Shroud Dies to Full Squad of Hackers in Apex Legends | Apex Legends Highlights #52

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⭐Apex Legends is a new Battle Royale game with mechanics similar to Titanfall 2 and Overwatch. Apex Legends is the same concept of games like Fortnite and PUBG in which you need to be the last team remaining. Apex Legends has plenty of customization options from skins to guns to characters in the game. Apex Legends is the new, best Battle Royale game. Enjoy all our Apex Legends Gameplay you see on the official Best Apex Legends Moments YouTube Channel!

⭐Streamers Featured in this video⭐
⭐Shroud – Apex Legends
⭐DrDisRespect – Apex Legends

for free gaming accessories scooty champions elute comm link is in the description it was funny all my friends were like shit I should probably get insurance most people like us don't actually have it believe it or not mainly because we all go outside we don't get hurt hell no see streamers don't need health insurance everyone unless you're me fuck yeah I love all the I love all the like right there that was real sick this guy is struggling thank you are you kidding hold behind you for here oh no no I'm gonna fucking fisticuff these guys they're going behind me yeah keep coming clear their base clean up we need some hey I got purple armor of course they do everyone's got purple armor these days oh that hurt sorry fucking flesh tone I flinched my left arm for a second in the wrong direction mm-hm there's a bunny across what what what what here oh great fuckin troll oh god here we go Oh No another deep a pop cabin boys – Mike I know I know but I think if I could get the purple armor dude if I get the purple armor you can do you can take and do this I could do this I could do this I'll spot for you yes good bro the amount of damage that man did climber cute coming in huge here I got owned that guy lasered me so hard bro mm-hmm gold armor from somewhere or did you always have it oh that's sick oh you know how you guys died so fast all three together cheating oh thanks oh it's freak it out cuz a bus oh nice oh my god no wonder I died so fucking fast bro like what did they say fuck somebody clip that chat [Applause] come on man Oh my big big big big I used you as cover diggers Oh wait at the enemy hole I can't am a king I came with my player model don't know sir seriously don't even worry about it by the slightest bit I'm coming well that was the most annoying shit I've ever seen dude no no no no no no okay okay listen guys guys guys cut it we gotta go again yeah ideally I wouldn't say that I was something