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The NVIDIA Shield TV is one of the most powerful Android based 4K streaming media player devices complete the NVIDIA Tegra X1 chipset and fast clock speeds. It’s capable of emulating GameCube, Dreamcast , Nintendo 64, Sony PSP and much more. It was recently was on sale for as low as $119 over the Black Friday holiday weekend and I picked one up! Lets take a deep dive on just how well it performs and if its worth the money!

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► Reicast (Dreamcast) –
► Mupen64Plus FZ (N64) –
► Yaba Sanshiro (Saturn) –

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it's no secret I'm a big fan of emulation we've covered many different emulators on many different consoles over the years and I'm always amazed at what is achievable especially on recent handheld hardware such as the Nintendo switch and PlayStation Vita and of course the new developments with both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 emulation the Nvidia shield TV is a streaming media play device that can deliver 4k HDR video content it can play thousands of native and stream games that can be purchased from the Android App Store it's also a very powerful emulation device and that is the main topic of today's video sharing the same Tegra x1 chip as the Nintendo switch albeit with double the clock speed increased GPU performance but slightly less main memory and normally retailing for $179 over the recent holiday break Nvidia dropped the price of the shield TV to 139 dollars with some retailers like Amazon going as low as 119 dollars and for that price I decided to pick one up the emulators that this device is capable of running is staggering and we are going to take a closer look at the Nvidia shield TV and see what it's capable of now this isn't going to be a normal review where I test out Netflix and 4k and streaming and all that stuff because I really don't have any interest in that stuff for me if the emulation capabilities that the Nvidia shield provides and for $139 dare I say this is a powerhouse of performance at that price point probably the best emulation performance you're ever going to get at that price point let's go ahead and take a look at the Nvidia shield TV and see what this device is capable of doing so let's do a quick unboxing of the Nvidia shield TV the packaging is pretty straightforward you get the device itself a remote control input a power adapter and that's it this is the bear Bose model which comes with 16 gigabytes of internal storage not much room to work with it all but if we look at the back of the shield TV we will see that it comes with two USB 3 ports an HDMI out a wide Ethernet jack and a power connector and with the USB 3 ports we can easily apply larger storage to the Nvidia shield TV to keep the cost down there is no controller included this isn't a huge deal since I owned an original Nvidia shield from 2015 and the controller that was supplied wasn't very good at all and because this is an Android based device you can easily pair it with most controllers on the market with either Bluetooth or wide USB Y control of choice is a wide Xbox 360 controller which works with everything I've used it with now I mentioned the 16 gigabytes of internal storage because we want to use the shield TV as an emulation device it's strongly recommended you get external storage I picked up a 256 gigabyte micro USB 3.0 flash drive from Amazon which is more than enough space for me so now that we have everything we need let's take a look at some emulators dolphin is a Nintendo game keeping we emulated that's been in development since 2003 more recently there's been a port to Android I'll leave a link in the description below on where to download the android APK file from it runs very very well on the Nvidia shield [Applause] I think you could have avoided that now of course nothing is always perfect minigames have significant slowdown and some games just won't run at all but with the active development of the emulator and the ability to run many full speed games out of the box such as Super Mario Sunshine legend of zelda windwaker Luigi's Mansion Fire Emblem and so much more for the price of an Nvidia shield TV this is fantastic I didn't try any Wii games only GameCube games but from what I've experienced dolphin on the shield TV is very impressive and in my opinion it's a must install let's talk about Sega Dreamcast emulation the Nvidia shield can emulate the Dreamcast very well at high frame rates and compatibility like doll from the Dreamcast emulator known as raycast is under active development with more and more compatibility coming every single week another option is retroarch the raycast core is supported in retro arch and will sometimes have better compatibility with games such as Tony Hawk pro skater 2 and Jet Set Radio Dreamcast emulation is nothing new it's been in development since the mid 2000s with an emulator known as Qiang cast but given the shield TVs price point makes it very appealing especially if you consider that the Nintendo switch with the same Tegra x1 chipset but it's two hundred and $99 price point still has a ways to go before we see Dreamcast emulation running on that device and because it runs at a much lower clock speed it may not even be something that's feasible on the Nintendo switch so just like dolphin I am impressed with how well Dreamcast is running on the shield TV emulating the Sega Saturn has always been very difficult due to the complexity of its hardware its custom chips and dual processors means that only the most powerful of pcs can handle the load one particular emulator known as your bow se has been in active development for many years but a particular fork of your bow se called Yabba sanshiro which is an optimized ARM version that runs on the Nvidia shield TV has amazing performance with mini games locking in at 60 frames per second don't believe me well I didn't believe it either here's a quick sample of some games for me high-performance sega saturn emulation is what gets me the most excited about the Nvidia shield TV given the ever-increasing price of Sega Saturn games means this is a good way to enjoy some timeless retro classics on your shield TV without breaking the bank if you never owned a sony PSP or you did and wanted to revisit some of the amazing games for the platform the Nvidia shield TV has you covered with ppsspp the first PSP emulator for Android its focus is speed and compatibility and it delivers both in a big way especially on the Nvidia shield supporting both OpenGL and Vulcan renderers ppsspp is a top quality emulator it has so many cool features but a simple interface to just jump in and play and we can't finish up without talking about Nintendo 64 emulation it's excellent on the Nvidia shield TV full-speed and with great compatibility thanks to the movement 64 emulator games like Goldeneye which isn't a Taurus for slowdown run very well large roms like conkers bad fur day have no trouble at all hello can you help me and harder to emulate rom such as Rogue Squadron work almost flawlessly there's also things like high res and texture pack support which I haven't looked into yet the Nintendo 64 has been around for a long time and this may not be a huge surprise to some but emulating one hasn't always been straightforward and it's great to see the power and performance of the Nvidia shield TV when it comes to the Nintendo 64 so in conclusion the Nvidia shield TV is a serious emulation powerhouse from Gamecube Dreamcast Sega Saturn PSP and intend o 64 it runs all of them very well with the $139 price point it's almost a no-brainer as of the making of this video the price has arisen back to its recommended retail price of 179 dollars which for me is a hard sell at that price point my advice is if you like what you see and are interested in picking one up wait for another inevitable price drop to 139 dollars or lower hopefully over Christmas or going into the new year and for those of you who picked one up and were wondering what to do with yours beyond play Netflix and YouTube take a look at the excellent emulators for the system you won't be disappointed well guys I'm gonna leave it at that for this video let me know what you thought about the Nvidia shield TV in the comments below it really is a powerhouse of emulation performance the fact that this device can play GameCube games Sega Saturn games Dreamcast games PSP games is amazing to me at that price point for 139 dollars so do yourself a favor if you are interested in picking one up I will leave a link in the description below and full disclaimer it will be an Amazon affiliate links so it will help out the channel if you do click on that link and decide to purchase one but of course you know I do want to be transparent with you guys that I am providing that Amazon affiliate link now before I go once again I am giving away an original Xbox competition to one lucky winner it's coming with a modded xbox a controller a composite cable and a power cable I'm shipping this to anyone around the world there's about five days left of the competition and I'm also giving away as part of the same competition a modern vintage gamer t-shirt as well so one lucky winner is gonna win all that I'm drawing the winner in about 5 days from now so get entered in the link below and good luck ok guys that will do it for this video let me know what you thought about it once again as always don't forget to Like and subscribe and I'll catch you guys in the next video bye for now