Tech Support Error Unknown game – Tech support: Error unknown new software unlocked

Tech Support Error Unknown game – Tech support: Error unknown new software unlocked

Tech Support Error Unknown game – Tech support: Error unknown new software unlocked

Tech support error unknown has just launched and this game let’s you play as a tech support user at Quasar Telecommunications.

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About Tech support error unknown
Things are not what they seem at your new tech support specialist job. While resolving customer issues, you soon find yourself in the middle of a conspiracy. Will you side with your employer, join a rogue hacktivist group bent on destroying them, assist the police or stand alone?

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Tech Support Error Unknown game – Tech support: Error unknown new software unlocked

well hello there Shelley rocks here welcome back to tech support era unknown hopefully we are going to do a little bit better than data to my last one so mr. robot is now on day five so let's log in and get not fixing I mean fixing people's phones okay so I'm gonna check our mail first so oh yeah all sorts going on okay so what's this the shadows upon quasar my friends and colleagues an unfortunate shadow has fallen upon our great company indeed the recent emails we received from indigo are troubling to say the least danger lurks around every corner evil glares from a shadow ready to pounce on our your unsuspecting machine okay so starting today all t1 employees we required to perform regular security checks what okay so I need to remember this code one two three eight eight one can I have I got a notepad can I add ah come on I won't add a notepad I'm so gonna forget that code okay concerned indigo email oh it is the boss yesterday we were alerted that some of you received emails from what appears to be a terrorist group do not communicate directly with the police concern the masa okay I'm just gonna not read that oh my sis my mother whose coltan I hope you're happy I couldn't afford the medication that mom was coughing up along you take care of oh okay let's go to work ye oh hang on we might these key this open let's keep the quick email open so who was it sense at me who spends let's move that down there so we can soar seed the number by the side of the screen let's see if that works okay we're gonna do some tech support we're gonna do this right hi this is mr. typing what could you if you'd stay hey problems are plaguing me and my soul is crying out for help okay what's the problem what is your problem when I tried to stop my phone and gives me a garbled mess well I think a fracture reset is what you're looking for and he said well I tried to start my phone that will mean he's tried to start it already mmm let's see what work what Warren see if you got if you got the super duper Warren C then yeah we can send it back enough Wallen doesn't know let's tell them as defraction reset its it's like the answers to come out with are the ones that are the most awkward that they shouldn't do hmm what are we gonna do I could just say no but we'll try reboot phone Shirley Shirley these done that already he must it still does what we need to do you need to do the the fax you think oh oh oh I'm on is to code 1 2 3 1 2 3 8 8 1 ah wow that's gonna be super annoying I've tried that it still doesn't work um do I say can't help a car and what meant to do let's try can't help set the right answer or not okay ticket completed fair enough good bye okay what next hi may I ask why I finally broke down call support I hope you're worth the hassle okay now what's the problem I'm here to help the speaker my phone must be busted since I can't hear anything mmm what happens maybe maybe drop Singh got it we're okay Ryan have you tried we tried rebooting the phone oh well maybe settings and what about the settings if you turn the volume on enough in the sentence okay let's ask about your warranty surely someone has paid for the more expensive warranty regular warranty ah the stupid code one I got one two three eight eight one and it should cover my problem though and but it doesn't know I tell what's a lot suggest he's saying he's not got a warranty is regular warranty do I ask you later don't think I asked elates it new headset dry phone or was she saying but um no no no I'm trying to think what's right let's there's nothing I can do there's no day I don't think I don't think I can help can't you escalator I don't know I don't know for an Escalade see because I got told off last time I did it oh no and I can't help I think Escalades in it s face and it is for the oh wait a minute why was that an escalation why was that an escalation Oh everything what everything was in order for the customer ah that sucks alright next day then that sucks ah oh you gotta be kidding me you've not sat me again sack me again really sock I can't believe I've got sacked again I'm not even got to the actual hacking part of this game again okay can I delete some of these profiles let's delete some of these yeah let's delete them I salute my shameful profe no no no no let's delete the profile no no no no what are you doing delete profile why is it lock it into it Oh for some reason in war let me do that okay you know what I think we should do let's do in turn let's try and do a little bit easier so let's call ourself mr. noob cakes and we're gonna be let's pose a female for change and we've got a picture of feet okay let's login see if this is any easier prize check my email should be able to whisk for all of this okay yadda yadda yadda yes thank you many will read any of this we're going to click on things get a support desks and get a support desk open okay hello my name is noob how can I help you today mister noob I hope you're settling oh hi noob I hope you're settled and ready Sultan problems yes I am yes I've answered yes yes yes she'll sell me off now sir yeah do you need any help using the system no all right so understand okay if you don't let me get on VIP mate maybe it stop maybe it stops be getting some of these annoying people all right we'll finish that ticket okay we've got our first call my few romo okay I hope you're a wizard cousin okay right let's just go straight into it what's the problem my phone screen is cracked let's do how to change the screen okay can't these stuff like that no maybe I should shall I ask elite it s escalator I don't know what they can do take it completed Oh Gigi okay next one up coral ball hi my name is coral I hope you can help me in my problem okay what is your problem my phone screen is Kratz okay let's try again to change the screen okay she can't do stuff like that my guess is gonna be will have to escalate it again okay we're flying for these now this is easy let's get into the hacking part I'm not sure if you can help me but I hope so okay what's the problem what is the problem who got an email as well a straight stream email yeah a signaller this time oh by pressing the home button doesn't do anything and try and reboot your phone them we tried turning off and on again oh I see please wait come on please work please work please work Oh rebooting rebooting it didn't work well adds factory set maybe okay let's tell you how to do a factory reset then is she got a complain about losing all the pictures oh cool thank you madam you the great help excellence they were flying for these now nurse he would Ola I have a problem okay why is your problem my birth my blue teeth don't work I know voltar my headset where they're less tell about the settings n you can turn on Bluetooth through the settings menu I'll eyes good the configuration is fine it doesn't work and reboot your phone perhaps we tried turning it off and on again it still doesn't work what's your trying to connect oh I know that's per my head so I've seen a new headset let's try that have you tried connecting to a different headset tried that didn't work let's ask what happens just in case you dropped it down the toilet escalator aren't we I don't want escalated ball okay excellent they'll seem quite happy with me we got set oh cool so we got $75 for that that's pretty nice okay next day log in boom see what emails we've got okay so now we're gonna learn all about warranties okay so extended warranties as always they if we can't troubleshoot it we can escalate it standard warranties cover technical issues and not problems by customers crack screens wet wet or lost phones never be escalated okay we'll try and remember that and that's the email and batson that's the first job Deborah hey dog I've got a problem okay what's your problem then dog my phone turned off I won't turn back on and we tried changing about the battery I can't fault that any of us a solution how did it happen first of all ask you about your warranty then standard warranty well can I get an okay I can't believe I can't believe why why would that fail when they've got a standard warranty I don't some that ah oh no it's not it's him again um yeah I can't I can't help you no no it's not true I'll get rid of him okay he's not gonna get rid of him there's no way we're for you today it's still gonna talk I've just told you I can't help you so ye ye still chatting maybe maybe we've asked him about the warranty straightaway we can it might be only in ease and easier difficulty I think you should have to keep talking to him I don't feel it was anything really trigger that last time now check my email I'm waiting I can't believe that she had a standard warranty you should have instructed her to escalator okay since only if it's it's only if it's a mosque you about your warranty again soon as I you seem to be ignoring me right so if the if it's a wet if it's a cracked screen or a wet phone or lost phone no warranty the rest of it have one right classical eat it oh yeah we can't ask lazy can we don't talk about yourself maybe if we hadn't talked about himself us or triggers in trip isodyne should be replies to the spam I know I didn't before let's do it replying to all of them now I think what else can I do to fix your problem what happens I think we should do this in four minutes last time we need to get rumble in Sioux forgets what what he's called us for I received it brand-new cellular phone for my 70th birthday my Spanish that explains me of course did I tell you he's an engineer hahahaha please please Keith No Oh back in that day he couldn't rise on do frozen mammoths and played in Sun bits well I can't help you I'm all our solutions I'm all our solutions I'm all our solutions I'm all out of solutions okay good we got rid of him and I don't know if that's what I should've but we got rid of him please get slamming that board okay let's go to my email again okay we don't seem to be we didn't seem to get complaints about that last one so okay hopefully do some good ones okay so what's the problem I can't cut since now okay right sentence boom goodbye Oh nineteen seconds a month I'm literally on fire yes okay next call oh it's my brother isn't that yeah oh my yes but yeah it's my brother and the sister I'm confused I'm actually a female how are things sir this is only once the money isn't it opening on the job soon okay okay have you tried have you tried rebooting your phone but maybe that helped to forget to make him angry what's a good night sleeved you want some mom what else car suggests what a factory reset maybe that helped what are you talking about just don't do small talk okay yes it should work well you are calling me all night on a helpline at work so I don't know what you expect me to do okay okay so prescription pills are helped but is hardly miracle medicine well let's just try and get rid of it I know it's it's not really doing anything okay we're gonna get rid of him yeah there we go okay Spence yes I am enjoying it I think I've got any money at the moment I've forgot any money how much money of a she got 120 dollars norisse let's get rid of that one now we didn't do this before this money thing let's do that unless the let's do let's I'm tempted to do this so if we see if we can send some monies for this 105 say how do we do that then so we've got the financial thing here now how do I send money to people can I open a bank account website maybe International Bank okay what I'm sorry we didn't ask for money before I want to send some money right so you want to transfer oh ah that's the way to do this as giver spends the money let's give him the money I don't know what that's gonna do okay I sent him the money let's do it what's this here click on the file above them download it'll add the first update sir free of charge oh and God what's this son you've added a new new website what she added with Spence is a click on the file and download a lathi to your internet browser we need to refresh the thing Rosa I can't see it there let's close it down and it back up again I hear we got expenses oasis ok what's this then first upgrade is free minimize the icon at the bottom to minimize a window what I mean the Ramanathan maybe will be quite good ass pose ok so what's it what's it added to me don't can I can I do something pause this a second oh that's the pause he'll understand told the staff just added it says it's how the de minimis is that literally all it is that one a little thing ok however that's really that good ok what's the problem I realize I had to actually do that have a scrambled mess on my screen okay then let's reboot your phone tried that didn't work okay I'd suggest you do a factory reset then okay I'll tell him how to do it then factory reset is done by a bus okay so we were a bit slacking and doing that wire last one then we're too busy and spence's Spence's world in fact let's back on to the browser minimize that chat open the browser up again so I'll have a proper look on here so it looks like we can get Windows notification Ram succour processor also procedure ooh automatically responds to a customer when they request a procedure to complete the solution okay that's quite that might be quite useful think it's so hard to get any money and yeah it's we need a lot more money okay let's login another long day okay we'll replace that indigo fox thing because I think that's gonna open up a whole world of things let's get back onto the helpdesk thing okay let's try and see how fast we can get four DS I can't hear anything for my phone as okay go in settings can we beat the 19 seconds yes 15 seconds boom back it on that's okay number one Bora Janelle and this is beaver work or isn't it oh say yes but I'm not gonna see what he says do small talk I'm so confused all spin happening between indigo and quasar okay yes well can I say what are you talking about well what drove me to say to you okay i'm so i'm so confused to what's been happening what's the problem if i should reply to that email and the same no say no don't don't reply to the email no I've already said no how many sounds don't want me to say no okay right we got rid of that one I can't send you money right now in tech support guy know exactly rich why is that it's the truth though we literally don't have any money I just paid a hundred dollars for it for a button to minimize stuff okay I have a problem okay what is the problem I forgot a password to my phone I'd say factory reset 32 seconds not bad not bad Kate enough one sherman rose and not unable to make or receive any calls okay let's try a reboot your phone then sir oh oh what that's I um what about a factory reset if you don't know Ryan let's ask then have you got a warranty do you have warranty rights just come right okay then so we're gonna do we're gonna escalate it that's gonna be the best answer there you go okay another support call okay what's the problem my phone screen is Kratz again well let's hear about your warranty and if you've got a super warranty then you can get it fixed and make sure to get the best warranty possible okay then so we are gonna do escalator shoe then excellent so I've got $73 well 217 now these actually useful ski pelipper pinned up there actually have we got enough to buy anything offer dispense is shady website again it's two hundred dollars isn't it for the automated one we can get more round by something more Windows increases software I don't we need a lot of these fitness what about that though receives hund receive a hundred dollars at beginning of every day that sounds pretty good maybe we should save up and get that okay sometimes hoping I do well so I can get a little bit further and show you more of this game okay you've completed your probation and now I'm now a junior Support Specialists oh nice so they're like extra extra paid extra pay and I would now we've got the the code fing one two three eight eight one yeah we need to remember that do you know communicate yes okay and let's keep the Spence email open just so we try and remember the code and no doubt we're gonna know now we're gonna forget it but hey we'll give it a go right good morning what is the problem okay do I just always ask what the problem is you're not just gonna tell me straight away my touchscreen isn't working okay we try to turn it off and on again oh come on this is gonna be something as simple as our he's thinking about it it didn't work whilst can we say what about your warrant Oh what happened first of all why did it suddenly stopped working okay – sir have a warranty it's been so long I have no idea well I'm afraid sir then you're look I cannot help you no successful call okay one two three eight eight one I remember that password okay what is the problem then what's the problem Hal my Bluetooth doesn't work let the what settings do you know how to use it in your thin your sentence okay didn't think of that maybe that will fix your blue teeth all he's thinking is trying yep the blue teeth are connected excellent let's dive back into the air mail granny my emails nope we've got another message okay what is your problem Christina if you got problem your blue teeth I've been them unable to turn my phone since this morning have you tried changing your battery on two three eight eight one okay cool I like quick and easy solutions like this okay we've got another one Denise Parker my name is disease I hope I hope you can help I'm gonna try my best what can I do for you I've been having problems with my phone right first of all have you tried turning off and on again obviously okay what happened then did it happen after you went swimming stopped working have you got a warranty I I'm sure I do but I don't know for sure well I'm gonna tell you how to do a factory reset then right we can do an easier solution I can't help you how's about a thoughtful easy solution excellent I like ones like that so easy to do okay Richard Drake what is your problem come on I'm not getting sound okay I'd say sentence volume in your sentence you might have your volume turned down oh yeah I suppose I can try is he trying okay excellence later later Heder right so we've got two hundred and thirty three dollars in the thing now so do we go for PC upgrades or should I go and send shall I go and send money we've also got do you know what I'm gonna do I am I know it probably shouldn't I'm gonna go to the traveling website let's go to Spencer's oasis let's get this oh I can't quite for a four-day mmm I feel like I should be sending money to my mother though I really done a lot to do but let's just do another day but I completely ignore all our okay check out the email ooh access the customer database okay as you know we were forced to let many of up many of your co-workers go following India emails so after I've been promoted to tier 2 specialist now I've got the buoys buoys book pro you'll you'll be able to access our customers for their account numbers and accessor profiles okay note you can no longer ask for their warranty directly as we only recognize warranties register than their Oh My giddy aunt this this makes it even more complicated maybe this is why I need the upgraded memory okay so this is an example accounts standard warranty lots of clowns okay with the sort of remember that I feel like a I feel like I should send money though should we let's do it let's just send the money and if I send money once and it's like once a week it's gonna be a pain but let's um oh I can't do it okay well money money money what money worries over there was the autoresponder one wasn't there bought do I want to buy the upgrade on nah no we're not gonna do that just shat okay let's go to the support desk then okay got some more waiting okay what's the problem I forgot the password to my phone um will tell you how to do a factory reset I reckon that's the quickest easiest way to get back in your phone I'm sure we can find an easier solution well I'll tell you what then Linda Brian and let's let's find give me your customer number what happens if they say they don't know the number because that could be awkward okay so it's oh-oh-oh answers excellent right you've got an expired warranty apparently so yeah and what's the original problem forgot the password well I'm afraid there's a nothing we can do for you then cuz you're outside your warranty I told you how to reset it goodbye okay I was a pretty easy one to sort out and hi that okay what is the problem my fine bald-headed friends Elisha Myers my blue teeth doesn't work I'm unable to / my headset we're there let's do the statins do statins new head sir you might even have tried this okay is it gonna work come on please work it works excellent bye I watch some spam as well this is when you were waiting for a domain located in the middle of the forest away from modern civilization oh it's the spam email lets us delete that we don't know that's fun okay oh no we got a cup who's this lay in the black here I ship we all it's an FBI no I'm sorry I'm busy work and I didn't reply to the email and they're gonna be angry I just said no hmm I'm just gonna Sookie saying no I don't need surely they wouldn't really just phone you up losing your lack of cooperation okay so she'd give me a she's giving me the email but I don't think really I should have really had to deal with that right I can't hear anything for my phone settings we might buy that autoresponder cuz we seem to be getting the same things again and again right so it didn't work we'll try in the Tran reboot your phone I'm asked for your customer details as well maybe a simple rebooting the phone will fix it will it work and up now which gets away and do a little balance at our desk it didn't work okay um let's ask for your customer number damn because if you've not if you're out of warranty you're out a lock What did he say then oh he's going to check censorship for his number ok is details right C's warranty is expired we've tried to reboot it that didn't work so I guess factory reset and if that doesn't work then there's nothing else I can do nope lies it can't help he's not gonna be happy okay fun so anyway oh cool so they seem to be fairly happy with that now I want to do one more day I think how long to do these videos for for there's quite an awkward game to play with doing really bad some folks are there so we're got a couple so Oh add a profile born how do we go for the money or for the stock I mean I think long term this will be good should we get that let's get that so we're gonna get we're gonna get a money every single day with that let's see if that works so let's check out check back in and do we start off with 179 big books now we do nice okay check my email what's this following the successful deployments we decided or ease to serve new customers warranty with the customer database not with ticket manager okay it's applied to that open a help desk on to the first call hello there my name is noob I lost my phone and I want something to be done about it well let's try have you tried ringing your phone there's not for ringing the phone okay looks like they're quite happy with that nice got a warm fuzzy fuzzy feel in my stomach right props are two hundred and four dollars now as well don't fit as anything we have got the also responded after than he was that was he also respond two hundred dollars the car am but it's gonna have a quick little look I know we shouldn't do this while we're in the middle of this ball yeah let's get the air a spider also respond I see see if that works okay what's wrong will you phone then a city also respond the thing works okay cut stuff and I'm chilling my girl on the line reboot your phone perhaps I've tried to do in a luxury sedan Brian let's assess your customer number what is your cost dude I don't know about any number right so let me think about this so he doesn't want to factory reset he's tried turning off and on and he doesn't really seem to want to do anything else so surely I can't help well No that's not part of our policy I've told you I can't I can't help there's nothing else I can do no no no oh we're so lucky I'm so lucky I just promised I'd never clicked the option before I just promised them a new phone whoops this also respond that doesn't seem to be working though oh hang on hold on I'm assigning myself more work oh no no no no should have done that right these are always in my phone won't start it says something about corruption right factory reset right what's your problem or neither this is insane this is insane I should be doing these things all at once a free people if it okay that one word right what about these other ones I'm having an issue of my phone what happens let's get rid of that one so what I've got two calls opening and I am an icon click on it understaffed are we right reboot your phone my phone doesn't work probably and we tried to turn off learned a gun I understand be right back right so if you tried rebooting your phone okay so we fix that one link to it once too is too much my feeble brain let's asking for here is customer number then are we we do this as well we to open that window okay she's gonna be so hungry my phone was uh my phone was stolen okay he's got expired warranty so I'm just gonna say there's nothing we can do them my phone was stolen okay go to that one my sis she's got a valid Warren seon-ah okay this is a details spied warranty so and I think really there's not nothing I can do then I could try calling yourself call yourself is that oh well there's nothing I can do then nothing I can do I'm sorry oh we're out of work you know in two hours now oh well another day at the the slave pit is the office we've got a few new york grades so so we should to get a little bit more extra money now so hopefully hopefully the next day we're gonna get a bit of the old Zoran anyway that's it for now this is tech support or known error thanks for watching see you next time