The ULTIMATE Budget Gaming System 2018

We love games and we love to play them. But in 2018 we can surly have ONE gaming system that can play everything? Dedicated to gaming and completely controllable with a controller? ONE system that can play old, new, PC games, Console games… EVERYTHING! ….ALL FOR LESS THAN £300!?!?! ($380 USD)

So I am making it my mission to build one and this is the first one out the gates. The video is 50 mins long… terrilong I know, but I have allot of information and games to get through. I asked if you wanted it split or full and you said full… here you go!

03:33 – SOFTWARE

More videos and builds like this on the way… Some cheaper, some more expensive. It’s all thanks to you guys helping and making this channel what it is that gives me the chance to do this kind of thing. Thank you to everyone who has helped and those of you who even donated parts to make some of these happen and of course those of you who donated to my Patreon… I hope I did you all justice and you will all have the credits for all your help.

Please be aware that in the capturing of these videos the framerate and bitrate has been changed for them to show properly in this video. This means that the footage is not identical in quality to the original gameplay. I am not saying I have improved them, if anything they may seem choppy due to variable 30-60fps games being handbraked to a static 60 to be usable in my software and YouTube.

You will need Windows 10. I am not including this in the budget as worst case scenario you can use fully fledged Windows 10, even Pro if you wanted to for free as long as you dont mind the WaterMark. But, in 2018, I am sure you can source a full version of Windows for free if you look hard enough.


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This video in regards to Emulation is made to encourage you to play your BACKUPS. In other words, THE GAMES WHICH YOU ALREADY OWN!. Please do not emulate any games which you do not already have on any systems which you do not own. Unless of course they are abandon/free-ware due to license or age.

Emulation for me is not about playing games I do not own. It is about playing games on another platform. In fact on my PC at 4k internal resolution 60fps with one controller… not having 200+ consoles set up with 600+ controllers tangled up!

ESPECIALLY, do not sell anything to do with this scene or be stupid enough to buy anything from this scene. Support Developers (especially SEGA) and pay for what you play!



Many thanks to the community for being involved in all this!

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Wallpaper used for the CSGO intro was originally created by the Fritz channel


good day guys Austin e telling this once a day welcome to the future welcome to the future of gaming imagine a world where we have no limits where we will not tie to a platform a console a publisher a brand or hardware able to play every game from the start of interactive media known today as gaming up to today's modern triple-a titles a discrete piece of hardware able to be placed in your front room not just tied to gaming but also able to play movies TV shows music and the Internet all from your couch any controller of your choice I bring to you the ultimate gaming system able to play games from almost any gaming system Atari 2600 NES Super Nintendo Sega consoles Nintendo consoles Sony consoles all computer games modern consoles such as the Xbox Wii U PS free etc etc the latest games such as pub G fortnight battlefield 5 and almost everything in between choose whatever game you want to play from an interactive menu layout or manage from an operating system as soon as the system is booted and easily updated once new games arrive this has been tackled time and time again on YouTube with people building pcs where you will find time and time again they don't consider all the games they don't consider the normal person and they often cost you into the thousands of dollars to replicate just focusing on modern gaming imagine if I said we can play anything from any console or PC and this could be done all at the same price of a modern gaming console around 300 of the finest UK pounds I am not selling these I am showing you what can be done with easy to find parts and a bit of thinking outside the box I'm not a PC fanboy I'm not a console fanboy I am a gaming fanboy and for over thirty five plus years I have been gaming and I have been collecting and plane all the consoles I can get my hands on building and playing pcs and making the most of all the best games the world has ever known I still love and still think the original consoles are the best way to play many of these old tales but just like my music and my movie collection I want to be able to enjoy them hassle-free on hardware that is just plug and play in one location one controller on a tiny modern piece of hardware sure we can use things like the mini NES consoles raspberry PI's etc etc but these are often just title one system or very low powered meaning you can only play old games meaning again you need multiple systems set up in order to play them on let's build a small cheap system that does everything let's build the ultimate gaming system as we talked about we want to use this as a console not as a PC so we need an environment that allows us to use everything on the PC with our controller choose games choose media browse websites etc etc using our controller with an instinctive GUI there are many options for this free paid and available in many shapes sizes and tastes I have chosen launchbox for this setup as for me is the most user-friendly and easy to setup the most customizable to get to whatever taste you want able to launch almost any game that has been invented up to the latest titles available today including PC games emulated media music anything you wish all set out in a great easy to use interface that can be used with a controller with complete BIOS metadata game are etc etc from almost every game that has ever been released in history and updated almost daily this can be done so the system boot straight into the QA transforming the PC into an easy to use control of Base console that could play almost any game from a system from any time period now I do have to warn you that the version that you're seen on the screen right now is the paid version it cost 20 bucks full price which means that yeah this is more cost on top but there are other Hughie's front ends similar to this which are completely free and also launch box does have a free version I do also have to say that I have zero affiliation with launch box whatsoever or in fact any other front ends and there are plenty out there that are free to use however I did get in touch with large box and the lead developer which is Jason and he has been awesome he said that he is gonna offer a discount or a giveaway or something along those lines for probably a limited time period for anybody who watches this video which is absolutely awesome so once that becomes available I'll put information in the description down below to salt you guys out again I'm not getting any kickbacks no cut from any of this whatsoever so again there is more information on my channel for other front ends if you wish to go in a different direction I'm just trying to give you guys options also I have to say it's probably common sense but no games or anything like that is included with this front-end it's merely just a launcher a GUI like a menu system obviously looking all fancy and simplifying the process of launching games organizing them putting them into a nice little front-end as you can see now I just have to put that out there in case you think that you install this and you get all these games for free or something that's not how this works again more information about all this kind of stuff in depth is all over my channel I've been doing this for years hey guys Peter are you alright you know what I feel good I feel like I want a giggle behind my hand that a lot of things and hold but not eat a big ice cream cone so let's get into the good stuff the benchmarks let's see how this puppy is performing with our games now focused on two different types of games one being emulated games and one being PC games if you're building something like this you more than likely gonna play everything that you've got at your disposal now during these tests obviously I can't test everything on every system on every emulator but what I can do is play the more taxing games and of course the more taxing emulators I can also play the most popular ones and they're the ones that I've tried to show throughout these tests so first off we're gonna focus on the PC games but via word that all the way through this I have tried to keep it well I have kept everything at 1080p and also I've tried to keep all graphical settings to maximum wherever possible to maintain at least 60 frames per second as long as the game supports that kind of stuff of course with games which are more twittg based more reaction and more competitive I've tried to push the frame rate wherever possible but bear that in mind that we are playing this on a budget so so let's see what this can do first off we've got counter-strike girl and this one performed as expected to be honest it is a twittg kind of game so once it maximum frame rate and we all know countless strike can be played pretty much on your dad's laptop this is not exactly a system hog but I did want high frames per second so I've turned everything on to maximum and to be honest whatever fraud at this whatever game type whatever map it always seemed to maintain at least 100 frames per second which to be honest but I'm playing this game is what I would want and it perform like a dream as you can see next up over to overwatch now to be honest this is the first time I've actually played this game I bought this game just so I could test it for you guys I've heard that is popular and I know why it is popular it never suited my kind of gameplay before but from actually playing it it's pretty damn good it was a lot better than I expected but enough for that anyway in terms of performance wise yeah 70 to 80 frames per second most of the time if things got really heated and battle it would drop to around maybe high 50s but most of the time never dropped in below 60 frames per second this is on high settings of course if you wanted to get this even more twitchy then you could drop some settings to make sure that it was a constant and I'll 80 frames per second no problem whatsoever I didn't see any stutters no glitches no nothing like that this is a pretty damn stable game and highly enjoyable along with it next up I wanted to try some driving games to see how this impacted the machine and to be honest it was pretty damn good pretty damn good indeed these are the settings that I used for rec fest a pretty new game that has been released not so long back it's very much physics based and there is a hell of a lot of vehicles on the truck at the same time so I thought this might bring it to his knees and knocked it back to medium settings I pushed some of the settings up on other parts as you can see but to be honest I could have wrapped this up even further I was getting pretty high frame rates it was stood of free the system wasn't taxed too much but I was obviously maxing out my G pee-yew I was getting pretty much solid 70 to 100 frames per second depending on what kind of area the map pose on depending on what's got on the screen at a time but visually it looks absolutely stunning and playability wise it was perfect so you guys asked me to test out project cards and here it is I have not played this for some time but it's still looking absolutely beautiful now I'm playing this on medium preset obviously 1080p like we talked about I could have gone for better visuals and probably impacted on the frame rate or I could have gone for a better frame rate and impacted on the visuals the medium preset seems to be a pretty medium middle ground for all this kind of stuff and it performed like a dream I was getting well over 60 frames per second often into the hundreds it was obviously taxing my GPU but of course depending on what I wanted to knock back on what I wanted to push up I could have pushed this which every direction of one I would say it was very very playable there was zero stutters the frame rate was now on perfect and it was overall a great experience from a great game on to the number one most requested game for me to test on this machine for night everybody plays it it's not really my tipple but I don't know Eve enough about it to actually judge it on but this isn't a review this is to see how well this is performing put it in the comments down below as well guys if you're willing to show me the ropes on this game because I do want to get into it it's just front notes games that I'd rather play with friends rather than you know just going onto a public server ready way we digress in terms of performance I put everything on too high I didn't need all tweaking and it played like a dream anywhere between 60 to 100 frames per second no glitches no slowdown no lag it played perfect I probably could have done more tweaking and again the joy of PC gaming I could have you ever got better visuals or I could have ramped it down and got better framerate but to be honest it was a good sweet spot for this one it's not the most demanding of games but it does get pretty intensive when things start going crazy but in terms of performance it blasted out the so this game I wanted to test because I'm gonna be testing out the PlayStation 3 version in just a second obviously emulating it so when I gave some kind of pump comparison to go onto now this is the dark souls franchise in particular this is Dark Souls remastered on Steam this is very well for configuring to be honest it plays pretty damn well 60 frames per second no problem whatsoever there are summaries but it goes into the 50s but I think that's me recording at the same time as me actually playing the game when I was playing this normally I got a solid 60 now there isn't any settings that I can mess around with from what I can see I'm no pro when it comes to this game but at the end of the day who is this is a beast of a game but I did what I showed some footage of it working talking drawing some comparisons at a second when we start doing the PlayStation 3 emulation so Dark Soul remastered no problem so now I wanted to test some more and I know graphically intensive games games that would bring this system to its knees now first off pub G is probably the biggest hindrance of them all it's mostly down to optimization from the actual game itself rather than my system but I did want to show it because it is a popular game and I myself like to play this one when I was playing this on the normal map such as the no I can't remember to call the desert map and the normal old map it was fine 60 frames and above no problem pretty much all the way through but on the gameplay that you can see now this is worst case scenario I've got medium settings on this one but I have turned a few things into low just to get the solid 60 on the normal maps but when I loaded up this once and Hocker thinking is the new map especially when it's raining it was going sub 60 it was very playable and of course if I'm not this Holloway down to low I probably would see well into the 60s and above but I wanted to show you worst case scenario and here it is very much playable as long as you willing to make the sacrifices and turn everything on too low another game which is a bitch to play is doom this one is pretty system intensive I mean this game was released in 2016 I believe but even to this day it looks beautiful and if you've got a dated rig it can well hold it hostage visually the great thing is if you've got a mod GPU that can take advantage of Vulcan it plays like an absolute dream luckily our little build is utilizing a new Pascal card and it takes full advantage of that the gameplay you'll see now is on medium to low settings but we are seeing a very stable very good frame rates if we was to ramp this up a little bit further in terms of visuals then we could probably see pretty again stable frame rates and see even better visuals in terms of gameplay there is no stutters whatsoever it is maxing out the graphics card as expected but we have got a lot of headroom that we could probably tinker with this one so great game great performance on this rig and yeah I enjoyed this one and now onto the biggest beast of the ball this is the last PC Gamer looking at before we get stuck into the emulation side of things but by god what a game The Witcher 3 and to be honest it plays a lot better than what I was expecting on this system we've got the settings down to a medium now it still looks absolutely beautiful we've got 1080p but the difference between this game and all the others is this one love CPU it's a huge open world game massive environments a lot of stuff going on in the screen a lot of things happening behind the scenes with to make it perform the way that it does which means that it not only taxes your GPU to the maximum in most scenarios it brings your CPU to the maximum also so having this run to this kind of level on these kind of settings I wasn't expecting it it's likely down to the latest patches both in terms of the drivers for the GPU and the game itself but considering the last time I tested this on a similar rig it plays beautifully the only thing that I've had to turn down is the her works are off and the textures are down to minimum or should I say low other than that everything else is on medium so having the utmost in graphics is what you want from this it's not a multiplayer game which means that many a time you don't need the maximum per second but I was getting in the high 40s in graphically intensive towns during combat and all that kind of stuff but most of the time our solid 60 sometimes in combat in normal situations it would go to the mid 50s I see no stutters whatsoever as long as the her works are off and the textures are kept to a minimum it's just too much for that GPU if you have got a stronger GPU especially if you've got more memory on there then you will see a better performance but for us with this setup right now it plays like a dream and it looks like a dream awesome game and what a way to finish the PC section pac-man just gives me this feeling of giddiness like there's all these tingles running up and down my nipples and it's just this wonderful thing like hey look it's pac-man onto the emulation side of all this and this is the whole reason probably why we put this system together yet PC games out awesome but we want to play pretty much every game that we can ever play on this systems the whole point of us putting it together so being able to play pretty much every retro system that you could imagine from Atari pretty much every Nintendo system from NES Super Nintendo 3ds normal D s onto the Wii U playing Zelda breath of the wild of course we're going to see how far we can push this moving on to PlayStation system's ps1 ps2 even the PlayStation 3 and of course pretty much every other system in between especially Sega my love now as of yet the Nintendo switch is being emulated but not to the kinda level where we would actually call it playable also PlayStation 4 development is underway so we can obviously emulate PlayStation 4 but again nowhere near to any kind of standard where you would actually see games being played for any kind of enjoyment it's more proof of concept at this time so we're gonna go through pretty much all the more intensive emulators one that proved their compatibility with this build and we're gonna see how well it performs we want the zelda we want the persona fives we want every game that we have our catalog being able to play on one system it's the whole point of us making this so let's go through these emulators let's go through these systems and see what this puppy can do so like I said this system has been made to play everything that is retro if there's an older system and it's compatible in an emulator you can get this up and running no problem so I want to start somewhere which would be demanding and for me PlayStation 2 is quite demanded even to this day yet on moderate systems you can get pretty much every game working bootable and playable but to pump it up to some kind of enhancements where it would be fun to play on a modern system I wanted to start with the more troublesome games so I'm talking about Metal Gear Solid 2 the opening sequence when you come in with the rain the emotion engine taking its action it does cripple most people's systems and really pumps down the framerate especially at 1080p this system lapped it up whoo there's no problem whatsoever it looks beautiful it plays beautiful and it was a really good experience then we can move on to games such as Gran Turismo series again very demanding title and it looks absolutely awesome when pumped up to 1080p with post-processing in action moving on to shadow of Colossus again this one is the biggest hog for this system an awesome game that and a remake for the PlayStation 4 but the old title still looks beautiful especially when given the treatment that this emulator can give it's an awesome game and it plays like a dream you can get all the games working no problem again on normal systems but I wanted to showcase what can be done when you've got a system that is Cape full of pushing this all the way up to 1080p and still given a constant framerate and stable playability unsubmitted attend a week and this emulator dolphin not only plays Wii games but it also plays GameCube games I wanted to concentrate on the actual Wii stuff because this is the most demanding when played through it but I would say that not only does this play all the games you can push this easily to 1080p on this kind of rig but also if you wanted to you could push it even further get 4k out of this if you're into that kind of thing it not only plays them like I said but it completely transformed them into making it look like it's a modern-day game Nintendo have never been into cutting-edge technology in terms of the hardware and playing them through something like this where you can actually enhance the resolution it looks absolutely gobsmacked in the wii was a standard definition console and playing it on the original console the games look a bit dated playing them through something like this 1080p model controls of course if you wanted to you can even use nunchucks that's how enhanced this emulator is it just completely transforms the games and makes them look like well they deserve at the end of the day let's take a look at the Nintendo 3ds now in the past this needed an absolute beast to run compatibility was low and the performance was tarry but nowadays in the last 6 months or so you can see not just games working but playing on mediocre pcs with this kind of build you'll see them running not just at 1080p but you can even blow the doors off and take it to 4k now you may say why run things are stupid resolutions well the original console run at 250 P now that's alright of course on a little tiny screen but when you play this on a TV it looks a bit pixelated and a bit of a mess so enhancing these games to be to run on a desktop and with all its glory in full 4k if he wanted to specifications they look beautiful and it does them true justice now the compatibility in the past as we talked about wasn't the greatest but the enhancements that they brought in the development that they've pumped into it you will see the majority of the catalog now playable now the way that the Citra emulator deals with the dual screen configuration is up to you you can either split the screen into a large main screen and the small little one and you can equalize it so they've both got both screens running in tandem it depends on the game depends on your preferences depends on how you want to play it of course the Nintendo 3ds had touchscreen you can use either your mouse or I believe if you use a ps4 pad with the touchpad controls you can use that as the actual touchscreen on the emulator it really does enhance the way you play it and still gets all the bells and the whistles that the original handheld console had now some of these games look absolutely beautiful blown up into these kind of resolutions you've got all the features that goes along with this including online multiplayer for all your favorite games now in terms of the games yes you can play pokemon I'm fed up saying you can play pokemon on this the only game at the time of we record in this is Pokemon X&Y they are non compatible as a crash in there that the working out hopefully soon they'll get that ironed out but over than that all Pokemon titles are playable all the Zelda titles are all the Mario games you're all good to go on this one the catalog for the 3d s is absolutely huge and like I said the majority of the games that are on that system are playable on this system enhanced like we talked about it's an absolute dream of a console and it plays even better when you play in them on the big screen and now we get to the creme de la creme the absolute limit of emulation I'm talking about systems which are only just breaking through into the emulation scene now these are pretty crippling emulators and normally you need a very high-end rig to play them we have as we talked about configured the build of this system in order for us to get the maximum out of emulation and of course PC gaming while still keeping to a budget we are on the fringe of what the system can do so emulating games such as this on systems such as this we're pushing it we really are so let's have a look at some of these tests as you can see we you is playing like a dream it is beautiful emulation any title that I've been thrown at this is pretty stable pretty good to go if anything is more the emulator holding it back rather than the system itself now all the titles that I've done are getting pretty solid frame rates and playing all these titles at 1080p now I could knock them back and get even more stable frame rates written at 720p maybe as the original console did in most cases but we are emulating this and you know me I like to push things to the limit so 1080p was the minimum now Mario Kart Xenoblade Chronicles X Donkey Kong tropical freeze all those titles all run perfect the only time when I ever got to any kind of difficulties was of course Zelda breath of the wild it is run in it is playable and if I knock it down to 720 it is pretty stable in its frame rate but at 1080p it's just not there unfortunately it's getting in the mid 20s to 30 frames per second of course this is a 30 frame per second game the Wii U and yeah it is playable it is completable of course the more you play the better it gets but it's for me a masterpiece of a game and it does deserve a good solid framerate don't worry though we are gonna be up in the specifications in the next video but for now zelda breadth of the wild just isn't quite there it's playable it's doable but again it's just not for me on this one all the rest of the titles play like a dream like I said so in terms of the Wii U you will get pretty much every game that is compatible with the emulator playing on this system no issues whatsoever it's just a shame that it just isn't quite there for zelda breath of the wild but don't worry too much because again like i said i will be making another build and i will be choosing a cpu which will be more suited to this emulator i have learnt from doing all these tests and the way that it's reacting with these emulators is that it just needs even more cpu granted in other words clock speeds or it needs more cause now i have sourced another chip out and i'm waiting for it to arrive and I will update you guys as to a new build it's in the same price category so don't worry we're not just adding more money to this to solve the problem we're actually tinkering the system itself to try and find something that is best suited to our games and that's what I wanted to achieve from this I wanted to have a good start in base for us to work from what we could develop on learn from and actually tinker to get everything working on the minimum budget possible so yeah we you it is playable it is there but that one game the one bloody game is just not there so on to the next and the next one is our pcs three that's the emulator and we are emulating indeed the PlayStation 3 oh what a good day it is to now I've got to say before we start getting stuck into this this is very much a work in progress emulator it was released a couple years ago it was more proof of concept at that point but it has come on leaps and bounds in the past 12 months I would say up to the state where we're at now were many of the titles are playable and completable and very much enjoyable there is still a long way to go for compatibility and optimizations to get the most out of this emulator to work on most people's systems this is a very powerful system in terms of emulation so you will need a beefy rig to run this now we've done our best on our budget to give us the best possible chance in order us to get most of these games working if it's a very compatible game with this emulator nine times out of ten you will get it running on this system the issues where you come to go is whether you get the problematic games are the very graphically intensive games so from my tests unfortunately persona 5 it boots it goes in games it is fully complete able but you will get skipped frames and low frame rates it's still some way to go so optimisation wise it's not quite there for this system however if you've got a more beefier CPU you can smash this and enjoy the games in all their full glory I've also got to say that many of the IPS available on this system still aren't playable so at the time of be recording this the Last of Us Red Dead Redemption Uncharted series and some others they just aren't playable yep they get in game yeah the our proof of concept you can have a mess around with the but the just too glitchy to lower frame rate and crashes galore but many of the other titles that are on there are very much playable as you can see it's a beautiful system full of Wonders within its catalog the problem is like I said that this emulator is still early days so even though we've given it our best shot still not quite there but I would say that this emulator is developing daily and new breakthroughs are coming through daily so them as the optimizations increase the system requirements were lower and eventually we should see this in full bloom on this system but like I said when we're taking a look at this mu emulator it's just a case of me doing all this trial and error and seeing what the best combination of hardware is to get the most out of our budget bang for book playing all these games also I've got to say thanks to all the emulators that I've covered whilst doing this video I did so much footage covered so many emulators on so many systems it was just overwhelming but to keep this even at a reasonable length which to be honest it's not a diss moment in time I had to cut so many out but if you guys want me to feature more systems in the future when we're doing our next build let me know I want to know what kind of systems you want to run I want to know what you think are the problematic games for me to test to put all these systems through the paces I want to hear those problematic games those problematic emulators those systems that you really want to get working and I'll do my utmost to see if we can tinker and get this both hardware and software working in unison where we can all game together on our favorite games of all time in one place so instead of main gump for this and that is the hardware so for this build I wanted to go for the most powerful parts possible while still keeping within the budget of around 300 UK pounds to me that's a reasonable price to pay for a console so we're not pricing ourselves to hold the market the issue is for that price we've been looking to get just the CPU and a mother so with that in mind I've opted to goal for the used market do not worry I have not used any hard to find specialist or under priced parts to make up this build everything I've used is easily found on popular websites world round on most parts I actually overpaid to keep the price in of parts of this realistic but depending on your country the used market may vary obviously for 300 pounds even on the used market we're not going to get blistering technology but I've made this PC built for purpose to be able to play all PC games and at an enjoyable level also to be able to emulate as many games as possible including even the most modern emulators I want to keep the builders low cowered silent and compact as possible to make this a valid option front room use not just for gaming but for also movies TV and music streaming everything we would expect from a modern gaming console as all the parts using this system are as small as possible you can go for almost any case you wish meaning if you want to go for modern stylish case or most low profile discrete case cheapest or most expensive new or used the choice is all yours meaning that even though the parts may be used it still look brand new and completely bespoke to your taste if you do have more money at your disposal obviously you can upgrade certain parts to give you even more power to your games or if you want to save money you can source larger more available parts for the same specifications the actual parts then CPU at the core of the system I've chosen the Sandy Bridge Intel i5 2500 CPU this is now a very old CPU releasing in 2011 it runs off the 1155 motherboard socket which means if you wanted to you could also upgrade to the Ivy Bridge giving us room for upgrade if needed but for the purpose of this build on our budget the i5 2500 should do is just fine in most cases although this card now is seven years old terms of performance is still wax a hell of a punch before cause working at 3.3 gigahertz standard and 3.7 turbo even compared to modern CPUs this thing packs quite the punch the reason I chosen the CPU is bang for book at a time we've been recording this the price for this CPU has fallen rapidly meeting you can pick one of these puppies up for as little as 35 pound or as low as 20 pound if you shop around they are not hard to find memory and RAM the Achilles heel and the reason this CPU drop is likely due to the memory bus it's only compatible with 1333 DDR Ram although by today standard this is very low it will not affect you as much as some tech channels may have you think memory bandwidth is only an issue when you're running high-end GPUs onboard graphics or ap use like the new rise and chips rise and ap use use the onboard ram as its graphic from meaning that this is to compensate for what is normally ddr5 ram our modern dedicated GPU cards it has to be blisteringly for us to keep up with these GPUs or the graphics your bottleneck leading to Terri bad performance using slow ramp for high end GPU such as today's Nvidia's 10 70s and 10 80s low ramble bottleneck the CPU in turn not allowing the GPU to work to its utmost potential meaning for CPU intensive games you end up with only a fraction of usage from your GPU you're smurfing your GPUs capabilities which is more than likely one of the most expensive parts in your build although this sounds extreme in most cases it's only a 1 to 5% frames per second loss but it's still not ideal if you're buying enthusiast grade GPUs as it's just a waste of money the minimum amount of RAM I would use to enable us to play all these games is 8 gigabytes and that's what I've gone for ddr3 running 33 megahertz can easily be found online from 30 books at this grade the GPU that normally the bretton but of the PC game inside of it all a mid to low end GPUs you won't see these kind of bottlenecks as in most cases the required memory bandwidth is so low so with our 13 33 megahertz ram we have a realistic option of an nvidia 1058 to 1060 before we start to see any of these bottlenecks in most games to keep the price the size and the power consumption low in this bill that were opted for the nvidia 1050 but again you can upgrade depending on your budget and what parts you can find in your price range a new 1050 is currently about 120 UK pounds at a time of me making this video second and you can pick these up for ninety pounds the one I've got is a pallet GeForce GTX 1050 storm x2 gigabyte edition a well known brand in the UK but ensure when purchasing you did not buy one of the unbranded Chinese knockoffs these are not as stated on their advertisements and are often BIOS flash lesser power cards used to fool your system we could have gone for an AMD card but for compatibility sake I would keep 2 Nvidia some emulators do not play well with AMD mostly due to the way it handles OpenGL as OpenGL is a widely used API in emulation I tend to stay with Nvidia for compatibility sake but again the choice is all yours I'm sort of motherboard then the spine of all this it doesn't matter what motherboard you use for this build I wanted to keep it as small as possible so I opted for the micro ITX version as we are using a non overclockable cpu we don't need anything to an enthusiast level keeping the price very low the only requirement is an 1155 socket motherboard and it asks 5a PCIe slot for the GPU these are very common and can easily find for for e-books or lower I would however try to find one with USB 3.0 support for when you start adding hard drives media all that kind of stuff I managed to find a motherboard with three point-o Bluetooth 4.0 Wi-Fi plus 8 gigabytes of giel 13 33 megahertz ram and an i5 32 10 480 bucks this motherboard is a gigabyte h77 and Wi-Fi revision 1 if that makes a big difference and he's perfect for whole media setup also handy hint tried to get either a CPU or motherboard that includes a stock intel cooler or better these are often included as buying one used will cost you more in postage than what it's actually worth secondhand hard drives and stories then it makes 0 different for hard drives you use on this as long as they are SATA port it I would try to buy a bigger hard drive as possible to give you as much space for possible for your games modern titles do take up quite a bit of space and once you start emulating you'll find how much these games take up for this build I opted with a 1 terabyte standard hard drive these can be found as little as 20 pounds online plus even come with the years warranty if you buy from cex or something similar I'm not sure if this is available in other countries but I'm sure you have the same equivalent in most regions as a bonus in with the price I also opted for a 250 gigabyte SSD this is not essential but it kills me to boot a machine that runs its operating system from our normal standard hard drive it's just not as responsive with 250 gigabytes you have enough space for the OS a few programs and even some for your favorite games for a snappier experience of course non-essential like I said so if you miss out on this you can still have extra cash to upgrade your CPU or GPU if wanted these can be found 4 days are about 40 bucks now I know I know it's not best practice to use second-hand drives due to failure rates but in all honesty in my 30 years of making and using pcs I've only ever had three hard drives failing me on my dc's are on literally like 24/7 maybe I'm lucky you judge but as long as you don't stall you family photos etc on there and you buy from a site that offers some kind of warranty or protection you should be good to go at least for a year in the worst case now for the boring bit the power supply again you don't require anything special with the PSU and they can be picked up for pennies I would however go for known brand EPS use and if possible one that has a eighty bronze certificate it may sound silly spending so much on a power unit but cheap ones will often fail or not be able to the standards that they actually advertise I would however up for a 550 watt or over PSU as I'll though complete overkill for this build it will give you Headroom if you want to upgrade or wish to use it again in other future bills I budgeted 30 bucks for this but if I was you I would spend an extra 10 bucks and buy a brand new one or a well branded one for the sake of mind onto the case then the bit that makes it look all flashy this is all down to your personal taste and budget as almost everything we use this small form-factor you can use almost any case remember you need to have one that fits the PCI Express or the graphics card and the power supply you have chosen unless you want something super small you should have no worries I managed to pick up the thermit 8 core v1 mini for 20 bucks on my local ads and this was an almost perfect condition these are tiny and in the future were going to go even smaller for the same price now ignored they all in one cooler I have in there at the moment this is definitely not needed in this setup it will not affect your build in any way by including it we have non overclocked CPU in there with lots of ventilation so something like this complete overkill for this specification of build as I talked about this is not the end of these build videos I want to do some experiments with some over CPUs in this build in the coming weeks I added the water cooler as I would have had to take apart almost the entire PC for me to add the cooler later down the line so I did the sensible thing it added it now that way I can showcase some more options for you in future videos but for you guys just stick to the stock cooler so in total then so far we have gone for the i5 2500 that is 35 UK pounds eight gigabytes of 1333 mega her Tramp 30 bucks 1050 NVIDIA GPU 90 bucks the PSU was 30 bucks the hard drive 20 bucks 1155 motherboard compatible is 40 bucks and the case was 20 bucks meaning that the totals priced for us to get running bare-bones is 265 UK pounds however again you can add the optional SSD in there for 40 bucks to give you a much snappier experience bring the total up to 305 UK pounds which I believe is around about 390 US dollars but that comes in for quite the bank cookbook and in just a second I'll show exactly the performance that we're gonna get for a modern PC gaming and some of the most demanding emulators available today remember that although this looks quite expensive for the total u.s. price I know that much of those parts can be found for a fraction of the price over there well what is it you want we want I'll never pass through this word so we've built the system we put it all together and we've tested more or less everything that I can throw at this and what have we learned from it yeah we can more or less play everything or every system that can be played on a PC emulated PC games this will play everything the only time it stumbles is on those modern advanced emulators on the cutting-edge games so yeah if they are more than playable but for me it's not the complete gaming experience so we do need to push this even further again like I've said over and over in this video I don't want to throw more money at this what I want to do is tailor the actual specifications to suit these emulators in particular so building more pcs let's build another one and see where that goes this time round again I want to keep the budget in the same bracket but I've just ordered a new case this is it it's basically the same size as a ps4 I'm gonna get more grunt and more specs out of this one while still keeping on the same budget I'm just waiting for the CPU to come through and we are good to go I cannot wait to get my teeth stuck into this and see what we can smash out of this build I love mildewed these pcs I love tested emulators I love games in general so doing things like this for me is just bread and butter I could do this all day the only thing is I want to hear from you guys is what systems would you like me to test obviously I'm gonna push those more troublesome games to see if those work on this build but I want to know if there's any systems you want me to showcase in particular sega saturn's dreamcast some of the more retro systems if there's any features within those emulators or in fat pc games that you want me to try and test out on this build of system this is just as much your channel just as much your series and just as much your build and all this because the end Thursday I'm putting these together to hold fully encourage you to think outside the Fox and get this kind of setup and way of thinking in your gaming lifestyle so hopefully that has encouraged you guys to make magic happen it's been an absolute pleasure bringing this here this first episode has been bumper I've covered so much information I had to cover so much information for you guys to know exactly what's going on so you could follow so you could actually get the relevant information to you I do make long videos that's just the way I am I'm afraid hopefully it's all been relevant and pertinent to you guys so put in the comments down below again if you would like me to feature anything at all it's been an absolute pleasure as always bringing this here all the thanks goes to my patreon guys those are the people who made this possible the money that comes in from patreon I can pump into parts and build systems like this I can test emulators in different ways I can build systems and play games and test them for you guys so the entire gaming community knows what magic can be done when you put a bit of grey matter into it so thanks again to everybody that supports me on patreon there's links if you want to help out in the description down below thank you to all the emulator guys and most of all thank you to you for actually watching this super bumper length episode hopefully it's entertain you but as always please like please subscribe ring that bell or whatever it is that people do nowadays I think you also ring about five bells to actually get notified if I make a video but as always most of all most of all you guys have a good day laters