Alien Isolation Zombies complete with full ending cutscene & campaign story. AMAZING!
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Travel to Sevastopol Station to investigate a distress signal from Colonial Marshal Waits.
There’s a new threat on Sevastopol…
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welcome to one of the most cinematic zombie maps you've ever seen set on board a large space station we have to try and escape in the world of alien isolation this map created by Matt filer is an incredible one so get yourselves comfy for an absolutely awesome video and if you enjoyed let me know down below and more importantly make sure to leave a thumbs up but let's jump in yo are you seeing like I'm in like a chamber we're like yeah we are literally chamber looks like my dentist's office whoa whoa guys whoa sign into the Torrens okay look each thing please sign in and it says please sign in as I'm Richthofen so I'm gonna so Wow is that weak weak oh we can't use each other's terminals okay that sucks welcome nikolaj tokyo this is insane the cig explore the tour enjoy this is literally like a full-fledged campaign but for zombies this is mad this is really cool thank you kick yeah it's like you can't sprint it's like this like the cinematic so I've got robot I don't know if I've review have played alien isolation did you guys check that out oh no I think it's like an exploit it yeah so it's based on the alien to film so like we're gonna be hopefully hiding in whoa whoa what this box okay rewire station okay maybe we've got to go somewhere else hang on it's a oh this just opened these doors will open automatically there was there's another little hallway down here that we didn't check out before oh the spacesuits there's a closed-open buttons this Maps actually quite big there's a lot to explore oh my god this is so cool I'd never seen a zombie space looks so good whatever okay this like a bed here hello imagine if moon or like there was a continuation a moon that was like this you're like honest Space Station's so this is like how kind of should it be like you start slow and then like things start to get crazy yeah oh little radio honestly this reminds me a bit of like portal 5 yeah Portal yeah Oh collect your weapons well we're all this is crap okay this must be it is this like good person this is whoa be like Oh pick up weapon here we go mr6 naughty noise Wow oh my god look outside whoa okay wait so much longer whoa you seen this we've gotten a full cut see your photos I see them whoa what is this from the game this is insane this again kind of spooky yeah you can just tell this is gonna go straight downhill real quick but this is amazing I've never seen a custom zombies map have anything like this this is like truly next level of intro cutscenes like this uh oh okay this is awesome maybe this is us I don't know it's us Oh oh my god explore the service the pole lobby oh my god whoa funky music whoa I'm vibing I'm vibing ooh what was that listen listen oh whoa you play like an audio log okay this lads being super serious about his wife being taken perfect lands on a survey station when not ammo we need when you take this more seriously we need to work out how to get the hell out of here is it this one no you said this one oh is it this one no what if it's up the stairs nope our door disabled no power alright how do we turn the power on everything it must be well did you saw oh ok your bullets here we go don't steal your bullets alright I survived until powers restored yo this is so sick zombies are in lads this is like I don't know it's like a cross between like extinction almost it's like you gotta wait you just gotta survive until you complete until this this doors powered essentially this is so cool I like the slow build oh man yeah it's really instead of really like cinematic oh you get your we gonna we can buy this door enter the space flight terminal all right here we go oh this is like little metal detectors all right what's our next door a thousand I just need to kill when you can wearing a bloodhound Wow 50 points that's actually a yes steal wait happen wait that was a wait wait that was the elkhorn 9 for me what you just body elk are 9 up this wall no idiot okay doors open oh wow look at this wow there's like a space terminal it really is look outside like a spaceport well yeah this is mad you fought without skybox oh is that Jupiter I think it is I mean Voyager dispersion of taught us well you know yeah you thought it the Titanic when it taught us about space okay so what's our next objective like it's we're coming up our door is to save water please wait okay so we've got to wait a little bit I'm all for okay hang on there's a countdown you hear that whoa whoa the shutters are coming now oh there sure thing the shots all down Oh No how will we see sunlight now or no May is getting creepy yeah this is getting a bit scary Oh restore power to the space flight terminal okay Oh easy this door is now open it looks 1500 though okay you guys are idiots the mystery bugs I know so we've got spamming up oh that's oh wow that's not something before anything else in here well it's a radio was it boombox it's just playing music it is banger right you can't be stuck in here forever no isn't there another door that's powering up is right here I don't know me now I'm gonna go hit the mystery box how very low hope oh wait I bought a door key card is required to open the door okay where's the key card and we'll never get a 0.04 see oh just back here you good turn on the power well you turn it on yeah this little little lever oh wow right over Sauron oh that's a cool it we'll leave all this non-games sloquet machine geysers video games video games it runaround Rex oh wait what Oh pack 1 whoa this sucker trap did you hear oh it's a trap door get to the tow platform and escape on the Torrens what well there is a lot of dogs man there is a lot of dogs near the Powell there's one more door 2500 Oh guys oh my god look this guy is made of glue and he broke he's made a glue made of glue and his legs fell off oh are you saying he's broke because he he was made outta glue but he's broken he looks like Randy Marsh in the episode where there's no engine yo that is disgusting I think he came from a new town like a cyborg you know I'm gonna take out another mortgage on my house to pay for this one but it's worth it oh you bought the tool here it is alright I'm coming I'm coming ok whoa so I'm not going to hear about you guys whoa this room is huge there's another door here as well do you think it's worth opening this door as well for sure go on got a date buy it buy it buy it oh thank you money and we go here we go here we go that's why I told you to do it okay everyone down here down here what the heck's on the others and what we got up here go okay space flight terminal flights still haven't left yet you just can't get the star friends looking over the wall yo let's get our boy I'm gonna hit the box once more because I've only here one edge twice let's just ignore the cheeky 10,000 point though that's a bit of a ripoff you know I'm not buying that oh yeah yo your boy got mark three nice there you go dude price you spoke about it key card do you remember we're gonna open god yeah yeah it's back in that like terms HUD that Lobby ice you'll never guess what I got from the mystery box did you get the fund again what'd you get yeah all right oh oh we're gonna swing this is like a decompression room oh so elevator get in I'm gonna buy it without you whoa 35 grand 145 grand okay I see what you're doing I see what you're doing Matt who's gonna be going for this big ride I mean I've got five they already do you think that's DJI survival ending I possible I feel it could be but I feel like there might be something else let's let's explore our other options before we buy that I think like what else is down by the fonda gun there's gotta be it like another door at least open let's not put all the eggs in one basket boys I knew you're gonna say that's how your eggs get broken yeah exactly 20 minutes later all right I've got a good story fella video come on story time a pizza so chopper just reminded me of this when I was a kid in my in my neighborhood there was a story of the glue man right story of the gloom line all right and and this is like I heard this school everyone knew about the gloom all right he lived in the woods near our house and and yeah he basically didn't stay in the woods too late at night because the gloom answer right and it was just like and I was like envisioning all these crazy images of this massive monster made of glue I was running around like I'm like dude I'm never gonna be seeing that bloom and I'll be so scary turns out there was a glue man and the parents were informed by the teachers not to let us go to the woods because there is a glue mud but it wasn't how I envisioned him it was just an old bloke that lived in the woods sniffing going Wow and there it is wow that was full of twists turns that was that was better than Smallville speed cheers mate creature that yeah sorry of the going limp when we and now we know where he ended up two hours later all right there it is boys there it is 45 K okay so everybody place your final bets by blending or bossfight we go here we go got no perks I've got no more beer we go go do your check go here we go here we go oh the animations cool it's the end the game in the game didn't end oh wait whoa oh oh zombie end a black screen and we're still here what's going on going what is oh oh no yo this is the boss fire Rena is this my arena oh my god do you guys have perks yeah yeah yeah she you're gonna be getting me up a lot then these are a good on the wall what's going on here we've got a tommy gun on the wall okay activate oh I just got polka holic oh I got it nice that one's on okay we need to find the second one I think got me quick about I hear noise Chopra's on it we still got more oh stop shaking oh what's going on oh look at the arm outside yeah let me throw away these oh wow coming up wow that is in the same inferno monkey go for it I don't know the fact we can do this in custom zombies is kind of mind-blowing for next objective what are we doing Oh pressurize the airlock so we got to close up the thing Oh pressurize airlock right here right here coming down coming over nice fresh rise it oh we always have % oh yeah we got another body locked down boys pressurized it's better get mad I might as well buy monkey sorts of wolves but I don't have them yet how much are they two grand like that's reasonable you know very reasonable that's crazy I needed 35,000 even though I know that's so like you root all cuz ur x blendings are like 25 to 50 thousand and we're like okay well that's it about yeah I'll be I'm Gladys how about all the L ignorant of us I know alright that night I would get in here guys just in case yeah imagine if Kitty Bree did have to be in here I did those show notes okay it's fun oh yeah yeah yeah we were right nice it was so right okay we're in here Oh in this Oh become crew comprised getting this pod I want the red girl this is the same pulp that we are got it let's go let's go to school I suppose it's the same pod we started oh my god yo let's see we're gonna detach we are detaching Wow any story getting cutscene this is C I don't think it's over yet so we detached and what's happening now like the whole ships like burning yeah yeah wow this is so impressive for a custom zombies map okay that doesn't look good so it burn to a crisp but I think we're fine I think we just made it oh there you go Oh Wally I was that was insane holy crap so wait we were not we weren't on Jupiter but that explosion was on Jupiter oh I'll just find a flat hole in this story but it doesn't matter boys that was alien Hills though dang a F okay that was alien isolation a fantastic custom app if you enjoyed it slap a like on it check out chop on Petes or in the description I mean you should have already by now but if it haven't the links are down there make sure to subscribe for more videos like this we'll catch you in the next one peace letter soldiers