Streamers React to the *NEW* Old School Emote/Dance! – Fortnite Best and Funny Moments

Streamers React to the *NEW* Old School Emote/Dance! – Fortnite Best and Funny Moments

The new Old school Emote is in the Fortnite Item Shop and streamers react to it! You’ll also see the Best and Funniest Fortnite clips of today in this video!

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Also in this video:
The new fortnite item shop
new oldschool dance emote
streamers reacting and buying the new oldschool emote

Streamers React to the *NEW* Old School Emote/Dance! – Fortnite Best and Funny Moments

guys remember to use costal be underscore if you're using my card and you have twitter please tweet me on Twitter hey that's rad dude that is I like it are we got this I know oh you dance yo okay I'm gonna buy it hello you like to see Moe then how can you not like this emo bro it's fire this fucking just go home everybody show's over it that's it that's it we're wrapping it up for the night was a great stream everybody's gone go home everybody have a good night drive safe drive safe I'm literally shooting at his head bro – the flash Nicko's them Hank if did oh my god Butchie civet he just talked about how big your penis well it's fucking tiny I don't want to talk about that dude it's freaking tiny dude it's small dude seriously all right oh man absolutely shot haha oh hey no I haven't watched a COPI you shut up from someone Oh poopy I was just saying that like it's kind of dump easier to code no one's gonna be like oh I got killed let me just check out let me use his code you know might as well put teat even your name might check out your Twitter feed but they're not gonna use your code dude Oh jack I'm actually so confused bro this game does not like me this game does not like me like who does it who that happen to you this guy loves me I'm gonna laugh so fucking hard he's got a solar everyone with that mad I know goes no lanthum you did 70 years from now I remember when I was a 13 year old loser I used it yeah dreams night ninja now are you kids you have dignity these days we would stream for four hours trying to get Gill young mm-hmm that's dedication you got you're dealing down the ducking about getting everything I need we had a streams night for three days uphill both ways if we wanted to actually kill him but grandpa did you win the games after hell no we would just back out and do it all over again stay stream sniping wave yeah we have a carbonyl never finish out the game back out grandpa I feel like that's a pretty you know I'm pretty loser virgin thing to do yeah well we got plenty of women we sent him the clips after and well I mean actually they spat on us in Polish losers but you know we knew they'd come around someday and that's where your old gam-gam Kenji grandma was one of the girls well no no she was over she was a good you know what never mind I'll tell you that when you're old are you doing man shit you don't need that rocket go for it man okay oh my Dennis Dennis what did you just you're so bad I had no ammo my shocking bullets you are I'm going to lose it your daddy this on your mouth like the storm was coming you see you're so lucky how do you not die I hate it boys I hate it let's go blanket on them they're going on top of the they're going on top of the apex Oh cease your enough fucking shit fest oh wow building came down bro there's nothing you could have done whoa bro I'm playing fucking board games I can't fucking right-click and it's fucking with my psychology no all right look look it look it look at what I do on the map right all right you see what you see where am I inviting my my cross my thing is go just like that bro and just go straight down you don't even did it don't even look at you look don't even look at the slipstream just look at your map back cut short on the marker I fucking went for RG play fuck myself in it I mean I don't have a gun I thought I found two med kits but that's a guy on me as one shot I may as well back to the lobby buddy say what see once I stayed up already y'all seem leaving no I be ready I said I was born ready our theme living by God I said I was born I was born ready I said I was born I was born ready I said I was born I was born ready

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