They Were HIDING In The FREEZER! (Fortnite Hide & Seek)

They Were HIDING In The FREEZER! (Fortnite Hide & Seek)

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Go and hide everyone! I’m back with Jelly and Kwebbelkop for another game of Fortnite Hide & Seek and this time we’re in a giant kitchen! Drop a like if you want to see more and use code slogo!


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They Were HIDING In The FREEZER! (Fortnite Hide & Seek)

when I hide-and-seek inside of our kitchen it's very nice looking all right how about everybody starts hiding oh you guys forget hi okay okay okay I first of all want to check this bookcase out it's a very yeah it's really looking white thing right next to it guys wait guys what yeah I thought we had to kill Julie Julie can't wait I'm up here Teddy come on I'm trying to look for the heat yeah how do we wait guys go over this I found a secret [Applause] okay you need to kill yourself okay let's get out of here no this – lets get back into the kitchen area okay check out the bookcases guys all right looking at them looking at them cannot see look there's secrets up hey guys I found something but how do you see it you can get on top of the books oh it's really tough to get on there Oh chilly do you see anything there no okay top levels clear Oh guys I found someone bottom level volume level okay right over here there's a back entrance too apparently wait did you check make sure he had no friend bookshelf behind the bookshelf Josh okay oh good over here alright we got it another secret okay this is oh this is suppose that we came from all the way around sweet keep staying in the kitchen area yeah but first let's just make sure no this thing goes around the whole map we clear it I'm pretty sure this goes everywhere what whoa where are we oh good one Jilly should we go we're like a shelters now wait wait guys guys hey hey Jordy you'll make sounds okay we're going to those containers which ones oh okay we got a grapple over there yeah there is no damage to be careful of that guys guys I just noticed some posh let me just have a look with my sniper Oh guys you wanna have a look here take this oh snap Oh accidentally shot sorry that was a bit mean because we didn't really get to the spa so sorry damn we are good today nice good job everyone okay where's next jelly – you wanna do one yeah maybe we should go have a look at the fridge guys the fridge that's right on top of inside the fridge alright alright guys chilly wait wait hey hang on we find you know that was look at the tree first I bet you there's a spot on top of the tree somewhere and we found one wait I was looking from the bottom I just didn't see anything this is a good spot okay apparently I think there might be five left depending on how many people if anyone's left the game I don't think it whoa guys on the kitchen counter guys whoa look at the handle just noticed that two weights into them there's two handles bye bye bye bye there was a handle here and then guys guys I just notice something what what happens when you wash your hands Oh get some soap urinate on that's hiding oh and we're back it's like the rat tunnels I think wait wait we should probably go into the area you're finding secrets by accident this way we don't want to find Cyrus by access okay guys there's an open drawer here wait I see some foods or fork no you're not allowed to move okay wait so we probably got like a couple people left by the way don't touch that joke is it hot Oh guys this is so hot this is so oh this is so hot this is Saad yeah yeah I made a joke no I need to dance I need to move my hair okay let's go okay keep going what is this it's a spoon or it is true wait wait wait can we get in the oven hang on a second we go to investigate everything you really want to die apparently okay no because all who knows what if somebody else turns it on let's get on the chair anybody on this chair type the secret holes in the show clock guys guys what guys what on the block hang on a sec came to find someone tell me the time please it's Dethklok yeah Julie that's cool that was like we didn't check everywhere around the kitchen all right guys let's check out the kitchen counter a great table for a see someone check out it that's all reflection wood that's the reflection deli you wouldn't be terrified of your reflection so we need to check what this plant put here yeah just check up the table and everything around seems why would there be a secret entrance in a blind pod I mean this I didn't see could be anywhere what about this one over here Oh yep that's definitely a judgment Oh Oh anything whoa here okay get inside of this I think this looks empty to me well I don't have a suspicion Oh what do you want to go Josh I missed my grandpa guys you check out the window let me go check out the window we mean the windows look pretty normal to me gal I know they're just normal trees right what's next what a security oh my god I just saw something I swear to saw her ahead guys wait hello but I think so you are the winner all right well that's everyone found you know what time it is all right let's go so guys this is it we can't make too much noise though but we're ready Oh jelly I thought away that go Jay I'm stopped get your own so hard oh this is Gary there you go hang on okay all right yes okay everybody you got two minutes to find out xiaolin oh I hear a lot a little bit fast and I'm dead I remember to use code slow go in the fortnight's store if you want to be cooler than all of your friends you can thank me later bye