The New SECRET BUNKER at LOOT LAKE! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

The New SECRET BUNKER at LOOT LAKE! (Fortnite Battle Royale)


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The New SECRET BUNKER at LOOT LAKE! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

thank you so much grant for that donation shot to you all right guys you guys make sure to stick around after this event does happen cuz we're gonna go back and check out what action change in the map whether the volcano erupted all these different things so we'll seen them but here we go guys 60 million health left I'm not even a pickaxe anymore we're gonna watch I don't think creative works you but I'm not sure if Rick our ladies gentleman right now do drop a like man hit the subscribe on fifty million health left on this rock let's go dude 50 million health left we have over fifty thousand live viewers you guys are insane shout to everyone in the stream right now guys we're almost down dude we're almost freakin there and you and by the way you guys are insane I wasn't gonna stream tonight and I wasn't expecting this big of a turnout you guys are nuts 37 million left Romania on this final rock here at loot Lake okay what's gonna happen guys okay so for the trapdoor is it gonna open up we're gonna find out I'm not sure exactly but something's gonna happen I hope I'm back to the other account sounds good cold think of that donation then guys here we go 26 milk look at that look at the health bar look how close it is to being done oh my goodness bro I'm Ivan strong so nation the guys real quick I'm gonna turn off donations dude I ignore me turn them back on but I'm here we go bro wish I won't turn off the steam there you guys 17 million left what's gonna happen 10 million guys let's go dude everyone right now guys drop a like subscribe channel officially 10 million left on the final Rock here at the loot Lake excavation site April 7th 2019 it's so close to being done oh my goodness dude 3 million 2 million 1 million ladies and gentlemen wait for it all the rocks are gone is it gonna open up or not ladies gentlemen all the rocks are gone okay you guys know last time obviously lava erupted from from the bottom the first excited obviously had that volcano vent rise class think response rain now what is this there's no health bar in this this right here obviously is the crab door it's not open up I don't think so what's going on okay like I said guys the first to take sides we both had live events right after all the rocks have been destroyed right now I'm not seeing anything I mean has anything changed I'm really confused it's gonna open up or it's just gonna sit there because you guys know the first excavation site obviously a volcano event appeared from the first one the second one lava started emerging from the ground this is the third one and all the all the rocks are gone right I think so Yeats honestly dude destroy the other rock I think all rocks have been destroyed guys I think so I thought I was opening I think we all did I mean obviously 100 thing guaranteed at all but I mean we've a kind of live events for all the other ones another letdown nothing happening I'm every fresh that might refresh that was disappointing I'm very disappointed but I'm not gonna get I'm not gonna give up yet because I feel like for any might have something else I mean we've seen a lot of bands for the other two why would there not be something here hold up all right that why they're marking just up there yeah what's up do I don't know man leave damn restart I need to so okay we got everything we I've ever even broken I really thought this wouldn't open up okay so maybe this will open up with a cutscene then so maybe on Tuesday with the update we'll see us open up there's a rock above you I don't think so no that's that's like the the Stonehenge I think at the end the rocks yo your point land what's up man think about the nation okay I'm gonna jump into a thing a solo game and check out what's different dude you have to refresh forget we're gonna go into a solo player on game I came with this happen dude I mean obviously we weren't guaranteed to have a I mean that was the final Rock though hundred seconds run like I'm not like obviously that's I mean we weren't expecting that tab and we just kind of everything everyone thought was gonna open up you know we're gonna loading this guy's go into a solo game and see what just happen because I mean I don't know dude that was the final rock at had loot lake so meanness so I mean there's no way something to happen you guys know the first event obviously I look bad had the Paradise Palms bridge ever created a volcano event which is really cool on the second one had lava go everywhere private okay let's go into this dude well we're gonna see what is happening is I'm really confused as to why the door didn't open up I mean I don't know weirding the time the Brenin think for a donation I don't know my Twitter Brooke wake see if anything's there so nothing up I'm gonna give us some time here I mean maybe it open up maybe to open up on Tuesday though I feel like Tuesday when the event when the keep us entertained including my depression but um let's go back in your dude trapdoor in volcano no way the volcanoes rising no it's not really I mean the chat okay let's go back here guys alright so my guys yeah the giveaway so alive I promise to get my guys is for three thousand view box all you do is just drop a like right now and hit the subscribe on weren't you investigate see and see what's going on here dude because this is a really really strange you have to break everything a preacher we did okay your aggression thanks so much Alf I appreciate it dude I'm really I don't know it just doesn't make sense as to why the first to dig sites we had an event this one we didn't maybe because this is the dig site that everything went right because obviously they're the first to dig sites this one right here we're gonna the first one this dig site was a fail obviously we dug too deep and that was that's what caused the volcano event as you guys see right here this was the first excite once all the rocks were completed we obviously saw the this thing appear out of nowhere and that was the first dig site now the second excited was that Luke dusty divot which we're gonna go through right now okay let's let's say sir I mean we heard we got genocide yeah I'm working I'm more confused than anything I mean cuz obviously we weren't guaranteed a live event it just kind of just made sense with things I mean that was the final rock destroyed there are no official and the live event was obviously destroying the rock of course bug in my room um let's go check this out yeah I don't I don't get this yo shadow thank you so much for a donation men shout to you yeah by the way guys we're about 200 subs from 1 million eight hundred forty two thousand let's get if we could be awesome the bunkers are filling up with lava okay we gotta check this out dude okay I'm hurry knocking I'm hurrying out apparently the bunkers there's two bunkers guys you know there's one here and one at sunny steps we need to go check this out but right now I'm gonna show you guys the second digs I this obviously was the second dig site here at dusty divots once all the rocks were broken we had a live event and a lava rising from the ground right now it's what made sense that was a second dig site now the third dig site which we know just happened there were 30 rocks and we just completed the final one but I didn't see a live event occur I mean maybe just the rock and maybe just having that the trapdoor there was the live event itself I just don't know if that's why man Ross and his friend Christy I saw wasn't polar pikas melting how would you tell I do have rehan expert now that skins ugly so I didn't buy it alright here it is spectral shots my man you'd appreciate the donation dude good luck with your YouTube channel bye dude okay we're here this is the dig site at loot Lake all the rocks are gone that that's not like a breakable Rock okay we have this shovel made this piece of ice thing was from greasy Grove we have a container from the OG factories we have a mailbox from Gracie Grove we have this giant gum gum Tiki statue we have a chess that's making annoying noise so I'm gonna open it we have whatever that is a head of something and of course the fish but of course the most important part a secret trapdoor that is still remain unopened which is very very interesting okay how much for the bottom do you guys hear that then you read the nation about that big game I appreciated but I hear something bro hi I am do that that's me Glow craft ice cream I caffeine dude stream every night what is under here and how do we get in there like echoes dude it doesn't go down far it's like a cave okay now for those are wanting guys why we thought alive event was gonna happen tonight this pickaxe was another reason this pickax right here is the ruins pickaxe the ruin is a special week 9 skin you give I complain fifty-five challenges in season eight and it wasn't the item job tonight oddly enough now we were thinking we were kind of all weird green this by the way Janek oh thank you so much for the five dollar donation we were thinking that since obviously all the rocks have been destroyed we were to need another live event because we've already on to live events this would be the third one and for this third live event this would open up and we can see our first reveal of the whatever it's what's-his-name the ruins can you see the first reveal the ruins skin but all the rocks have been destroyed we have ruins pickaxe but it's not opening up I don't know do you I mean maybe just want to keep us waiting until the update maybe the next update we is on Tuesday I don't know chief I don't know everyone's been saying the bunkers are filling up with lava I can go check that out there real quick but ladies and gentlemen that is officially all the all of the the rocks completed here at the loot lake