The New ROCKS DESTROYED at LOOT LAKE! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

The New ROCKS DESTROYED at LOOT LAKE! (Fortnite Battle Royale)


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The New ROCKS DESTROYED at LOOT LAKE! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

I'm gonna a3 there a 20 there 79 6 41 43 okay used her she has turns don't do damage to it apparently look at your mess is XY 2 2 3 Virginia cheated pay off the refs I don't think that I don't think so what's happening is we're destroying this rock right now with our pickaxes once it gets down to zero health it'll be fully destroyed so yeah for a night light and thank you for subscribing noushad to you remember give as you're doing probably a lot to you lobby while we'd show this event you guys are beasts awesome I'm on a job and sub siren season see I gave you moderate Brown we need some more moths appreciate that the dawn I didn't yeah just try to warm people they're being inappropriate and time out if they deserve a timeout but um thanks for peanut round let's keep it going no baby you know 118 million left on this one dude they might order some food right now a whole look what we get in fact what we get back well we will be in an i baby don't worry it's our post minutes who knows there's no point of hitting in there really is because I mean it goes faster obviously the more people to hit it the faster it goes obviously if I don't hit it's still gonna go anyways by might as well speed up a little bit I want to I want to see it go out down kadai time I do damage I don't think so don't think Don about Ken okay Levi I think for the $2 don't appreciate dude ever shoot zombies again Seth I mean I'd like to you basically could people don't really want it zombies for the most part the idea drop a like guys subscribe I'd appreciate it go back there all right but we officially have 88 million health left on this rock right now guys we're gonna see what's under this rock here we're gonna reload new art new game and everything and I'm excited to see what's gonna happen here you know I have no idea what was going to occur here I'm excited because I know there should be that Easter Egg Island a statue because he was right here and someone are you destroyed him so 79 million left guys were obviously are really close now for over 90 percent done with this rock it's a pretty big rock to me it's all over there oh it's a huge rock dude these are really big rocks today last time we had some really small rocks but this one is ginormous look at this thing used to monster but uh was that 70 million health now let's keep going this is gonna be interesting you guys already know it's been to dig sites already one at Paradise pulling over here boom obviously what happened at that one was basically a geyser volcano event it came out of the ground and kind of exploded there and the second one then was that dusty divot which we all know lava emerge from the ground and right here obviously of course is the third big site at loot Lake we're not sure there's me anymore it's going to remove there will be but I just have to wait and see but this is the third one right here it's got 55 million health left in this rock and we're gonna find it out you were to choose shield particular or infinite mass if it amounts would make the game not work definitely not but I mean I think infant has to be crazy but I don't know I really I don't care what the revert thing I think for one seemed to choose the best thing for their game and I want this game to live long so whatever they thinks gonna do that I trust them yes we're less than 50 million health left on this rock we're about the win is it right now guys and see this rock and get destroyed live in this game why didn't came here thumbnail because supposedly there's a cube underneath all these rocks Kevin the queue was gonna be making a return obviously it makes sense were or near Lou Lake so having Kevin or a cube or a hop rock would be awesome Levi I think that – Dada no why don't use turrets because turrets don't do damage to him the guy said to subscribe and if you guys are new drop a like we're now at 30 million health left on this rock right now super salsa so you love the streams – Thank You Man appreciate that let's check it out baby guys 22 million health we are almost done with this rock that we're getting way way close I didn't get like to a place where I can watch it I want to I want to see you get destroyed alright lady I'm right here dude 14 million health let's do it yo thank you yeah I've been appreciative that yeah I want to say this in ho GE oh I don't know even just be nerdy I appreciate guys hit the subscribe button right now guys we have seven yes five million health on the rock left guys the rock spotty and destroyed right now in our game hit this subscribe Mon guys in three two one boom the rock is gone and that rock is huge is all in rock this is all one rock this whole rock is 630 million health yo Gigi's let's go dance let's get some dance out yo dance with us let's go we did it baby we beat that rock there we still got some more rocks to do of course Dan you okay I'm gonna go under there guys we're gonna back I real quick I just see what's goin on here back at Amelia I'm gonna back out guys and we're gonna see what actually is underneath that rock obviously whatever something you think was destroyed by the dynamite to be through but we're gonna go see and what actually occurred there can you give me a skin uh mind you give these kids tonight I'm not doing other streams that I can do some gifting skins to you guys I'm gonna be cool okay let's go right here guys running going to a new playground a brand new one that doesn't have anything destroyed and we're gonna check out what just happened if you guys having to subscribe be sure to do so hit the subscribe if you guys are new shoutout to everyone that was my game by the way they're awesome I might get him back in here but I'm gonna go into solo game right now and burning a check out everything that's here it's one big rock it's a huge rock dude it's a good rock bands giant Leonardo what's up dude thank you feel I don't know but guys let's go check out though what's going on here men let's go check it out i reloaded in all right let's go oh my goodness you do it this way I'll tell you what I tell them you know I took nine plates ship from the waka new exact it this time that's true though that could happen that'd be crazy nico nico but that'd be nuts let me nuts I'm wealth away and see but but um having the volcano rough would be really crazy guys let's go check out though the actual dig site and see what's going on here have a shout out led jati bruh of course man what's up my dude alright now also apparently can hear the cube now I'm gonna turn on this volume real quick and see this let's go down here okay ladies Yemen here is the dig site currently as right now is it 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on April 7th I need you grab a weapon though okay um this one right here you guys says 589 thousand left that's a pretty good amount probably made a million left right here that's the Easter Egg allen-head isn't it Hunter percent is ood yeah it definitely is guys look at that man it's right there it's like chillin on the wall you can jump on it kind of so that's what we found some fries right there so underneath that rock was this statue looks kind of crazy guys you know um that fish but it wasn't from that from Rita row doesn't greasy Grove I made a mother not even a lot of places hold up here let me count Amir rocks we have left let's see let's see all our progress real quick okay so this one right here as five and seventy seven million that's the one I think everyone everyone's gone for this one this this rock is huge dude it's a giant rock right here firing seven million that's what we all want to break this one right here and a fourteen million this one right here is seven and forty five million and that one right here is 876 million so this one's give me last no one's doing that right now this one is pretty important 7:45 that was eight thirteen I think everyone's gonna wait for this one no one wants this one like that one just this is lame we know nothing's there besides I could know something's in that container truck you Isaac thank you so much for subscribing the channel dude but yeah guys we have a total of one right here one Rock left two rocks left three rocks left and four rocks up we have four rocks remaining guys on this takes out right here dude which is kind of cool if you guys haven't hit the subscribe on you and hit it right now guys drop a like on the stream or any we're gonna be obviously lives from this whole events making sure we don't miss anything here inside for tonight Battle Royale dude it's kind of crazy dude so it's at 560 I didn't live in the day but we'll go up and harden up to I mean maybe game reviews dude possibly have to wait and see I guess what's all gonna happen dude from Season five the rift locations okay maybe the exit this was this was this was this was at the salty Mountain at one point the lobbying doesn't going to expand maybe I mean we're gonna have to see obviously yeah I think the final event will take place to all rocks are destroyed but it's gonna be interested he was actually in happen there you know I don't know man it's for me it's gonna be an interesting thing this thing to see what's gonna happen regardless though you know you can hear the cube yeah so people are thinking here the cube sounds tell me something I don't here over here I don't hear anything over here here a chest probably a chest below here probably chest in there actually alright here I can hear the cube right here no it's right here that's the Kia bro that's that's see there a hop rocker the cube Kevin me keep returning cash yeah I'll be quiet the reservation probably not though not be Russell guy did the cube saw coming back man that's pretty crazy bro I'm so excited see what's gonna happen once we knock out all these things I turn this down that's pretty loud Rylan thank you so much my donation um interesting though guys we mean I confirm the cube or the hop rocks that's exactly what it sounds like something is beneath this and something's gonna happen do we Scott I guess obviously wait to see what's gonna happen was is that 5:23 now 523 on this rock this was at 8:10 hey bro this is minecraft look I know right interesting yeah it's not 520 here how about Satan ago I can use some math in this real quick actually do some quick math I'm gonna see how long it takes for like I'm the only takes to go from 5 10 million to 500 million and we'll do that in the bathroom there to jump crystal I'm for sure it's one of those two dudes it's it's gonna be cool to see what's gonna happen but I don't know all right I'm gonna I'm gonna time it guys I'm at on my phone to see what when it goes from 5 10 million to 500 million do drop like right now guys if you guys are new I'd appreciate it ok time we're going skip in is the Oh logo I think you were subscribing nude shot to you my dog all the new subscribers are about my face Ezekiel as well okay we're new some a quick math here maybe Japanese and come back I think so ma'am I think so dear all Rahul what's up man alright home I guess almost almost here 31 seconds so 31 seconds for 10 million of health let's just say 30 seconds for time so 30 30 seconds for health or 30 seconds for that Susa Matthew then so 30 seconds for 10 million there's a hundred million five million left