Spider-Man (2002) | All Cheats Codes – PlayStation 2 Gameplay

Spider-Man (2002) | All Cheats Codes – PlayStation 2 Gameplay

► Spider-Man (2002) | All Cheats Codes

This video showcases every cheat code w/ gameplay in Spider-Man: The Movie Game. Enjoy!
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Based on the original “Spider-Man” with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, “Spider-Man” features Peter Parker as he struggles between his personal life which involves Mary Jane Watson and his superhero life where he battes a series of foes including the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe) aka Norman Osborne. Spider-Man (2002) villains include Shocker, Vulture, and the Green Goblin. Subscribe for more videos!

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Spider-Man (2002) | All Cheats Codes – PlayStation 2 Gameplay

you they gotta give him credit shockers a fast runner you know I can't let you run around down here without a chaperone last you in the next week I think I've seen those shot gloves before which catalogs do you Sebastian Levitt up smart guys welcome to a world of pain looks like the bottom wants to play back off ugly better save this the one I that'll knock goin down to your sales I got costume vultures down now's my chance to stop him for good I can't stay here boy you ABB's on the spider what the hell having fun yet mm-hmm I got you back up against the phone yeah gone hey now dance another state-of-the-art robot ready for the scrap pile this guy's a few sandwiches short of a picnic but I'd better help them out these robots seem to be after both of us what does it mean looks like the Welcome Wagon is already here Oh dibs on the sprite sorry no autographs you're gone having fun yet the key to that door I presume it's never easy is it beautiful no problem let's talk about this scorpion you need help talk no no talking you can't take me back I wouldn't even know where to take you back – careful you're gonna poke your eye out with that thing Oh I think you ought to take a little nap lies all lies I don't know who did all this to you pal don't worry we'll get you to a hospital