MORE Call of Duty – Prop Hunt game mode! ENJOY! 😀
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Prop Hunt is all about blending into the map whilst being an average object. DON’T get found by the hunters or you LOSE! Join me as we try and become the BEST hiders AND hunters in Call of Duty Prop Hunt mini game custom mode! 😀



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welcome everyone to our goofy the most fun game mode has been available in the public call of duty playlist ever it is poppin in modern warfare remastered it's been available only this weekend it's unfortunate leaving the playlist later today's were jumping on for final awesome session a prop hunt with myself James and Dalek that as much fun as possible trying to hide from PE before the hunt down drops when i stream list when it first came out on friday it was so much fun you guys could build it and i'm so happy to be playing yet again today now it's also available as a mod in black ops 3 so i'm thinking we should go back and revisit that we've done a video on it before and is amazing too despite the fact it is leaving the public plays modern warfare we master today there's still other ways i can record videos on it for you guys so let me know if you want to see that if you excite some awesome hiding spots some awesome hunting in some all-around good laughs in prop hunt and one or Foe mastered give it a thumbs up without further ado let's play baby I dare you to try and survive as a car I've ever seen anyone do I could fight inside James look and no one knows someone's someone's a tree guys they're coming – coming – cover your eyes I'm a propane tanker mind and in your there's a tree yeah there's a big tree is a tree watch the tree it looks like it might work it were really I want to see this I'm hiding – top story boys I'm going for the top story thing I've made oh my god this is literally I have found the greatest spot that was someone else I'd know James is gonna come we tried the car guys it's routine so many chains live providing banter he's never finding me you never find me bye-bye that by where you hide enjoy it's because I couldn't blend in with the other propane it's up to me boy eyeing your you lost their life we've got three alive I'm last of us there's a tree still in the spawn I was a tree once oh my god we hid inside you you remember we were in sight you can inside bigger props are you asked you are very safe up there trying a new roof with you I rock with you oh yo he was up here is the same item as me I tried hiding inside him I've only freaked me out his time moving yo shush should I show you alright so this is what I'm saying so because playing I ran up here the guy was up here with me he saw me climb up here and then he watched me do this and this didn't go our way we just don't know where I'd gone like he was so confused I think the thing is there's a propane tank on the roof of you there go look so done he's so done what's this guy who's like climbing a ladder midair bro I need to spectate the guy you're shooting at me hey I've got 50 seconds to check to make dosas who knows I've got a guaranteed win imagine if he could jump out the math but he note yeah if you try and Photoshop over the edge it doesn't work just he knows him up and they surely he's heard the whistling I'm just guaranteed win what maybe he knows of that spot then yeah he knew straightaway look at that no black so we got see I say tack like soon as soon as soon as axis tactics yeah to their sport you've got a start at the support I like it all right I get so scared – they're like hiding under my feet beginning of the game yeah like make sure this spot down here like BAM never try and hide in there because I will get you my bro straight to spawn straight to school and boy I should check every freaking tree you know what I mean yeah I know don't trust the trees are you struggling a little bit Oh got some one John De Niro's yeah that's a hard learning approach get em Jew hands nice oh oh listen out listen outlets now oh my god too soon where are you from where are you anyone under here that was a good show we know it we know you're hiding in some know what I'm checking I'm checking the roof okay you see that freely someone else no I don't think he's in me go eat up he's loud where you at where are you to shout exact same second I think people are getting better better over the weekend at work me out like what is what you know I mean I can hear – what the hell yeah I can hear this one one you see oh my god you know you don't see objects and you think they're moving it's just yeah he starts getting to him I know where is – three seconds three seconds whatever it is up there is this my seat by my feet oh can you see him I'm sorry I'm stunned he's a bucket oh my god yes yes can you zoom legit my aim is dreadful look she's doing rings around us what a bore listen out open this now listen listen listen Oh someone's still in spawn someone's still in spawn I'm sure he always to left I only heard one whistle around here oh my god this is tricky being a hunter is the next two rounds if you want to win this oh my god what the hell on a fridge oh this is good on a bucket boys I'm a bucket let's go someone's a lamppost I used to be on this man bro I think cash is one of the worst ones you can be like I don't know where you men died I don't know many great spots they're coming they're coming they're coming boys they're rolling out where are you guys wait where are you okay okay okay okay okay okay James James James yes oh my god I was until I know you're both dead that's actually a good spot I see more if you get out of first for trying yeah that's a very good spot lights light shining in and you're just in the shadow right I'm basically just change my angle yeah the fact that you would now about the thing if you come back here late game they don't know dude remember who live Shima navel is watching our stream how much easier and people aren't streaming you are watching okay you're I've got great vantage point I can see when people are coming I am an eagle with eyes in the snow one two dudes whoa whoa this is bad wait finally some finally so I gotta get inside okay okay let me stand here I can click around the corner corner I can clip around the corner if it comes upstairs come on I think you got this come on okay there's another protest at a lot time to go to go play that was clutch where's everyone else hi there what should your boy we've got a clutch up now man you know easy I think we should get everything okay yeah oh my god yeah yeah where are they – oh yeah on the roof on the roof in old school okay okay okay I can't see anything I saw that you say is like something out of James Bond all right weights take three seconds boys three seconds oh listen ow Oh Oh over here over this building is the last one yeah I lost one boys last one build this y'all we need this win you need the straw I don't think he's in the three-story do you think so what sure yeah I thought you outside I don't know though okay guys listen up listen up it's the last one I think yeah he's gone he's gone yeah no change oh you smash that let's see this kill Camp Hill let's go oh my god Wow never never if you look like a bob the line of sight eyes you just never never realize it's gonna be there so cool yeah ends too too late we pulled it back from to lock down the top of the leaderboard this running ultraviolet fourteens wreckage in the high school boys