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Game: Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 4
Gameplay of Grand Theft Auto V (Video Game)


if you want to make millions of dollars in GTA 5 online smash your like on the video right now and you'll make millions in GTA 5 online the reason to do this is because I'm gonna show you a GTA 5 money glitch right now that's solo working on all consoles that's fresh in for the week it is Thursday GTA just updated their tunable so basically I've got a ton of fresh content including a new GTA 5 money glitch that solo that can make you a fifty one thousand dollars every minute in GTA 5 online so make sure you stick around so you guys know how to do this glitch but before we get started if you guys are new here my name is sand cramp I post daily GTA 5 money glitch and money guides so if you're new I strongly suggest you smash that subscribe button turn on notifications join the cram squad for daily GTA 5 money glitch –is and before you get started I do need to give a massive shout-out to you guys in the cram squad for commenting hashtag cram squad down below in my last video so much shout-out to you guys as always and if anyone else wants a possible shout-out in my next video all you have to do is comment hashtag cram squad down below on this video and you might get a possible shout-out in my next video I want to quickly say thank you guys so much we're on 93 thousand subscribers it is so close to 100k and it has been an amazing journey so far I want to thank each and every single one of you for the support lately and if you guys could just you know keep the likes up keep the shares up you know get your friends to subscribe that would mean the world to me so thank you guys so much without further adieu you know let's get into this awesome solo GTA 5 money glitch if you guys need a lot more money than usual be sure to check out GTA boosting dotnet there's a link to this website in the description they offer GTA 5 online and money packages for ps4 Xbox one including ranked packages for literally like 36 dollars you can get 20 million in GTA 5 online plus extra money there are super reliable sites so be sure to go check out GTA boosting dotnet right now link in the description below okay to start off with this glitch first things first a little bit an invite-only session in GTA 5 and one you don't want to get on a motorbike and you don't want to come to this location here on the map that's the Del perro pier so you know everyone knows where this location is on the map it's literally the you know the beach jetty at the border and the theme park thing it's kind of this location on the map and when you here you want to go into this purple circle press the right arrow on your control on the d-pad and once you press the right arrow it will start your time trial because basically we gotta be glitching the time trial in this specific glitch now basically as you can see we've started the time trial we want to do is then open up your map and set the destination Waypoint because they don't set a waypoint for you so you have to set a manual one now they suggest going this route as you can see they suggest coming up here there's a lot of different corners and stuff that they want you to take we can take a much simpler route in a more direct route so basically what happens is that we're going to be glitching at the time choppers are going to be going a different way and plus we're also going to be getting 51 K every minute as you can see we're gonna come up here cut across here and then come up here and then it turn right here and then it basically we've got a direct route as you can see straight to the finish line there so we're only taking a different route so if you follow the way I do it you should be able to pass this with flying colors basically once you've set a destination Waypoint you want to hold down the respawn button on PlayStation that's triangle so you can hold down triangle it's just a race respawn button and once you've respawned you can then drive up to the purple circle once again press the right arrow on your controller d-pad and then that will start the time trial you want to take off as quick as possible avoiding all the people now on you know you want to be on a motorbike and I'll go into more detail that in just a minute but basically you gonna go straight ahead here hold down your X or a button so you lean forward on the bike and you go faster and instead of turning right here you're gonna go straight ahead to straight through the movie production place straight through here and then basically we've just taken a massive shortcut where you're thinking to do easier I actually go to chalk or right here as you can see I'm taking the corners very very sharply we're gonna bang it down this straight here and then basically there will be a left turn up here so you can see cutting across the grass getting nice and close to this left turn take it nice and nice on the inside and then you go straight instead of turning right told you to turn right we went straight then we took the second right once you've taken the second right once again now you can just go straight this will literally pretty much take you straight to the finish line except for one more corner as you can see I'm avoiding the cars that's very important weave in and out of the cars public up coming here you want to pull a left after that highway turnoff and then I suggest going on the foot Park it just literally do what I do in the gameplay then you're gonna Chuck a right coming up here boom cut across that footpath there now when you come up to this part here you want to actually slow down so hit your brakes when entering this part but otherwise you fly up onto the rocks and that's really bad to actually break when you come up here and take it easy coming off this cliff / is if you fall up you've completely screwed it okay as you can see I did actually take it very easy coming up here but trust me just don't use full acceleration when coming up here and you will be fine your buzzer will start going around at this point doesn't matter if you've still got plenty of time to go and as you can see boom top right-hand corner plus $51,000 and I beat the time-traveller part time of 1 minute and 42 seconds now that is how you beat the time trail if you follow the route or route that I took you should be able to complete this very easily because basically I take a more direct route rather than the way that they suggest so it's easier to do the chyme drill and it's easier to actually get the money now there is a few more tips and tricks that I need to teach you about this time trail and there's also a glitch that I need to tell you about you can do with this time trail the number one thing is that you need to use a motorbike when doing this the reason it's important to use a motorbike is number one if you use a car basically what's gonna happen is when you come across all the traffic you're gonna wait you won't be able to weave in and out and you'll end up crashing and stuff that's why I strongly suggest using a motorbike plus you can pick up quicker acceleration than a normal supercar anyway and I suggest using a fast motorbike look for her cootchie drag or something that I've got but if you don't have a bike and you don't have much money I suggest getting the batty 801 it's literally 15 thousand dollars and will definitely be a good motorbike to help you do this time trial so I suggest using the baddy 801 if you don't have a bike now moving on the other reason and you know thing that you need to do on the motorbike is basically when you're riding you need to hold down the X button if you're on PlayStation or the a button if you're on Xbox what this does is it leaves you forward on the bike and by leaning forward on the bike you will automatically go faster by pushing all your weight forward in the black so also make sure you hold down the X or a button so then obviously you can go faster when you're on the bike now I know you guys are thinking what's the glitch how do we make 50 1000 every minute in GTA 5 online well basically if you didn't know um you know the this there's this little glitch okay sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't most the time it does work but it is a little inconsistent but basically if you beat your personal time you'll get another fifty one thousand dollars for doing this time chart now let me quickly explain here the time show time to beat for this specific time trial is one minute and forty-three seconds now I beat the time trial in one minute forty two point three or something now if I went back and did this and you know did it in another one minute and 42 seconds I'm beating the part-time but I'll only get one thousand dollars and the reason I only get one thousand dollars is cuz I didn't beat my personal best time if I go back and do it in 1 minute and 38 seconds as an example I definitely beat my personal best time and the part time meaning I should actually get another fifty one thousand dollars so basically if you want to try you can keep going back and I'm doing this over and over again and keep trying to beat your personal best time and you can try and get fifty one thousand every time you beat your personal time or you can be like me and do my suggestion and literally just do this once a week get your fifty one thousand and wait for the next time trial next week I always post the best ways to do these and more money glitches and money guides here on my channel so if you guys are new I strongly suggest you smash that subscribe button and turn on all notifications for the latest and greatest in GTA 5 money goes and money glitches and yeah be sure to smash a like on this video if you did enjoy it you know if you guys could just show me some support by leaving a like sharing this with a friend once again I want to say thank you guys so much for ninety three thousand subscribers that is absolutely insane we're so close to a hundred K and you know I just want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart but until next time I thank you guys so much watching once again get hyped for the upcoming GTA update the GTA Casino update if you didn't know I am hosting a massive livestream or when this update drops and we still don't have a confirmed date could be next week or the week after but I'll be hosting a massive livestream when this update drops and I've literally bought $300 worth of gift cards that I will be giving away live on stream so be sure to hit that subscribe button internal notifications so you don't miss out on that live stream and the $300 giveaway so you guys will be able to actually get even more extra money in GTA 5 online as well as when you do my GTA 5 money glitch is and stuff but they don't look for me guys as always said thank you guys so much for watching once again until next time my name is sand cram you guys the cram squad and I'll see you awesome people in the next video