The #1 Ranked Pathfinder (Kind Of) Returns! – PS4 Apex Legends!

The #1 Ranked Pathfinder (Kind Of) Returns! – PS4 Apex Legends!

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Today I am trying out my best legend on Apex Legends (stats wise). Pathfinder’s grapple ability turns out to have SO much more to it than meets the eye. Today I am trying to learn some of the more advanced techniques for Pathfinder!

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The #1 Ranked Pathfinder (Kind Of) Returns! – PS4 Apex Legends!

it was a gauzy to reach welcome back to another video today we are playing some more apex legends of course and today is my first game on Pathfinder for two months let me explain the title first a little bit because I'm sure there's going to be a little bit of confusion here so two months ago I got my high skill win on apex legends I've won the game with 21 kills well over 3,000 damage for revives and for respawns this game also happened to be my first and only game played on Pathfinder which has given me after buying some stat trackers this banner on the legend one game played 21 kills and 3870 damage given since then I've been reluctant to play Pathfinder because I'm a giant nerd and I care about this banner way too much to ruin II don't ask me why the damage numbers are different I believe the stat tracker also counts damage given to downed players and made with the damage tracker in game doesn't if that makes sense there is also a website that tracks plays on apex Legends and it also has a leaderboard section part of the leaderboard section are kills per game and damage per game as Pathfinder across every system I am currently ranks number one in the world for these statistics I've never been ranked to number one for anything in my life this is why I am most proud of hence the title of the video of skill wise mastery wise I'd give you obviously not the world's greatest player but four kills per game and damage per game it's me at the moment number one even if it is just a sample size of one game the rest of the top ten ranked players have also only played one game so I'm really clinging on to this okay since I've played that game however more and more people have been discovering advanced tactics for pathfinders ability he's grapple hook and they they look incredibly fun to try I've wanted to try them out for myself for it for some time but I've been so reluctant to room my banner stats because I care about them that much today is the day though my friend today is the day that I play Pathfinder on a different account so this is my old road to Commander account for Call of Duty the game that I have for you today is my first Pathfinder game in two months and you can see in the game now I'm actually level 1 you can see the end it ranks it from level 1 to like level 3 or something you can actually be happy so please bear with me as I've tried to get to creep to the advanced techniques for his grapple as I've never tried them before in my life but the game actually ends up pretty good to be on to do and I really hope you enjoy so thank you for clicking on the video if you're new around here and you want to subscribe to join the Empire feel free and I'll see you all in five and a half seconds my friends oh you know my team is raps review fuming or the fact that they've got level 1 on that team with absolutely zero kills to his name and the champions level 100 and he's got a little ass mt9 on his team and these guys have got level 1 listen to the level 1 please he knows what he's doing very well they they have a gonna hop we should hop you're gonna love me people always leave you way too late I don't know why they doing we've already said okay to this one critical ver mean we've already know why say okay tweet the gym master said okay don't land in here and now he's going to go artillery alright well this is gonna be a practice game well thanks for that one you've just absolutely left me for dead here by myself a level one no hope unless I get to practice some of the some of the maneuvers I wants to try and do let me get a gun first and then all and then I'll try maneuver as if there wasn't a weapon people often go bunker when they'll end up this way so you know I'll be honestly it those pings are a little bit distracting just a little bit just a little bit I am in the ring my friend all right all right let's try some of these maneuvers out shall we all right so I think the first one is like you have to go like this then you have you supposed to look another way you're not supposed to jump I guess because I just ruined it I gotta wait another nine seconds to try that again that was actually pretty good that was my first attempt that was one of them actually did lives on that I'm coming over boys don't you dare take it so that's one of them are nervous you got that and then you look somewhere else oh I guess you'd jump at the end and you slide all right let's literally the first time I've tried that but I've seen people doing so I sort of know the technique I think the other technique that you're supposed to do is like you look at the ground a lot to wait for it to come back here if it's on like the same level as you you look at the ground maybe black bear and as soon as it hits that you supposed to jump right right well that wasn't it that was pathetic I was a feeble excuse well there we go second attempt that wasn't too shabby I like how I'm a level boy let me undo that like I'm a level one and I say here in the middle of the mat trying to tell her my character babies like I'm a level one but I'm not I promise ready bro for this one this one's gonna mean men's oh my word damn well that was next level someone's in here boys and I've only got a hemlock this may not be too fun no looting stuff how dare you this is my building I mean I assume they know I'm in here as a caustic oh oh oh god is he just gonna scene there the entire time how many traps do you have are you leeching that's gonna see in here for the rest of the game there's at least two of them and I've only got I've got like long-range weapons the hemlocks all right at close range but it's not a 999 and it's not a peacekeeper what other armor would you have over them purple of course you've got purple on it I got one of them watch this watch this this boy if I why have I not been playing this guy unbelievable scenes with this gravel hook and they they fixed his er they recently fixed these hitboxes smile so it's a little bit a little book I can actually use this again pick it up a bay and try and get this cause I can't take these guys Luke's I think what do you have blue actually think you had beta gamma which is like mine but I can't go down there and lose but I don't that guys come over I assume he's camping here he's it's a corset class so I assume he's somewhat defensive and he's got about 25 traps in there so I mean I assume is seen in there yeah I hear him now there he is as he's also much oh great nice work you know it's got a trap in here don't you forget it you are an absolute bedwetting my friend give me your purple armor thank you very much did you see the maneuvers be honest all right that wasn't too shabby for someone that has never played well I haven't played Pathfinder seems to the 9c seats been honestly it's been that long I'm taking you are three at one as well I'll be taking an off your hands are you want me to get your banner made maybe next time don't land four hours away from me and I might have been able to get over there and retrieve you by now a faraway Z he's in Cascades directly I can get there in time I did see someone grappling over that way hi Rick I can get him it's partly it's in the storm but who cares that guy's aiming at me he was a BSc mr. Gibraltar oh my friend I leave my grapple hook back otherwise I may be dead I got 15 seconds to get his banner I don't think that's happening I can try I can send me anywhere sorry teammate you did leave me you did leave me an artery I want you to remember that no no I left some of my skin just behind there's a scrap going on hold on calm down friends I want to get involved here they go back to my shield battery before I go over there's a bit of a smoke grenade someone's all teeth this guy here I knew was because he was using his shield battery I thought he's gonna stay in the smoke he did not there we go building you back this guy's Ultimates coming down there this is I cannot believe I've waited this long to try Pathfinder I really cannot my teammates watch me thinking this level one is the best level one I've ever seen Renee somewhere it's got a friend I assume he's still full health oh my display sounds are different cuz I'm finding hard to spot these people no kill leader in his first game that guy still chillin there's got a teammate somewhere obviously because he's only got a blue knockdown shield I could loot this Gibraltar it's a bit risky I need light ammo I hope he's got some way ok if someone came over and looted you or I killed someone with absolutely nothing I guess you had nothing left Lightroom's have your owns backpack there may have been a little bit too close to me to be any sort of level of effective my team is still watching bless him I do need some more ammo our seven rounds I've got energy rounds I've got my ultimate so I can get out of here pretty fast i extremely sky is coming around that's the decent mode of stuff thank you yeah give me it on the I'm gonna use that more often Mazal use it on the r3l one wait if I switch it over I know I just dropped like an idiot there we go I think it must be one guy I think it's their teammate I reckon he's run and got their banners where's the newest I observe there's one that's safe OPA so maybe he's gonna try and get this way I'm trying to figure him eight if I just heard someone I may have if we see a very small sheep I assume is the one behind and I reckon it's this guy who got his friends manners you know he may have ordered his Fran obviously in a storm so why would he would be a bit risky I already do anything for that one I'm gonna use these two were to go out a few faster I've always a little bit too far away come on friends yeah it wasn't too bad you know we're learning stuff we're still learning there's only three of the squads left one of the squad's is one person if I could win my first game is Pathfinder in two months where I'm trying to learn these advanced techniques and we also didn't get a kill for the first half the game I've got seven name I love one thing I love about Bangalore and about octane is that you can Riemann uber is that he said a word riemann ether you can just maneuver around a fight so easily but neither of them compared to the level of maneuverability that this pathfinder or give you that's that guy I reckon he's bringing two of his friends back what did you have ready oh yeah Eddie Kramer it's not too good give me some of these stiff there we go we'll find our they're gonna come back this way I tried to a teammate left I tried to jump off see I can they're gonna come this way to try and get some loot they've been shot at by some on the right yeah climber's per take there's two people here as you know I know you friends behind that rock I saw him come on that neat I finished the kill least I do want to stay there for too long so I know that other team had just brought people back and I didn't want to get pinched between two people or two teams not by myself at least alright so that rate is gone I still think that team might come over this way to try and get some of these stuff was there were some body back to you in fact I need that line Miami thank you very much obviously can I compete at this range against three people on the rock probably not they're all looking at me they're all looking at me I have 66 pounds of lye ammunition this one I also still at the same time he's been was that I don't think so I think I'm confused you take that loads I say you get I need that oh my god your teammates that thing because I need this team alive to fight the other ones oh they're gonna be right here I may as I'll kill him where's your friend that there he is I think he's already got one of them up right maybe to be honest I could leave them but I don't want to yeah one of them's up because he's already I don't know if I can they're all camping up top but they haven't rushed me how many librarians I have 100 that one I even be enough get some of this I hopefully I'm not missing too many things because people do get mad I've got three things kits that that he's probably not ideal burn upon need three themes kits money to get out of this storm Oh that is calling a lifeline package I believe if I can outmaneuver them we can win stuck in the door absolutely stuck in the door I think they're behind me I think they went for that that's a regular care package and we just healed up to four with syringes in a regular shield cell all right I have 12 kills in this game I didn't get a kill for half an hour at the starties and it's my first Pat Weiser since that 21 kill game now we need high ground because I believe they're over this way care package drop unless it was just a regular care package and I still are on this rock I mean it's it was potential for that I guess there's one way to get on the rock may let the scan this thing I don't know die for it that's the problem would be stupid nice fantastic I've been absolutely bamboozled by that by that zip line oh my god they're here I hear them on dirt but I don't know if this book top sounds like dirt as well oh yeah this up top I saw him oh of course you are of course you're still up top 3v1 I guess they don't know it's through be wondering closes I'm gonna try and wrap around if I can I get through there no absolutely not I don't just see me they've definitely seen me but as far as I could I really hope they can't built there for this next own yeah get out here that's what I thought you may have the high ground but I can still melt you 3 V 1 this would be outrageous if I can pull this off is that still the champion squad it didn't say they're eliminated so it might be this might be the level hundred and his friends I'm gonna play this one see funny it's tough to learn no shots I'll be honest with you and they know I'm a DNA illness wants to live here he's there they just hate Chamonix I just got absolutely melted from that this is gonna be too difficult I know around here come on let me I'm still behind the head right there pausing beat let me off flank him no he's trying to get over there to flank him they did a good thing are you shooting my dead body and level one you're shooting a level ones dead body it was I'm pretty sure it was the champion squad look what's it them ID does even matter first game I got 12 kills and Pathfinder maybe my new favorite champion I'm just saying I'm annoyed to myself that I didn't even give myself a decent chance of killing them like they split up so maybe I could have I got two stuck on that gosh darn piece of metal and I got melty just this guy wandering up behind me I had a chance I ruined it oh alright from level 1 all the way to level 2 we're good an apex back for that level 3 we're ranking up real fast my friends imagine if it was this quick to level up all the way through several hundred I think everyone beat level injured by name ha that was fun but completely anticlimactic so I do apologize for that if it was a 1 V even if it was a 1 V tail Pro would have died because the nature of how I died was the fact that I got distracted by one going shine the back by either one maybe I should have run further into the zone instead of trying to fly I don't know I should have ran to the zone they didn't they won't have had higher ground if I just got if I ran to the zone I've got higher ground before them I stood a chance that was my mistake I always like to try and think what I could have done better and the next time I'm in that situation I'll try and do that I try and remember to do that instead of turning around and trying to fight them gosh darn it Greg anyway thanks for watching I do appreciate it please leave a like rating and subscribe to doing the right empire if you don't it and I'll see you on the next one