The Most INSANE Spitfire Gameplay on Apex Legends (25 Kill SOLO Squad Win)

This truly shows how strong and possibly OP the spitfire in Apex Legends really is! I hope you guys enjoy this insane 25 solo kill game! Be sure to Like and Comment and 98% of you guys watching aren’t subscribed so please do so!

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how did you make it down here… did you sub yet? k cool thanks. love you

PC unless there's some way possible that I can do it sooner I will do it sooner but if not then we're just gonna have to deal with the frame so I'm gonna have to tweak some settings and figure stuff out until then what you think about the five minute break you have to take when you quit there's a five minute break no way is that actually a thing Kobe I ain't got no real fans facts except for sangar Singh Garza legend where me balls is a legend every single person in the stream right now is a legend he's a homie he is a homie they actually put a timer on that that's insane bro I might have to back out to test it out real quick I hate autocorrect man it'd be like that can I get like a gun you want you want we're all legends everyone's a legend if you're watching the stream you're off in legend dog okay I'm gonna need like a gun get these god kostik traps out of my face I actually want this bad I'm gonna have to grab that God that that and this legend what's going on Jake I work still watching my boy Tim what up pimp not much bro and you know dropping a thousand frames on the computer trying to get a big computer here soon big shroud as a legend shroud is a legend but so you're telling me both those people that just backed out get a five-minute timer now that's insane I gained three inches in size watching this stream that's facts that is facts money back guaranteed said a wing man oh thank god pick it up mr. wheels thank you for the five biddies brother I appreciate you everything counts brother everything counts towards the UH get a new PC fund let the blow down on these people get out of here brother just because I'm complaining about my PC doesn't mean you guys need to show generous love though I'll get through this we will all get through this and we will get a better computer one day I hate the Prowler yeah I thought that's out Pilar was a three-round burst I have the mod on it that makes it a fully auto there's someone to the right and someone to the left we're not gonna sculpt here so yeah I'm gonna heal up in a second boys takes out a whole squad you already know nanny Dan these frames are out of control today oh I should have let him rest bro God fat kills right there well I'm gonna let him rise that one go res go res we gotta play this quiet gotta play a quiet boys listen for the res yo thank you for following the stream I'll read out your name in just one second though there we go that's a quick eleven that's how we play that boys we play that right we play that correct I'm actually gonna be grabbing that two times bruiser yeah thank you for the fall of perspective gaming appreciate that boss I'll reach out in the second boy sorry this is getting a little out of hand my lootings trash my looting and there's a potential 20 bomb you boys looting like a bot right now sorry boys give me a second getting very intense yo thank you for the two hundred bits Rudy thank you so much bro I appreciate that dude unique up on it you already know I can see the you to tell Tony bomb solo squad kids straight dudu love you YouTube its first time here a welcome Rudy I appreciate you supporting the youtube vids coming into the twitch chat and dropping a 200 bit donation brother I do appreciate that man thank you so much for supporting the boys it's gonna be a first game on 20 pretty much I should probably focus up here shouldn't huh I can't even use the gameplay from the stream because you boys dropped a thousand frames there's seventeen left this could be a 30 bomb Oh too late dad jokes don't have one of those can't relate no bro you stole my kill you like the hell out of my kill brothers it's over it's actually over how was your day pretty good done but how was yours oh my it's actually over like this 20 bomb is in the bag it's right over there look at the smoke brothers fine if I want to get a 20 I got to get there he just respawned to you've always got to get there boys ooh he did not drop that right there man there's the 20 boys boy needs that master not the craver again bro why'd I do them like that boys why I do them like that that crater would be really nice right now holy crap bro how you doing bro a 4k damage again 25 kill again you already know how we do it out here boys when I get a stream you're already dropping 20 bombs you're crazy eh thanks vicious AGG what's up mr. sleepy how're the boys doing 25 kill game 20 minute game 4k damage nice it's what we like to see boys