The NEW "Call of Duty Cycle"

The NEW “Call of Duty Cycle”
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In the COD community, there has always been a term known as the “Call of Duty Cycle”

But over the years Call of Duty has changed a lot, and so has this cycle…

I wanted to make this video explaining what the old COD cycle was, how the game has changed over the years, and what the “new” Call of Duty cycle is!

There’s also a slightly upsetting part of the new cycle that exposes why we feel like the previous COD game is “better” than the current game that’s out now…

Hopefully this years’ new COD game for 2019 fixes everything…

…oh wait, Infinity Ward is developing it…


So, what do you guys think about the new Call of Duty cycle? Do you think COD 2019 will actually change the cycle once again? Leave a comment letting me know! ^-^

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so if you clicked on this video I'm pretty sure you're all aware of what the coal duty cycle is so doesn't sure you guys know coal Duty has gone through a lot of changes over the years and I think it's safe to say that the traditional coal duty cycle is not really existent anymore so today I want to make this video to talk about the new coal duty cycle and what it even means so let's get right into this because it's very hard I'm on black ops for today I'm gonna be trying out the bare-bones mosh pit playlist which is basically no specialist mode as far as I'm aware I haven't played it yet and as I've said many times recently I haven't been really frequently playing black ops 4 and it's kind of the reason why I wanted to make this video today is because there is a new coal duty cycle and it's not a very good one either for any of you newbies out there that started with like cod coast or advanced warfare let me explain the call duty cycle the coal duty cycle was like a pattern that existed back in the older times of coal duty when the only two teams that were developing the game were Infinity Ward and Treyarch essentially what was going on back then is that Infinity Ward at the time was like the god tier studio and they were making the top two your Call of Duty games that people loved the most and expected the most out of and at the time truck was just playing catch-up and they weren't making games as good as Infinity Ward was see if I can find the picture I actually pulled up the actual coal duty cycle picture god this feels so getting weird to play there we go I should be on Cod 4 or something I don't know get away from me I don't know if I can handle this game honestly I might switch cold days mid video oh good let me shoot why do concussions exist why is this game the way that I think hey what am i doing why does it feel so weird to play this game oh my god ok I'm quitting black ops I want to actually be able to play something that I'm not gonna do completely horrible and not this yet let's go – lets go to cod World War 2 oh I got to put the disc in oh my god digital games have ruined everything they spoiled us rather I have this copies for World War 2 and black ops for them anyway well this is loading let me talk about the actual call duty cycle so the way it used to work is that in November you go crazy over how good the new Call of Duty game is which is essentially what a lot of people called the honeymoon phase in January you're still enjoying the game in February you hate the game like everybody else and then when it hits March you say that the previous Col Duty game is now the best game and the current called it again that's out is just trash utter garbage and then in May you go crazy about the next Call of Duty trailer and then that cycle repeats itself but there is new coal duty cycle and it started once sledgehammer game started making Call of Duty games it's no longer just Infinity Ward and Treyarch making these games now it's now sledgehammer games as well we're no longer in a two-year cycle that repeats itself we're in a three-year cycle I know at this point that's not necessarily anything new but it has created one new cycle and I'm personally gonna create a graphic for what that is so here's the new cold new cycle in terms of development we had this launch a more games cold 2d game which is usually an experimental one it's described as a game that's completely unpredictable as far as it goes for the time air and setting it could be futuristic XO clouds it could be a world war ii game after sledgehammer games you then have Treyarch oh ah just a quad fee I could have had so many more yeah Treyarch is now hailed as like the best studio that's making Call of Duty which subsequently puts the most pressure on them to actually develop the best Call of Duty games that we can get their games are more likely to be put up on a pedestal and then fall from that pedestal but overall they have a pretty decent reception from the coal duty community and then you have modern-day and infinity war the recent infinity war games in this cycle have been kind of lackluster they haven't gotten a really good reception from the community and people's expectations are generally lower however their games are still relatively fun and if you're like me you might not get invested in their games but they are fun to play from time to time but you might not get as invested in their games as far as it goes for the new call duty cycle here's where we're at so Gymboree games will make an experimental call to the game that some of the community will like and some of it won't stearic will then make a game like black ops or black ops for that has some ties into the old roots of call duty games but isn't quite the old Call of Duty game and it has a really good reception but might not actually be all that well loved by the community and then after that Infinity Ward's had really some trash ecology game that most of the community does not like at all and that's when the cycle starts to repeat itself and that's where these trends come from the current infinity war team does not have the capability to catch the call duty community's attention so what ends up happening is sledgehammer games is tasked with making a call to game that actually captures our attention whether it's exosuits and laser guns and supply drops that completely divides the community or a classic world war 2 Call of Duty game like this their job is to try to reel us back in and keep us interested in Call of Duty but what's happening with advanced warfare and Call of Duty World War 2 is that usually the games don't hold you over for the entire year which then in the cycle has people wanting a Treyarch game because in the past they've been associated with making higher quality Call of Duty games that also keeps fans playing their games a little bit longer but then it all falls apart of getting what Infinity Ward makes the next game so that is the new Call duty cycle but because of cold Duty World War 2 it goes a little bit deeper than that and I'll explain coldly to World War 2 started something interesting this isn't anything that I rehearsed I don't have it like nailed down to the month World War two started a new trends that black ops 4 is actually following as well so here's another one of the new Call duty cycles even if we're just on Call of Duty World War 2 let's just go to the playlist select screen when cold eater World War 2 first came out it did not have all of these game modes it didn't have ground war and I think it even had more variety here in the standard playlist I'm not sure if I'm getting this 100% right but I'm pretty sure it had like hardpoint and Kill Confirmed a standalone game modes they didn't group it together like they are now I think they did have capture the flag and gridiron separate though along with Search and Destroy basically what I'm trying to say here is that when this game first launched it had all of the standard called 2d game modes that we'd expect it had CDMA had dominations search you name it but it took sledgehammer games a long time to actually add more game modes you know the game was that we actually enjoy and have the most fun playing not just the standard modes I'm talking about ground war I'm talking about actually having a whole party games list which they have now it took them months to add infected prop on gun game and they have their own unique modes like dogfight and headquarter 24/7 but it's one of those things where we're still missing some of the party game modes like one in the chamber and six and stones but at least called me to world war two now has party games and they have hardcore and they have a featured playlist as well but here's the point I'm trying to make coal Duty World War two did not launch with all of this content we didn't have all of these maps and game modes all of these options at launch it took many many months for called you to World War two to build up to what I believe is a complete Call of Duty game a full experience and this is the same boat we're in with black ops 4 I have to insert the disc again what I'm about to show you guys is actually something that's very dangerous it's very bad for Call of Duty so now I'm on black ops 4 I'm gonna load into multiplayer and if I'm not mistaken were what six months into the release of black ops 4 let's take a look at our playlist offerings on black ops 4 i go to select playlist we have the featured we have core and we have hardcore we don't even have party games on black ops 4 we have nine standard game modes we have six hardcore variants and then we have whatever's in the featured playlist we have less game mode choices especially less fun game mode choices in black ops form this should just be downright unacceptable and this is really the unfortunate bad news that I wanted to give you guys this is a really vicious part of the call of duty cycle we're now at a point where the expectations are so high especially because of a game like 4 night that we use cold duty fans expect a lot of content in the game at launch and it puts us in a situation where a game like cold duty world war 2 has more content now than black ops 4 does at launch or 6 months after the launch it's really bad it will get more for your money and you'll get more value in a game like Call of Duty World War 2 vs. black ops 4 and that's really bad because this is the current Call of Duty game this is the game that everyone should be playing and enjoy and the only way you're to find yourself regularly playing black ops 4 is if you really just like the content that they have to offer right now you'd have to be completely content with just playing team deathmatch 24/7 me personally I've been playing the series for over 10 years I can't just keep playing these same game modes over and over and over I can only play them so much with some slightly new maps and some slightly new weapons here and there before it starts to get very stale I don't know if it's just me maybe it's because I have been playing cold Duty for a very long time but they really do need to step up and innovate a lot more than they currently have been but I think that's gonna do it for this video if you're casually just sitting here watching this video and you're like yeah why are you always making videos I'm doing why did you make this video I'm making this video because I'm pretty sure that we're gonna get a trailer for this year's Call of Duty game at some point it's probably coming up in April or May and kind of prepare you guys for this year's called do the game and see if it actually does line up with this new call duty cycle but again thank you guys very much for watching hope you guys enjoyed this Call of Duty video if you guys did it and you want to see some more Cod stuff make sure to drop a like because the guys later