The New FREE SKIN STYLES in Fortnite..

The New FREE SKIN STYLES in Fortnite..


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The New FREE SKIN STYLES in Fortnite..

ladies and gentlemen the brand-new 8.30 patch update in 49 battle royale is officially live we have a lot of new things I'll hide my face game real quick we have number one a new item jobs acting rent donation new item shop the first mates the new scallywag scent has dropped anchor in the item shop cool skins and a pickaxe also we have the Buccaneers bounty Avast Maties the Buccaneers bunny event has docked enjoy a fresh new L teams every day and earn rewards for free challenges and reboot man of course the most important thing was update bringing them in squad mates back into the game ladies gentlemen here we go dude and we got some new cosmetics get rid of my stuff counter and stuff guys drop like an subscribe by the way guys I'd appreciate we're doing some giveaways hooking us up with some V bucks as well but dudes let's go man you have the field surgeon she looks pretty cool she looks pretty good we have a brand new cosmetic for her collecting clothes anything else oh yes baby let's go dude so here's a variant of the counter accent just for purchasing the g-force fortnight bundle so actually for nine shout to them they actually sent me this bundle for free a while back so it's kind of cool that obviously we get a brand new bundle with it so I get a brand new backing as well so we get a stealth reflex the stealth reflex units a new glider as well they're really if you guys remember guys this skin actually came out in the item shop an accident reflex skin that's why it's a big controversy and that's why it's a new bundle which is one more item what is it in a pickaxe that's to help do you so for new items for purchase in that new g4 is for 9 bundle shot Sephora obviously for giving that to me which is super cool and yeah you get a new obviously a new skin a new it's a holy yes a whole entirely new scam by the way whole entirely new skin I'll do back laying a new glider and a new pickaxe GG boys oh we're just kidding and we have more items we add this this for save the world we have the wild Street glider and the rose globe pay guys but I've been asking for for so so long it's pretty cool men and we have more a special event you started completely challenged before it ends the buccaneers bounty challenges are now live that's got to be everything right there's more no way dude we've been asking this for years links no ponytail version and then a links no ponytail dude I've been asking this for literally like everyone everyone hated a ponytail ponytail was the worst part about it and it's gone let's go dude that's gotta be everything right okay that is officially everything guys here inside fort and I Battle Royale let's check the settings I want to see the renegade readers back but first off settings zone new settings I'm on console now it's you space au shots you men okay so you have an edit mode sensivity I'm gonna put my head in motion Symphony down to 1.0 I think it's too low and now I might raise my billions to be up then Henry's not building service if you have to I might I don't know if I che my sensei V I might though I kind of put this exactly to one there we go and then put that aki that what is right now all right so we did we finally got an edit most of 74 console anything else really marked danger went are good yeah we're good talked with Sprint's makes me have any new like obviously options here guys I apply that nice I'm father did that nothing here nothing here nothing alright mama truth lay down lux shaving you Skiles no for challenges okay here's the Buccaneers bounty challenges guys I'm pretty dope dude okay so you have six days to come with these challenges you complete all four challenges you get this is that an emo that's really cool dude that's actually a big awesome okay so okay there give me daily challenges first day first daily challenge this is a pirate camp and different matches ten of them and you get this glider which has been leid for a while cool there's a new challenge we don't it is but you get a new spray then you get a banner they need XP honestly all I really want is this little underwhelming rewards not gonna lie to you guys but I think that glider is cool I love you guys that'll be classic gliders and then obviously that's this is a cool cool emote you know what if gifting still out in the item shop to cool now so you have to tell them elissabat you have to clean bro I gotta I gotta take a picture this I got to brush up on my Twitter right now dude this guy is dope dude that's the ruins same guys there's an actual full image of the rooms can I'm gonna post my Twitter right now guys oh my goodness – that's so high and working on the auto shop as well dude I got it I got tweets out ASAP dude where's that first image I dunno I'm just losing it oh yeah this ruins skin is sick yo go my Twitter guys pack a bunch of white to you right now help me help me out dude this ruins can it get like so dope I'll say it the ruin discovery skin just people get a better idea go ruin discovery skin and fortnight is sick you know tweet go like that guys go retweet that do me a favor pack much variety on Twitter but um he looks awesome bro all right screw I can't go sorry I'm sorry I had to do that bro I just had I had to do it to him homie all right um shots I like my tweet as well guys I appreciate let's check out the wreck he's the Rican expert back bra that's what everyone's saying dude show fps you can do that now check that out dude but we'll see okay um show FBI sent you a Machine Co Thank You Daly grand theft um sure uh psi naught don't do it she will do it oh yeah 60 FS the corner I see that okay Locker obviously got some new stuff here the stealth reflex will favored him and the links with no stupid hair I love it we also do have the new backlink frame it looks kind of stupid not gonna lie but all right cool you pickaxes oh yeah oh yeah yes so it's only green D I love it there's that one too I'll favorite those in the meantime and two new colliders as well the stealth pivots and I don't know I feel about these kind of like straight gliders and then this was kind of plain but this is forward save the world pack does have a name the wild streak interesting alright and then the item shop dude dude it looks like no recon expert a renegade Raider did we did get a new item shop though obviously the new new stuff here we got the high seas over my face can we have the high seas pickaxe we're gonna buy this using code support okay to go pack a punch in the on your shop of course guys don't forget so yeah we have the sea wolf with different styles yeah but definitely him well let me get the stylus real quick how do you previous tiles or just buy it instead that's fine okay so I want to previous I was how can I do it I tell my you watching it previews it there you go I like the preview one style first okay and we also do have the girls throughout the fucking year what's your other style like cool and one purchaser geez then this auctions are still out and there's some wraps they're using codes breaker go back a bunch or you know it and then this for miscellaneous right yeah those for miscellaneous things alright cool right yeah miscellaneous wraps all likes to all all weapons to have those wraps no new music yet but that might just be leaf for when that comes out actually wait wait here you had the style on this that's actually really cool okay coolest looking for the treasure and she finds a treasure that's dope that's really I think is a cop guys in the item shop for sure dope dude I'm gonna use that pay the guys – all right let's jump into a game though guys let's check everything out dude is the bunker open up guys we know for a fact now that it's been leaked that the bunker will be open up and we compete no I don't care we know for a fact guys the bunker will be opened up though by weeks week seven challenges so in exactly or does it say this two days will be having the munkar open if it's not open now but ladies gentlemen we're going to playground get wait hold up fly explosives we're going on your playground not arena disabled no I don't do is we're going to playground and we're gonna check it out and see if anything's changed to the bunkers and the dig sides here and for what I battle royale once wait and see though we're gonna jump into right now guys love to update you guys and see what happens here though I'm excited to see what's gonna change yeah thank you so much our for our hay for tag for that donation dude shout to you for the $2 US currency donation you know what a great I love all the new the new styles but that's kind of cool I do like that I've redone to like it what we're doing right now dude just drop a like subscribe and you will be good what's gonna do okay what's good the first take side and check everything there now for those wondering guys the first I'll save this image just so I can show you guys actually now you guys the week 7 loading screen so in two days we're gonna be unlocking a new loading screen for net battle royale and this is it right here this is the loading screen you guys me I've already show this a little bit for guys but you may notice that this image right here is lux obviously the tear on her skin and she's basically going down a cavern she is going down the bunker that's at loot Lake she is going down there you can yard you can tell by the walls you can see that's like obviously down in the earth and that obviously it will be unlocked on Thursday so we know that the the bunker will 99.9% chance open up before Thursday maybe it's open right now we're gonna check it out though but um let's go over here guys obviously here's the first decide everything is pretty normal about it this is the first one obviously they dug too deep and they dug all the way down to the volcano event it was kind of a failure of an event or not failing remember and the construction workers were angry because they didn't meant