The State of Apex Legends w/ Xclusive Ace (Discussion & Criticism)

The State of Apex Legends w/ Xclusive Ace (Discussion & Criticism)

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Today’s video is a State of Apex Legends with Ace who happens to be a huge fan of the series. We talk about what brought us to Apex from CoD and future of the game. Most of the dicussion focuses around new content release dates.

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The State of Apex Legends w/ Xclusive Ace (Discussion & Criticism)

so you play lifeline mostly yeah typically lifeline I've got like a set of four or five of these characters that I'll just I'll pick whatever one I want gotcha I'm big on Pathfinder for the most part no I think I just love the grapple so our last foray into live commentary during battle royale was very challenging hopefully this would go a little better state of apex legends you you said you're a fan of this game right yeah yeah I've been loving this game I surprised myself with how much I love this game so are you playing this more than Call of Duty then uh I was for a time I'd say the first month that this was out I was playing it more than Call of Duty and basically just maintaining the Call of Duty content on my channel but since the the season one came I've actually been playing this less than I was before Wow I think part of that is the fact that I've been I'm back in Canada right now so I've just been dealing with travels so haven't really got too much time I've been playing like I'd never thought that I was gonna be leaving Call of Duty but like the day apex came out was when the microtransactions happened I just started playing and playing and it's just every day I would just get up and it's like I just want to play apex today and I look up and a cut and I did some videos and I got a couple of hits and I look up a couple of weeks later and I'm like well my whole channel is now apex legends think I love about this game the gameplay itself is all it needs to get you hooked like there's no gimmicks required it's a gameplay that's solid under Centon it seems rare with a lot of kings these days I call a duty ultimately has gimmicks the specialist abilities to guaranteed things that you can do in the game this game just like we've got really good shooting mechanics and that's about it yeah all you need but it's not all you need long term no not long term so that would move me into the next topic are you also like me afraid for the future of this game because of the lack of content or perceived lack of content yeah absolutely I've been thinking about that like I said with myself I've been playing it less and I haven't really been feeling the urge to hop on that much I feel like there's nothing to work towards on like a game to game basis aside from improving or trying to win a game which gets old be fast I mean so I'm in the same boat now I love improving and getting better and had fun and you know I'm when I play on PC I try to be like a sweaty aggressive boy which doesn't always pan out but there's no loot to work toward there's no big progression or anything I'm gonna move to this slightly further out town if you want to come with yeah I'm coming I usually use it for that but so there's no like on so many levels I'm gonna hit this skin that I really want or I'm gonna get this credit or this token they haven't added hardly any new skins to the game except for the battle path skins which I I assume that you're with me on that they're not very good yeah I was I was a little disappointed when I saw that brings me back to similar thing I was talking about with Call of Duty's I feel like if they added some sort of daily challenge weekly challenge that would reward you with some crafting materials or something so you can work towards unlocking that that skin that you really want mm-hmm I'd be really nice to have I would make too much sense I think another big thing they're missing that is leading to less player retention possibly is lack of global stats so I can't see how many wins I have total so I can't grind for my hundredth win because I don't know how many wins I have right you just you just know you've got some wins somewhere no I really feel you there's nothing pulling me and except the gameplay but every other game is doing what Call of Duty has new maps new modes fortnight good Lord that's just the content machine yeah yeah I don't even expect games to keep up to that I just expect them to try see sees did a beautiful what is it April Fool's Day event did you see it I did see that I don't play siege at all but it did blow up on Twitter and yeah that look that looked pretty awesome what they did it was it was legitimately fun to play so I was really happy with that so would it break your heart if apex were to just die yeah it would I think it's it's got a massive amount of potential I don't know if they're gonna live up to it I ultimately agree I haven't seen them doing much I mean they fixed the bugs and some little things but this game could be hot like this game could be liquid I'll imagine if they did half the updates the Fortin I did on me I thought this is one of you guys I'm so done you will have boyfriend's nearby ice one shot over there I also got a wraith below me in the building don't know where race ended up I'm not a cop of the building I was just happy yeah she's hurting oh thank you thank you for the borrow all the kills just borrow that one dude it's all good just keep on borrowing them kills gotta enemy only got a nearby respawn yep and when our star just to be Instagram I think this is a purple armor boy so care yeah it's purple oh god behind me – I'm gonna go down here okay he got from one purple armor boy down ice I'm gonna pick you back up as fast as I can I'm afraid of apex does I have a ton of fun playing this game and it would legitimately make me sad if apex were to no longer exist and that is a future that I am currently trying to prepare myself for because I think that could happen soon I think that there could be a new big game comes out a critical breaking point something that people just decide you know what apex we don't want to wait on your content anymore just yeah that does concern me as well and I think something needs to happen soon I was hoping season I had much higher hopes for season 1 I'll say that much same high so I've been hearing respawns kind of split right now they've got they're creating a Star Wars game mm-hmm and I think they're making another game as well so they got like three different teams going on I wonder if that's one of the reasons they're not meeting expectations or maybe they just underestimated expectations for season 1 you know I feel like there's so much less to talk about when it comes to state of Apex instead of cod cuz the only thing going on with Apex is like where is our content breath yeah give me something to work towards through some stats some better content more content not even better content the content they have is solid just more of it I don't think a respawn expected this game to be as popular as it is yeah no I don't think they expected nearly as popular I thought they I think they knew that it was going to be fairly big but I don't think this extent could have been predicted I'm very impressed with how they've managed to keep servers and everything relatively stable throughout the whole launch experience with how many players they have pouring in I thought the same because I don't think that they really anticipated that big of a push and Dave won you know it wasn't so big but by the end of the first week it was exploding yeah they they did a great job with keeping things quiet and then getting all the red influencers involved and that was huge do you feel like since the update from I guess it was a season one update you feel like Pathfinder are you surviving gun fights more effectively this is a hit my own age yeah okay I haven't really used him much since under a baby think I find her from the very beginning so yeah so you really know well not just that but I've always had a good time with Pathfinder even before the hit box never bothered me so I really don't know how they intend to fix fix that cause it seems like it's part of like integral to the game code being Source engine that your hit boxes are roughly what you see and imagine if they scale Gibraltar down to be Wraith sighs Sheila thought he'd look like an oompa loompa or Wraith would just look huge comparatively yeah you know I think it makes sense to have the hitboxes somewhat tide of character model it's a great way to balance them in some regard but Pathfinder from at least from that video I saw that that guy made testing the hitboxes even between his legs was a hip box and that was an issue that was one of them you think that you can shoot through him now it's some people get really annoyed by it yeah I might have to try pathfinder out next time I play too there's two down there yeah you want to drop down and fight them I'm gonna do that he is literally one hit yeah one bullet I'm so sorry I feel terrible my trigger finger is broken what you guys have fun there I'm gonna take a little emotional support break and I'll see you in a minute I just gonna clean this team up real quick I just got more people coming up behind you I think actually that guy hit the jump pad in the box who just shot what was that I think that was in here that that's not a hundred percent but we're gonna darn sure I heard something in here it's heard of Wraith guys up here ha-hi borrowed your kills alright one team left so get a mastiff over here or something fun oh yeah I have no idea how powerful the Mastiff was when I first started playing this game I didn't even touch the Mastiff any time I saw it was just like yeah I don't really need it but now it's like I'm already good testing with it yeah you go ahead console do the math it is on point I won't say no gosh we should probably go to the city and out of this little desert on me close found one further back that's not the one I'm worried about all right you hear footsteps as well there you know smoke on me yep right below me somewhere also got back here let somebody go free he's got white armor oh he's really low he's really weapons got an armor he's only got level one armor I can't hit him though borrowed you kill again I'll take it that's fair I think it balanced out in the end your first name wins pretty good I'm happy with that I think we've already like we've literally exhausted all of our pecks topic similar dish that's a quick 5 minute chopped up commentary season good performance from everybody even the random did well