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what's very buddy typical give me room with your daily YouTube live streams and more and today for you I have a brand new GTA 5 mod this isn't the first time I've done the e spider-man mod but this one is the mod done by Julio and I be the creator of the oh my gosh it's gonna be less the flash mod the Hulk mod the Superman mod the the predator mod the flash mod a lot of these amazing like triple a quality mods are done by Julio and IB himself and now he has taken the task of doing this spider-man mod as you can see we're just hanging around from a light pole and and this is just beginning now this mod you can use any of the spider-man suits I'm currently using the one from the move that hasn't come out yet so this is spider-man far from home this is issue we're gonna use primarily for this dream but we're gonna go through and check out the other squad think you got something like five six seven suits for us to check out here so it's gonna be a really really great time but it's great to do GTA 5 mod together I haven't done one in a minute I've been on a bit of a four-night streak but I do want to do more GTA 5 mods and I kind of want to get into the groove of doing them you know somewhat regularly so if you want to see that if you love GTA 5 months you want to see more all I want you to do smack that like button that's all I gotta do that's your vote cast that means you want to see more mods hit that like button subscribe to our new and if you wanna cop some of that fire merch like season 3 merch a typical night store at down now or even these gaming glasses you can find them at typical dot store link in the description below now as you can see spider-man in full force over here and now now I would say that this mod best mimics the spider-man ps4 game now if you have played spider-man ps4 I did an entire walk through all my channel that games absolutely incredible now the GTA world mixed with spider-man well that's that's a whole new thing so as you can see running of course he actually walks very similar this is how he walks in the spider-man ps4 game which is fairly interesting because I always thought it was kind of a weird walk for him in the game but then you can also you know walk normally and then you could stop here you can you kind of change your animation and of course what you can do a spider-man jump up I love the noise and you know what else then actually swing around the city so what the first swing I do is right into a taco truck alright there we go as you can see Swim City and look at the animation after the swing that's very important you do some tricks sometimes look at that nice little flick it flick flippity-flip there's some really really cool ones so I'll show you all that was thick what we spin look at that you do like cannonballs and stuff look at that one skills that pay the bills another cool feature is if you swing while close to ground you share Walt a little floor running look at that how frickin awesome is that so the swinging is really cool you actually don't have to hook it to a building as you can see I'm not actually connected to anything it's just like the older spider-man games in that regard but I actually really really enjoy that fact because that means you could swing anywhere and and with GTA being such a huge game a lot of places don't have buildings right like the sort of suburb areas or even up north and they don't have buildings for you to swing off them so I'm really happy that he sort of added that that you could swing off anything so big part of it of course the the swinging the running but that I would say the hugest thing is the ability to use his is web-slinger's web shooter and doing a bunch of things with it so again this is different than any other spider mod I've done so spider-man I've done a few mods on it but this one is a lot different so why don't we go find there's also a bunch of crimes on the map that we can look up let's start appearing on the map soon and we can go ahead and help stop those if we want also this mod is currently in the work in progress to step so it's got the full release stage yet which is pretty sweet so we will definitely see some improvements to the mod and if you want to see those let me know so let's go ahead and head over here and let's head to like okay here this would be a good spot to like fight the mat so let's chill right here there we go there's any bikers here there's no bikers here where's like a gang area I guess we could go fight like uh yeah we could just fight like random people oh let's test out a web shooter so oh I think I just grabbed the car so I can connect the car to say the floor over there I can connect it to the pole over here and connect it to that place right there next is over there really hoist them up here let's connect it up here look at that so I kind of got him in a web just like a spider would you know with the nude sectors though then I got this car all webbed up I've got it floating now actually oh he's jumping out oh you good man you seemed kind of mad you know let me grab you there you go I should put you under arrest I'll let you go let's see we just got running away see we can go ahead and get him and I think we get oh I just kind of whip them oh I connected them together all right that's one way to knock someone out let's try this over here so you I think if you're close enough there we go look at that just disarm them for the time being at least there you go just to sarma and they they kind of see it webbed up for a little bit until they break free another thing is of course actually this is gonna be brand new we haven't seen any spider-man mod so let's find somebody that's been running around this person over here are you alone biker lady why are you alone biker lady anyway let's go ahead and grab her and put her against this wall look at that we got her against the wall we got it Oh ma'am you have a knife oh that's not good oh you didn't really stab me what do you do huh you're going nothing you're gonna do I'm gonna go ahead and grab you and put you against this there you go as you can see all webbed up all webbed up so that that's a pretty incredible feature I mean the fact that you could just web people and put them against walls is insane can you put them against cars oh I mean I think it just connects them it just connects them to the car you connect these two parts together connect the cars to everybody Oh next you two you never get look they're bonding it's nice little circle of cars nest it's nice little circle of cars so I have an entire features that I'm gonna go through but I'm going to go through what I remember straight up first and foremost so the attacking system is here as well so let's say this person here it let's just left-click on them oh look at that none of those moves this is in Jesus this is a mod ladies and gentleman this is the spider bad the actual game this is actually a mod and this is made by someone look at this it's incredible because there's no custom animations allowed in GTA 5 so all these are using in-game stuff how frickin sweet is that essentially if you have GTA 5 and you bought it you can play spider-man for free what's going on bodyslam this car out of here alright let's fix Chile's chill all right that's it you know I guess I got a wife you guys all up don't appreciate you guys shooting at me you know what I'm gonna connect the car to the helicopter good luck we'll connect a few things to the helicopter thank you buddy oh shoot oh shoot he's really up there oh oh they're getting a bit they're getting a bit sick up there next another cop car there's another one [Applause] connect four people up there you go get some sidewalks you you know what I got something special for you come over nice little slam on him to this guy Wow I really took them apart oh my gosh Spidey took him out I love the finishing was there all right let's get the cops off us for a second actually you know what let's see madam oh I missed the kind of web plunge there I can kick the plate as much in a wat it doesn't want to go down I love the uppercut you do it as you fly past the flames take a realistic spider-man move you know it Elise she doesn't want it on the rotors of the play oh how that plays nice okay all right yeah so circuit noises okay let's go ahead and get the cops off of us here we go cops are off the bus and let's continue to try things so what I was doing earlier is that you can actually zip to places so you see like over there if I hold ctrl and then click left click actually zip over there which is actually a really really awesome feature and one that's really really important you know has spider-man so you could do it anywhere so if I jump over here I could do this over here I could swing Midway get back to it like it's really really mobile which I really enjoy and it makes for easy easy access to anywhere you want to go like go on top of the bus or we want to go on top of that car or on top of this car you just get cleaned on top if you hold that left control and then what's right click really really yeah a really cool feature that added which I showed you basically off the start of it was that if you go up to a pull let's go up to this bowl say over here let's go this one this one's a bit lighter you can zip up to it and then you can sit on it Oh kind of missed that there we go and then if you press I think left control again you hang off of it and then you can go up and down it how sweet is that look at that it's just like the movies it's just like the movies and then if you want to I think you did it yep take these guys out spider-man what have you done spider-man punch them in the jugular oh oh that's a cool one you kind of punch off their back yeah and this brutal spider-man ain't no joke imagine getting kicked by spider-man you'd fly into next year guaranteed flying next year alright let's disable that one more time it's fly over here let's go back into the city let me know any suggestions you have that you want to see with the spider-man model I want to go through every single feature though so we're gonna be testing everything there we go alright so I want you guys as soon as well should I show you all the suits now make sure you all the suits now what else am I missing though so right click the web swing and as you hold you keep the web scene for a long time well as to go slow or a hold W to go faster so as you can see you can go really slow if you want and basically you can go as slow as fast as one with the web sings so this is me going faster with it as you can see I'm filming around the city and then if I want to go slow with it just hold back and you go a bit slower which is pretty nice now ctrl + right click web swings to the target or the enemy which is really really awesome there love it targets pedestrian it will perform a special melee attack so we already saw that let's zip to the side of the building you can see we can we just run up the side of building we can crawl up the side of the building basically to do anything we want so let's go down here and I just want to cover everything so let's go to let's see if we can find somebody okay so over here so like I said you could web-slinging to here or if you own your personal just a special back Oh get kicked in the back get kicked in the back it's really a really cool special attack I think personally if you do it to a car laying up there the wacky inflatable arm to man over there do that and then left is melee attack see you perform multiple attacks by left-clicking bunch in four four come with two punches in one special melee attack let me see this so oh there we go one two wow he really goes for it he really goes for her so left left man I would just be hard to find a party that withstands all the damage you know cuz spider-man takes me out pretty quick unless you're me you're a cop or something take a bit longer alright so there's that oh oh there's a big one I forgot there's a big one I forgot okay let me show you this one before we move into me showing you the outfits and stuff like that so let's head over to let's head back over to that gang area that we're at that's what we swing around town swing it around the Christmas tree have a happy holiday and right over here there we go let's land all right so nobody's really here as you can see nobody there oh there's kind of hardships don't do it oh let's go off him out spider-man spider-man people won't question it but that's what we won't – we won't question it all right back to the rear cuz we want to have a lego look good a little arena for us it's right over here can i okay I can like pull this or something can I beat it up how interesting oh that's cool it kind of jumped up for you if you oh shoot it be quick with it if you want to land properly she's still here oh look so you got a buddy now and that doesn't work with bikes no it just connects it to it alright so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna show you special abilities so as you can see this wheeler it's gonna be expanded on but as web blossom web explosion and web stun so web stun is not completed yet web explosions not done yet only web blossom is completed now those of you who know and have played spider-man ps4 or watch the walkthrough that I did will kind of get a gist of what this means in a second actually you probably already know before people that don't know this is a special ability that Spiderman has in the game so what we're gonna do is go to gang males let's just spawned a bunch of biker dudes since we're on the bike area let's spawn a bunch like I'm looking we'll keep you in variety here I'll spawn them in a nice little circle look at that it live me a little Friendship Circle all right so we got a bunch of biker gang guys just sitting around in a circle what we're gonna do is pull up our our wheel here it's kind of hard to turn with them we're gonna go up to Webb blossom and to use web blossom we're going to what is it so II know hold I think we just got a hit and there's a we oh no art we have to hit are you guys ready for it here's wet blossom oh my goodness as you can see if you did already figure out Webb blossom goes ahead and wraps everybody up in a wet everybody's all webbed up guys half webbed up and everybody's mostly webbed up over and again you could do it on anyone so it doesn't even have to be multiple people so you can do it on just one person but that's kind of a way so what we're gonna do is head to piece we're gonna try it we're gonna try doing it at the beach here swinging all the way over there swinging that was cleaning those super clean that was mr. did your that jump did it play music it did this pirate made music witty jump hold up you guys think I can get up there don't they come on spider-man a little bit higher spider-man oh shoot forget it closer so hard I feel like I'm getting a bit closer like we're almost there but we're not we landed on it oh shoot what the heck is happening oh we're on it run the plate oh shoot / die yes we are hot yeah it's really freaking loud can I connected to the grounder no okay I lost it okay we got to try something with that later like a bird yeah I I just I wrap them up in the air like Oh dig that bird how she where are we alright the freaky place with the naked people we're not gonna stay here oh my goodness nobody tell Samara about this oh I just I just Falcon punch that frickin bird alright where did I want to go okay we're gonna get back to the beach here but it's gonna take us a minute to get back Jack I'm gonna be I understand us in the meantime Tiffani all HD Smith Franklin McCloud and IVA leo thank you all for joining and welcome to leat enjoy those emotes if you wanna join as well link will be in the description below get a bunch of cool emo you did get a a different color name check it she's really cool awesome mod mudra this mod adds 10 chat let me know this is incredible mod and it's um it's just a work in progress right now so this isn't the final sort of form this isn't all you can expect so I'm gonna go ahead and read he has a bunch of like features plan for it let me see if I can pull those up as I continue to swing back to town here continues swing on back to them and we're not done with the things as well still a lot that he could do catch grab trying it in the term orange it okay over here so super flying punched a flying kick web blossom pulled aside of poles combat system and there was a thing of features who wanted to add oh there we go kind of got stuck in there I'm swinging over there I'm gonna show you the shoots in a second I want to read you the features list though cuz I feel like that's important after our web blossom all these people we're two people and we're two people and there's usually like an insane amount of people here I think they just need spawn there we go oh shoot oh I'm so sorry lady alright web blossom y'all ready for this y'all ready for it yaryi nobody gets away from spider-man you hear me all y'all are webbed up all y'all webbed up all right let's see real quick so we got we got in terms of features right now web blossom attack web streaming for lots of variation and animations and ending animations he plans to add even more webs if to target hanging upside down the poles hanging on side of poles idle poses wall climbing right that's in beta web grab and attach the targets web grab and throw vehicles melee attacks special melee attacks special melee attacks with web and what he wants to make on full releases add gadgets and special powers based on the ps4 game to this one add more web swing animations more special melee attacks improved wall climb and add wall crawl add spider sense add random crimes around the city add disarm target feature add a HUD which means like making it look like you know the iron man's for a spider-man version of it and then make enemy and Ally features and add custom web models to use in the web grab feature which is apparently almost done so this mod is nowhere near its final state look at this you gonna get webbed up son that's what you get man you thought I thought you were statue i dad dumb I'm spider-man ain't dumb man I ain't dumb man for sure okay so we're gonna go through we're gonna fight some crime and we're gonna continue to show the abilities of spider-man here but what I want to do is show you all the different skins so let me know what do you think of the far from home skin that's that's important and and are you gonna go watch the movie I want to also while you're at it be sure to drop a like on this video especially gonna see more GTA 5 mods and Shadow – I've IVA allele and shakier Cod both for becoming members walking lead enjoy those emails all right so let's do this can I go appear interesting yeah I don't think up here's the waves up there's not the wave man alright let me turn off this suit here there we go so oh okay I can't move at all that's fine probably as long as we changed models so I have a list of what is he doing with his hands he looks like he's about to get crushed by like vanoss or something music no mr. stark I don't feel so good all right so we got 2017 so there is how many three six seven there's seven different outfits so you know which one's your favorite so this one's a spider-man homecoming and what's the best way for me to get this there we go okay so as you can see here this is the spider-man homecoming soup what which I think just looks super clean I like the look of it let me know your thoughts on that one and then we got iron spider spider Oh Oh shadow God Squad members well man enjoy the seamos dude as you can see we got iron spider from infinity war this one look sick and you could turn on and off the back as well this one's super clean as well it looks really really awesome let's go ahead and I'm going to show you it without the the iron spider part the iron legs so this is just it straight up essentially looks pretty cool but you know I feel like the at the legs really add a flare to it I kind of want to go around town as this guy bro what are you looking at ain't nothing suspicious here you'd never see a spider with some legs on his back with a web guy with blood trailing yeah keep on walking walk on the sidewalk walking on the grass is illegal here all you hear me anyway alright so we got this one over here and let's go to the next one here and the next one is going to be okay so this one's actually the ps4 one so I forgot to spider-man underscore it pains suits ps4 this one is the one from the ps4 game so if you played the ps4 game this is essentially the default skin there's like a million different skins in that game but this is the default one that you essentially is a playa so this one's actually really cool I like this one a lot and I think it might be cleaner for me and pays more homage pays more respect to the original spider-man in the comics said that I'm used to so this one this one I really like so let's go ahead and go to the next one I think I might use this one actually I'm gonna use far from home for the rest of the string but I want to swing around is this guy for a bit too so let's go ahead and model changer let's input another one and the next one is going to be spider-man civil wars so spider-man Civil War oh this is the one from Civil War again I think this is essentially the homecoming one right I mean they look very similar I think on homecoming the spider on his chest is white no I think it's probably the exact same one honestly and then we have unmasked unmask spider-man war there we go so you got this guy what time something Holland his name too is it Tom Holland is that spider-man right now is that his name in real life well you got him in the game so is it it is spider-man right yeah I think that's him yeah that's him yeah so this is him you can place him without a mask but of course spider-man wouldn't do that all right spider-man wouldn't do that so we're gonna do that and then we have two more and you've already seen one of them so this one over here is w b-wings spider-man Civil War there we go this is the one if you had the wings on the back there they're not functioning unless I mean like if we jump around probably they'll open up a little bit looks pretty cool and then finally we have spider-man far from home the movie coming out in I think April of this year there's gonna be like three Marvel's of movies at least coming this year so pretty insane especially if you're a comic book fan so let's go 2019 far from home boom so those are all the suits that we got which one do you think is the most clean which one do you appreciate and like the most let me know in chat so before we go back to this do I just want to play around with spider-man should've an ice core suit let's go ps4 I like this one like I feel like his body proportions are just perfect for this one so let's go spider-man let's enable that and I think it works oh no it doesn't work yet yeah yeah suits Ango suit so now we oh don't we have to do it one more time spawning it an enemy spider-man doesn't work yet so there's that alright there we go this one looks it almost looks like we're playing the ps4 game right like with with a little bit of difference I mean he can't even do the full custom animations but the fact that he's string together so many things to to make this mod work is is absolutely incredible like the fact that that's even the thing right that's nuts and you can wall run sideways wait I could go son so it's me okay anyway I did it once like that's absolutely nutty absolutely nutty far from home it's my hair anything I think it looks cool I do think it looks cool I don't know if it's my favorite though so there's a crime going over here let's see if we can help out well there's a store being robbed oh I'm sorry are you gonna go somewhere oh look they're trying to go somewhere I'm gonna go ahead and cook out that's it you're getting tied together and I'm taking over your car out of the car people oh that's what I thought run away run up there buddy on you against that wall just check out my face now they're really shooting me oh shoot your car all right your car's leaking sir yeah your car's gonna explode yes hey I'm spider-man chill oh no no you shootin at me all right spider-man out see ya I'm out of here come on the deal with the fuzz attacking me I thought it was a good man here I thought I was a good freakin man so we can we can wait for more crimes this is his criminals mod sort of in addition to the spider-man mod so he's planning on making a dedicated spider-man mod itself so what I do want to test out is just more of the attack so we're working we do that pretty uh nerd I think probably the military base would be good let's turn on god mode I want to do that and why don't we switch to the far from home suit because I think that one's probably it to me it's not my favorite but I think it's coolest right now because it's new you know what I'm saying let's see 2019 are from go you know let's go ahead and set this spider-man suits there we go all right and I think there's a crime somewhere other over here you see that all right let's see if we go help him out so we gotta think of creative ways we do web zip to the target we could take him out we could attach him to something we could sling them up there's a ton of different ways that we can that we can make sure that our target doesn't get away you know so they're on motorcycles actually I wish I could slow down time a little bit Oh yikes buddy come on get off your frickin button they're resilient cut off your frickin bike doc she's not giving up oh shoot spider-man you frickin oh shoot chills rope oh my gosh whoa cops we did a great job huh we did a great job why are you aiming at me I'm good I'm good ain't nothing to worry about so we good see good I'm just spider-man hey ain't some ain't venom or something you ain't got to worry about that I ain't gonna come and eat your head literally put more I'm gonna get my water ball you'll be right back grab up i'ma hang around I'm hanging around here I'm me I'm me hang around over here oh that's the wrong button it's a wrong number let's just hang around here we're back I saw you guys people merch from typical last where you can copy yours now a typical dice or season three has dropped by the way season three has dropped by the way definitely not venom there but I made a venom mob been a mob I made a venom mod already oh this one's gonna be tough are you kidding me you go up he's really laying it in well I need to just stop doing what you're doing really just roughed up actually might be helping them out here by giving them oh gosh that's actually more scary okay it's a floating guy now yeah he's taking out cops left right and center why cancer why can't I take you out alright there we go alright they've come out of the vehicle you're gonna go on the sidewalk there and you're gonna go on that wall there there you go alright successfully got those guys what is this skull over here this is uh is that the pie bro is the Punisher coming after me is that what's happening so it looks like he's stuck in everything use me sir are you doing down there are you taking the nap bro he's taking a nap there we go I knocked him out what's the point of building forts if you're going night night cuz one car getting away as well but uh-oh they got the ATM on them Oh punch son drop that ATM that's not cash money of you Oh all criminals busted and no problem dude oh yeah I'll be honest this is like a perfect picture here huh you guys really pulled up but let me let me tell you that's another job dubbed by spider-man hey spider-man are supposed to not kill people oh shoot uh I'm taking your bike Dawg I'm getting out of here I'm sorry Spidey man's got to do what he's got to do really time baby really time baby can I do oh my the calm down tae-yong everybody get swept up in the firefighters get your butt over here that's what I thought oh there's another cash robbery just pull up over here pull over shout out a little bit there we go alright let's get creative here mom I need you to fly up right screw it web block them ah I did all the tops in a lady that's what yet I've wept up more cops than anyone this is going horribly wrong Oh God out of the car son your body you do oh I don't know why he did all slow-motion pull on his neck on his neck yeah geet yeah yeap what do you want some – want some – yeah eat all criminals busted look at that look at that alright so what do you think of this mob what would you rate it out of 10 chat let me know and let me know if you think of any other things you want to see spider-man do I want to just like oh oh gosh I didn't really mean to punch him like that alright I want to go into like let's go into me turn on everyone let's go into the military base or something or you know let's go to Grove Street that might be good we could find a lot of people there shoutout to Louie danzel for being a member as well enjoy those emotes in few orange orders well link will be in the description below there you go let's swing on over here I go anybody around here so let's try different types of punches so this is just one punch there this is the back of the head Oh a nice little spin one this is just a right hand hook if you will we're doing around here in little cat get on out here Tatiana yo you want a fight you got a knife Oh punch you right in the back of the neck dude I don't care you get some – spider-man take everybody out oh that one's sweet I love when you pull on them and I love this one oh nice little kick to the back look at ain't nobody get away everybody gets a kick to it back if you all want to mess y'all gonna get the kick just on saying we coming back coming back to you huh okay that is so fluid well that once we do I love the jumping attacks the jumping attacks are super smooth super clean he taught utilities did a really good job though the animations just right to that I think right now just punching people is super satisfying I love it I love thee oh look at that combo Oh combo look at that I'm really giving it that card Oh chill car okay all right it's the one will come but these are bad cops or spider-man would never actually do this I just said oh I I hit him in the air and then tried to punch him down it's kind of brutal I'm just knocking them out anyway spider-man does the fakie cloud spider-man ain't in cash money like that I'll make a little pile of people you connect to that sign there next to that sign there make for that sign there next to the sign there we go and connect to that sign over there okay he's kind of just screwed up there I was very cash money a man right there we gotta head to the military base here love the fighting animations though I think he's done a really good job in kneeling Goes Down alright that was a little ruble this helicopters having some issues but I love that I love just like jumping off of it like ten times yeah that'll be that helicopter I'm honestly just smoking this thing right now there we go alright let's go ahead and get over to know we're smoking ourselves right now spider-man more like micro playoffs what does that even mean let's head over to the board to include a military base now let's see how he does versus tanks I'm Spidey gonna be on 5 mm I might do some GTA RP stuff soon man I think it'd be fun be fun just like setting everything up it's kind of like oh there's a kidnapping in progress we're going for it we gotta go help him out we didn't want nobody to be kidnapped we're vigilante this is vigilante justice traitor there's two cars apparently in this kidnapping oh there there you guys stealing people is not cash money yeah you stopped me from the car please there we go alright you like stealing people eat that eat that and where's the other guy oh the other guy you just got laughing good job kappa ruse are you sure they beat i think you shooting at me you stop that right now let me take this vibro he's trying to get away from me there we go this is Cash Money rare come on yeah this drive as far as you want it's nice right butter man's my favorite hero man dump Sephora I love spider-man spider-man spy my favorite superhero I would say buy my fare ooh damage oh oh oh that's how you pull the vehicle if you don't want to go you grab it and you do that what does that do oh my goodness or expensive vehicle robbery here we go let's go check this out so those are fun because it's somebody robbing the expensive car oh shoot it's like five cars getting out of here oh yeah you're not leaving to anywhere buddy when you know it's a bad idea of spider-man's here punching your car yikes yeah you guys gotta get out of that car here I'll help you out there you go and maybe you get on the floor there and you kind of just bash your car I don't really got much to worry about for you don't know where you're at and go all criminals busted easy peasy lemon squeezy all right let's get over to the military base yeah find another hero I definitely gotta fight another hero wouldn't we do like spider-man versus someone else nothing is safe can I pull out a gun I don't think spider-man doesn't really pull out m4 Zia he's not really about that life I don't think spider-man's ever shot again why would you need to use like wet blasters when spider-man ghosts are from watches since January 2017 even geez bro do you men spider-man versus the Hulk I think I think the Hall twins man the the pure sheer brute force is gonna beat spider-man just like that thing smack that likes my sugars boy yeah guys if you're enjoying the stream do be sure to smack that like button we need to put time events that's what he's adding use that in QuickTime events I think to this spider-man vs Batman oh boy bro if I ever do something like that people like you can't do Marvel vs. DC it's not possible okay can I hang off at these polls Oh spider-man spider-man does whatever a spider can watch a web to the floor what are you gonna do I don't know why you shooting me I'm just a spider-man oh shoot oh shoot guess she's getting a web sling wall upside down son oh oh oh no all the poles falling oh this is interesting oh well I didn't think that was gonna happen say that yeah well yeah yeah yeah fight me take these your evil tanks everybody stand up get BJ's I need nothing from you flip the spider-man get the heck out of my face alright there's a lot of push routes here spider-man having some numbers issues here there we go alright you go against the wall please okay I look girl webbed up you like kick kick fuck man I don't want to fight JK I can't even part you there we go oh that's the combo right there that's a three-peat one two three four five with the uppercut to finish it off and the uppercut back to clean up house that's it you're going against the wall and you're going against the wall oh my gosh oh he's really smudged against that wall looks like it hurts oh shoot your friend people against the tank oh there we go you get clapped up – all right and I attach you to a jet and dig the jet off there we go no no can we get a jet oh no we can't get into that jet anymore attach that vehicle please okay well the tension is really making this difficult okay I said go that's what I thought there's a take robbery on great Ocean Avenue okay I'll be back guys bunch of like bunnies you guys it's been great here and everything but there's a frickin tank robbery over here while this is going down somebody so can I get on the jet come on come on I don't know if I can get up to him the plaintiff the plaintiff one thing this guy's a little bit further away I'm pulling off this let's go we gotta stop this tank the hell was that catch up to him it's so hard to try to target him I'll be back to help the tank be glad don't worry chat if I can just get to this guy's out I would love to see any playing mechanics that are possible that's PI D alright this is increasingly difficult to try to do this and won't let me melee him either alright back – thanks it's old school he's swinging on the clouds yes you're more spider-man to a game how is how are these tanks doing so much work that I can hear them from across the frickin state stop action games you don't have a fly suit I'm good you don't worry I need to fly suit what's he holding on to when he's going over the ocean just feelings you just hold on just feelings spider-man versus a grimace the McDonald's guy yeah it's who you're playing oh shoot you okay buddy I got him copper don't worry out of the frickin car aren't you chill bro what are you doing put the gun down I'm helping you oh damn knucklehead that's why I owe you back up a bit Oh honestly I mean take em out like that you know what now you're to blame I'm here to blame dawg I can't let me just walk away from this Oh punch of this car Oh fried by it stop driving dude not how this works I just gas truck robbery oh very let's go oh man why do half the robbers get stuck okay I gotta be a bit careful fighting a gas truck obvious reasons oh shoot oh it's leaking it's leaking fuel I think Oh yikes just come over here I need to catch it from the truck there we go we got safe you gotta bring it away from everybody no no no we gotta bring it away from the highway we don't want people to get hurt away from the highway oh there's no what I meant to do way away away oh shoot oh that's back all right this way well we got to bring to the ocean Doug oh no cop you gotta move Jude oh no where blossom ain't nobody arrested me oh she you guys trying to arrest me not on you ain't you everybody gets up everybody gets up nobody rather me goodness gracious more web lots of more web lots of kick how about us I was no Scottie all right that's it we're going to his vehicle drop robbery five-star rampage honestly close enough right what is this oh that was the vehicle that was being robbed why is he going this way all right for some reason there is a truck here give me that load bro see that boat seeing this boat to the ocean what are you gonna do I got your boat and nobody stealing this bow now where's both this is you're gonna find that very peculiar that's up there I'll be here until you just shoot at these copper you're gonna get punched in you're gonna get punted you're punted too there you go all right you should probably hop out of the truck the initial warning to you oh I gotta save your life there we go I kind of saved the dude's life right kinda sorta maybe saved his life why are y'all shooting that Spiderman show what's a cop doing should expected that I mean the cops too obviously they weren't even fighting me I don't know what's going on good day friends good day alright last thing we're gonna test is the the Train let's go to the Train flying around this thing by the way there we go coolest mod ever this one's dope I mean it's crazy that he's created all these mods from GTA 5 now imagine GTA 6 you know we never really talked about that I'm definitely gonna still be making videos when GTA 6 comes out so like I'm not gonna do GTA 6 months GTA 6 gonna be out in the next ten years like what what's going on you know what do you guys still watch GTA 6 mods in like 10 years that's wild so much would change that's nutty but you know they're gonna make GTI sixth ain't gonna just leave it at GTA 5 I wouldn't make much sense do a storm a storm breaker mod that would be pretty good there is a nice tour mod out as well amazing lashing things felicity I can do more CFDs probably she looks cool spider-man versus marshmallow I don't I don't know if that's the wave you know what I mean my game just crashed so you got big face me rocking the typical dastoor merch which means you gotta head over to typical da store a cop that season three five all right we got we got the gold hoodie up bro you know what what while I'm here you know what let me just take the time season three is drop alright this is all the season three stuff I need each and every one of you to go cop a hoodie right now these are to fire for you not to cop one these are to fire for you not the cop one look at these gold hoodies typical dots torch at whoa we got some t-shirts here too this is a t-shirt I'm wearing right now with the heather gray oh we ain't got much left no cop while you still can they got these cool tags at the bottom as well yeah right there I don't know if they got any close close those but they really cool they nice high quality go check them out alright let me load up one more time we're gonna try it choo-choo train the choo-choo train you sure this backwards it's just my camera's inverted so that's what the ritual has begun the legend of the game crashing well you know what man he'd had to begin sometime nobody knows I'm GTA fixes coming up by the way in GTA 6 by the way wash out everybody for 8.1 milli subs as well that's insane thank you jack we're on the road to 9-mil Brown the road to 10mil can't even imagine in that diamond play button I'd be insane web someone against the train tracks and let the train run over them Hayden now that I'm thinking about a man maybe you should make my thumbnails dude and you come up with the ideas that's a good one that would have saved me a lot of time man you should've seen what I was doing in like replay Keaton Lance Brian Otis you bro shout out to you man what gaming headset is that it's not a gaming headset you should fix your camera well I want it to be this way if I made it this way my shirts the right way right but I don't like I don't like me fate like I would have to face that way and it would just look weird like I would be like playing like this and look in the screen over here that's why I inverted it here right see that would look weird so this way I'm looking this way and this way I'm looking this way but I didn't really change positions it's a little camera magic for you a little bit of camera magic chat oh well I'm a microphone she'll chill microphone Jill microphone Chile goodness all right um what I want to do all right let me go ahead that's my 19 far from home I suits I just see a bunch of people saying use code typicalgamer in the item shop you guys are nuts you guys just randomly say all right we got to go ahead and put the train tracks we're gonna find people to put them on the train tracks we're gonna have to spawn somebody in spider-man spider-man does whatever a spider can swings his web faster stuff charmagne the yoga instructor go get it are you wearing I like he has a Red Dead Redemption shirt on no funny all right you over there oh you do exactly what I thought I would do yeah he looks fine to me honestly I think this has been more blood that way I don't know man let me see if we can stop the train a little bit oh right underneath the bridge son oh shoot it was inside ah train number dodge go how did he get a read never done he's always had to do it look at Easter egg it said yep I got long bail we'll never bail sir yeah yeah oh shoot how does this guy so fast oh no he's being dragged oh no poor guy he's gone for the ride of his life literally we catch a train to it we attach LeWitt we attach a car to it oh I was picking up some speed what you doing there chief but chief what are you doing there oh I don't know what chief is doing we got a car – OH that's pretty sweet Oh No you're crushing hear me oh shoot that's less fun if you just land in here ready pose when I opened up the Doctor Strange menu you know what chats good I know my games gonna crash under present Oh God Oh God Oh what have I done Oh God I've got the Doctor Strange mod in the spider-man mod yeah make sure you go check out the Doctor Strange video I made by the way like a lot of you guys didn't uh didn't see that nice way to load the cargo oh for sure I feel like a lot of you guys didn't see the Doctor Strange mod and it was an absolute banger to say the least just like I'm in a dream world also there's a way to like I forgot there's a way to like shoot buildings at people yeah there's definitely a way to shoot buildings at people to not menu color hold up visual menu we don't need astrocyte there we go look at that hi that only looks a little weird right frickin L might ain't nothin wrong with the spider-man mist with a little bit of Doctor Strange it blames flying right into that other place hello hi everything moves with it oh yeah you know that's normal this is normal you see by the way there's no more you see hey can we go to like now we can't go up there alrighty hold up there is a way I suppose interesting be all right yeah I'm a little bit bugged as you can see I meant oh my god what the heck chat shit alright I think it oh my gosh my games gonna die dude you know what all right well for my game crashes I feel like we're gonna wrap this one up chat if you've watched and enjoyed this do be sure to hit that like button out what that bro spider-man what are you doing dog oh no this is really it's all just a little bit scuffed right now I'm not gonna lie he's got his hands up in here ain't here there we go alright we're back to spider-man back the spider-man see that's when I forgot to include in the Doctor Strange about it I just noticed that the guy messaged me so the guy who made it so that would have been helpful for me to know whoopsie but yeah this has been an awesome mod you guys have showed some incredible sports today everybody who came through do be sure to hit the like button if he joined subscribe are you of course if you want to cop some that fire merch head on over typical dad store and you can cap it but yeah some of the the features he's gonna add are the gadgets and special powers okay this helicopters up quiet for a second no we're grabbing you literally ground it can we go to that blip well I didn't kill where I wanted it to go higher can't even see it brought the blip is so elusive it's like right I don't reach and we're really jumping on it I was really punching the blip plus we get blimp misses spider-man you won't get clap dude so I thought bro you better land that blimp land it's on it's on fire dude what are you gonna do oh shoot Happy New Year dog happy frickin New Year happy frickin New Year okay so we plants on adding gadgets and special powers based on the ps4 game add more web swing animation to add more special melee tax improve the wall climb and add wall crawl add spider-sense random crimes around the city disarm target feature HUD enemy ally features and custom web miles to use in the web grab feature so I want to know my big question is do you want to see me do this mod again when he drops the final version of it let me know your thoughts in chat and can't wait to see this movement yeah the movie's gonna be lit the the movies gonna be an absolute bang gap about I'm excited for Avengers endgame already you know and I feel a little good mr. Tony Stark mr. stark um but to this mod should hold me over for a little bit right you know there's a lot of blimp over there we're just gonna let bygones be bygones since we're gonna do it bagons be bagons so yeah he's going all out he really is going all out so big props to him Julio and I be I want to read out some of the super chats here people are far too generous I want to shout you out we got a typical tortoise when I spawn everyone laugh taste why does everyone want lattes all of a sudden that's that's a good one typical I like it I like I like you tortoise like you can I stand somewhere a bit better Yeah right there there yeah like you tortoise shadow treat Elliot Jay you should play Russell Cimmerian a nurse dreamed it but it's okay I don't know if it's my favorite game just play more games this marathon Franklin MacLeod love you a big fan will shower do you Franklin means lots of me brother pig shad to you Tyler Collins how long have you had your YouTube channel a lot over 10 years I believe grant a meal with this money I'm so far behind on your four night videos I was behind before US Navy boot camp and have been busy I just really recently started watching them again and I'm about to watch them in again update wish me luck catching up grant holy bro I don't know if you can catch up if you're on the minigun update bro you I think you missed like eight seasons of four night so maybe just start from like the past three you know you get a pass bro shad you and all the best in the u.s. Navy boot camp summer kumara thanks for that Shane I've deals with the ten hey bro and love your videos just want to say you're the one just I just watched the one where you made a kid crying for name it's a Miss math you guys wanted to do match I love me videos keep doing what you're doing bro will do shame that was a fun one Matthews a good kid I'm glad you enjoyed that video Shane Curtis Callaghan your boss TG Thank You courage your boss – man don't forget dark nine oh eight nine eight ninja – Lopez glad I could be your favorite man it means a lot suma Kumar hates him Humber with the sand your boss your boss Caden can you play pump you mobile I played it check it out on the channel I play zombies and normal as well ibrahim quran shout out to you what's your favorite comic for character – Constantine mine is spider-man interestingly no sight clutch shadow do you gonna toggle do a through module Stormbreaker definitely gotta try that out Isaac's izapata Xavier Harper and Nick long live mods the sound of the police it's just a load of Ali's da DC since I will not be here for your birthday this is for you I'm pigs are not sure what happened or why I got banned maybe my store doesn't want any but I really sound like a new I have a okay daddy pigs that most definitely happen by accident so just tweet me and link to your YouTube channel your original button and I will fix that for you okay I really appreciate the hundred holy smokes you did not have to do that big shout out to you and that's a very nice very kind birthday gift very very convert they give thank you takes well G me gucci shadow to you I definitely gotta start real life monsoon and then grant a meal with the ten I'm in for the long haul great video as always grant you crazy bro you're crazy but I like it I like that crap alright appreciate you man thanks for all those Donnell's I'm dad know that's gonna rap for this one you did watch and enjoy again make sure to drop a like on the video subscribe for new anything I'm cops from that fire merch we're gaming glasses head on over to a typical da store a link in the description below that's gonna be it for this one let me know if you want to see more spider-man mods and make sure to check out the four night video I did today as well see you guys next one thanks for watching wait mmm extra sunny because that's it that's that's how it is thanks for watching hope you have a awesome day and peace yeah