The New LOOT LAKE BUNKER in Fortnite..

The New LOOT LAKE BUNKER in Fortnite..

Fortnite LOOT LAKE EVENT! New LOOT LAKE DIG SITE in Fortnite Battle Royale! The New LOOT LAKE BUNKER in Fortnite!
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The New LOOT LAKE BUNKER in Fortnite..

five million remaining on this big ol rock foot oh my god this is it oh my god oh my god dudes what is this what did we just walk into this is the runes bunker you guys so now we are gonna be getting the other hat okay once this is all said and done but is this one bit no this is two rocks here so we got this rock in this rock and then technically I feel like this should have just broke but I guess not no one felt the need to hit that nor know it cares about this is actually the next rock to be broken I guess we should just do it just because I think for the event to fully trigger every rock no matter what has to be broken so even if you guys do want to do both of these you should just because you know we can definitely get quicker on this but guys that is the very first reveal of the runes bunker dude and it made some really weird noise and that was actually kind of crazy so let's see what these other two rocks have in store for us you guys miss you guys thirty million remaining let's do it man this is the final rock on the stairs this is it it's in the chat right there bro click that link right there all right you guys the final rock is now here for the staircase now if you guys can clear out all of this just in case something massive does happen I would appreciate it if you guys can it do not build um just so we can make sure because something could occur here because this is the final rock on the staircase so oh thank you love you buddy appreciate the chug chug my guy banana army helping out another banana thank you bro thank you for that oh no no no I'm sorry but I'm sorry oh no no dad just hit him too high for no wow you gotta be so rude all right it's cool we died all right what happened Oh what is that what is that what was that what was that light what was that light that just occurred from the sky did anyone else just see that look what is this bro what what is that is that an eat what okay I'm so confused what is that what is this light all right something is about to happen dude something big is about to happen man huh have I heard about Logan Pole yeah I saw that dude unfortunate can't that's crazy to me that like there's just like coyotes just jumping fences in California stealing dogs like it's like what the heck I mean dude that's just nuts but I guess you know I mean that's just honestly pretty common in California as crazy as it sounds there's so many like coyotes and stuff out there especially up in the hills like that all right 80 million remaining stream 80 this is it we're gonna be seeing exactly what happens once all of these rocks have then been officially destroyed dudes get rid of that real quick oh my god sixty-five million you guys the final rock in boot Lake is now gonna be officially destroyed we're gonna just take off the timer now just it's pretty much gonna happen right now so all right you guys this is it 50 look okay this is the final rock for anyone that doesn't maybe see it this thing was piled with rocks as of this morning but now it is gonna be maybe filled with lava but we'll see what happens we will see what happens bro all right you guys we are now 25 million away from the final rock being destroyed here at loot Lake we're gonna be seeing what happens hopefully you guys all ready for it and we're gonna see if any lava does occur so this is gonna actually be quite insane 10 million remains on the fine I'm ready to run bro because there's gonna be some lava or something crazy here deaf but something's about to get activated I'm not oh my god 3 2 1 oh my god will something happened dude we should restart the game real quick and then re-enter it and see exactly what's going on because as you can see dude there's a metal plate right ooh so there you guys have Lou Lake has now been officially destroyed as you can see all of the rocks have been gone as you saw the dusty divot one filled up with lava let's restart the game and see exactly what it looks like when it's all said and done let's see it what's going on here dude they definitely have something that they're planning along the way cuz like as you guys know they filled up lava in the middle of the divot over here and then um can I even see it where okay so the lava is still in the middle of dusty and now let's go see what's happening over here you can hear sounds at the dig site that's what I'm saying they're each different in their own they're gonna be different in their own way and that's that's kind of my point here is that like although maybe something crazy didn't just like pop up and happen honestly I thought it was gonna be the cube or something related to the cube that's what I was thinking like you know they might like do something like that cuz that would make kind of sense considering the loot lay cube and whatnot but I'm sad too but yeah as you guys can see oh wait what is that oh that's the boom box is kind of tripping for safe as you guys can see this is the end result of Lou lake being destroyed um this is something pretty cool that I want to point out here is that if you guys actually turn up the sound FX volume that you guys can actually hear some pretty crazy stuff so like I said we're here let's actually take these away just so we don't have these in the background so here is the final result of the loot lake dig site as you guys can see this is like the metal plate that is on the floor and then also if you guys look up you will hear some very weird sounds coming from the stig site so probably each dig site will kind of piece together some kind of storyline the first dig site obviously gave us the like the lava the second dig site is now giving us sounds also there's a metal plate here that when you hit it makes loud sounds so we're not sure if this is like a bunker of some sort that's like underneath this or maybe this is like their rune the skins like you're like the rune week 8 free skin maybe this is like his bunker is hideout because today they released his pickaxe in the item shop so maybe that was like a sign that like oh hey you know this dig site that just came out today is you know related to the pickaxe in the skin and everything so we'll definitely have to see what happens here in the next upcoming weeks in the next couple of days we'll probably see a new dig site come into the game so that will d be definitely pretty interesting but yeah let me know what you guys think about this in the comments pool obviously it wasn't like the first dig site where was a bunch of lava and stuff but at the end of the day epic has something you know coming definitely pretty big at the end of it so we'll be streaming all of the dig sites cuz like I said each dig site is gonna have its own unique thing and I think that's what's cool about these streams for sure is that each to each stream is gonna be different and each dig site is obviously gonna be completely different so it's definitely gonna be pretty interesting so let me know what you guys think drop below you guys would enjoy subscribe let me know what you guys think about in the comments hope you guys enjoy peace out alright that was just for if I was gonna cut it what not but that what do you guys think about that let me see like your guys's live reaction what do you guys think about that I mean obviously it wasn't as cool as the first one when the lava was rising and everything but at the same time like I said you kind of got to understand that they're probably not gonna do the same storyline every single time dude go to polar peak let me see what Twitter saying right now obviously the first one was to kind of build the hype of the dig sites and then now I feel like it's gonna be based off of like storyline and like things that are happening in the story of four nights so at the end of the day dude it was still pretty cool man I can't you know you can't complain dude it was still cool as a fun event and we had I had a great time playing with subscribers like at the end of the day I had fun you know at you know that's all that matters that's all that matters is if you guys had fun you know there was a it was a success so um bye guys that's all she wrote here's the dig site one last time here she is and yeah will be definitely interesting to see the next dig site popping up in the next couple days so though the first dig site was Thursday today Sunday so so Friday Saturday so we should wait I'm so stupid wait Thursday so it was Thursday Friday Saturday so let's do today's Monday so it should be Wednesday when the next um when the next dig site occurs sometime Wednesday so Wednesday morning The Rock should appear somewhere and then Wednesday night is when the dig site should be like you know like this or you know we'll probably have a different story theme or like storyline to the third dig site so it'll be completely different but yeah man that's all she wrote you guys I appreciate everyone watching if you guys did enjoy give it a fat like subscribe if you guys are new and turn on them notifications if you guys haven't already also