playing the game actually all right cool bunch of stuff will let's see who are you Oh Ricky mutant man I'm wrecking his bday yeah he's having a bad time what are you doing this is our turn what you got hurt man what what bring it bring the bad guy the comic book all that reason came to life and he's drawing bad guys in front of me cuz we got my lightning with a ride on our shoulder because this is the 90s power and it's just huge everybody knows karate this is jus what's cool is you like swing to the contest oh cool yes you're having a bad time you stabbed him let's see oh I was not yeah that now is get rekt get rekt get rekt you know like this is the time back when oh I wonder what it is this back a time where like thanks man uh this is back in a time when like cool do I don't kiss you out okay come here bro if you throw the rat this is such 90s that's his pet rat you kind of vaguely saw them again yeah yeah but whoa barrels thing but yeah that's a brainer man oh my god oh my gosh oh no no no no no no no health to you I reckon okay anyways punch the back to death oh well they're spiritual who's handsome brother cough cough but no yeah like I like opening kick that I like how you opened up the little port thing there and then you jump just to the next panels I'm going through it ah dang it good job stupid Oh alright that's a little boat that was intentional suddenly what's the password my fist in your face dude that's exactly what I was in the middle of sighs yeah oh cool Oh game over man yeah oh they just subs on there after you Oh God easy way to take somebody out you got so free at last this body of flesh and boon why this is the take a longer go by so fast but actually in the game going to rock god this game is so nice this man nice nude you sketch tutor and he was 95 you know I mean that was like prime 90s yeah wow you're seven percent it's uh you're like the Aquaman of superheroes right now good Wow dang it starts at the beginning it's a stupid I shouldn't make my Aquaman seeing as I am Aquaman are you I am cool alright I'm gonna try and catch it back to where I was let's cuz this is gonna take forever okay we'll grab back what the asterisk well yeah you remember like double dragon all right yes everybody every white dude that was somewhat like hat well that was cool and you come foo he's got sweet ponytail right and this hit the size of his head of shaved he's got a mullet tail remotely tail gum pull up pony mullet Oh 90s you were terrifying time okay we're back for close to back what no way get right get right get right get right guy looks like loser I'm the loser dude you look taken two feet to the face repeatedly this guy looks like somebody who had been on American Gladiators right but like one of the gladiators on American Gladiators it's like I was saying uh during her a little like like New Year Damian already done now Thaddeus God get out of here finally no uh DejaVu whoa I just I keep punching the switch but it's not doing anything can i push the crate uh that makes more sense can't break this door huh screw you ah that's still the man still bogus he isn't me to throw across the way this time at the dude I have to rap she throw your rat I have no idea what about that actually I've done it before I'm not gonna talk to mom oh no oh just got back that's unfortunate whoa you okay yep Scott Chuck this monster well you did die the exact same place again unfair okay BRB who are you punching you know I'm you stop emailing me Victoria's Secret judge me I feel pretty this dude's got nothing on me will done Turner he's gonna take it poop down this hole huh I'm contributing directly to the sewer Wow kids I want the knife oh yeah I want the rap I didn't wanted to play the rat poop on the rat come on poopoo her rat know anything about hope No oh there he is oh it's okay we're at so your tea bagging your rat not only you're not picking him up you're just like accidentally setting your nutsack on him this is Oh all right here back again same spot all right don't death I am death whoa what this games stupid we're not playing anymore next episode Richards will uh will play uh not this game the scheme is fun but I can't death hole the death holes this is a public service announcement about death holes see you later everybody whatever