Snooker 19 Gameplay | 17 Minutes Of New Tech And New Features

Snooker 19 is the first licenced snooker game in many years, bringing 128 of the world’s top players to PC (and consoles) for the first time. In our first Snooker 19 gameplay we find out about new tech, physics, multiplayer, online tournaments, difficulty settings and how digitising the player can throw them off their game. Snooker 19 releases on 19 April.

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This isn’t a Snooker 19 review, but an introduction to the game’s many features. It’s been a long time since we had a proper snooker game, so it’s good to see how tech has improved the physics and allowed for a more accurate game. So accurate it could be used as a trainer, according to some players. Watch this Snooker 19 PC gameplay and judge it for yourself.

We’ll probably have a Snooker 19 review on the site closer to release, but for now enjoy these early Snook 19 impressions. And please don’t judge Matthew’s lack of snooker know-how – he can’t be an expert on everything. (Is he an expert of anything – ed.)

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hello and welcome to The Rock Paper Shotgun this is the RPS sessions live from EGX rezzed 2019 I'm Matthew one of The Rock Paper Shotgun video Department the idea of the RPS sessions is to give you a window into rezzed and let you see some of the exciting demos from the show floor and as you can see from this footage we are in the exciting world of snooker 19 and I am joined by Simon from lab 42 hello Simon hi great to meet you great how has been for you so far having a lot of fun here it's nice and chilled and the interviews have been have been great in general we've people have really enjoyed the game and and that's what it's all about really awesome so let's let's dive dive right in tell me tell me about snooker 19 so it's nuke 19 we decided to make a game because nobody's been making officially-licensed snooker games for what nine years now I think it is since the last one came out myself and Justin Forrest who's the lead designer on the title we both worked on snooker games back in 2003 2004 5 6 with code masters and played interactive for a series of officially licensed snooker games back then so we kind of knew how to make snooker games that we knew what the market was for Snuka games but people were excited about this and we knew most importantly I think how to innovate and make the best snooker games from all that experience that we've gained so and now was really the right time snuke has blown up huge in China it's the third most popular sport element the snooker clubs on almost every block nowadays it's insane I went into the Chinese restaurant down the road for media week and I was kind of my new crew because me and my designer play a lot of really super as well nowadays and and all of the Chinese staff were like oh you play snooker who's your favorite player it's really huge the same same players that are big here we go around the world yeah they are big but also the Chinese players have really broken through into the top one to rate over the last few years I think about almost a quarter of the that's up once way is now Chinese right so yeah they've been really coming forward it's pushed in a big way out there nowadays thanks makes sense to be making it in big so they make a break yeah let's do and so in snooker we've we've gone for a very very tiny visual style and you can see that in a way we're positioning our cameras and everything else that's really come from our relationship with World Snooker the license that we have they provide us things like the computer aided designs for the stadiums with all of the camera positions and all of that kind of cool stuff so we were able to make the most authentic snooker experience today of course we've got all of the top hundred twenty-eight players we've got 28 venues we've got a full career mode and all of that stuff right now I'm playing against myself in a minute or two I'm gonna restart and I'm gonna join in and get you to play but before before we do that give it a go I'm just gonna show you can here we've got the part that was a very nearly clever trick shot it wasn't so sneakers are a hard game what I find really what I love about snooker and making snooker games is that when I go to this new club I'm terrible like my highest break is 28 but I feel like I should be so good and it's the same if you play fifa you don't want to feel like you're down the park getting out of breath and listening every shot you want to feel like Lionel Messi when you're playing yeah I get the idea of like snooker and ball like the angles I know like how it's meant to work but I can't always necessarily execute it exactly and that's what we're trying to allow people to do in snooker well hopefully I'm gonna be able to do with you in a couple of minutes what we'll be doing is setting it up so there we've with a basic handicap so that we can play games he won't be too happy with if you're playing in the most easy way we nice big aiming aids and lots of assistance and I'll be playing to the players so we rented the place and model ox only 128 players by hand would have been a huge amount of work and effort so our our art pipeline instead we we wanted to do the riddle 3d capture all players so we took out World Snooker were really supportive of this we took out two two of the official snooker events one in royal fur Department wedding of all modes I think he was in Coventry actually we took out these 3d capture rigs huge 80 camera systems that that can scan the entire face of the player and body of the player all in one go very quickly and easily he's attempting the planning they Snuka were really supportive of this and we did have a few niggly problems like like in your studio here a capturing at that kind of thing it has a lot of lights pointing at them and the first player we tried to capture a car remember who it was but we had him in the rig just before he was due to go on for his match and impress the bond and he was almost blinded right before he sneaked about after we did that after that first one of course we switched to only taking them after they've finished their match very good on the other hand that meant that I had the young kid who was trying to qualify and had lost almost crying when he was sat in the air in the image but sad fire so yes we've been developing this for what 14 months now roughly had a lot of fun playing the game working on it we've got as well as the the players snooker gave us well they wanted to support us in making it as authentic as possible and that really for me it comes from having the right table the right balls the right physics and all of that stuff so we initially we they sent us we asked for a sample of the bays and some CAD on what the table looks like they they wanted to send us an entire table but we don't really have room for that so they said we said instead can we get a pocket like them the stuff that's all used to make up the pocket they sent us six pockets for some reason I don't know why because if you look a corner pocket in a middle pocket that's all there is the four quarter pocket is for all the same but we'll send you the other bits you can gradually build we can build our own table they send us an entire felt as well so yes they've really helped us bring this authenticity to the game you know considering the time gap since you last worked on the on this kind of game what has changed like tech wise in terms of making these games like that you're you're capable of now that you wouldn't have been before why sir it's a huge advantage where we are now we're working in Unreal Engine and that provides the beautiful graphics and everything else that you can see here it provides a lot of stuff that you see going on we actually chose to wrote our own write our own physic system from the ground up we felt that sneakers such a precise sport and and physics is such an important part of it though he wanted full control of that system ourselves and to know exactly what was going on with physics at all times that's that's paid off for us really well I think and our physics we had we had Shawn Murphy who's one of the top 16 players in the world he came in to visit us a couple of months ago now and played the game with us and he was blown away by the accuracy of our physics as I start start to do clever things like apply side and just a cue elevation you can see the trajectory of the the the cue ball he's changing a huge amount he was amazed by how accurately we'd managed to model that and the very soul touches where the cue ball kicks out before going in the opposite direction and all these clever things he's actually saying it's so accurate that we should be offering as a training aid for real players yeah he was serious about as well so yeah that was that was the best validation we could have ever right so I've been knocking a few balls in and miss it a few vaults as well but I'm gonna get a few shots all right so I'm gonna jump back to the front end briefly and I'm actually I think because the GX build we built it so that it's only one control okay so I made a pad probably it was easier to do that on the freight though on the show floor Ronnie O'Sullivan there so we have we have three modes of snooker in sneakers we've got regular sneaker with 15 red site you just saw we also have a six red snooker which is a variant of the sport that I think came out of Thailand and is much faster of course it began only 6 Reds if if one player misses then chances are the other one just goes on to clear up and win so we've also got a mode that's timed where each player has only 30 seconds to take their shot so those are the basics of the snooker part we sorry let me just set this up okay we have a bunch of difficulties and that affects the way the aiming a displayed from amateur which is the easiest through to no aiming aid at all where you literally have to eye up the whole throw really I've tried that one is too hard for me right now some of you know we weren't going to include that mode but players had been requesting it some of them are real masochist so yes I'll play on mastery aid and you'll see that that's it makes it quite a bit harder but it provides a nice handicap for us to play between ourselves so what I'm gonna do is just initially I'm gonna I'm gonna break up the Reds for you so that hopefully you can you can get some some Reds to par all right I'll tell you through the controls yeah do it alright so the left stick is going to be your aiming left and right oh yeah and to fine-tune your aiming you would hold in the left trigger button so once you've got all that looks good so let's holding the left trigger and then you can just right left trigger not right oh yeah now I see that gives you much finer tuning over over the angle I'm just going to click this one which will reset your spin to Center I think you need there there's good so then the right stick up and down he's gonna just a power you don't particularly need to adjust a foul right now oh I see yeah we've got three phases to our shot so the first one is this the TV camera if you push the a button then we're going to go into the cue camera you're already pretty well lined up so I wouldn't change anything now you're gonna press a again which goes to the action cam everything's locked in now and you're ready to take shot when you're ready you're going to pull back on the right stick and when it gets into the blue ideally at the center where it says 50% now you're gonna push forwards just like you would with real here in real life it's a beauty you see a pro I am playing on amateur what are the eight what you'll see I'll show you the key differences so the first part is the orange line is the object-ball line on amateur roaming aid that is longer it also won't cone won't fan out as quickly when you start to hit the ball less directly the white line is the run off of the white after it's hit the object for so you've got a nice long both aiming aids are very long and they're also quite precise so even though you're playing at quite an angle here you've got a nice long aiming aid going almost all the way to the pocket yep so let's move on camera for words and just fine tune if you need to a little bit I think you right there and into action and take so I would still a taking shot though I think it's probably bad sportsmanship in real snooker to talk to people while they practice so you'll see if you ever actually let me have another shot which I'm hoping you're not going to and then on my aiming aid I get no object-ball run off at all and the fan and distance of the object ball the direction it's going in will be much more it leaves it needs you to interpret where the balls going a little bit more right now you're already doing better than most of the interviewers what are we on we're on color so let's let's not the black into the corners so the blacks worth 7 points it's the most valuable color out of all of them as you're in a nice position to take you here so in addition to the the standard offline modes that we've got here of course we've got Korea where you play through all 28 of the of the official World Snooker tournaments we've got online modes so a basic quick match where you get matched against people have reasonably you will even difficulty to you I think that the online mode I'm most excited about we've got a tournament mode where our tournaments are going to run at the real the same time as the real world tournaments so in two weeks just over two weeks the World Championship starts in the real world up in Sheffield and that runs for a couple of weeks our tournament will run at the same time so we'll have our World Championships in the game at sent out and you play against each other a players on the leaderboard and at the end of the two weeks that the real world championships our game finishes a lot sort of it finishes you don't beautiful finishes at the same time and then and then we reward people with cosmetics based on their performance during that tournament so you get a nice new bowtie okay whatever it might be waste case and I think the kind of the things you associated with snooker the world of sneaker it's got a you know a slight different vibe to it than some other sports you know it's kind of yeah we you know we talked a lot about whether we could have like a fire EQ and all of those cool things that you're doing games you know but it doesn't particularly feel feel like an authentic snooker game if things are on fire I'm sure world will snooker would support us whatever we wants to do we've got such a great relationship with those guys but they're but fiery balls and explosions and stuff out of there that might be a step too far this is a tough shot this is I don't think this is gonna work but this ever look the end of my amazing winning streak oh that would have been I think that would have been a bit of cheesy if I just so you can see on my screen I can't see where the whites going to go after it hits an object ball and the cone effects that supplied the Fanning out of the aid is much more prevalent and also the distance I can't see very far I have to figure out where it's going largely fortunately you've left me a pretty simple star here I think so not knowing where the whites gonna go I'm gonna just push through a little bit and probably try and play there the blue into the top corner pocket that's my idea whether it works or not I've gone too far I might've even gone into Tokyo that's disastrous that's all I know I pretend it's deliberate because I wanted to get you back into the game so your your trans part red obviously but none of those are particularly easy you could have actually forced me back in there when somebody fouls you generally have two options that way at least if they actually foul by missing the pot then you can force a retake that's that's probably unwise right I you could definitely I'd take it on because what's the worst that could happen you could miss and then I could pull all the balls but that's not gonna happen based on my I think that was something that fell slowly inevitable so we're just finishing up snippet moment and we've got most of diversions through submission platforms so we're on on the 17th of April we're on playstation xbox and pc s– which versions following slightly behind and we'll be still out this spring Xbox Playstation all available for pre-order right now awesome and if people want to follow you and follow the game we're working that where they can can they find you on twitter and the like they can with snooker 19-game Twitter on Twitter I believe it's displayed on the screen right now awesome fantastic well thank you very much for coming and talking suit of snooker 19