Streamers FIRST Time Using *NEW* Reboot Van! – Gameplay (Fortnite Best Moments)

Streamers FIRST Time Using *NEW* Reboot Van! – Gameplay (Fortnite Best Moments)

In this video Streamers React to the new Reboot Van In the new Update! Fortnite Battle Royale Best Moments, Highlights & Fortnite Funny Moments & Daily Best Moments!

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Streamers FIRST Time Using *NEW* Reboot Van! – Gameplay (Fortnite Best Moments)

we will wait we've we no no no no no no wait wait wait wait wait we wait for the card let me die let me die you can use the van respawn Vayne okay you're right when I died collect my card okay hurry up take faster I've never wanted to die more in this group alright boys get my car to get my card respawn me boys get in cover him build around him well there it is there it is he got the card you'll built build walls build walls I've got a bill brother whoa let's go I'm bad boys holy it's like Bill and Ted brother fresh I need to build an elaborate contraption so that you may you know fun just cuz I'm a team player there you go Wow honestly incredible gameplay now this is an epic fortnight update now I have guided oh wow fresh have you been eliminated look at this I found your Reaper Todd just gonna take ho yo loose real quick and alright let's see how this puppy wax oh god I got a hold of ten seconds come on Noah see me know what shoot me know what shoot me all right that was toxic I would like to just like remind you that I eliminate myself on purpose yep sure you did that's what was actually on purpose I would like I'd like some ammo I'm coming back to life baby it takes like five or ten seconds I get it but there are like there is like a card and I got 100 Matt's for free you wanna keep doing this no I'm gonna farm Matt's for free baby although put me in being American feel like that person shot just to specifically help shot you die you know you boys gonna see a new war place right yeah look at this one I'm more literally 400 like you so I look like that Oh we gone for this game wrapping herself easy double in AK noscope coming in AK Oh baby Sojin Irish boy going down at the hands of the trickshot Gigi's all right me versus you buddy later Oh later what the hell yo where did he come from Oh what the hell just happened oh my god nice nice he's dead yeah I got them no but go jet let's go let's go dude I was here Fogg I was here Fogg yeah where were they oh my he took my bullet suit he taught my bullets dude he dumped my bullets dude he jumped my bullet wait right there that box that box top about 3 2 1 and knock out one ice like Oh white book dude I got another one though is not broken by the way great item by the way from so confused oh dude this guy's just got dumpster yeah I'm actually a god I'm actually I God what did you do oh my god the precision aim is probably perfect oh my god no smokin do I know scope them with a hundred rifle all my hoverboard did you just make anybody else anybody else please yo yet AB oh yeah y'all one there's a map here to look at the lunar of these guys over here they ripped it about me fucking doted on the sticks dog I'm going to not whom