Streamers FIRST Time Using *NEW* Explosive Boom Bow! – Best Gameplay! (Fortnite BR)

Streamers FIRST Time Using *NEW* Explosive Boom Bow! – Best Gameplay! (Fortnite BR)

In this video you will see Streamers First Time using the new Explosive Bow / Boom Bow! Watch the streamers react to the new explosive bow and see if they like it! Fortnite Battle Royale Best Moments, Highlights & Fortnite Funny Moments & Daily Best Moments!

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This video features: New Boom Bow! The New explosive Bow in the new Fortnite Battle Royale 8.21 update! Streamers First Time Using new Explosive Boom Bow and Streamers React to new Bow with great gameplay!

Streamers FIRST Time Using *NEW* Explosive Boom Bow! – Best Gameplay! (Fortnite BR)

oh there should be some oh oh sorry this is the bar ladies and gentlemen oh yeah it's got like if you just like flick it just falls right in front of you if you hold it down the arc pulls up and you can shoot it up that's lit well I got the bow oh my god it looks for colors it it's gold wait there's people just your brayer hey the bubbles he's utilizing his own there comes will he find it yes innocence goes down Kenny find ourselves as well he dies brilliant for perfect till putting himself into the top seven with that getting the riff to go getting all the math in the world when rip to go anybody just want a rift fun here's the full Yeti squad Oh God Domenici oh yeah thank you good job Oh three men swallow why am I'm doing it right now I was looking down soon we don't go push too low to the ground Oh what wait wait wait what did I I didn't him for 200 a group out of green pump it look like a number 200 it's a mess okay there in like 7 min justice rains from above by that's a man if I hit those words too much I'm just a legend I guess just meeting every gun baby NASCAR no it's not cool I'm not sure it was free it's sick dude he's down here in the bucket april fools Tyler is good Oh boss Tyler oh fuck look you're balling buggy buggy buggy bomb you guys are belong here what what up with that they're so confused eat can I go all the way up there I'll go all the way up there because why the fuck not why won't I go all the way up there I'll land in the very tip-top I'm telling you I am simply the best quad crash driver no questions that shit we're not done though you got it you got to understand we're not done though we're still we're still going back up we're still it we're on we're on our way up we're we're so close we're almost we're almost I wanted to take the scenic route get get more you know more people interested in watching my rotation and I'm insane simply put I am insane so yeah welcome to uh how to fly quad crash or 101 welcome class is in session nothing's pretty crazy though a new trap that's the first time I get hit by anything I like actually if I have I don't win right away the heck was it why did that just happen oh let's go let's just walk it out there over there oh yeah I got one dude what southwest they split top 264 meters what's up dude what's up dude hey how's it going along on the pit baby look at the baby fat Babette hey Babette did you just enforce them stupid we just get a clip of the whole end of that dude that was just that was so BM what I just did to those guys i in pulse up to the dude and top the tower shotgun him in the face and then and scarred him at down I jumped no scoped the dude that was down below and then popped down an impulse muffin off the mountain yeah what if it be why they watch it old much what like I feel like I feel like you were gonna say just amusing every gun but it's gone did you hit him in the a little bit the flip see star was it a cool shot or no if it's not cool I'm not cheering it was friggin sick dude okay fog I was here before it pop up how then I'll pick up any master in that whole thing actually yo no way I just got that many kills the headshots bro oh my god except when you pray my heart I do things that you wanted me or try to be everything you wanted everything