The REAL Reason EPIC Removed Stretched Resolution…. (Fortnite Battle Royale)

The REAL Reason EPIC Removed Stretched Resolution…. (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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The REAL Reason EPIC Removed Stretched Resolution…. (Fortnite Battle Royale)

thoughts on stress stress being removed 10 days before World Cup qualifiers that's not right like they shouldn't have removed stretch 10 days before the qualifier that doesn't make sense I don't even really care about stretch res like I don't know the reason I was running is because it was a significant advantage to be running stretched there was a notice it was a noticeable advantage to be running stretched so I ran it now everybody running native I'm not mad at that but that's something that should have done a long time ago so the truth is stretch shreds is only really a problem because it gives you an advantage that's really the only problem that is presented it could be visual as well I still think they're gonna use their spectator client at the tournament I don't think they're gonna watch what the players are doing I think they're gonna keep a spectator client if I had to guess why stress res is being removed if I had to guess my best assumption would be there's two assumptions they're removing the stretched res because it offers a competitive advantage to players who are running on native and theoretically speaking a console player can't run stretch res therefore they're always gonna be a disadvantage alright besides you know FPS and whatnot so that well my first theory is they're removing stretch res because there's a competitive advantage or using stretch because you're able to see more on your screen that seems like reasonable not necessarily it's a reasonable conclusion to make but it's not reasonable to do it 10 days before the World Cup my second theory as to why they removed stretch res is in the past month a lot of the for tonight's top influencers and streamers have switched to stretch resolution NIC mercs Aiden ninja Tipu me and a lot of other people are now running stretched resolution from a marketing perspective you guys realize that anybody who doesn't play fortnight anybody who doesn't play fortnight and sees the stretch res for the most part a majority those people would find it kind of weird that players are degrading their graphics and stretching their resolution they'd find it strange and you'd find it kind of funny so from a marketing perspective it looks bad so and I'm speaking in in I didn't mind running stretch I don't mind the 1600 by 1080 I thought that looked fine from a pure marketing perspective it just looked bad so my other my other theory is that you know the investors or whoever is in charge runs the show like hey guys you know we we don't like this whole stretch trend that's happening can we please get rid of it I know the tournament the World Cup is right around the corner but you know it just doesn't look right all the top you know influencers are using stress stress makes the game look bad can we get rid of it and they did so those are those are my choose two theories the second theory I would I wouldn't be as upset about because it's obviously from a business perspective and probably not even like the main developers decision to make it's more of a call from higher-ups you know but at the end of the day you're doing you're doing this way too close it's not fair for the guys who have been practicing stretched for the past year it's really not fair to those guys they have to adjust in 10 days there's actually a tournament happening this weekend and they have to adjust for that tournament which is starting on Saturday I'm not as affected I actually as on be honest with you I from a streamer perspective I like playing native from a competitor perspective I like playing stretched but as a from a streamers perspective I like native because in reality I didn't lose any viewers by playing native but I did lose some maybe not a lot but some viewers because I played strength so I'm not mad at the change I'm just I'm disappointed that it's so close to the biggest competitive competitive event ever shot myself out I can today hit a tree and fell to my death really in Seoul arena because I probably because apparently I hit a fence right as I shot myself so it's a way all the fall damage me forehead deep gonna get that drop yeah my game Cal okay oh oh I don't know about this young bro yo no probably took the rib I got several together okay he joint the sort bro no no he did i slab oh sure yeah I'm gonna gonna launch is okay unless he picked up another slip yeah rock it Emily yeah – I've been loving the green launcher hit me script yeah it's so overpowered broke it really just on top of each other you don't even have to aim the other day I have I had high ground and we were still rotating like and I just sent it to the floor and start bouncing the Rockets down yeah we should get this guy warning ya never just backflip into default tense Gary just scary I'm gonna show you my best combo okay you know that this emo is so under I think this one has one of the best speed drops or looked like the best dance drop look we'll go over one starts breaking it down and we're getting cheap set for getting shoes Deborah John dead one hopper nice I don't thing I always get the res off not the dynamite mess up a tomato and I'm ready yeah didn't go down the hill behind us okay geez you can added us up yeah it's like blocking the way losers bro those guys are streaming some thoughts before it – yeah they hit us yesterday it even more stinks for us as this you wouldn't be doing this in a real game you're not even hitting us you're using your resources or nothing be play realistic you have any chance my way any extra not spike traps too many I got the dark trap though when you want let's get ready to fight these schools now they can't write anything one poor dude sighs oh my dude poor guys there's a chug back here I'm gonna pick it up editing a little bit too much above us I don't like it you think them they could but like he doesn't even do her so close to zone bro oh your side oh you want to start tunneling to zone everything yeah we got 150 extra metal here 400 wood all we can't do that there I mean we could geyser and just take like a spot like right here hey guys what I'm planning is that if you go out from these side or else it's it aw are the perfect pump in the suit I could want nice good pick we're going right great very marked gonna wait right here right here okay background just to get the campfire okay I'm letting on you know I'll take a drive in Florence you wanna be on top of you I'll be careful in front of me yeah I'll Gogh it down I'm here absolutely crashing guys huh well how did you get to get a little I shot from the pack to Sheila's life is why no swipe ulis place deep when they learn a launch of these guys just kidding coming from a lot another campfire yeah it's on the volcano defeated yeah yeah all right dark huh No one second too late I know I'm getting good anything damage these guys think that how you get one of them just draw you go forfeit our vocal music second tag alright Savini like no more parity I've deemed especially my 25 yeah his height drop down you drop it down yeah drop that up because he's a solo and there's an air vent here watch watch oh he's dropping down right now being hit that funny guy yep down below hang on low low low low nice it's early this early ladies mom