Tech Support Error Unknown – Tech support simulator game

Tech Support Error Unknown – Tech support simulator game

Tech Support Error Unknown – Tech support simulator game

Tech support error unknown has just launched and this game let’s you play as a tech support user at Quasar Telecommunications.

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About Tech support error unknown
Things are not what they seem at your new tech support specialist job. While resolving customer issues, you soon find yourself in the middle of a conspiracy. Will you side with your employer, join a rogue hacktivist group bent on destroying them, assist the police or stand alone?

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Tech Support Error Unknown – Tech support simulator game

oh hello Shelly rocks here welcome to tech support error unknown I've just recorded all this intro now you can see this it's so good so we're booting up our OS this is the actual the famed OS spectrum OS and apparently my job is I am a tech support user and the game takes a bit of a turn and involves some hacker II so I'm gonna go into my options apparently you can do you can turn on on or off swear in so I'm going to play safe of swearing turned off just in case and if in copyright and strike to my channel and all stuff like that so we're we're a PG friendly channel most of the time so yeah so we're gonna do a new game that's create a new profile so my name is ooh first name last name likewise sounds like they see a thing why did I pick such a username because yeah single at a time right surely rocks can change my cool yeah what we want to be yeah to be that one there's symbol female or a male male I think dates of birth 1 3 in that very yeah let's do today is my birthday okay um difficulty intern experience of professional we're just gonna go for middle-of-the-road experience and see how we get on with that okay take one take blue 13th login s rocks okay it's login please are click in and check your emails first so from what I've seen at this game it seems to be you are a tech support user and you get various people showing up and you have to do like sort of its first line second line support fees it's the first line support so I've got a trying to fix people's things so we've got out male we've got a net travel and what widgets I'll mail I guess okay Kamala ko and welcome newest employer of quasar Shirley rocks on behalf of our quasar technology telecommunications I'm happy to welcome you to our family you are part of our exciting new program which allows our Technical Support Specialists to work where do I sign up work from home where do I sign up your new spectrum system will connect directly with our customers through to help desk 16 system once you feel ready simply responses email and I will remotely unlock the support desk to get started it could use a private system we expect to remain within city limits within spectrum device the okay let's reply to where hello miss Corwin thank you for your warm welcome mm how we ready to start providing the very best in tech support for our quasar customers have a nice day can I can I write extra things no okay percent okay you'll get that one Oh Lord access to the wiki where hey we are in the system all right so we've got official wiki issues about how to deal with common issues okay so I'll have a little look at that hello again you'll find support desk there's a file attachment on this email simply click on the file stop to install the software once you run it I'll be your first customer um where's the wiki then can I not where did I say the wiki was you'll find a link directly in that traveler okay so let's go in here first let's be a good employee let's see let's have a look look at the wiki see what the common problems are so what company are we quasar telecommunications company phone Internet okay top-notch security yeah well never mind all that waffle what about the actual wiki here we go this is what he needs a lot through okay so with Tier one apparently so we've got a few up site we've got mobile phones factory setting solutions widgets okay I see one specialist you're the first line communicates with our customers it is your job to try as a whole another problem to help our customers solve this issue from a distance a customer yeah whatever you're sorry yes they're up to and ask questions okay so what's some of the easy solutions I can try and remember right retail restarting a phone okay but we could try that also changing settings can't click on that right low power drill you choose to charge your phone yeah even I could fix that one phone mishandle in now is that what is that doing okay wet phones dry the phone make it functional again broken screens so it can fix the screen if it's broken and if it's lost it oh can call your own number okay we've also got factory reset since what scenarios is it for that one so if you lose a password if it's corrupted or if you reboot it doesn't solve that factory reset ok and should it be impossible I need to escalate it to tier 2 ok I'm quite happy to deal with that right now let's get bats that mail line so oh yeah we were applying to this I'm very glad to sent me this I've always wants to make sure I do my yeah let's just send that we need to open the attachment now ok we've now got a new application support desk let's go on fix some noobs problems ok welcome to crazy sport thank you for your patience my name is Shirley I surely hope your settle didn't really solve some problems I couldn't find the record of your previous employment do you need any help the support system um let's answer no because I've got a nuclear symbol um I'm gonna be good ok it's not too difficult system anyway and I'll be looking over and providing helpless need it it receives your first ticket in the next few seconds or you can use the new ticket born okay so here's my ticket waiting Oh who's this Christina Bertram's how can I help you ok I hope you're with it hurry because nothing short of America can say this one now what do I do let's just say yes why yes I'm a master in the arts sorcery and that's why you're the pro ok but you gotta tell me the problem or you just gonna chitchat and pretend I'm Harry Potter and okay let's see ask a question what's the problem I dropped my phone and crap the screen seems like bad luck is always chasing me right well I'd recommend you replace the screen and then we could go from there unless you're under warranty I don't have to change my phone screen oh man what kind of do that well it's got it I've got an escalator Shirley yeah coz if she doesn't have to do it then she needs someone's gonna fix it Oh ticket fails you gotta be kidding me I was supposed to do what mistake to the mage what you've gotta be kidding me this job sucks I did say to fix the screen and you said you didn't have to do it right so gonna vom okay let's I've not got any time for any mess and this is gonna be like angry sex tape all right what's your problem buddy no no chat no chat about wizards or anything like that okay and now he's angry at me see look at he looks so relaxed and he really is a douche I've been having problems with my phone okay so what's your problem my phone doesn't work properly maybe it's because you use emojis and text messages and what was that your problem I did how may I help you understaffed are we I'm here to help what can I do is so weird right my phone doesn't work properly let's let's propose you reboot your phone have you tried turning it off and on again sir obviously I tried rebooting my phone and why is that obviously my phone doesn't work problem what is the exact problem that you've got that what happened one moon that fits fine next thing next thing I know this happens well what happens to des turn into a cactus did the phone reset and become Skynet I don't know let's do a factory reset that maybe that'll work whose turned it off a nun ah these are those awkward customers so no wonder we're gonna turn to hack in um how about you throw the phone out the window rave reboots the phone well Scott what else lip but what about settings actually never mind he's giving up what what was what so that person gave me a five star rating a food even though and even though the the air at the perfectly wrong solution and then that noob ah the these tickets are just lies that I've built on a web of lies right how do we get out of this Sarah I don't read your messages get away from me alright we've done two tickets we failed one okay if we got any pretty new emails okay well what's this small mistake right right I did do that well actually yeah let's just send that right please confirm your registration I don't know who that is yes I'm gonna delete that because that looks like spam to me right am I supposed to just let go on the internet now while we're waiting for work then right what's there's net trouble I've not really looked in here wall people will change I could change our wallpaper whoa let's see what can we have what can we have yeah get out one that's pretty hot let's look at it what is it it's fantasy doc goats a couple of fearsome trap years a bit weird right I need I need a new ticket give me a new ticket okay so can we like shut down and come back the next day they're ones that do I've so many windows open well let's click here power I don't get reservoir right what's this day be boot shutdown shutdown so these produce not be saved are you sure you want to shut down your system okay Tran rebou then okay rebooting something Funky's going on with a sister but I don't forget any jobs wherever I should I might have actually owned fat broke in the game because I didn't do that that simple introduction and job let's login again okay so we have the ranking thing here oh look women we were meant to click checkout on here but because I have this window down here I didn't see it okay check out there we go they tope but it's do this right I'm ready for you noobs to get this open let's check we may as well about the warranties okay what's this let's get rid of that congratulations on a successful first day Oh looking at your tickets I realize we installed the wrong version of support desk which doesn't include warranty options are taking the liberty of updating it remotely so you should be good to go okay so got two types of warranties we can have extended warranty and standard warranty so one covers any issue and if one only covers technical issues so cracked screens wetzel as phones should never be escalated okay oh so if they've got an extended warranty basically we fix everything it's a got standard warranty yeah your outlook okay right god we've got something right well-loved ready and waiting hello my name's Shirley what can I do for you okay let's see what is the problem I'm here to help what can I do for you my phone is kratz right now how do I ask about what warranty you've got then Warren see there we go by war warranty of Eagar if it's standard standard warranty aha so sorry come help whoever's Fowley this guy you've gotta be kidding me why have I just failed that why it says simply reply you cannot help them oh oh I'm such a bad sex appalled okay right who did that it's not really we did our own every time I look at this looks like Seagal Steve why hello young man here you can help me with my she'll ela phone is that true uncle if I'm gonna be nice to him yes you're at the right place splendid I wasn't sure if it was the right place are konkey doing her voice ok so what's his problem then I just received this brand-new cellular phone for my 70th birthday my son explained it to me of course by I'm still a bit confused okay so what sexual problem you have in he's an engineer you see so very much used to all these devices yes let's find out what the problem is before he talks about his whole life he's gonna keep talking ah sure just keep asking what the problem this until he actually gives me the answer it's just gonna keep asking isn't he how did it happen I'm not adjusting what the problem is yet with only questions in the wrong order I'm happy that you asked ah What did he say that he said I'm happy you asked Milla I've had a long and fruitful life ah he's gone back into this dialogue again I'll just end it can I keep saying yes yes yes Sony's triggering mincer saying like I should problem is those days we didn't have world fancy computers we have today the kids were happy using pepper with all right we know let's hang up on him cuz he literally write less let's propose the solution let's just say reboot the phone I don't know what is wrong with the phone but let's just try the standard thing turn it off and on again right I'm not sure what you mean by that so already I'm an impasse I don't know what the actual problem is and that's the factory reset he won't know a factory recesses let's see let's see oh let's see what what is warranty is if he's got a super warranty we can just send it back oh you shouldn't be allowed to telephone um how do I deal with an idiot don't go into the dialogue again please I will lose my mind I'm sorry young man I've forgotten the reason for my call ah you've got to be joking me Oh My giddy aunt I don't believe that I really don't believe that okay well that was a complete waste of a day and disappointed with you jelly ha ha ha your resume was really promising but we can't keep so many doesn't adhere to a cop you don't lease at me ah me okay well uh that went well we're fired okay yes okay can I delete my how do I delete that profile and right we're good after just us again okay now if you've watched it the show you'll know the name for this that's let's call ourselves mr. robot okay let's do this let's do this like Leroy Jenkins okay let's count the email reply send ah yeah we're gonna do this now yeah thank you very much for all of that yeah send me that sweet support desk nice reply to you as well get support ticket open okay we're gonna do this now we're gonna be all over this like Donkey Kong okay so I am ready I am ready give me your problems do you need any help with a support system now I do not I'll be fine as long as I don't get that old man again okay I want to get my first thing that's I've got it go remember that we need to keep that in a warranty and also fixing the screens as well okay we got our first one okay Shaniqua Quinn what is your problem let's just say yes to that oh no no no what you doing that's no we're already off to a bad start right let's let's see what the problem is out of five I'm tapping the screen but nothing is happening right Brit you beat your phone have you tried turning it off again of course please wait ah this is going to be a fix please be a fix it's got to be I can I can feel it I can feel it in my tech-support bones oh it didn't work well I'd suggest next that we try a factory reset do you know how to do a factory reset I can guide you through the process he okay you don't want to do that um oh let's see let's see what happened then so how did the problem happen it could be this wet okay I went to party had too much to drink I dropped it you know how it is right les we've not got the warranty yet have we though no George tried oh please confirm your registration and we didn't do this last sanded way let's reply this replies were random spam email and see what happens right so she's tried rebooting the phone that didn't work as trained we changed the battery what are you talking about and well you've dropped here the party but where did you drop it did you drop it down the toilet maybe no just no riots but yeah you need to send us a phone then I'm doing that I don't know what else I can do okay hopefully take it completed yes oof who else s new ticket assigns okay is that it why needs to do a ticket I'm pretty sure that's a I've never got another one Sean Seeley okay good afternoon my name is Chauncey and I hope you help me my problem okay what is the problem what can I do you for my phone doesn't work properly probe my phone my phone doesn't work properly okay what happens it's technology it just happened and pre-boot the phone maybe we tried turning off and on again yep tried that didn't work well I think you're gonna have to do a factory reset then are you crazy I'm not doing that okay then well it's not all I can do then let's see let's say asked him again how did it happen nothing really is stopped working boy say it's not working something the screens not working or does it mean the phone's not interact sent my phone doesn't wanna wear eyes just such a terrible because I could say changed the battery they might not be the battery I could say change the screen and it might not be the screen ah these are the worst other people I'm Escalades and Alec dealer mr. fly this alright actually you know what I figured that out study for the truck ah is this what it's like as this job that they just you fo you of a problem you give them solutions they completely ignore it and then just randomly go and very sorry but I've actually actually fixed a problem okay me sir check our emails again then oh yeah this is the warranty information okay well we're sorted for that let's get on to the next support call okay mr. Jeff fort good morning either problem okay what is the problem Jeff I forgot the password to my phone a likely story now what would be I guess unless it's an iPhone I'd do a factory reset turning it off I've no idea to do let's let's tell him how to do a factory reset I was looking for an option best son best tech support yes nice okay we got another one oh no oh no it's him it's Keith again I can't I can't deal with him I can hear you can help me with my cellular telephone any monster in the calls can I just say no and get rid of it I'm gonna have to go through that through this spiel boom aren't we right let's just go let's go straight to the thing what's the problem I'm not dealing with you seven minutes seven minutes we're on the phone for to him last time okay so ask them a question and I would not not must be himself he stops talking okay in my day we didn't have these devices we had we had the chalk and we wrote on the floor I was sitting in our rags yeah it's not that he's still talking yeah these are a lot of the kids in the paper a pencil now next we gonna be talking about climbing up chimneys swellings a child and sweeping them oh come on Keith is that it right what is the problem how did it happen uh nice hahahaha it's gonna be long a long a long conversation oh did you did you see Kofi 70th birthday yeah but you didn't have things like that when you were a child should we just jump straight to the small talk and see it back let's just go to the small talk and see if he gets distracted and starts talking about that instead okay come on still talking ah let's get some music let's change the music around a little bit more up-tempo oh yeah this is it this is like the challenge music let's say let's ask him about the Warren see it must be a certain combination we need to ask him I don't have a clue what combination it is he's not gonna remember the Lauren see I'm not sure what you mean about that right let's reboot your phone I'm not sure you mean by that yeah let's ask away sit then I'm gonna get rid of it I'm not sure what you mean by that but I'm trying to ask escalate yeah can't help yes the Fortuner warranty doesn't cover this problem he's just saying I don't remember I wonder if it's our time this is literally I can't do anything it doesn't have no Warren C doesn't remembers how to reboot bone so factory reset let's try that maybe you remember son out there factory reset no it is how tricycle is again oh it's no no this is a lesser than pain doesn't really seem to wanna get off the phone oh oh oh we got we got movement oh my oh he's forgotten excellent way what we did well this time were three minutes ahead of schedule let's get rid of him he's came quite old cuz apparently 7c I have a nice day well he gave me a good he gave me a good rating and so did the other ones that's bringing it ok we're on day three the furthest we'd ever been rise check my email anything new and exciting we're not gonna play at the spam email yeah Kay let's get support uh scopin we've already got it from rice ready for me good morning problems are plaguing me my soul is crying out for help right what's the problem ever um my good friend my phone turned off and won't turn back on what happened I dropped my phone in the pool there we go if only this for the first time but let's try and dry the phone you tried that I tried that it didn't work okay then right well tell me about your warranty I hope you guys to extend the warranty otherwise you are in the doodoo it's under standard warranty well it's recommend you replaced change the battery okay well you're obviously gonna have to send it in yeah try-try and then work factory set doesn't work right we got escalated then or should I have said well maybe I should have said I can't have are you have to it wrong what was it supposed to do on that sort of call what was I supposed to do you witch oh so we couldn't help them that's ridiculous husband-to-be lights yeah whoo Colton robot I'm mr. robot that is weird Oh cool ACCA's me brother sorry to contact you aware but your Nanshan my calls they ignore me in social media or not to do anymore okay what's the issue you're encountering mom isn't doing well I know you don't want to hear this but you can't ignore the reality anymore I've been taking care as much as I can the cost has been piling up since my job cups some of my hours has been difficult to follow her medication and mr. dose two weeks ago and she immediately got worse we need money can you send me 150 today I'll be able to buy the pill she needs and let's say yes not if I've got the money and I even got 150 dollars okay Wars going on the air why I've got to chance who's this who spends I'm basically the tech guy for the tech guys are you enjoying your time working ants let's just say yes good to hear it's important to be happy with work on that nose I'm ready to Santa Claus you for a price that is I got a nifty website for you I call it Spencer's oasis okay ah no so gonna pay for my medic we basically what a truce pay for the medication for me for me remover or that's a bit awkward so I ever give the medication to my brother or yeah when I delete that one let's forward that's me brother see look at the trouble of God let's just you reply send a doctor that means we're given in the money or not okay okay let's do the next day it's do one more day open my email again the dark truth behind quasar Tecna whoa it's gonna be okay employees of tonight there's a great secret which now be divulged a company you work for has been lying to you as well as its customers very deep in the building you're working for is a server room separate from all of us were data from every phone is being recorded and stored by your employer okay so who's this do not trust them do not let him charm you or takes us replace this yes and reply okay Indigo Fox that sounds a bit a bit intriguing and we do new email' sewer and expense as well I love averages – the random email to the tech guy I think we should talk more but let's do let's do some more tech support stuff then hopefully these are gonna be easy okay hello my name is mr. what can I do for you I finally broke down call support I hope you're worth the hassle okay what is the problem Joan I'm not getting any sound to my phone no ringtone or anything well I'd say settings first of all hopefully hopefully please let us except will it work or not okay I see let me try that yep but did the trick later okay that seemed to work that so that seems to be successful okay Amanda green okay I finally broke down call your eyes that's what's the problem what is the problem okay I'm not sure I haven't better turn on my phone since this morning okay what happened to it then Oh got a new email ass this looks bad but don't know well that one winter fans find the next thing I know this happens have you tried changing the battery maybe gotta be a battery issue surely okay I'd suggest you do a factory reset oh my phone doesn't turn on okay let's ask about your warranty then please it's been so long I have no idea um well then I suggest then you changed the battery used on the factory set they won't turn on we'll try the factory sir okay let's tell her the procedure for factory set man will turn on probably well I finished nothing I can do and really I hope you die oh so we did actually do that one right then that's pretty handy let's shut that down rival got enough warm we'd sent okay hello how do I change the wallpaper on my phone settings that should be easy oh I didn't know that thank you thank you for your help bye yes that was a nice and easy one but we'll never one Borat Janelle I saw your name in registry I was wondering if we could talk for a moment it's about the Indigo email assume you received on as well do you have a bit of a time okay so who's this guy that thanks this is weighing on my mind who's he then mafia noise and what never it must be another support person I guess fire Arthur also recommends I'm not I'm gonna say no you know I have contacted them yeah I'm not gonna give anyone advice so I've done okay so we we we kept picking me useless unrelated answers were always to my time we learned a little bit of money though $36 the only thing we didn't do a so if not we've got the email and the how do I give you money send me money I can buy a medication rice how much money if we actually got in the bank I've reached my window ulema I shot this one down man just get my widget open right we're not going to felonious we can't even do that and so yeah we're not doing that just yet but anyway that is the end of day fall and so yeah this looks pretty it looks pretty fun looks like it's gonna be a slow burn until it builds up so if you do want to see more of this tech support game let me know in the comments anyway i'm shirley rocks thanks for watching i'll see you next time