This Deck Broke the Game | Mirror Gate Deck Tech (MTG Arena)

This Deck Broke the Game | Mirror Gate Deck Tech (MTG Arena)

Game freezes when you mix Gates, Mirror Image, and Mirror March, Hilarious! MTG Arena Deck. Let’s Break the Server!

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This Deck Broke the Game | Mirror Gate Deck Tech (MTG Arena)

skadoosh and welcome back to the channel joy lost with bad blood gaming and we are gonna come this close to breaking the server again this time we're using master gating in the mirror this deck is blending mirrors like so with gates like so and the mixture we come up with is is just insanity it is quite insane the combos the explosions the the billions of creatures the billions of life gains like it's just insane here's what we're running for grow spirals for of course the card draw and also so we can put a land on the battlefield for Guild summits of course for card draw two mirror images because it's what you run in a deck where your master gating in the mirror you have two mirror images it's great for just like cloning another card but it works with the mirror march because it's not a token it's not a copy or token of it so it's a copy but not a token for of the gates ablaze that's right four gates the blazes it's an amazing board way for gate breaker Rams because this thing will get out of control we're gonna have an entire field of nothing but rams because ram lives matter goat lives matter guys three circadian routes because yep you can just get a bunch of dates in your hand to cleansing Nova's for destroying board wipes and all types of fun stuff three ark way angels arguably could go two of these but man the life cane you can get with this when you're running the mirrors is ridiculous for mirror marches because it's necessary we are going to see what happens when you have four mirror marches out for on the battlefield we are gonna see the impact it has on the game one gate keeper gargoyle four gates Colossus oh yeah gate keeper Garbo no one runs but this is gonna be one of the biggest cards in your deck gatekeeper guards battlefield the plus one plus one counter on it for each gate you control bigger than gate breaker Ram and it's got flying ridiculous just one copy for the means four gates Colossus because it keeps coming back to Mountains and a slew of guild gates I'll just leave it here we're running I like the different artwork on the cards so I picked a bunch of different artworks on this one – gateway plazas and for Plaza of harmonies sidebar action for some fun you got 40 gates to excellence bindings to settle the wreckage three carnage tyrants and that is the deck let's get into some crazy crazy gameplay like you've never seen before and if you're not subscribed by now by all means at the subscribe button we do have a lot of fun with all sorts of decks and all types of crap on this channel skadoosh alright that's really cool we'll keep this this is it these we've three really three gates we need three gates usually starting if you're gonna be playing this kind of deck free game otherwise you just stuck with you okay bad modern horizons preliminary thoughts I am so excited I'm gonna buy like a case I'm gonna buy like a case and I'm gonna give away a bunch of it to sweet drop that can't do nothing with our gross power yet I think it was needed I really do think when they said they're gonna discontinue modern masters I was like really you can't do that you know you can't do that uh whoops missed play I always do that I uh I got excited guys I'm sorry I got a little excited I look cited you can't do that though he just get rid of the modern masters that that it's it's it's such a moneymaker that they couldn't get rid of it but what I think they did do now they made a product geared for just modern players which modern players is up there with commander like the amount of people that play I mean it's a huge field you know so I think I think it was just brilliant to be honest I think it was just brilliant let's let's trap this four card draw right now we're gonna need to get out some fun sauce someone's walking around upstairs but no one's here I just heard something about the room hello I just heard the floor crack upstairs and then I heard something in the other room that's a fast-moving ghost man okay um hobbies you don't have anything we really want I guess we'd go in gates a blade or um a guild summit I don't even grow spiral didn't get it yeah huh you don't need all these gates of blazing Venus card he gets a blaze I know I have no patch no dog no cat here but his house is haunted I'll tie I'll tie is really a UH shipoopi nope no I don't for lunch no weird stuff man weirdest stuff I'll get another guild summit down where is my doodad I guess we'll cleansing Nova for now 36 cards we might as well trapping our guilts on it just so we can get our stinking card we want nope that's a free drop and this kind of deck it's a free drop FBI raid live on Twitch yeah I hope not like there's nothing it's just silent right now there's nothing going on like I heard some footsteps upstairs I heard like the floorboards creaking everything and then nothing after that and I heard a sound in the other room there's nothing here there's nothing here I have a dehumidifier running that's the only thing that's like operating right now in this house dang we can't get a break here man I see some card draw um I guess what go gates ablated to buy some time 35 cards we didn't we didn't hit one one of our guys we need Louise sweet mountains hide your greens pity there's Pontius rigging champion you failed all the dinosaurs they that – one could have at least been trampled like Mikey okay we got to kill that thing – nice crisis trap bro a nice crisis drop go ahead we needed that desperately can I please get what I'm looking for now that's not you that's not you really are you serious are you serious right now one more card draw okay let's try it again we just want one card twenty-nine oh no holy crap you got to be kidding me man unbelievable our opponents gonna rage quit I'd be rage quitting right now I'd be super salty I'd be like no I'm not playing a stupid jack hello Germany a hostage-taker oh that's not gonna help you out much though pal yeah it's not gonna help you out much okay this next turn we have to we have to flop out one of our mirrors I mean we're down to 27 cards not one mirror yet and we have no board wipes we do have our quay Angel but I need to get that big hit first I am part German there you go I am indeed serious all right three guild summits out what nope no thank you I was starting to get worried here holy smokes man alright let's go we're gonna drop our ran hey you got one coin toss no biggie we can drop our go our gate Colossus here one coin toss terrible another gate Colossus one cut Wow one coin toss each one pretty terrible we did not benefit from that too much not at all unbelievable maybe next time I'll get more luck that's a big board opponents staring at this right now like knowing then yeah the saying all right oh oh tally I was called hot lay gets hot lay right there man I got a foil of hot way it's pretty sweet hot lay hammer dropper watch out packing a little heavier I just want to drop I just want to get two more Mary marches out is give me some mere marches good you're so strength Simek okay please another Mira March please for the memes none so katie is route that's how we get it skidding skadoosh now we better draw it that's a lot we're gonna know we're gonna know ourselves here we got one Mira March it's good ink okay no attack and we can throw away you we can we can throw away you we can throw away you and yeah you can stay we can throw away you um what else wow we got a lot of cards you and that's our away you yet nope you you can go and you can go and you can go Wow so anymore oh and you can go hooray we did it he's gonna star next turn oh my god gonna be funny so we got a mirror March out so next turn will be huge this is for all this is for every meme on planet Earth actually if we get one more mirror March I'll stall another turn might I suggest running a different card other than enigma Drake in your deck oh this is gonna be the biggest meme explosion ever I'm gonna I'm gonna try to hold out for one more mirror March guys just one more mirror March please please the meme explosion come on one more Mir March oh yes just one more mirror March just one remember just top-deck amira March be the grandest Vitaly didn't do it but that's still not bad okay here we go so we got two out here it's gonna be crazy okay deep breaths let's kick things off an arc my angel there we go gained a little bit of life nothing crazy oh well be a little subbu subbu smooth boost loose in the caboose not bad let's go in gate breaker drop a great breaker Ram there we go get a couple coin tosses oh my god oh my god now that is what we're good oh my god you boys boys boys boys it's not that serious it's pretty serious that's mirror image that let's just do it all again let's let's go ahead and let's mirror image the thing this mirror image the goat oh my gosh oh my gosh well well well but wait there's more let's mirror image the goat again skadoosh oh my god oh my god oh my god you've never seen anything like goats let's do it again let's get Colossus now oh my god it's dudes gonna cry oh yeah one two oh my god all right I think it's fair enough all right let's swing well ah there we go ah well see later pal what's the damage what do we what kind of damage do we accrue here for the memes for the memes that's a lot of goat goat lives matter and don't you ever forget that don't you ever forget goat lives matter oh come on let the Oh doggy that that was that was the meme build of all memes guys all right I think he's done for um watch my that might be the record right there for negative life usually they concede before something that big like devastates them alright we got just scarred down let's do it for the memes its gates verse gate one gate Dec is running a playset of mirror March crazy sauce like you've never seen Moss boss he drops his gate Colossus Mike I bet wishes had a mirror March or for probably for I bet he wishes he had four mirror marches we got the gateway Plaza now if we drop that we lose the game cuz we mill ourselves to death don't to do that okay let's play let's play the game okay we're gonna we're gonna start things off a gate breaker here we go oh my god four four never seen before never seen before for mirror marches never seen before there's our first flip how much damage can we inflict on our opponent Mike oh we got a big rip there this is just abusing an already abused deck that's all we're doing is abusing an abuse deck drops the gate breaker RAM times two oh my god there's so many goats this is goats goat lives matter guys don't you ever forget oh my god oh my god it's going down it's going down the ultimate gates deck mere margins stupid card all right now we got to go big we're going we're going to gargoyle we're going gatekeeper gargoyle the alternate meme abomination 17:17 bigger than the gate breaker ram oh my god this is pandemonium another flip oh my god there's gonna be so many goats and so many gargoyles we struck a rich on that one holy crap and you guys thought the gate Colossus was a big deal wait'll they get a load on me we're gonna throw this mirror image now down on our friend gargoyle gargoyle over here the gargoyle gatekeeper of stuff oh my god oh triggers it all off again this is why you don't mess with mirrors my friends you don't mess with mirrors halt my goats yeah shout out to Mike for allowing this to happen holy smokes oh my god oh my god there's so many gargoyles and goats oh my god the damage will be insurmountable no settle the wreckage that would kill the meme oh my god that would devastate I'd cry honestly alright we go get Colossus I want to see how much damage we can inflict like this has to be a lot of damage I want to see the damage gates Colossus stacking up it's so many cards oh my god oh my god 193 life not bad not bad for a meme yeah bikes holding one just in case probably holy crap I gotta see the damage Mike we got Mike Mike please Mike let us see the damage mere March goes through Miramar oh my whoa that's Vegas right there baby see we just got six on that crack holy smokes that was a big one next gate Colossus what if I I miss Blaine and drop my gateway Plaza holy crap gateway Colossus this is how you abuse mirror March this is how you abuse mirrors abusing mirrors right here what happened oh I didn't break the game doing okay good I love the same it broke the game in a while what would watsi do another one flip all right a big one here we get a big coin toss here maybe a big like four or five coins flipped oh I'll take one that's one okay last mirror March flip for this gate Colossus the devastating was them gargoyles man here's great again flip that mirror boy let's go ooh okay got one there onto our last one them engaged Colossus last one plaza wouldn't enter I couldn't miss play gateway Plaza Oh coz we're tapped out that's true we are tapped out very good point oh my god gimme I want to see like a twenty flip like twenty like what are the odds of that like twenty coins just flipped all the same all on our favor alright give me like at least five give me like a five flipper man the game is slow now like it's trying to catch up now got one there it's good ink one hero come on Vegas do us good Vegas flip again come on baby come on baby what you going to do okay got one out of that let's go out with a bang four five four five watts e33 give me a keg of three maybe three coin flips if it's server can catch up please it's like it's like math and mathematize n'stuff now flip it's like there it is one more okay Boosh all right full attack oh my god thirty eight attackers it's taking a while to even turn them are they all at vigilance not these things though right did is haste Wow it took that long for them just to turn the cards holy crap he should block you should block you should definitely block I would block if I was him but up coon dog just having a fun little game here yeah he drops a fog I just walk away and cry like alright holy shit holy shoot ball okay okay okay I think it's it's slow because like you can't do anything like this many triggers and things and like cards like that's a lot it's all it's like calculating it it's nuts look at the pulse of the beating hearts of our goats I know the game could crash I hope it doesn't I really want to see the outcome of this that damaged I mean without just taking a guess I mean he's probably – 400 or something probably just just a crack at it without adding it up I'll come out and go through lifelink on all the things that be insane Debbi insane the games just busted right now – 368 guesses guys get don't add it up no one be uh you know just don't add it up just take a guess I'm gonna guess 448 throw out a guess how much negative life this guy will have if it goes through 649 – 520 my name is 444 and – a thousand that's probably not a bad guess this is a lot of damage come on go through wati wati go through wat see 420 clever go through someone said zero he's gonna fog you quit breaking the server wats he doesn't like it I know they do like it's it's it's it's stuck I think we really broke the server again nothing's happening Plus 35 oh you better not settle – for 69 come on come on kick it through go through babies oh my god what is happening pause no bad words guys he use electro dominance and it froze what see oh my god no oh my god why would you do that settle the wreckage all that work for nothing shit piss no oh my god oh my god I didn't lose though I didn't lose bro oh that was a lot of triggers alright gateway Plaza fair game you're dead this turn boy how many cars you down to eighteen I knew I knew it I knew a settle was coming I knew his settle is coming that damage was to Big Mike's like I can't give him I can't give him everything I'll give him a good meme but I can't give him everything else good cam I already know he's got to have a set of the wreckage where the swinging what everything actually that's let's play to win there you go if you have another settle there you go you get the gatekeeper in my mirror image down the one and then there was one we have two cars to draw Mike I know if I run into another settle man oh man this is such a good one guys please when when you see this on youtube I definitely recommend you guys share this video especially in like arena groups this will be hilarious people will love this this will be hilarious Stas I'll block one whole area sauce well we're sharing this video cuz you won't see this anywhere else oh oh my god top two top decks ago no we can't play anything right now what's our last card and it's going all down to one card we're both that one it's all down it can't be a land don't be a land and don't be a land do not be a land be a creature of any sort please please I could drop my plaza of harmony and get all my gate Colossus is on top and then draw three and drop my three gate Colossus and win it but I think would I draw that card won't it automatically kill me or it doesn't have to go to the end step electro dominance and then he plays a cleansing No why would you do that why it's all forgiven whatever I'm gonna gain some life Hey wait a minute am I still alive why didn't it kill me is it did we break it oh when I draw a card this time there's nothing to draw Mike that's right there's nothing to draw shipoopi I played the wrong card by the way we should have trapped Azure his guild gate but it wouldn't matter anyway we were dead and then I'd die it's my turn and we're gone next time keep ah well we Came we saw we alternate memed skadoosh